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Passions Update Tuesday 12/21/04
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Kay, Simone, and Jessica are decorating the Christmas tree in Tabitha’s living room. Kay is looking for the angel tree topper as Tabitha comes in carrying Endora. The baby fusses and Tabitha tells her not to look. Jessica calls to the baby, telling her to look at the lights. Tabitha tells her that putting up with it is the price they have to pay to live with Muggles. Kay walks over to them and tells Tabitha that Endora is a baby witch and will grow up to become a big witch, just like her mother and that she can’t stand anything having to do with the birth of Christ. Tabitha asks her who’s side she’s on, anyway, saying that the last she knew, Kay had come over to their side, the side of darkness. Kay says not if it means she has to give up Christmas, that she wants Maria to enjoy it like she did as a girl. Tabitha tells her she was young and naïve back then and she’d better remember where her loyalties lie now. Kay tells her she doesn’t know what good it’s done her to join them, anyway, since Miguel is off chasing Charity and her mom is in Europe with a man she thinks is her first husband. She says Simone is having problems with what’s going on in her family, and she doesn’t even want to talk about the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. Tabitha laughs and says it’s absolutely perfect, but Kay tells her it’s horrible. Tabitha agrees it is, saying that’s what makes it prefect. She says that Christmas is going to be miserable for everyone, and maybe even worse than Thanksgiving. Just then, Jessica hollers that she’s found the angel in the bottom of the box and puts it on top of the tree. Endora starts growling, causing Jessica to ask what the noise is as Tabitha tries to shush her daughter. Simone says it’s the baby, then adds “Oh, my God!”

Eve is sleeping on the Crane jet, but Julian wakes her up. He asks if she’d like some coffee, then says the chef is almost finished making their meal. She asks where he’s taking her, and he says it’s a surprise.

She says that’s not fair, whisking her off to some super-secret location and she didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to the girls. He tells her she won’t be gone that long, and Eve says it doesn’t matter since they wouldn’t miss her anyway. He tells her she’s allowed no sad thoughts today, that the idea is for her to leave all her worries and bad thoughts at home. She says she wishes it could be so easy to forget her sister tore up her marriage and her daughters hate her. She adds that she doesn’t think any getaway could accomplish that. He asks her to try, just for him, and she agrees to do that if it means that much to him. She then asks where he’s taking her again, and he tells her she will soon find out and kisses her hand.

Ethan walks out of the Crane mansion’s front door to find Theresa and Pilar arriving. There are boxes stacked outside the door, and he looks uneasy. Theresa asks him what’s going on, and he tells her there’s something he needs to tell her. They hear Rebecca’s voice and look up to see her looking out the upstairs’ window. She tells them to get off the property, that they are trespassing. Theresa asks what she’s talking about since they live there, but Rebecca says she’s wrong again and if they aren’t off the property in five minutes, she’ll have security throw them out. Theresa tells her they were just thrown out of the hospital, that her and her mother’s things are in the mansion….Rebecca cuts in and says “Uh - not anymore they’re not”, then tosses a full garbage bag out the window, almost hitting them. Gwen pokes her head out the window and says “Damn, you missed her. Maybe the next one.” Theresa tells Rebecca she can’t do this, but she says to watch her, adding “Good riddance to bad rubbish”, and then throws out another garbage bag at them. Ethan seems to be trying to shield the two women, but the bag almost hits them anyway, and bottles are broken, leaking all over the terrace.

In the town square, people are decorating the town’s Christmas tree. Martin and Katherine walk up and she is surprised to see them getting ready for the tree lighting. He asks if she’s ok and she tells him she was just caught off guard, then says that she used to bring Sheridan every year and they loved it. Paloma runs up to them and says hi to them, thanking them for meeting her there. Martin says they just don’t know why she asked them to meet her there, and she tells them that it’s because she was chosen to light the tree and wanted them to be there with her. Katherine tells her she just can’t do it.

