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Passions Update Monday 12/20/04
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

As Alistair sits up in his hospital bed, Beth, still disguised as a nurse, asks him how the word “mother” can break up Luis and Sheridan. He tells her he will tell her, but first she needs to take her uniform off because his temperature is rising, then lunges for her. She evades him, telling him they are running out of time, that Luis and Sheridan are going to be married soon if he doesn’t tell her the secret, then reminds him it had something to do with his painting, the one with the woman, the veil, and the baby. He says yes, he knows, then tells her to come closer so he can whisper it to her. She warily leans in closer, but when she gets within range, he grabs her and plants a big kiss on her, then starts grabbing her all over.

At the restaurant, Chad tells Valerie that he’s glad she came with him. She tells him she’s glad he’s back at Crane Industries, calling him Mr. Harris. He reminds her again that she is to call him Chad, and she remarks on the fact that the other executives are more formal. He tells her that’s not his style, that he wants them to be a team, and she agrees. Then he says that considering the number of years she, her mother and her father have worked at Crane Industries, he has a feeling she could tell him about a lot of skeletons in the Crane closet. She tells him he has no idea how many. At another table, Fox watches them, then remarks about how it looks like Chad has found a new girlfriend. Whitney testily tells him she’s not his girlfriend, it’s a business lunch, that she is an executive assistant at Crane Industries. Fox says it looks more like a pleasure lunch, and Whitney doesn‘t look happy to hear that.

At the town ice rink, couples are ice skating to Christmas music. Tabitha pushes Endora up to the rink in her stroller. She apologizes to her for having her dressed in Christmas suit. She tells her that there is nothing they can do, that jolliness and good cheer are expected, especially from children, and they don’t want to make anyone suspicious. She hopes they will get through it without incident this year. Endora fusses, and Tabitha tells her she knows her daughter hates Christmas, that all the “peace on earth” and “good will to all” is unnatural for those on the dark side. She tells her there is another reason she hates this time of year, and, looking around fearfully, she says it’s because that crazy, axe-wielding Norma always manages to track her down at Christmas. She tells Endora that she won’t let Norma get near her little witchling unless it’s over her dead body, then tickles her little girl, who giggles at that. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan walk to the rink, and Luis tells her he can’t wait to get her out on the ice. She tells him she doesn’t know if she’s in the mood, and he realizes the service for Antonio had depressed her. She says it just makes it more real, then says Antonio is such a good man. Luis agrees, and she goes on to say that her father killed him, then asks how he can be so evil. Luis says he doesn’t know, but he is and that it’s no wonder someone tried to poison him. He begins to saying that he wishes it would….and then realizes what he’s about to say and stops.

Sheridan finishes it for him saying he wishes Alistair would die. She tells him to go ahead and say it because, God forgive her, she feels the same way because he’s tried to hurt her so many times and tried to break them up. Luis tells her that he hasn’t been able to do that, and that they are going to be married the day after Christmas and they’ll be together forever. She says it sounds good, and they kiss, then he tells her to get out on the ice with him, which she does.

On another side of the rink, Eve tells Julian she doesn’t have time for this, that she needs to be at the hospital with Theresa, Gwen, and the baby. He tells her that a specialist is there, and if anything should happen they will call her, and that the baby is in excellent hands. She agrees, but hesitates somewhat. He asks if there is something she’s not telling him, and she thinks about it, then tells him that it’s going to be all over town soon anyway, then tells him the baby may not be Gwen’s. He is shocked, telling her he doesn’t understand. She tells him the story of how Theresa thought she had lost the embryo so she had sex with Ethan to get pregnant again, and how she found out she really hadn’t lost the embryo when they discovered she was pregnant with twins, sort of, since one was Gwen’s with Ethan and the other was Theresa’s with Ethan. He reacts by saying that Gwen and Rebecca will kill Theresa.

