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Passions Update Wednesday 12/22/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Valerie goes into Fox’s office as he is reading some paperwork. She asks if there is anything she can do for him since his assistant is on vacation. He says no, he’s good, then thanks her for the offer. She leaves after telling him to let her know if he needs her.

She goes directly into Chad’s office and asks him how his work on the Danmu Project is going. He says fine, that he’s finished it and sent a copy to Julian for review. She seems surprised, and he asks why, so she asks him if he has already finished it, why is Fox in his office working on the same thing.

Jessica is in the Bennett house, setting up for a party. Ivy and Gwen walk in, talking about Sheridan’s surprise bridal shower, and Gwen tells Ivy it was very nice of her to host it in Sam’s house. Ivy says they all need an occasion to get their minds off other matters, and especially Gwen, then asks if there’s any word on the DNA results yet. Gwen says no, but that Theresa is still claiming the baby is hers. Gwen says she thinks she’ll die if the baby isn’t hers, but Ivy tells her not to think that way, that she knows in her heart that she and Ethan will get the baby they deserve. Gwen mentions that Ivy will finally get the grandchild she’s been wanting, then tells her the place looks great, although it looks like Jessica is the one who did the decorating. The doorbell rings and Ivy goes to answer it. Beth, Edna, and Precious come in, and make small talk as they enter. Precious grabs one of the presents and Edna has to take it from her hand, while Ivy returns to Gwen, telling her she had no idea they would bring the monkey. Gwen tells her it’s a simian, and that she did a great job fixing the lights on the tree and the skating pond last night. Gwen wonders why they invited Beth, since she doesn’t trust her. Ivy says she is the mother of Luis’ child and they had to include her. Gwen tells her it’s really unfortunate that she has to be in their lives forever. Beth sees them and comes over, saying hi. They greet her, too, then she tells Ivy not to worry about Precious being on the furniture, she wears diapers. Ivy tells her she wasn’t worrying about the monkey, then walks away. Beth walks over by the food table and Gwen walks over by her, asking her if it isn’t amazing that Luis and Sheridan are finally getting married. Gwen says yes, it is, and Gwen excuses herself to go help Ivy. She walks a few steps, turns, looks at Beth with a half-glare, half-quizzical stare, then walks on. Edna noticed the look, and when Beth sits on the sofa beside her, she tells her to face it, she is not going to be able to stop the wedding. Beth tells her she will stop it once she finds out what the word mother means and why Alistair says it will tear them apart. Edna pooh-poohs her and says “Good luck!” Kay and Jessica walk out with more food and Gwen says hi to Kay, then tells her she hopes she didn’t say anything to Tabitha about the party since she didn’t send her an invitation and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. At that moment, Tabitha is walking toward them. Gwen sees her and says hi to her and tells her she’s so glad to see her there. Tabby tells her she thinks he invitation got lost in the mail but Kay thought she’d be welcome so she came along with her. Ivy tells her she is welcome there, and Tabby tells her they are all so kind, then goes to see Beth’s mom. Ivy and Gwen grimace as she walks away. On the sofa, Edna is very glad to see Tabitha and greets her as a friend. She tells her the punch isn’t bad at all, then asks if she’d like a drink. Tabitha agrees, and Edna goes to get it for her as Tabby asks Precious if Beth has figured out that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane yet. Precious apparently says no, and Tabitha tells her that tonight she’s going to make sure she does. Kay comes over and sits on the arm of the sofa beside Tabitha, telling her it creeps her out to see her talking to the monkey. Tabitha tells her she’s a simian, but Kay doesn’t care, asking why she wanted to come to the party. Tabby tells her she wants to watch all the pain, but Kay says she doesn’t see any. The doorbell rings as Tabitha tells Kay to watch and wait, and in comes Theresa and Pilar. Gwen and Ivy turn as they hear their names when Beth greets them and the four women stare each other down. Tabitha tells Kay round one has just started. The Katherine and Paloma walk in from the kitchen and stare at Pilar and Theresa, and Tabby says that’s round two, chuckling about it. Then Beth lets Eve in, and as she starts to close the door, Whitney comes in. Seeing her mother, she stops and they stare at each other. Tabitha tells Kay it looks like they have a full card tonight, then says to let the pain and games begin, as Precious covers her eyes.