Edna, Beth, and Marty arrive at the tree. Edna teases Beth that she can’t stop yawning because she couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about Sheridan and her little boy. Beth tells her she will never forgive her for bringing Marty to the ice rink to be with Sheridan. Edna acts like she’s shocked at that, then says it’s not like she cares. Beth says all she wants is to figure out what the word “mother” means and how it can break up Luis and Sheridan. Right on cue, the two of them walk up and Luis calls to Marty. He takes him from Beth, asking if he was ready for the tree lighting. They make over the baby, then Beth says she didn’t think they would be able to make it. Luis tells her they wouldn’t miss the tree lighting for the world. Sheridan asks Beth if she’s ok, saying she looks tired. Beth tells her she’s just cold, and Sheridan says she can’t get sick, they need her to be in their wedding, and Luis agrees. This causes Edna to look shocked, but she says nothing. Beth tells them that she wouldn’t miss their big day for anything, and in fact, she has come up with the perfect gift for them. Sheridan tells her that’s not necessary, but Beth says it is, and that it’s going to be a doozy, maybe even what she would call a show stopper. (commercial)

Julian is holding a black cloth and tells Eve to turn around. She laughs and asks if he’s going to blindfold her, to which he says yes. She laughs some more and says she’s not Rebecca. He tells her she doesn’t have to tell him that, then says it’s only to maximize the surprise. She agrees and turns around so he can tie the cloth around her eyes, telling him if it makes him happy she will go along with it. He says she makes him happy and he wants to return the favor.

Sam yells that he needs someone tall to reach up and straighten the wires on the tree. Luis says he must be talking to him, but Precious raises her hands to volunteer. Edna asks her if she wants to help and she starts walking over to the tree. Beth and Sheridan walk over by Luis. Beth is holding Marty and tells him to watch Precious climb the tree. Luis turns to Sam and asks if there’s any news on Alistair, and Sam says there is. He tells Sheridan that her father has taken a turn for the worse and it looks like he may not be around long enough to tell them the magic word that would break them up or who poisoned him. He says that the case is his top priority and swears that he won’t rest until he’s found who murdered or attempted to murder Alistair. Beth looks guiltily around.

Katherine apologizes to Paloma for not being able to stay for the tree lighting. The girl whines that everyone says it’s the best part of the Christmas season in Harmony, but Martin tells her it’s not a good idea, that if Luis and Pilar come, they won’t be happy to see them. Paloma says she needs them to be there, that it’s her first time of lighting the tree, and that being with them makes her less lonely for Mexico. She begs them to stay.

Gwen and Rebecca are still tossing the garbage bags with Pilar and Theresa’s things in them out the window, and Rebecca cackles as she does so. Ethan steps up and tells them both to stop it, they made their point. Rebecca tells him she hasn’t even started yet, then tells Theresa to take her not-so-saintly, long-suffering mother with her. Gwen adds that they had better be gone before they get downstairs. Ethan tells Theresa that they should leave before Gwen and Rebecca get out there, and the women start gathering up the bags. Rebecca and Gwen rush out the door, and Gwen asks why they are still there. Theresa tells her she isn’t going anywhere without her son, and Rebecca laughs that she actually thinks she will be allowed to take him with her. Theresa tells them she had promised Little Ethan that she would take him to the ceremony, but Gwen tells her there is no way he will ever go anywhere with her again. Theresa tells her she can’t stop her, then yells Little Ethan’s name at the top of her lungs. Gwen tells her to get the hell out of there, but she says she’s going in to see her son.

Gwen says “Over my dead body“, then grabs her by the hair and throws her over onto the garbage bags. Ethan tells Gwen to stop, but she grabs Theresa by the throat and starts choking her, telling her to never come back. (commercial)