In the hospital room, Gwen asks Theresa if she’d heard what Rebecca had said, that the baby could just as easily be Gwen’s with Ethan as Theresa’s. Theresa corrects her, adding it could be hers and Ethan’s, reminding her Ethan did sleep with her. Rebecca tells her she just loves rubbing Gwen’s nose in that, and Ethan tells her to stop it. Theresa tells her that she knows in her heart that the baby is hers, but Gwen says she doesn’t have a heart. Rebecca adds that if it turns out to be Theresa’s, she will wish she had never been born. Theresa tells her she isn’t afraid of her, but Rebecca gets in her face and tells her she should be. She asks if Theresa thought it hurt when she took Little Ethan from her, or the family home, or blacklisted all of them so they couldn’t get a job in Harmony any more, then tells her that all that will seem like a day at the beach compared to what she will do to her if the baby turns out to be hers. (commercial)

Chad and Valerie are laughing and having a good time at their table as the waiter hands them menus. Fox is watching them and says Valerie is pretty. Whitney says “If you like that type”, and Fox replies that it looks like Chad likes it. Whitney gets a little testy, although she tries to hide it with a chuckle, and says it is just a business meeting. Fox asks if it upsets her to see Chad with another woman. Whitney tries to act like it doesn’t, saying that is ridiculous, but Fox questions whether that is true. She tells him it is, and that they are supposed to be there celebrating his re-hiring at Crane Industries anyway. He adds they are celebrating the baby, also, and she agrees. He toasts to their future, then says she’s made him the happiest man on earth, and while she acts like she’s into it, she is really watching Chad with Valerie.

Chad asks Valerie if she‘s decided what she wants yet, and she tells him not yet, then says everything looks good and expensive. She says she’ll have to eat yogurt for a week to stay within her food budget. He tells her again that it’s on the company, a business deduction, so she tells him she’ll have lobster. Then she sees Whitney and asks if she isn’t Chad’s old girlfriend over there with his brother. He turns to look, and Whitney looks back at him.

Alistair has pulled Beth up to sit on top of him and is bucking in bed like a wild bronco, hollering “Ride ‘em cowgirl!” She tells him to stop, and when he does she asks what’s the matter with him, that Luis and Sheridan could get married before he ever gets out of that bed and asks if he wants that. He says of course not, and she tells him to tell her what the word “mother” has to do with breaking up Luis and Sheridan, shaking him around.

He says all right, he’ll tell her, then sits up and grabs her arms, telling him then he is going to want his nurse to give him a sponge bath. She says all right, then tells him to spill it. He sits up and says the word mother refers to…and then starts having something like a seizure. His heart monitor starts a steady tone, showing his heart has stopped, and she starts shaking him, trying to get him to tell her the meaning of the word. She says the stuff the guy in the pharmacy gave her was supposed to make him talk for five minutes, but it’s only been 4 ½, then tells him he has to tell her what the word “mother” means, shaking him with each word. She continues shaking him, asking how that word is going to break up Luis and Sheridan, and as the doctor and nurses pass by the window to the hallway, they see her on top of him, shaking him violently and screaming at him to tell her what it means. They rush into the room, catching her in the act, and ask what the heck she’s doing to Mr. Crane.

Sheridan and Luis run into Tabitha and Endora on their way to the rink. Sheridan says hi to them, then tells Endora she looks cute in her Christmas suit. Endora growls at her, causing Sheridan to jump back. She tells Tabitha she didn’t mean to upset her daughter, but Tabby says Endora is teething and is just a little fussy. Luis tells Sheridan they need to go put their skates on and tells Tabitha and Endora Merry Christmas as they leave.

Endora fusses, but Tabitha tells her to calm down so the mortals don’t get suspicious. The little girl sees a plastic reindeer and zaps it, turning it into a live one. A couple sees the deer walking by and look startled, then go on their merry way. Tabitha tells her daughter not to be so naughty, then tells her she’s proud of her.

