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Passions Update Friday 12/17/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Beth, dressed as a nurse again, is comes into Alistair’s room and checks his chart. She sees he’s still critical, then walks to his side and starts trying to get him to tell her the one word, saying it starts with “M” and tries to guess what it is - memory, mistake, morphine - then says she has to try to figure out how to get him to talk, saying he can’t die until he tells her the word that will tear Luis and Sheridan apart.

Sheridan and Luis are on her sofa watching the news. There is a story about Alistair and that he is still in a coma after being poisoned by someone, and that Chief Bennett has pledged to find the person who did it and bring them to justice. Sheridan tells Luis that if he recovers he’ll be able to tell them who poisoned him, and Luis says if he dies, they’ll never know who to thank. She says that’s true, then says they are on the same page about their fathers, that they loved them and given them the benefit of the doubt for so many years, but now they hate them. She says she hates her father for killing Antonio, for trying to kill them, and for using Chad to hurt Eve and Julian. Luis says he hates his father for abandoning them and running off with that woman, then coming back here to open up old wounds. She says at least they have each other, and he agrees, saying they always will, then kisses her. A knock at the door causes him to get up and go see who it is. There is a messenger there who hands him an envelope and tells him that Judge Reilly said Julian had told them to give it to Luis. He takes it and thanks him, then returns to the sofa to look at it. It is Antonio’s death certificate, and he looks at it, then hands it to Sheridan, telling her it’s official now. She says Antonio is officially dead, and Luis says it’s what they need to be officially married. He says he’s just not used to seeing deceased after his brother’s name, that he wasn’t ready for this. Sheridan says it’s so final, that he’s really gone. Luis gets up to call Pilar, saying he told her he’d let her know when it was official.

Martin is kneeling by the fireplace in their room at the B&B and talking about Antonio. He says he never got to know him as an adult, that he was killed when Alistair blew up the Crane jet in an attempt to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. He says he can’t imagine what Alistair what would have happened had he revealed Mrs. Wheeler was really Katherine Crane at his party. She says she is glad he was poisoned first, and Martin says it’s too bad he didn’t die, that her secret is still in danger of coming out. He tells her they have to leave town while Alistair is still too weak to out her as Katherine, and she adds they have to leave before Sam finds out who poisoned the cigar. There is a knock on the door, and Martin tells whoever it is to come in. Paloma comes in and says hi to both of them. Katherine asks where she’s been, and she says she and Simone stayed with a friend. Martin tells her a lot has been going on, and she asks what’s wrong. He tells her they were talking about Antonio, and Paloma says it’s too bad she never got to know him, then blamed her mother for sending her away. Martin tells her not to blame her, she did the best she could, and Katherine says Pilar loves her very much, and deep in Paloma’s heart, she loves her mother, too. Paloma tells her no, that she wanted to love her, but she can’t. Katherine tells her she has to make peace with her mother or she will regret it the rest of her life. Paloma tells her no, she can’t, that she hates her mother.

Pilar is looking at a picture of Martin, Katherine, and Paloma dressed up for Luis and Sheridan’s civil wedding in Mexico. She says it’s Martin and his whore with her little girl, then asks how he could do this to her, make it so her own daughter hates her.

The phone rings and it’s Luis, telling her they got Antonio’s death certificate. Pilar almost cries and says now he and Sheridan are free to marry. Luis, hearing the pain in her voice, tells her they mean no disrespect for him, and she tells him she knows, that all Antonio wanted was for Sheridan to be happy and that’s why he let her get off the plane before Alistair blew it up. Luis asks if she wants him and Sheridan to come to the mansion to sit with her, but she says no, she wants them to come to the cemetery, that she’s had Antonio’s death memorial on hold until they got the certificate and she talked to Father Lonigan who said she should call him when they were ready to say goodbye to Antonio. He tells her they will get dressed and be right there. She says she will also call Paloma, that he was her brother, too, and this is a time for the family to be together. He asks about Theresa, but she tells him she has a lot going on right now between the baby and Ethan and Gwen.