Julian walks into the police station and greets Sheridan and Sam. He asks if Luis is here, and Sam tells him he’s in the back. Julian tells him to have him come out front, and Sheridan asks what it’s about, asking him not to cause any trouble. Sam tells him Luis has spent months on suspension, without pay, because of his wife, then asks if he hasn’t suffered enough. Julian tells him to just have Luis come out, so he calls him. Luis comes out and greets Julian, then asks what’s going on.

 Julian hands him a paper, telling him he came to give it to him. Luis asks what it is and Julian tells him he has his job back, with a promotion to detective. Luis looks at the papers and repeats “Detective?” Julian says he understands it comes with a substantial increase in pay, and Sam says it certainly does. Luis asks why, and Julian tells him it’s his way of apologizing for all the rotten things Rebecca did to him and his family. He says he knows it was wrong and this is his way of trying to rectify the situation. Sheridan hugs him, thanking him for doing it and saying it‘s the best Christmas present ever. Rebecca walks in the door as Sheridan says this, and hears her tell Luis that he is back on the force with a promotion to detective. As they hug each other and celebrate the good news, Rebecca yells that Julian can not do this. She walks over in front of him and says if he lets Luis back on the force, she will destroy him. (commercial)

Rebecca and Julian are talking, away from the others. She swears to him that he will regret doing this. He asks how, is she going to reveal his past with Eve, then says that’s already done. He then asks if she will destroy Eve’s marriage to TC, and says that’s already done, too. He tells her that if she thinks it through, she will realize that without hurting herself in the process, there is nothing else she can do to hurt him. He suggests she pull in her horns, pick up her tail and pitchfork, and go somewhere else. She tells him he can’t do this, that Alistair will kill him if he tries to help Luis, but he says his father may not make it through the night, and even if he does, Julian will find a way to deal with him. He says that he is going to reverse every terrible thing she has done to the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. Rebecca huffs about what Theresa has done to Gwen, saying she killed her daughter Sarah. Julian tells her no one killed the baby, that it was a horrible accident, but nothing Rebecca has done has brought her back. Sheridan steps in and says that Gwen never wanted to punish the family, that she had problems with Theresa but Rebecca is the one who hurt innocent people. Julian then tells her it’s gone on for far too long, she has used the Crane name to punish one to many times, and that he is divorcing her. He says that when Eve will accept him as her husband, he will throw Rebecca’s derriere off the Crane estate for good. He and Sheridan walk away while she stews, then goes over and sits in a chair. Julian goes to Luis and shakes his hand, telling him congratulations, and that Harmony will be a much safer place with him back on the force. Luis thanks him and says he appreciates all he’s done. Julian wishes him a Merry Christmas, then says the same to Sheridan, who hugs and kisses him. He then tells Sam he has to go back to the office to finish some things up, and leaves, walking by Rebecca without another word and out the door. Sheridan congratulates Luis again for making detective, and Sam walks over and does the same. Sheridan suggests they all go out and celebrate, then remembers she can’t. She says Ivy needs to see her at Sam’s house and asks if he knows why. Sam says he doesn’t, and she starts to leave, then sees the smirks on the men’s faces and asks what they are about. Both tell her nothing, so she leaves, giving hugs and kisses to both men and a dirty look at Rebecca as she passes. Sam shakes Luis’ hand and tells him congratulations and welcome back. Luis says it’s welcome back..detective.