Rebecca tells Theresa she could just kill her and walks toward her with her fists pumping. Ethan grabs her, telling her to calm down, and hands her off to Ivy, who holds her there. Theresa tells Rebecca that she is going to get everything she wanted, then tells Gwen that she will lose it all, she will lose the baby and her husband. Ethan tells her that will never happen, but Theresa just tells him to go ahead and deny it - again, but that deep in his heart he knows he loves and wants her, then reminds him that he even said the night they made love was the best sex he’d ever had. Gwen tries to tell her he thought it was her, but Theresa says “Please, Gwen! Really!” Gwen tells her she drugged him, put a blond wig on and wore her perfume, but Theresa tells her he wanted to be fooled, that she is a smart woman so she should look at their faces and their bodies, that they are nothing alike and that he knew exactly who he was making love to. Ethan pops up with he was drunk, she probably drugged him, and they may have made love, but he is in love with Gwen. Theresa tells him to remember who he was in love with, who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with before Gwen ended up pregnant, then reminds him it was her. Gwen tells her she has some nerve, and Ethan tells her whatever feelings he had for her are gone, and that’s the way it’s going to be. She says he has a strong sense of family, that’s why he married Gwen and why he’s going to leave her, because once he finds out that the baby is theirs, he will come back to her. She points at Gwen and Rebecca in turn, telling them there is nothing either can do to stop it, and that’s what upsets Gwen so badly, that she knows Theresa is right and that she is going to lose big time. (commercial)

Theresa tells Gwen she is going to lose it all. Gwen tells her to shut up, but Theresa continues, telling her she will finally know how she felt. Gwen responds that she will never feel like her, since she is not a whore and a monster who never thinks about anyone but herself. Theresa tells her she wasn’t thinking about herself when it all started, she was thinking about her son that Gwen and Rebecca stole from her. She says that she wanted him back, and if the two of them hadn’t stolen him in the first place, none of this would have happened. She tells Gwen if she wants to blame someone, she should blame herself, but points at Rebecca when saying it.

The doctor tells his nurse to call security and have Beth removed, as she slides down from on top of Alistair. She asks what he’s talking about, telling them she is a nurse and was just giving him CPR. The nurse says she never saw her around there before, and Beth tells her she’s new. The doctor gets the paddles ready, asking the nurse for 300 as Beth tells him he should be taking care of the patient instead of giving her the third degree. He asks what her name is and she says Nurse Betty, and he tells her they will talk about it later, then starts zapping Alistair to try and start his heart. As he works on him, Beth runs out the door, past the guard, and out of the hospital.

Luis and Sheridan are skating. When they stop, she says to him that they are really doing this, aren’t they. He asks what, ice skating, but she laughs and says getting married. He tells her yes they’re getting married and it’s the best gift she could ever give him. He kisses her and tells her he loves her, and she says she feels the same, then they skate away again. Tabitha has been watching and she says to herself that they need to enjoy it while they can because pretty soon they will be blown out of the sky and she is going to have a ringside seat. Endora says “Yes”. Meanwhile, on a bench beside the rink, Julian asks Eve if she’s ready to take a whirl around the ice. She looks around and he asks if he tied her skates too tight. She tells him no, that she feels a little awkward to be seen out with him. He asks if she’s ashamed to be seen with him, but she assures him that’s not it, that it’s just that after all that happened with her and TC and the fact that he and Rebecca are still married, she feels like everyone who sees her sees a scarlet A on her chest. He tells her they love each other and what others think doesn’t matter. She tells him she wishes that were true. They get up a skate away, going past Simone and Jessica, who watch them pass. Simone tells her friend that it makes her sick to see her mom with Julian Crane and that she‘s glad her dad isn‘t there, and Jessica puts her arm around her friend for support. Tabitha tells Endora that it’s getting better and better by the minute, and now that Simone is here, fireworks will be going off any minute. She says it is the antidote for all this holiday cheer, spitting the words out as if they were poison. She suddenly seems to have heard something, then says Norma and jumps up, looking around at the bushes to see what’s there. She gets hold of herself and says to stop it, that all the holiday music and good cheer have spooked her and she needs to pull herself together. She says there is no way Norma could be there since Endora blew her up the chimney the year before and she was arrested and locked up in the insane asylum. She tells herself there’s no way Norma could get at them now.