Gwen asks Ethan if he slept with Theresa. He tells her yes, and she goes ballistic, yelling Oh, my God!” a couple of times. He asks her to hear him out, but she asks if he slept with her, then is he the baby’s father. He says if the baby is hers, then yes, he is the father. She calls him a bastard and slaps him with a roundhouse swing. (commercial)

The guy in the hospital pharmacy hands some medicine to a man and tells him to call him if he has any problems, then says he won’t because he’s that good. The man walks away, annoyed, as Beth walks out and of Alistair‘s room. She looks at the pharmacist, then wonders if he could help her find something to make Alistair talk. She walks over to the counter and says she hates to bother a strong, busy man like him, but she wonders if he could help her. The guy goes bonkers, thinking to himself that the herbal testosterone he’s been taking is really working. He preens and acts like he’s putting the moves on her as he tells her his name, and adds “At your service.” She tells him thanks, then says she needs some input on a paper she’s writing for a graduate class in law enforcement. He seems impressed, then turns and acts like a suspect, asking if she wants to frisk him and saying he might be packing some heat. She laughs and says she’d love to after she gets the paper off her mind. He asks how he can be of help, and she asks if there is some medicine someone who was unconscious could take that would wake him up just long enough to give them the information they need, such as the name of his attacker. He tells her there is, and goes to get the bottle from his shelf. He brings it back, then says it wouldn’t be good for what she’s asking. She asks why not, and he tells her that a few minutes after taking it, the patient would die. She thinks to herself that it wouldn’t matter if he died, at least she’d have the information she needed to keep Luis and Sheridan apart.

In the cottage, Sheridan is dressed for the memorial service and says it’s strange how things happen. She says she married Antonio because he was dying and then he recovered. Luis agrees, then says Alistair turned around and killed him. She says now they’ll be getting married, and he says the day after Christmas. She tells him she loves him so much, and she can’t wait to march down the aisle on Julian’s arm and see him waiting at the alter. He says it’s going to be the happiest day of their lives, and they kiss. She tells him she can’t wait, and he tells her he wants the wedding to be everything she has ever wanted, then tells her to go all out and he’ll find a way to pay for it. She reminds him that the brides’ family traditionally pays for the wedding, that she or Julian will pay for it. He says they will hash out the details later, that the bottom line is he wants it to be the most beautiful day of her life. She tells him that as long as she’s marrying him it will be picture perfect and they kiss.

Martin tells Paloma not to say she hates her mother. Katherine tells her she loves her very much, but the girl says she doesn’t care, that she only wants to be with her and her papa. Martin tells her they love being with her, too, but he and her Tia will be leaving Harmony soon and they’d feel a lot better if they knew she was with her mother. She asks if she can just go with them, but he tells her that her place is here. Katherine tells her she knows the girl doesn’t see it now, but Pilar gave her life and she shouldn’t live it in anger. She says she wants her to find the joy in forgiving her, that there is fulfillment in loving her, not in the anger.

The girl’s phone rings and she answers it to find her mother on the other end. Pilar tells her she’s calling because she knows her daughter has felt she hasn’t been included in family things. Paloma agrees, and Pilar goes on to tell her they are having a memorial service in the cemetery for her brother Antonio and she would like to have her be there. Paloma says that’s good, and she’ll come on one condition. Pilar asks what that is, and the girl tells her she will come if her father can go, too. Pilar looks upset about that.

Gwen tells Ethan she lost Sarah when she found out he and Theresa were fooling around behind her back in L.A, and that he swore on her coffin that he would stay away from her. She tells him he lied to her and now he’s slept with Theresa, too, and then she slaps him again and asks how dare he do this to her and Sarah. He tells her to listen, then tells her he thought Theresa was her. She tells him not to stand there and insult her intelligence. He says he’s not, then tells her to listen to him again. He says he would never knowingly cheat on her, that he would never do that. He then tells her he was drunk, that she came in wearing a blond wig and Gwen’s perfume, that she tricked him into thinking he was with Gwen. Rebecca asks how she did that, did she kiss like Gwen or feel like her, but Ivy tells her to stop, she’s not helping. Ethan goes on to say that it was dark, he was drunk, and he really thought she was Gwen, that Theresa played on their love, on his love for Gwen, that she tricked him into thinking he was with Gwen, and that she has to believe him. She turns and gives Theresa an evil glare. (commercial)

Rick, the guy in the pharmacy, has mouth spray in one hand and cologne in the other, then he sprays the mouth refresher on his clothes and the cologne into his mouth. He chokes, then gets it right. Beth is waiting for him by the counter, talking to herself, saying it’s too good to be true, all she has to do is get the drug, give it to Alistair, and when he wakes up she’ll get the word to destroy Luis and Sheridan’s love, and then he dies. She wonders what could be easier.