Chad is puzzling over Fox working on the Danmu Project and wondering why. Valerie says she has no idea but he’s at his desk, reading it. Chad says he’s just reading it since he’s just come back and wants to catch up on everything. He tells Valerie that the way she was talking, he thought Fox was trying to work on it, trying to take it away from him. She says that’s exactly what she was saying, that this is a high-profile project, and if it makes the kind of money they think it will, Crane stock will go sky high. Chad says that’s what Julian had said when he gave it to him to work on, and Valerie asks if he doesn’t think Fox would rather get all the credit instead of Chad. Chad reminds her he did all the work, but she reminds that Cranes are very nasty when it comes to the company and Fox wants to become CEO one of these days. He asks if she really thinks Fox would try to steal the project away from him, and she says she thinks Fox would do anything to get ahead, even walk all over Chad. Fox is at the door, and he asks what they are talking about. Chad looks at him as if he is upset.

Katherine and Paloma are looking at Pilar and Theresa, and Beth, standing between the two sets of women, looks at Katherine and asks herself who she is and what she has to do with the word “mother”. Tabitha, sitting on the sofa in front of her, hears and looks exasperated by Beth’s stupidity. Whitney tells her mother she has some nice bling-bling, then asks if her sugar daddy gave it to her. Eve tells her that Julian gave it to her, and Whitney says she knows, and she’s sure she earned it, too. Eve tells her it’s not that way, that Julian loves her. Whitney shoots back that Daddy loves her, and she betrayed him, then walks away from her. Gwen finds Theresa and tells her she can’t believe she has the gall to show up there. Theresa tells her that he brother is marrying Sheridan and she has every right to be there. Gwen tells her she doesn’t have the right to take her baby, but Theresa tells her the baby is hers and once the test proves it, she will have the baby and take her son back, and Gwen will have nothing. Ivy walks over and asks Theresa who invited her. Across the room, Tabitha gets off the sofa with a smile on her face. Pilar walks up to Paloma and asks her how she could bring her father’s whore here. Paloma tells her she’s here because she wants her to be. Katherine tells the girl she should leave because she really doesn’t want to cause trouble. Paloma tells her she won’t let her leave, that she needs her here. Pilar says it wasn’t enough that she brought her to the tree lighting ceremony and embarrassed her in front of the whole town, but now she brings her here. She asks her how she can do it. Paloma just looks at her with a smug look on her face. Sheridan has walked into the room and stands watching the confrontation as she takes her coat and gloves off, then asks what’s going on here. Tabby gleefully tells her it’s her bridal shower, then says “Surprise” as she happily watches the going’s on. (commercial)

Chad tells Fox he heard he was reading the Danmu Project and asks why. Fox tells him he was just reading, catching up. Chad and Valerie look at each other. Fox walks over to Valerie and tells her he came to give her a present that he hands her as he says Merry Christmas. She tells him she already got her Crane Industries gift, but he says that’s totally different, this is just from him to thank her for all her hard work. She thanks him and he tells her Merry Christmas, then walks out. He runs into a couple of other workers and gives them gifts, too. Valerie and Chad watch the exchange, then she asks if he knows what Fox is doing, telling him he’s building up credit with them so later he can get information or help. Chad says he could just be being nice because it’s Christmas. She tells him to wake up, that Fox is ruthless and he will got to any lengths to get ahead. Chad tells her he appreciates her concern, and says he has to admit there has been some tension between them lately. She asks if it’s because of Whitney, and he says yes, that he felt Fox had moved in on her too soon after finding out they were siblings, but he is dealing with that. He says Fox is his brother and that Julian has made it clear he wants the two of them to get along, and if Fox doesn’t live up to that, he will be out of Crane Industries again. She says she still doesn’t trust him, that those people out there don’t even realize that he is using them and if Chad isn’t careful, he will use them to destroy him. Chad looks thoughtful.