Norma is lying under her cot, singing a strange, grisly version of “Over the river and through the woods” as a Santa suit hangs on the wall above the bed. She sings she is going to Tabitha’s house and give her a whack with her trusty axe, and off her head will go. She seems to be very drugged. (commercial)

Chad is looking at Whitney, and Valerie touches his shoulder asking if he’d rather go somewhere else. He says no, then asks why would he. She tells him she thought ..then stops. He tells her she can say it, by now the whole world knows that he and Whitney had a relationship before they found out they were siblings. She apologizes, saying she just thought it might be uncomfortable for him to stay there. He tells her he has to get used to it, that Harmony is a small town and he will be seeing her around, and besides, they talked it over and decided to be friends. Valerie tells him that’s great, and very mature. He says that he would be lying to her if he said he didn’t still care for her, but they have to move on, then picks up his menu and after looking at it says the shrimp plate looks good. At the other table, Whitney decides on the shrimp plate, too. Fox goes with the chicken. She tells him he must feel really good about having his old job back, and he says he does, and that he has big plans for Crane Industries, then adds for the baby, too. He says he figures by the time the baby is born, they should be able to afford a home of their own. She says he is very excited about the baby, and he says he is, then asks if that surprises her. She tell him no, but that he just never seemed like the settling down type. He tells her that before her, he wasn’t, that he loves her and the baby and he can’t wait until they are parents. She is happy to hear that, and agrees she can’t wait, either. They kiss, then she looks at Chad again.

Edna walks into her living room and marvels at the job Precious has done on their Christmas tree. She tells Marty to look at what she’s doing as she puts the star on top of the tree. She says Beth could never get it on straight. She tells Precious to come on down and mix the drinks, and the orangutan jumps and lands on top of her. She gets up and tells Precious she needs to stop eating bananas because they are high carb, but Precious squawks and grabs them, so Edna tells her to go ahead and eat them, but not to come crying to her when she’s lost her girlish figure. Beth rushes in the door, shedding her nurses uniform as she goes. Edna asks what’s happened to her, then remarks that she doesn’t usually undress that fast unless a man’s in the room. Edna asks where she got the nurses uniform, and did she steal it from Precious. The orangutan squawks at her, but Beth says nothing. She seems to be looking for something. Edna asks again what’s going on, telling her she looks like she saw a ghost. Beth says no, she saw Alistair and he might end up a ghost. Edna asks what she’s done now, but she says it doesn’t matter, she just needs to find out what “mother” means. Edna tells her it’s obvious it means nothing to her, the way she treats Edna, not to mention that she stole Marty from Sheridan and tried to make him think she was his mommy.

Beth tells her not to say that in front of him, but Edna says it’s just a matter of time before everyone else knows it. Beth tells her to shut up, that no one else suspects she’s not his mommy. Edna says no, except for Sheridan, and she knows it deep down, just like Marty does. Beth tells her Sheridan will be out of the picture permanently as soon as Beth figures out what “mommy” means. Edna tells her that even Precious knows what that means, then tells the monkey to help Beth out. Precious tosses Beth a book, but Beth says that’s not what she needs, that she needs to figure out what Alistair was talking about when he said the word “mother” would break Luis and Sheridan up. She wonders whose mother he’s talking about.