Endora is still growling. Simone says she sounds like a rabid wolf cub, and Jessica asks what’s wrong with her. Tabitha says it’s a touch of laryngitis, but Simone questions that, saying it sounds like feeding time at the zoo, then says the baby is freaking her out. Tabitha whispers to Endora to stop it, which she does. Tabitha tells them she is sounding better already and remarks on how childhood maladies come and go so quickly, calling on Kay to back her up. She does, but Jessica says she’s never heard Maria do that. Tabitha tells Endora that she gave them quite a scare, then Jessica says she sounded like that girl in the Exorcist. Tabitha acts like she’s somewhat offended, then laughs and says that is a movie and things like that don’t happen in real life. Kay changes the subject by saying the tree looks really good, then asking if Jessica agrees. She says it does look good, much better than the ones Charity did. Kay asks if she means that and Jessica assures her she does. Kay hugs her and says she misses her and never gets to see her anymore. Jessica tells her she’s really busy with school and all and doesn’t have much time. She says she keeps thinking about writing to her mother, but Kay tells her she can if she wants to but Kay can’t think of anything she’d like to say to her. Simone asks if she’s heard from Miguel and Kay says she gets e-mails from time to time, when he’s near a computer, and he sends money for Maria. She says he sent a big package with a present for her, too. Simone asks if he’s found Charity yet, and she says if he has he hasn’t told her. Jessica tells them they’d better get ready if they want to make it to the tree lighting and Kay tells her she’s going to go get Maria. As she heads out of the room, there is a knock at the door and Kay wonders if Miguel has sent her a present, too. She opens the door to find a delivery man with a huge box. He asks for Tabitha and Kay is disappointed. Tabitha comes to the foyer as the man wheels the present in and sets it on the floor. Tabby is pleasantly surprised, and Simone says whoever sent it must like her a lot since it’s so big. Jessica tells Kay not to worry, that Miguel might send her a Christmas e-mail. Kay says maybe he‘ll be home next year and goes upstairs to get Maria. Tabitha goes to the door and tells the delivery man that witches don’t tip, then closes the door in his face. She walks back to the box, asking Endora what she thinks it might be. The baby growls something, and Tabitha tells her she might be right, it might be from her daddy Julian, then saying she hadn’t known if he even remembered her at all.

Sheridan and Luis are by the tree, with Sheridan holding Marty. Edna and Beth are standing a way from them, and Beth is watching them closely. Edna tells her that it will take more than the word “mother” to get those two apart, and that she thinks Alistair was just toying with her. Beth says no, Alistair wants the two of them apart as badly as she does, and as soon as she figures out what the word means, she will get Luis back. Edna snorts at that. Katherine says she’d like nothing more than to stay for the tree lighting, and Martin tells her to go ahead and do it, if she’ll brave it, he will. She finally says she’ll stay, and Paloma is thrilled, hugging them both. Martin calls them his two beautiful girls. Sam comes over and thanks Paloma for showing up early, telling her that lighting the tree can be a little tricky and he will have to walk through it with her before they actually light it. She tells him she hopes she can do it without embarrassing herself, and Martin tells her she can do it and they will be right there cheering her on. Sam tells her to go ahead and he’ll catch up with her, then tells Martin and Katherine that he thought they would like to know that Alistair has taken a turn for the worse, that he’s fallen into a deeper coma and it doesn’t look like he’s going to come out of it. Martin says then he won’t be able to tell them who poisoned him, but Sam tells him that he’s a cop, and with or without Alistair he will figure out who did it, then turns and follows Paloma. Katherine tells Martin that he still thinks one of them did it, and Martin tells her he knows. Paloma is waiting for Sam by the tree and Luis sees her and walks over to say hi. He talks about it being her first tree lighting ceremony, saying her mother will be happy to see her, but she says nothing. Katherine comes over to her, handing her scarf to her, saying she dropped it. She says hello to Luis, and Martin calls him son. He says not to call him that, then asks what they are doing there. Paloma tells him they are there for her, she asked them to stay, and Luis tells Martin he has a lot of nerve showing up at a family affair with his mistress. Sheridan has walked over and asks Luis to not do this, not tonight, but he says yes, tonight, that his mother looks forward to this every year and he’s not going to let them ruin it for her like they’ve ruined everything else in her life. He tells Martin he can go on his own, or if he needs help….then walks toward him with his fist cocked, but Sheridan stops him.

Theresa is being held by two security guards and she yells Little Ethan’s name. Pilar asks her to not bring him into it, but he comes out and sees her, then calls to her. He tries to go to her but Gwen grabs him, telling him they were just leaving. Theresa is struggling, telling the guards to let her go, she wants to be with her son. Gwen tells Little Ethan to go back inside, that Nanny will make him some hot chocolate, but he keeps trying to get to his mother, calling her. Theresa asks what kind of monster she is, that she wants her son and he wants her, but Gwen tells the guards to get her out of there, now. They start dragging her away, calling to her son as she goes, telling him she loves him. Little Ethan is calling to his mother, trying to get to her, but Gwen holds him and won’t let him go. Rebecca, thoroughly enjoying the show, says “Feliz Navidad, Tartita”, and Ethan just stands there with his hands in his pockets.