Kay tells Jessica to look at Sheridan, that this is terrible and asks her to help her stop all the fighting. Jessica tells her she’s right, that this is supposed to be fun. Ivy walks up to Theresa, who is standing by the fireplace, and tells her she doesn’t belong there, calling her a little tramp. Theresa tells her she has every right to be here. Kay walks up and let’s them know that Sheridan is here, and Gwen acts like an idiot, hollering “Sheridan’s here, yaaay!” Then Edna hollers she’s Luis’ future bride and tells her congratulations. Gwen yells “Surprise”, and they all look embarrassed. Sheridan doesn’t look to sure of what’s happening, either, but tries to get in the mood. Ivy tells her she’s sorry, that she wanted this to be so much fun for her, but tempers have gotten out of hand. Gwen makes a snotty remark about having some party crashers, then goes to her and hugs her, saying “congratulations.” Sheridan tells her it’s so sweet of her, that she didn’t have to throw her a bridal shower, and she feels she’s had a thousand of them over the years. Tabitha quietly says “No kidding”, but Gwen says this is the one that matters because she is marrying Luis. Sheridan agrees, then Ivy tells everyone to have a bite to eat and then they’ll open the presents. Katherine and Paloma get their coats, and Ivy sees them and goes to ask why they are leaving. Paloma says her mother continues to attack Mrs. Wheeler, and if she’s not welcome, then Paloma won’t stay either. Pilar tells her to stay, but she says they are leaving.

Sheridan goes to Pilar and tells her that she will tell Mrs. Wheeler to leave if it will make her feel better, but Pilar says no, if she goes, Paloma will go, too, and she wants her daughter there. Sheridan tells her she can talk to her later, just the two of them, that Pilar has been like a mother to her and she wants her to enjoy herself so she’ll tell Mrs. Wheeler to leave. Pilar again tells her no, that she wants her to stay because she has to mend her relationship with her, saying she can’t bear it that she hates her. Sheridan tells her someday Paloma will realize how lucky she is, and that she wishes her own mother could be there with her. She hugs her tightly as she says this. Katherine and Paloma watch from across the room, neither happy with what she sees. (commercial)

Two more ladies walk by Fox’s desk and he gives them each a present, as Valerie watches from Chad’s doorway. She says Chad will just have to learn the hard way. Julian walks in and asks if Fox is playing Santa. Fox tells him he’s just spreading a little good will, and Julian tells him they’ve already given them their Christmas bonuses, and Fox tells him this is something else, from him. Julian asks how it will be paid for and he tells him it’s already totally taken care of. Two men walk through and tell Fox thanks again, and Julian says he’s building his own little fiefdom. Fox shrugs his shoulders, and Julian tells him he just came to meet with Chad about the Danmu Project. Fox chuckles and says he was just reading that file. Valerie is listening to every word just outside the door. Julian asks Fox what he thinks, and he tells his father that he thinks if he let’s Chad run with it, it will be a complete failure.

Sam shows Luis the pictures of all those at the party when Alistair was poisoned as Rebecca still sits there listening. Luis says he has been thinking the same person who tried to kill Julian could be the one who tried to kill Alistair. Rebecca looks interested at this, and Sam tells him he’s had the same thought. He says maybe all the Cranes have been targeted and reminds him that someone tried to kill Julian. Luis looks toward Rebecca and says he can think of one person who would like to go after Julian right now, and Rebecca gives him a haughty look. Sam says at least she won’t be causing Luis’ family any more problems now that Julian has put a stop to her machinations, and Luis chuckles, then says right. He adds that people like Rebecca always like to cause other people grief. She looks at the pictures on the board, seeing Eve’s, and says maybe that’s how she can get rid of Eve, by framing her for trying to kill Alistair.