Julian and Eve skate over to where Simone and Jessica are standing. Eve says hi, then hi to Simone, who manages to say hi, but not very nicely. Julian tells them hi, and Jessica says hi back to him. Eve asks Simone if she has all her shopping done yet, and Simone asks why. Eve says she thought maybe they could go shopping together, but Simone tells her she’s finished her shopping, then says she and Jessica have to go put their skates on and leaves. Eve tells Julian her daughter hates her, but Julian tells her she just needs time to get used to seeing them together, but she will. Eve says she hopes he’s right. TC and Liz arrive at the rink, and she tells him it’s beautiful, asking if he’s glad she asked him to come out tonight. He says he guesses so, then sees Eve and Julian and says “Damn it!” Liz asks what’s wrong, and he tells her that everywhere he goes he runs into Eve and Julian. Liz tells him he shouldn’t let it bother him, that they have just as much right to be there, and more, actually. She says they are the ones who should be ashamed to be seen in public. TC agrees. Liz tells him it gives him a chance to tell Eve the court date for their divorce has been set, but he says he had planned to call her later. She tells him there’s no need to wait, go over and let her know. He looks unsure, but she looks like the cat that ate the canary.

Rebecca asks Theresa what is wrong with “you people”, saying they always blame someone else for their messes. Theresa tells her she’s sick of her always insulting her heritage and says to shut up. Rebecca keeps it up, saying if the sombrero fits…. Ethan tells Rebecca to stop, but Gwen says she’s right, then tells Theresa she has no one to blame but herself.

Theresa tells her that’s a lie and she knows it, that she stole her child. Gwen says that’s enough, she doesn’t want to hear any more, she just wants to do the DNA test right now so they can spend Christmas with their little girl. Theresa tells her the baby is hers and no test is going to change that. Gwen tells her to get ready for a very lonely Christmas, and Rebecca says yes, and a hateful New Year, too. Ethan tells them to stop, that they should all have a little compassion for each other in all this. Gwen tells him, again, not to even think of defending Theresa, that she is getting what she deserves for what she’s done to them. She makes a point to add her own name again, then tells them that the best present will be having her, Ethan, and their baby together, and the second best will be knowing that Theresa will be at home alone, with no man, no children, no nothing. (commercial)

Theresa tells Gwen she might pretend to be so sweet, but on the inside she’s just like her mother, a cruel, heartless bitch. Ethan tells her that’s enough, but she continues and says that what’s happening is just Karma for all the horrible things Gwen’s done to her. Gwen says she hasn’t even started yet, and Ethan tells her to stop, then takes her out of the room. Rebecca follows them, but Ivy grabs Theresa and tells her she talks about all the horrible things Gwen did to her, but says everything that’s happening to her is because she had herself implanted with Gwen and Ethan’s embryo. Theresa tells her it all started with Rebecca and Gwen used the Crane power to take her son away from her, then asks what she expected her to do, never see him again, not do everything in her power to get him back. Ivy tells her Ethan is her son, he loves Gwen and is happy with her. Theresa tells her he doesn’t love Gwen. Ivy tells her she will not allow Theresa to come between her son and Gwen, then asks if she’s made herself clear. Theresa’s demeanor changes, she becomes harder, and starts talking to Ivy about Sam and Grace Bennett, how they were Harmony’s perfect couple until David Hastings mysteriously appeared claiming to be Grace’s long lost husband and she left her family to travel Europe with him. She says that is very odd, and mentions that it left Sam there for Ivy. She says maybe she ought to look into it and see what she can find out. Ivy has backed down, saying nothing more. Theresa says “I thought that would shut you up.” Ivy walks out of the room.

Beth comes downstairs as Edna and Precious are working with the decorations. Beth asks what Alistair could have meant and how he could have thought the word “mother” would break Luis and Sheridan up. Edna says maybe he was pulling her leg, or some other part of her anatomy, but Beth tells her that he wants Luis and Sheridan broken up as much as she does.

Edna tells her she has a news flash for her, or at least the local cable channel does, that she and Alistair haven’t done that great a job of it. She turns on the TV and Beth sees Luis and Sheridan skating on the rink, looking very much in love as the announcer talks about it being the spot for lovers and showing them. Beth is upset at seeing them.