Rick comes back and asks where they were. She takes off her glasses and says she was just about to write down the name of the drug he was telling her about, then asks if she can have the vial so she can be sure she writes it down correctly. He says they should just have each other instead, that she can write down the name of the drug later, along with her phone number. She says “Oh, sure”, then he grabs her and starts kissing her while she tries to reach the vial. She pulls away and tells him she just got really hot all of a sudden, and he says he did, too, then notices his glasses are fogged and takes them off to clean them. Beth asks if he has anything cool to drink so she can cool off, and he asks if spring water will do. She says it will be fine, and he goes into the back to get some as she tries to get the medicine. He comes back too soon, however, saying “Here’s to us…..getting hydrated together!” Beth says to herself “And to me getting Luis.”

Pilar asks if Paloma wants her father to come to the cemetery, and she says yes, that Antonio was her son with Martin and since she said the service is for the family, he should be invited. Martin, hearing only her side of the conversation, asks her what’s going on, and she asks her mother to hold on for a minute. She holds the phone where Pilar can hear and tells him what’s going on and says she won’t go unless he can go, too. He tells her he doesn’t want to go and cause more trouble for the family, but she tells him she won’t go unless he goes, too. He then says he will go if Pilar is ok with it, so she gets back on with her and asks if he can. Pilar looks pained, but finally says he can, so Paloma tells her they will see her there.

Gwen tells Theresa she is a monster, then Rebecca adds she’s a scheming slut, and Ivy chimes in, calling her a shameless trollop. Rebecca wonders at the fact they say she’s cold and calculating, then asks how Theresa could do something so cold and calculating. Theresa turns on her and yells that she took her son, then Gwen yells at her that Sarah is dead because Theresa seduced Ethan once before, but that wasn’t good enough, now she had to rape her husband to get what she wants. Ivy tells her what Gwen says is true, that she has done an unspeakable…but Theresa cuts in and yells at Gwen that she did what she had to do to get her son back. Gwen tells her that now she is going to do what she has to do, grabs her by the throat and starts choking her, pushing her backwards across the room. (commercial)

Theresa has fallen into a chair and Gwen is standing over her, choking her and telling her she is a dead woman. Ethan finally comes over and pulls her off, telling her to stop it. She yells for him to get off her as Theresa coughs, trying to get her breath back. A nurse runs into the room and asks what the heck is going on, that they can hear them yelling in NICU. She tells them to conduct themselves as adults or it will be a matter for hospital security. Ethan tells her they understand and she leaves. Theresa is holding her throat, as Ethan whines to Gwen that he’s glad she believe him, that Theresa did trick him. Gwen starts after Theresa again, calling her slut, but Ethan holds her back and tells her to stop, but she continues, calling Theresa a tramp and a low-life slut. Theresa tells her she isn’t a tramp, that she doesn’t sleep with men who doesn’t love her. She tells her to remember that Ethan was going to marry her but he only married Gwen because she turned up pregnant. She says that now she’s giving him a daughter and asks who she thinks he’s going to want to be with, a bitter, barren her, or the mother of his child.

Rick asks Beth where were they again, then sets the water bottles on the counter. Beth chuckles, then tells him he’s the pharmacist and asks what he prescribes. He says he has an oral remedy that’s relaxing as well as stimulating, as he applies liberal amounts of Chap Stick while a hokey song plays in the background. She tells him to give it to her, and he grabs her again and starts kissing her as her arms flail around and she begins to grab for the vial of medicine. She manages to grab it and stick it into her pocket, then pulls away, saying she doesn’t know what came over her. She tells him she has to go and starts walking away, but he tells her to wait, that she’s not going anywhere, not after what she took.