At the party, both Theresa and Gwen are calling to see if the DNA test results are in yet. Pilar sees her daughter on the phone and goes over to ask if the results are in yet. Theresa says she’s on hold, but she already knows the results will show the baby is hers. Pilar tells her she doesn’t know how she can be so sure, but Theresa tells her she is sure and she can’t wait for Gwen to hear it. Eve tells Whitney they need to discuss the baby, but Whitney tells her not right now she doesn’t. Eve says they have to discuss gene therapy options, but Whitney doesn‘t want to hear it. Eve says she’s having her half-brother’s baby, and Whitney asks her if she’s crazy and if she wants someone to hear her. She says no, but the have to discuss it, and Whitney tells her she doesn’t want to talk about her baby right now. Theresa hears what she says and comes over to find out if it’s true. Whitney says it is, then assures her it’s Fox’s, and Theresa is thrilled for her, hugging her as she congratulates her. Eve looks on, worried about the whole thing. Gwen is just getting off the phone after telling them to call her cell phone if anything is resolved. Ivy asks if there’s any word yet, and Gwen says no, then has a tirade about it being all Theresa’s fault and telling Ivy she could kill her. Pilar overhears and reminds her that she took Little Ethan away from Theresa, but Gwen sticks to the official line- the courts took him away from her for being an unfit mother. Pilar tells her that was because of what she and her mother did. Kay walks over and reminds them that it is Sheridan’s bridal shower, asking them to cool it for now. Gwen says she’s right, and the three women go their separate ways as Kay looks relieved.

Tabitha walks over to her, cheering all the tension and anger that almost makes all the Christmas rubbish bearable. Kay tells her she’s glad someone is happy, and that she is going to eat some food. Beth stalks Mrs. Wheeler, wondering who she is and what her connection to Sheridan is. Precious winks and grunts at Tabitha, who says Beth is as dumb as dirt and it’s time for her to take matters into her own hands. She gets up on the fireplace and calls everyone’s attention to her. She says that since she is lacking in the money department and couldn’t buy Sheridan a gift, she decided she would make a little speech in celebration of Sheridan’s big day. She then says she will tell her about her mother, and where she is today. Katherine is horrified as she thinks Tabby is going to reveal who she is. (commercial)

Chad is sitting at his desk as Valerie brings him the balance sheet he wanted. She also tells him she saw Fox talking to Julian in the hall and they both had copies of the Damnu file. He looks wary, but then says they both have the right to have the file. She tells him it’s his project, but he tells her to stop trying to cause trouble, that he can’t always be worrying that Fox is trying to outdo him. She looks back where Fox is talking to Julian, then she and Chad stare at each other. Julian tells Fox he knows how hard it’s been on him finding out Chad is his half-brother and then having Julian being him into the company, but he tells him not to try to undermine him just because he’s jealous. Fox says he’s not jealous, he’s concerned about Crane Industries and about Chad falling on his face the first time out. Julian says that’s very altruistic, but Fox says not at all, that they both know how important it is for Crane Industries to succeed with this project, then says he’s sure if they both compared notes they’d come up with the same problems and the same solutions to fix them. Julian thinks about it, then tells him to go on. Fox says he doesn’t think Chad has the business expertise to handle this project, that he knows Julian wants Chad to do well and that’s why he thinks it’s a mistake to put him in charge. He says Chad will fall on his face before he even gets his feet wet, and that this project needs someone in charge who has clear vision and can see it through to the end. Julian asks who that would be, and Fox says it would be him, of course. Julian smiles at him, seemingly unconvinced.

Tabitha tells Sheridan that she is a mature woman with a young baby and not much money, so in lieu of a present she wants to tell her a story about her mother. Sheridan asks if she knew her, and Tabitha tells her yes, she did. She says that on this particular day, there was a marriage at the church and people were gathered around the bride and groom, throwing birdseed. She says her mother was pushing Sheridan in her pram, and that Tabitha stopped to tell her what a beautiful baby she was, and they started talking and Katherine told her that Sheridan was the light of her life. Katherine is listening intently but has no recollection of any meeting like that. Tabitha goes on, saying she remembers Katherine telling her she couldn’t wait to watch Sheridan walk down the aisle when she married. Tabby says she’s sure Katherine was watching when she married Antonio, but she just has a feeling that this time she won’t merely be watching, that she will actually be there. Katherine, Beth, and Sheridan all look shocked. (commercial)

Luis tells Sam that maybe they need to rethink the idea that the same person tried to kill Julian and Alistair. Sam says it could be someone not on the board, that they have enemies all over the world. Luis says that’s true, but Alistair seemed to be trying to say it was someone in the room that night.