Eve and Julian are sitting on a bench when TC walks up. Eve says hi and that it’s good to see him. He acts surprised about that. She asks how he is, but he tells her he’s not there for a social visit, that he heard from the court and the date for their divorce hearing has been set. Liz is watching with a big smile on her face, and Tabitha gloats over all the pain and heartache at Christmas. She says it’s the best present a witch could ask for and says nothing can spoil her wonderfully dark mood now.

Norma is still singing about whacking Tabitha and killing her, singing that Santa Norma’s on her way, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, then singing more about all the horrible things she will do to Tabby, and then she’ll eat some candy. All the while she is putting on her Santa suit. (commercial)

Beth is upset that Sheridan is all over Luis, but Edna says that’s because they are in love. Beth says she doesn’t want to hear that, then tells her mother, who is continuing to chant love, love, love, to shut up, that as soon as she finds out what “mother” means her troubles will be all over. Edna chants that her troubles will never be over, and Beth yells at her to shut up again. She starts trying to figure it out, saying mother of pearl, mother of god, mother Theresa. All the mothers give Edna an idea, and she tells Beth she’s going to take Marty for a walk. Beth says no, it’s too cold. Edna says she will put on his snowsuit, but Beth says no, it’s his bedtime. Edna tells her she’ll put him to bed, and Beth says good, and she should put herself to bed, too, because she’s tired of all her yammering. She tells Marty good night and that she loves him in a half-cognizant way, paying no real attention to him, then goes back to trying to figure out what the word means. Edna tells Marty that his real mom does love him - Sheridan - and she’s taking him to her right now, the tells Precious to keep the Looney toon busy. Precious nods her head and goes to sit with Beth while Edna gets Marty ready to leave the house.

Valerie tells Chad thanks for dinner, then apologizes if she came on too strong earlier, saying she was just trying to help. He tells her she’s welcome and not to worry about it, since they are partners. She is pleased at that. He tells her they should get back to the office before the sharks start circling, and they get ready to leave. Fox tells Whitney that he is thinking they should buy a couple of acres outside of Harmony and build their house just the way they want it. He asks her how that sounds, and she says good as she watches Chad and Valerie walking toward them. The two walk up to the table and they all say hi to each other. Fox asks Chad how he enjoyed the food, and he said it was fine, and, looking at Whitney’s plate, says he had the shrimp, also. Chad tells Fox he’ll see him at the office, and Fox says he can’t wait, that it is a whole new era at Crane Industries and he can‘t wait to get started. Chad agrees, but Fox thinks to himself that the first thing he is going to do is get rid of Chad. He keeps smiling at him, though, as Whitney keeps eyeing Valerie. Chad says he’ll see them later and he and Valerie walk out as Whitney stares after them.

The nurse walks into the room and says she’s there to do the DNA tests, asking who wants to go first. Gwen says she does, she wants to get it over with. The nurse swabs the inside of her mouth and seals the swab in a tube. She asks for her name and Gwen tells her. Next Ethan has it done, and it is the same procedure. Theresa is sitting on the bed looking worried. The nurse calls her name after she finishes with Ethan, and Gwen asks what’s wrong, is she afraid the test will show Gwen is the mother, not her. Theresa tells her no, she knows the baby is hers and Ethan‘s and tells the nurse to please do the test. She opens her mouth and the nurse takes the swab.

Eve tells TC she didn’t realize the hearing would be so soon. He asks if there is a problem, reminding her she signed the papers. She says no, she just didn’t know it would happen so soon. Liz walks up and says that’s that, then asks TC if he’s ready to have some fun, telling him they need to get their skates on because Simone is waiting. He seems reluctant to leave, but does so anyway after telling Eve he’ll see her at the hearing. She watches him leave and wants to cry

Sheridan and Luis are skating when they hear Edna calling their names, telling them to look who’s here. She brings Marty over to them and they are happy to see him. Luis asks how he is, then says hi to Mrs. Wallace. She tells him Marty saw the on the TV and wanted to come down to skate with his…..daddy and Sheridan. They push his stroller around the ice as they skate, and Edna says that Beth will find out exactly what the word “mother” means when Marty realizes Sheridan is his real mommy, not her. She raises her hands to the heavens in joy as Luis and Sheridan skate around the rink with their son.