In a limousine, Julian takes the blindfold off Eve’s eyes. She sees they are on Rodeo Drive, a very posh shopping district in the Hollywood area. He hands her some champagne and they drive down the length of the street. He takes her into one of the stores, and she is shocked to be there. He tells her it is home to some of the best shopping in the world. She tells him he is incredible and thanks him, but….and he adds …but presents aren’t going to bring her family back. He says he can’t do anything about that, but he can give her a little vacation from her worries. He says he wants her to think of it as a sort of time out of time, that she should clear her head, let herself have fun, and that he is going to buy her a present for every Christmas they weren’t together. She tells him she can’t allow him to spend that kind of money, but he says money isn’t an issue, he’s a Crane. She says she’s not sure she will be able to forget about Whitney, but he tells her just to be happy that Fox is her baby’s father and not Chad. Eve says he’s right, they shouldn’t think about anything sad today. He asks if she will let him do this for her, treat her like a queen for the day. She says she doesn’t deserve it, but he begs to differ, telling her to stop punishing herself, if only for today, and consider it his Christmas present from her. She agrees, and he takes her to shop.

Luis is pushing on Martin, telling him to take his mistress and get out. Sam comes and breaks them up, then asks Luis what’s wrong with him, that he’s on the verge of reinstating him in the police department and he’s going to blow it with his temper. Luis says he’s just having a talk with his father, that he has no right to be there. Paloma tells him that she’s the one who asked them to stay, that they are there for her. Martin tells him that the last thing he wants is to hurt Pilar, and Luis tells him to get out of there, then. Sam tells him to calm down, and Luis says his father can stay, but it doesn’t mean he has to like it, and moves toward him. Sam holds him back, telling him to calm down. Sam leaves and Luis and Martin stare each other down.

Kay, Simone, Jessica, and Tabitha, with the two babies, come to the tree lighting ceremony. Jessica says it’s even prettier than last year, and Kay talks to Maria about the tree, saying in a little while it will be all lit up. The girls walk away with Maria, and Tabitha laughs to Endora about the hot-tempered Luis being all lit up. Then she sees Precious coming toward her and calls her Tonya Harding. She asks the orangutan if Beth has figured out yet that Mrs. Wheeler is really Katherine Crane, and Precious shakes her head no. Tabitha laughs and calls her a lame brain, saying she had thought she would have put the pieces together by now, then says she’s as dumb as a post if she can’t figure out what the word “mother” means, then asks Endora if that’s right. Martin grabs Katherine and gives her a big kiss, and she asks what that is for. He says they’re under the mistletoe, then kisses her again as Pilar walks around the corner of the building they are in front of. She looks at them, upset, and then walks over to them. Katherine sees her coming and jumps away from him, but Pilar walks up and slaps first Martin, then Katherine. She then yells at Martin that it’s not enough that he comes back to Harmony with his mistress in tow, but then he comes to the most important family event in Harmony and kisses her in front of everyone Pilar knows. She damns him and his little whore straight to hell. (commercial)

In the store on Rodeo Drive, Eve and Julian are looking at everything and he buys her whatever she wants.

She tries on clothes, furs, sunglasses, anything and everything, and he approves of everything she puts on. Finally he kisses her, and as she pulls back she tells him he’s insane. He says it’s just the beginning, that their whole lives are ahead of them. They go to the checkout stand and the clerk asks if it will be cash or credit. He gives her his credit card and pays for it. Eve remarks on how easy it was, then tells him he makes her feel like a movie star. He says better a princess, then kisses her.