Sam says that definitely narrows the field, and Luis says it’s too bad he never got the chance to say who. Sam says he is convinced someone on that board tried to kill Alistair, and if they find the person who did it, they might also find the person who tried to kill Julian.

Fox tells Julian that he knows his father is too smart to ignore the objective with, which is the bottom line, and that he wants to be supportive of Chad. Julian says he does, that maybe he will help Chad with it. Fox says that’s a good idea, if he can spare the time away from Dr. Eve. Julian tells him he knows what he’s trying to do, that he was in his position once - young, ambitious - but tells him not to try to climb the ladder at his brother’s expense. Fox says he isn’t trying to run Chad out, that he will always have a place there, and he could be Vice President for all he cares, but he wants the keys to the business and he is capable of the place and that’s exactly what he wants. Valerie is watching them, and tells Chad that they are still talking. Chad tells her not to worry about it. She looks back out the door and tells him they are coming to his office. They walk in to Chad’s office and he asks what’s up. Julian says they need to talk to him about the Damnu project.

Sheridan asks Tabitha what she’s talking about, that her mother is dead and can’t be at the wedding. Tabitha tells her that their town is famous for it’s little miracles, and perhaps the next miracle they see will be her mother at her wedding. Sheridan is shaken, but tells Tabby thanks for the story. Katherine thinks to herself that she is glad Tabby didn’t expose her, but that she is more sure than ever that she knows. As Edna fiddles with her hearing aide, Tabitha sits by Precious and tells her that if Beth doesn’t get it after that little speech, she truly is dumber than a post, then laughs. Beth looks crazily pensive, as Theresa tells Whitney her news is wonderful and she couldn’t be happier for her, then hugs her. The front door opens and Rebecca walks in. She throws her coat down, then walks over to Eve, who is getting some punch from the bowl. She asks her how she is, and Eve asks why she cares. Rebecca says she’s just trying to be civil, then sees her clothes and marvels at them, then asks if she ran into the Sultan of Brunei or if Rebecca’s husband bought them for her. Eve tells her Julian took her shopping on Rodeo Drive, if she must know, then asks her if she likes them. Rebecca asks if a polar bear loves ice, then says of course she does, they are fabulous, and Eve looks fabulous. Eve asks what she really wants, and Rebecca asks if she can’t be nice without Eve becoming suspicious. Eve says no, and Rebecca tells her she’s just trying to be adult about it, bury the hatchet, and let bygones be bygones. Eve doesn’t buy it for a minute. Theresa goes to sit by her mother and tells her Whitney is pregnant and she and Fox are going to have a baby. She asks if that isn’t good news, and although Pilar says yes, Theresa sees she is concentrating on watching Paloma hugging all over Katherine. Theresa says she’s had enough, then goes over and pulls Paloma away. The girl asks what she’s doing, and Theresa tells her she’s keeping her from being a bitch. Beth goes to sit by her mother and asks her if she remembers when Katherine Crane died. Edna says yes, they had a private burial, and then they had a public memorial service fit for a queen. Beth asks if it was about the time Martin Fitzgerald disappeared, and Edna tells her yes, that when he disappeared it was the talk of the town, but then it died down when Mrs. Crane died. She asks why Beth is asking so many questions about it. All this time, Tabitha is listening to see whether Beth has got it. Beth says she’s just wondering, then starts talking. She says Alistair said the word “Mother”, then says Sheridan, Mrs. Wheeler, Katherine Crane, and Martin Fitzgerald. Tabitha is cheering her on, telling her under her breath to keep going. Beth suddenly realizes that Mrs. Wheeler is Sheridan’s mother, and Tabitha cheers that she’s finally gotten it. (commercial)

Luis says he understands why his father hates Alistair, but he wonders why his mistress does. Sam tells him they should start over on this tomorrow, and they should go over to his house to join the party for Sheridan. He then hands him an envelope and Luis asks what it is. Sam tells him it’s his pay check, but Luis says he hasn’t started working yet. Sam tells him to look at it, and he sees it’s a lot of money, then asks what it is. Sam says Julian arranged for him to get retroactive pay for all the time he’s been on suspension. Luis asks if he’s kidding, then says he can’t take it, it’s Crane blood money. Sam tells him he has a honeymoon to think about, and that he would have earned all of that anyway if Rebecca hadn’t pulled strings to get him suspended, and he realizes that’s true, then wonders why Julian is doing this. Sam tells him that with Julian in charge, things may change at Crane Industries and it might not be all about making the almighty buck.