Whitney is craning her neck, watching Chad and Valerie as they pay for dinner. Fox tells Whitney that they look good together, but Whitney asks why he keeps making it sound as if they are involved, and Fox tells her he doesn’t know if they are or not but he thinks it’s time Chad moved on with his life. He asks if she doesn’t agree, and she says yes, but she doesn’t think he should date someone he works with. Fox says those office romances can be tricky, then thinks to himself that if Chad is preoccupied with Valerie it will keep his mind off business, and that will give Fox the chance to leave him in the dust. Whitney just keeps staring after Chad and Valerie. She notices and says “If looks could kill.” Chad asks what she is saying, and she tells him Whitney is one jealous lady. Chad says she has to be kidding, that’s his half-sister. He tells her Whitney has moved on with her life, but as she is getting her purse, she quietly says she doesn’t believe that for a minute. They walk out.

Beth is still trying to figure out what the word means, thinking he might mean his mother. She sits beside Precious, saying that can’t be it, then she wonders why he couldn’t have told her before he passed out again. She looks at the TV and realizes she’s watching her mother sitting on a bench while Luis and Sheridan skate around the rink with Marty in his stroller. She gets upset as she realizes Edna hadn’t put him to bed, she had taken him to the skating rink to bond with Sheridan and maybe she’ll find out he’s her son.

Luis tells Sheridan that Marty is crazy about her, and she says yeah, that’s because he can tell she loves him as she plays with him.

Edna says that soon the whole world will see that Sheridan is his real mommy. She says “How’s that for revealing a secret, hey, Bethie?” Eve tells Julian she’d better get back to the hospital. He says he knows she’s upset about TC, but she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells him she’ll see him later, gives him a kiss on the cheek, and starts walking away. She hears Simone laughing and turns to watch her skating with her dad, and Eve smiles at the sight. Then Liz skates up, almost falling so TC will have to catch her, and Eve’s smile fades. Julian is watching her and sees how hurt she is. Tabitha is also watching, but she enjoys the pain Eve is feeling. She tells Endora to look at them all, then says it will be the best Christmas ever. She decides to be safe she will call the asylum and make sure Norma is still locked up safe and sound. She can’t figure out how to do it so she has Endora zap it. When the guard answers, she asks about Norma and he tells her that she is locked up and won’t be out for a long time. Tabitha is pleased with that as she hangs up. However, in Norma’s cell, she is all dressed up as Santa, and she takes a hair pin and starts to jimmy the door lock.

Gwen asks the nurse when they will get the test results back. The nurse says a day or two, and they will be notified in writing. Gwen says thanks as the nurse walks out. Theresa tells her then she will finally know that the baby is Theresa’s, but Gwen tells her that the baby is hers and Ethan’s, and when it’s strong enough it will be coming home with them. Theresa tells her not to count on it, but Gwen tells her to listen up, then says that if she is the baby’s biological mother…Theresa cuts in to say she’ll be taking her home. Gwen says maybe, but if she is the mother, she will never see Little Ethan again.

Previews: Theresa to Gwen as she walks to the Crane mansion door: “I’m going to see my son.”
Gwen’s reply as she yanks Theresa down by the hair: “Over my dead body!“

Eve to Julian as they ride in a limo: “Where are you taking me?’
Julian’s reply: “You’ll know soon enough.” as they pass a sign that says “Rodeo Drive”

Pilar slaps Martin, then swings at Katherine and misses. Then she says” “Damn you, Martin! Damn you and that little whore of yours straight to Hell !”

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