Martin asks Katherine if she’s all right, and she says yes. Pilar gets upset at that, asking what kind of man is he to be concerned about his mistress before his own wife. Paloma walks up asking what Pilar has done to her father, and Pilar calls her “my angel”, telling her the question is what did her father do to all of them. Paloma tells her to speak for herself, Luis, and Theresa, that her father is the only person in the world who ever cared about her. Pilar tells her that is not the truth, but the girl says it’s her truth whether he mother likes it or not. She says if it had been up to Pilar she would have been left in a ditch. Pilar tells her no, and Luis asks if that’s what Martin has been telling her, that if it is, it’s nothing but a damned lie. Paloma says her father doesn’t need to tell her how her mother abandoned her. Pilar says she is so wrong, and Luis asks how many times he has to tell her that the only reason they sent her to Mexico is so she didn’t have to go through the suffering they all did. Paloma scoffs at their suffering, saying she’s seen the Crane mansion where they live. Theresa speaks up and tells her she’s got a wrong impression and that Gwen and Rebecca had just thrown them out of the mansion and they won’t let her be with her son for Christmas. Martin speaks up, saying there may be another room at the B&B they could get, but Theresa tells him they will work it out on their own, they have been fine so far. Sheridan steps in and asks them all to calm down since it’s almost Christmas. Across the way, Tabitha is watching with Beth and Edna and the babies. She says it looks more like the 4th of July with all those fireworks than the Christmas holiday that everyone makes such a fuss about. Gwen, Rebecca, and Little Ethan come to the celebration, and when Gwen spots Theresa she tries to turn away, but Little Ethan spots her, too, and starts yelling for his mother. Theresa heads toward them, but Gwen moves to cut her off while Rebecca tells Little Ethan they are going to go see Santa. Gwen stops Theresa as she runs to her son, then tells her she was told to stay away from Gwen’s son. Theresa tells her he’s her son, just like the girl she gave birth to. Gwen tells her she’s living in a dream world because Little Ethan is hers since she adopted him, and that she believes with her whole heart that the baby is hers and Ethan’s, too. Theresa tells her she is in for a major disappointment, but Gwen says she doesn’t think so, that this time Theresa is going to be the big loser this time, that Little Ethan and the baby are both hers and there’s no way she’s going to take either of them from her. Theresa tells her she is not going to allow her to take her children from her, then grabs her and tries to push her out of the way, but they end up wrestling around. (commercial)

Eve and Julian head out of the store with two employees carrying stacks of packages. Julian stops Eve, saying they are not quite through, that he has arranged a special surprise for her. He has her sit down at a table and hands her a box. She opens it to find a three strand pearl necklace with black beads. Eve is stunned by it’s beauty, and Julian tells her it’s stunningly beautiful, just like her. She says it must cost more than the hospital’s entire budget, but he tells her not to worry about that today. He asks if she likes it and she says he needs to pinch her because she thinks she’s dreaming. He tells her it is very real, and it is the life she deserves. They look at each other, then kiss.

Gwen and Theresa are still grappling with each other. Luis grabs Theresa while Ethan grabs Gwen and they pull them apart. Sam comes over and asks what’s going on. Pilar tells him it’s ok now, but he tells them they should all be ashamed of themselves, saying it’s Christmas but they are all acting like spoiled brats instead of mature adults with lots to be grateful for. He says if they don’t respect themselves enough to back off, then at least do it for the children. Then he tells them it’s time to start the ceremony. Rebecca chirps up, holding Little Ethan and saying they are ready, but he looks at her and then Gwen, telling her it would be nice if, in the spirit of Christmas, she should let Little Ethan spend some time with his mother, alone. Gwen tells him she doesn’t deserve it, but he tells her if the tables were turned, she would think differently, then yells “Now!” at her. He then tells the others to back off Martin and Mrs. Wheeler, at least for tonight. Endora jabbers something, then Tabitha tells her Sam Bennett is a killjoy. Endora agrees. Sam then tells Paloma to go with him, and Theresa looks at Little Ethan. Gwen and Rebecca reluctantly let him go to her. They hug each other and kiss, and she tells him she loves him and can’t wait for him to meet his baby sister. To herself she adds that when Ethan finds out she is his daughter’s mother, he will leave Gwen and come back to her. She tells Little Ethan that they will have the family she always promised him. Gwen looks on and is not pleased. Sam starts the ceremony by talking about the size of the crowd and thanking those who helped decorate the tree, and Precious who went up and straightened out the lights at the top, then tells Paloma come up to help turn the lights on. He talks about how Katherine Crane started the tradition years ago, but she’s not with them any longer. Tabitha thinks maybe everyone in Harmony is dumb if they can’t figure out who Mrs. Wheeler really is. Katherine remembers lighting the tree with Sheridan as a child. Martin walks away and Tabitha walks up to Katherine and starts talking to her, starting with “Dear, dear, Katherine Crane.” Katherine looks startled, but Tabitha keeps talking. She talks about how kind and generous Katherine was and that it was no wonder her kids couldn’t get over her death, then says there are those rumors. Katherine looks at her and asks what rumors. Tabitha tells her that some people said she didn’t die, that she just up and left Harmony in the dead of night. She goes on to say she doesn’t really think that’s true, that no mother could just leave her children like that, especially little Sheridan. She says she can’t imagine leaving her little girl under any circumstances, then asks Katherine if she can. Then she says never mind, they all know what she’d do, and walks away, leaving Katherine stunned. Sam says tonight they are fortunate to have Paloma there to light the tree, and everyone cheers. He hands her some flowers and she asks if they are for her. Sam tells her that Sheridan started the tradition that the girl gives the bouquet to her mother. She asks if she has to give them to her mother, and Sam says that’s the way they do it. Pilar is hopeful and Luis tells her it might be a new beginning for them, but Paloma takes the flowers to Katherine and asks her to take them since she’s been more of a mother to her than her real mother has. Pilar is crushed, and Katherine looks unsure of herself. (commercial)