Chad asks Julian what about the Damnu project, and Julian says he’s done a great job on it, but he needs him on some other projects, especially the record label project. He reminds him that was why he was originally brought on, to head that up. Chad doesn’t look happy, but he says he knows that’s why he was brought on but this is something he can handle. Julian tells him he knows, but that Fox is going to take it over now. Fox tells him that Julian just wants his time here to be more flexible, but he’s going to need his help on it and he’ll call him when he needs help. Julian tells him he hopes he understands, that he has a great many talents and he doesn’t want to see him spending all his time on just one project. Chad says he understands. Julian looks sad as he turns and walks out. Chad sits at his desk and knocks something around, saying that did not just happen. Valerie tells him not to let them see him lose his cool, that she had warned him it was coming. He says it stinks, he can’t play these games and he won’t. She tells him that’s why he has her, to help him navigate through the mine field. She says that they can rise to the top together, hand in hand, and they shake on that.

Eve tells Rebecca that she doesn’t think she is ready to bury the hatchet just yet, then tells her to have a good time and walks away. Rebecca says she will, calling her Dr. Dirtbag, and saying she will figure out a way to get rid of her for good, somehow. Eve walks over to Whitney and asks if she’s ok. Whitney says she hasn’t been ok since she found out she’s having her half-brother’s child. Eve touches her daughter’s arm and tells her she’d do anything to help her, but Whitney pulls away from her and says no one can help her since she found out she’s having Chad’s baby, and that her life and her child’s life are ruined. Theresa takes Paloma to a quiet spot and tells her she wants her to stop parading their father’s mistress around, hurting their mother every chance she gets. Paloma says she doesn’t care about her mother’s feelings since she threw her out like a sick puppy. Theresa asks how many times she has to tell her that their mother did not want to send her away, but they did not have money. She tells her that the father is the reason Paloma was sent away, not their mother, that she loves her although she doesn’t deserve it. Katherine is talking to herself, relieved that Tabitha didn’t reveal who she was. She says it can’t happen because of what it would do to Luis and Sheridan. Pilar walks up and tells her she may have stolen her husband but she won’t let her steal her daughter, too. She tells her to leave Paloma alone, then walks away, leaving Katherine looking shaken. Sheridan walks over to her and asks if she’s all right. Katherine says she is fine, then walks away, leaving Sheridan again asking why she feels so drawn to her. Beth tells herself she’s sure of it, that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. Edna tells her she’s lost it, that Mrs. Crane is dead, and if that’s the best she can come up with, Luis and Sheridan will be walking down the aisle before she can say “cuckoo”. She gets up and walks away. Beth says she’s sure Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane. Tabitha has been watching and getting happier all the time. As Beth walks away, she says it’s all over for Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan answers the door to find Luis and Sam on the doorstep. She says they did know about the party, didn’t they, and they said yes, then Luis asks if she’s having a good time. She says yes, she was totally surprised and it was wonderful. They kiss as Sam walks on into the house. Tabitha, sitting with Precious, tells her Beth’s finally on to Katherine’s secret and it’s over for Sheridan and Luis. Precious takes Tabby’s cup of punch and drinks it as Tabby says their relationship is over, fini, kaput. She then says “Cheers, Precious”, and laughs at her triumph.

Previews: Eve: “Oh, God, I really have lost everything.”

Sheridan, looking at a picture of Marty: “I never noticed it before but Marty and I do have the same eyes.”

Theresa: “I am not backing down ever again! I want every single thing Gwen has taken from me, and as God is my witness, I will get it!”

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