Pilar kneels by the headstone that says Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald on it, crying and touching it lovingly, then crosses herself and gets up to walk over to Luis. Sheridan kneels by the stone and lays a red rose on it, telling Antonio that she did love him, that they all did. Pilar talks to Luis, saying her first born son is gone without a trace and she missed him so much. Luis tells her they all do. A little ways away, Katherine tells Martin it’s best the family not see her, that she will go visit her sister’s grave. He kisses her and then takes Paloma and walks toward the others at Antonio’s Memorial Service. Luis tells Father Lonigan to go ahead and start the service, but Pilar tells him to wait and points to Martin and Paloma as they are walking up. Luis says she’s right, that they shouldn’t start until he gets the hell out of there. (commercial)

Theresa tells Gwen that she will have Ethan, their daughter, and Little Ethan, everything that her “over ripe” mother stole from her. Rebecca repeats the words, then asks what that means. Ivy tells her not now, then Gwen tells Theresa she is a fiend, that she drugged and raped her husband so she would get pregnant, then tells her that is so twisted it’s frightening. Theresa asks her if Ethan was as drugged and drunk as he says, how could he have risen to the occasion, not once, not twice, but all three times, as she counts it off on her fingers. Rebecca looks stunned, but Gwen turns to Ethan and says “Oh, my God!” He asks what, and she tells him Theresa is telling the truth. Ivy says it’s not possible, but Gwen goes on, saying he knew it was her.

Ethan tells her he didn’t, but she says it all makes sense now, that Ethan was drunk, talking about how he’d just had sex earlier and that it was the best sex of his life. Theresa tells her of course it was, because he was making love to her, the woman he really loves, the woman he has a passion for. Ethan tells her that he was drugged, he could have said anything but it doesn’t mean it was true. She disagrees, telling him he was specific, telling her that she was so fiery, really like a wildcat and that those aren’t the words of someone who was tricked into having sex with someone, that he knew exactly what he was doing. She tells him to admit he knew it was Theresa. He looks trapped, but Theresa looks pleased.

Another headstone, this one with the name Rachel Barrett on it and a wilted red rose. Katherine says her name, then says she’s missed her and calls her her beloved sister. She sees the rose and picks it up, saying even after all these years, Alistair does, too. She says he loved her so intensely, just like Luis loves Sheridan, and that he never got over losing her in the boating accident just weeks before they were to be married. She goes on to say that’s why he has her buried there instead of in Boston with the rest of her family because even in death he can’t let her go. She tells her she was his perfect, true love. She cries and says if she’d lived, they would never have had all this pain.

Luis walks up to Martin and tells him to leave, that he has no business being there. Paloma says he does, that he is Antonio’s father. Luis tells her he left him all those years ago, just like he left the rest of them, but Paloma tells him he didn’t leave, Pilar drove him away. Father Lonigan calls Paloma and Luis by name, telling them whatever Martin’s reasons for leaving, he is now here to mourn his son. He says he believes it is his right to do so. Pilar tells him thank you, then walks over to Luis and tells him it’s ok, to forgive her, that she told Paloma he could come since she wouldn’t come without him. Sheridan tells Luis that if Pilar is ok with him being here, then he should be, too. He walks back over with Father Lonigan and the others follow. Father Lonigan begins by crossing himself and saying ‘In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, then asks God to listen to their prayers for His servant, Antonio Brian, whom he has taken out of this world. He asks that He lead him to His kingdom of love and light and count him among the saints in glory. He finishes they prayer by saying “We asks this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.”