Eve and Julian are back on the Crane jet, heading home after their shopping trip. She laughs and says shopping can be such hard work. He says as long as she’s happy, and she says she has never felt so spoiled or so taken care of. He tells her she is so cared for, that he loved her years ago, he loves her now, and he will love her forever. They kiss again.

Sheridan, Luis, and Theresa support Pilar as her youngest daughter asks her husband’s mistress to take her mother’s place while lighting the tree. Paloma asks Katherine again if she will act as her mother. Katherine looks at Pilar, then tells the girl she should be doing this with her mother. Paloma tells her Pilar has never been a mother to her, that Katherine has and asks again if she will help her.

Katherine agrees and they go up to light the tree as Pilar’s heart is breaking even more. Kay, Jessica, and Simone watch this, and Kay says as mad as she was at her mom when she left, she really misses her right now. Jessica says she does, too, and Simone agrees, saying she is missing her mother even after all she did. Sheridan goes to talk to Gwen and asks about the DNA test. Gwen tells her they normally would have heard by now, but with the holidays, it will take longer. She asks her friend how it came to this. Sheridan tells her she doesn’t know, and says she can’t even imagine how Gwen feels about Ethan being with Theresa. Gwen says she hasn’t even started thinking about that yet, that she’s focusing on her daughter and making sure Theresa doesn’t’ take her away from her.

Katherine tells Paloma she needs to make peace with her mother, but the girl tells her she hates her, that she means nothing to her, just as she means nothing to her mother, then walks away. Martin tells Katherine it must be hard, but she says it’s so much harder on Pilar, that she knows exactly how she feels, wanting desperately to connect with her daughter but not being able to. She then tells him she thinks Tabitha knows who she is, but he tells her she couldn’t. She says no, Tabitha is something else and she’s not so sure of that. Sheridan walks back to Luis and asks if he’s mad at her for talking to Gwen. He says no, she’s her best friend and he can understand that. Sheridan tells him she just didn’t want him to think she was being disloyal like he had about Mrs. Wheeler. He tells her that’s something different, that Mrs. Wheeler is nothing to her, not her friend nor family. She looks at Katherine, who is looking back at her.

Beth is still trying to figure out what Alistair meant by “mother.” Luis asks if Sheridan is going to be all right if her father doesn’t make it and she says after everything he’s done to them, she thinks she’ll be fine. He says that’s good, because he doesn’t want anything to stop their wedding, then kisses her. Tabitha, hearing what he said, tells Endora that maybe Alistair won’t stop it, but someone will.

Sam tells Paloma she’s on, and she and Katherine hold the switch and turn the lights on the tree on. Everyone cheers. Tabitha tells Endora not to look at it, though, and Luis kisses Sheridan again, with an angry Beth watching.


Gwen, on the phone: “I was wondering if you have the DNA test results that you did on my Daughter.”

Theresa, on the phone: “I am calling to get the results of the DNA test that was done on my baby.”

Rebecca to Julian: “If you let Sam give Luis’ job back, I will destroy you.”

Tabitha to Sheridan: “I would like to tell you a little story about your mother and where she is today.”

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