Beth is upset, telling Rick she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, that she didn’t take anything, He tells her she did, then says she took his heart. She is relieved and tells him he can have it back, then tries to run to Alistair’s room. He grabs her and says he’s serious, that she can’t just kiss him like that and leave. She tells him she’s sorry, that she was just overwhelmed because she has never experienced anything like that, but before she can finish her thought, he grabs her and kisses her again. She thinks to herself that a vacuum cleaner should have such suction. She pulls away, then tells him that if they are going to be involved, he has to promise not to tell her husband. That puts the brakes on, and he says she isn’t wearing a wedding ring. She tells him she hocked it, making it up as she goes, then says it was to pay her husband’s lawyer, but he went to jail anyway. Rick’s hopes are up again as he says if her husband is in prison they‘re safe, then pulls her in for another attempted kiss. She cuts him off by saying that’s true, as long as her boyfriend doesn’t find out, and he questions her about having a boyfriend, too. She says he just got out of prison, but if he doesn’t find out he won’t hurt Rick like he did the other guy. Rick asks what other guy, and Beth says the guy her boyfriend killed and blamed on her husband. Rick says “Mercy!”, and Beth tells him that’s what that guy was begging her boyfriend for, but witnesses told them he couldn’t hear him over the chainsaw. Rick tells her that speaking of chainsaws, he has to get back to work. She asks him what about their next date, and he tells her he’ll check with his mother and call her as he’s running away. Beth smiles, then goes into Alistair’s room and says it’s time for his last word. (commercial)

Beth injects the medicine into Alistair’s IV then says “Wake up, old man. Start talking.” Nothing happens and she gets upset, complaining that the pill-counting jerk said it would work. She puts the needle in her pocket and starts walking out the door when she hears Alistair’s voice saying “Speaking of wood…” She looks back at him and sees him sitting up with his eyes open and a smile on his face. She says “Alistair you’re….up”, and he says “Yes, I’m up, and raring to go”, then reaches out to grab her saying “Come here, let me take you for a ride!” She tells him no, not until he tells her what the word is that starts with an “M” and will tear Luis and Sheridan apart for good. She asks if it’s measles, mudslide, machete, or what. He tells her business before pleasure and that he’s never felt so alive, so powerful, so potent. He laughs and grabs for her, telling her to let him show her why they call him the man of steel. She tells him no, not until he tells her the word, and he says alright, the word that will tear Luis and Sheridan apart is “Mother.” She looks at him as if he’s crazy and repeats the word.

Father Lonigan tells the mourners that they should follow God’s example, saying “As he forgives you, so you should forgive each other.” Sheridan tells him thanks, then looks at Pilar and Luis and says they will all try. She tells Luis she’s going to visit her mother’s crypt for a little while and she’ll meet him at the car. Katherine tells her sister that sometimes she envy’s her being at peace. She says she honestly doesn’t know how much more of this she can take, that the Alistair she knew died with her and the Alistair who replaced him is a cold, bitter, angry man. She tells her he was almost murdered and he still might die, and that she hopes he does because then he can’t tell everyone that she is really her sister, Katherine Barrett Crane. She says that if Julian and Sheridan found out they would hate her for leaving them at Alistair’s mercy and not taking them with her, but if they did, Luis would never forgive Sheridan for forgiving her. She calls Sheridan’s name and says she’d give anything if they could be close again. Sheridan walks by and sees Katherine sitting there, then walks over to her and calls her name, asking what’s wrong. Katherine gets up, flustered, and says nothing is wrong, she’s fine so Sheridan shouldn’t worry. The girl says ok, but she needs to talk to her, then asks why she feels so connected to who and again asks who she is.

Martin is kneeling at Antonio’s marker, then gets up and thanks them for letting him be there to say goodbye to his son. Luis tells him he has a lot of nerve, and Martin says he will leave. Pilar grabs his arm and says no, the tells Luis he is as bad as their mother, treating their father like a pile of dirt, forcing him to leave and then blaming him. Pilar tells her that’s not what happened, that she loved Paloma’s father and never treated him mean and she certainly did not force him to leave, that he abandoned them. Paloma says no, but Martin tells her to leave it alone. She says no, that her mother had forced him to leave. Luis says “The hell he did!”, then goes on to tell her that she wasn’t old enough to know what happened, but he was. Pilar tells her that what Luis says is the truth, that she doesn’t know who filled her head with all that ridiculous notion, but she didn‘t drive him away. She tells Martin to tell Paloma the truth, tell her how he had left them to fend for themselves. Luis agrees and tells him to tell the truth for once. Martin says ok, he’ll tell them what happened and then they’ll understand, but just don’t say he didn’t warn them.

Ethan tells Gwen he swears he didn’t know he was being intimate with Theresa. She tells him he is such a liar and that they had already gone through all that with Theresa, how she told the stupid story of how her sorority sisters had tried to trick him by putting on her perfume and he knew they weren’t her. He tells her he wasn’t drunk or drugged back then, but she says a man always knows who he is sleeping with, always. She says he knew it was her, and Theresa adds “All three times.” Gwen asks him how long he’s known he was the father of Theresa’s baby. He says for a while, before the procedure.

He says that Eve did the DNA test and proved that one of the babies was definitely his with Theresa. She asks which one, the baby that was taken or the one that survived. He says he doesn’t know, but Theresa speaks up and says she knows, that the baby that survived is hers, she knows it in her heart. Gwen asks if she has proof and Theresa repeats the word. Ivy says yes, then Rebecca says they haven’t seen any, and Ethan says no one has seen proof. Gwen latches on to that, telling Theresa she doesn’t know who the baby belongs to, that she could just as easily be Gwen’s baby and not hers. Now Theresa looks worried. (commercial)

Beth asks Alistair how the word Mother can tear Luis and Sheridan apart. He says he’ll tell her once they are finished, then says “Come on, up and at ‘em!” She tells him business before pleasure, then tells him to tell her about the word mother. He reminds her of the painting he had in his home at the party, and Beth remembers it, saying it was a mother with her baby. He tells her it’s a mother with a veil and her baby, then asks what it means. He says it’s a mother and her daughter, then asks if it isn’t obvious. She says no, and he says she’s stupid but pretty, just his kind of girl, then tells her to climb on, it’s time to ride, reaching for her. She tells him he’ll be riding solo if he doesn’t tell her what that painting and the word mother have to do with tearing Luis and Sheridan apart. He says he will tell her everything she wants to know.

Katherine starts to leave but Sheridan begs her not to, that she had told her there are still so many things for Katherine to tell her, then asks what they are. Katherine tells her she wishes she could open up to her but she can’t. She tells her to do herself a favor and forget about her, focus on her future with Luis. Sheridan says she makes it sound like one has to do with the other.

Katherine tells her she wants her to have a wonderful life, wants her to be happy with Luis. She leaves and Sheridan calls after her to wait, then quietly asks who she is. She wonders again why she feels so connected to her, that she had told her before that she had known her mother, but it’s more than that. She says just now she was at someone’s grave, then turns to see that it is her aunt’s grave, the woman Alistair was going to marry before she died and he married her mother. She wonders what the connection is between her mother, her aunt, and her.

Pilar tells Martin to make them understand, that if he didn’t leave Harmony to be with his whore, why did he abandon them. Martin says he could never make them understand why he did what he did. Luis says that’s because he has no reason. Martins says Luis is right, he has no right to grieve for a son he abandoned. Paloma tells him he has every right to be there, that he loved Antonio. Luis tells her he didn’t love Antonio, he didn’t love any of them, then tells his father to get the hell out of there. Martin walks away and Paloma calls to him, then turns to Pilar and tells her it’s all her fault, that she acts like she wants the family together but all she does is run everyone off. She tells her she pushed her father away just as she sent her away, then walks away. Pilar calls after her, but Luis tells her no, then says it’s not her fault, that it’s all Papa’s doing. She starts to cry, then tells him it’s not what she thought it would be like when Martin and Paloma came home, not at all. She says she feels like she’s lost her little girl all over again.

Theresa tells Gwen that baby is hers, that she knows it in her heart. Gwen says that doesn’t mean a damn thing, that the baby could be hers. Ivy says absolutely. Theresa says she feels a connection to her, and Rebecca says screw her feelings, they are going to find out the truth and then they will squash her like the nasty little bedbug she is. She says that her Gwen is going to raise her daughter with Ethan and Theresa’s son, and that will leave her with nothing, nada. Theresa looks worried, while Gwen looks very pleased with herself and Ethan looks like a scared little boy.

Previews: Theresa to Gwen: “I am going to get everything, and you, Gwen, you’re going to lose it all.”

Tabitha, watching Luis and Sheridan kissing: “Enjoy it while you can, you two lovebirds.

Pretty soon you are going to be blown out of the sky.”

Norma, singing while hugging a Santa suit: “Santa Norma’s on her way.”

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