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Passions Update Thursday 12/16/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Fox and Julian are in Julian’s office at Crane Industries. Fox tells him that if he wants his bastard son, then corrects himself and says his eldest bastard son, and Fox to work together then he will have to treat them both equally, and if he doesn’t then Fox will take Whitney so far away from Harmony he will never see either of them again. Julian says she’s pregnant and the love of his life, then asks if he is willing to cut her off from her family and deny her any chance at reconciling with her mother just so he can get his piece of the Crane pie. Fox tells him that he absolutely would, that there will only be one person who takes over when Alistair dies and he wants to prove that one person is him. He then asks his father to do him a favor and lay off the crocodile tears for Whitney and her family. He tells him that he never really cared about his own family, and that now that he thinks about it, it was kind of a family tradition. He tells him Alistair never even knew he existed, that Ivy only cared about Ethan, and that Julian couldn’t keep track of how many martini’s he’d had let alone where his children were. Julian protests, but Fox asks him if he knows where his sisters are right now. Julian looks as if he’s thinking, then lowers his head. Fox says he rests his case. He goes on to say that growing up he had to pretty much take care of himself since Ethan was the heir and he was the spare, but now Alistair has disowned him and Julian fired him, so he’s not even that anymore. He says that now he’s back in the ballgame and he’s going to do whatever it takes to make sure he gets his chance at bat. Julian tells him he’s making a big mistake, and Fox replies that might be, but he’s in charge of his own life and Julian will treat him and Chad as equals or he will take Whitney and leave.

Chad stands in his old office watching the door where Whitney just left and asks himself what he said to make her so upset. Outside the door, Whitney almost goes back into his office, then catches herself and asks what she’s doing. She tells herself that Chad is a wonderful guy and that she loved him so much, then she damns Alistair and asks why he didn’t die last night since he deserved to. She says it’s his fault she’s pregnant with Chad’s baby, and that Chad can never know, so she has to talk Fox into leaving Harmony before Chad gets suspicious and realizes the baby is his.

Sheridan looks at her wedding band and says she can’t wait until Luis slips it on her finger. Beth looks unconvinced. Luis comes out of the other room, groaning. Sheridan asks what’s wrong and he tells her Father Lonigan has confirmation practice later so he wants them to go to the church right now to talk about their wedding plans.

Sheridan says that’s ok, then tells Beth she’s sorry but they will have to work on the wedding plans at another time, and Luis thanks her for coming over. Beth says that’s quite all right, then says she still doesn’t understand why they asked her to help with the wedding when Gwen is Sheridan’s best friend, and then asks why she isn’t here. Sheridan says “Oh, you haven’t heard.” Luis explains that Gwen is tied up at the hospital right now because Theresa had her baby the night before. Beth is shocked and says it’s months too soon. Luis tells her he knows, that the baby is hanging in there but it’s not good, and neither is the situation between Gwen and Theresa. He tells her it’s a little sticky right now, then changes that and says it’s actually downright horrible.

In the waiting area outside NICU, Gwen roars and asks Woody what he’s talking about, that Theresa couldn’t possibly be the biological mother of the baby, that she herself is. Woody tells her no, that the baby is Theresa, making a little rhyme of it - “No, ma‘am, that’s her baby, yes ma’am, I don’t mean maybe.” Gwen says “What?” and then Rebecca butts in, telling him Judge Reilly is a friend of hers and she will have Woody disbarred, then thinks better of it and says that she will have him deported, asking how Christmas in North Korea sounds to him.

Ivy asks what’s going on, and Gwen angrily tells her that Theresa’s lawyer is telling her that the court order Ethan got giving her back her baby isn’t valid because Theresa is the baby’s biological mother. She then tells Woody he’s crazy, and he says he’s crazy in his quest to fight for the rights of the disenfranchised. Gwen tells him that the baby in there is hers, then turns to Rebecca and asks her to do something. She runs over to him, grabs him by the lapels and calls him a Mark Garegos wannabe, then grabs him by the lapels and tells him she will make him sorry he ever met that little tamale. Ethan pulls Theresa aside and asks her not to do this, then asks if she realizes how much pain it will cause if it comes out that the baby might be theirs. She tells him she knows in her heart that the baby is theirs, that she’s sorry, she never meant to cause anyone any pain, but that Gwen and Rebecca stole her son from her and she just wanted to get him back but everything got out of control. He says it always does with her. She tells him the truth will come out and that the baby in there is hers, not Gwen’s. Gwen grabs Ethan and pushes him out of the way, telling her no, and struggling to get to her as Ethan holds her back while she tells Theresa the baby is hers, and as she struggles to get free from Ethan’s grip, she tells him to get off her. (commercial)

Beth tells Luis she had no idea about the baby, then tells them she’s sure the baby will be fine. Luis tells her to say a prayer, that the baby is in intensive care and she’s still critical. Sheridan tells her that with all the worry about the baby, the situation between Gwen and Theresa is dicey, too. Luis says that Theresa believes the baby is hers, and Sheridan adds that Gwen thinks it’s hers. Beth says that since Theresa was only the surrogate and had to sign papers giving custody to Gwen, why does she think the baby is hers. Luis remembers telling Sheridan that Theresa told him she had slept with Ethan, so there’s just as good a chance the baby is hers and Ethan’s as there is that it is Ethan and Gwen’s, and then Sheridan asking if Gwen knows yet, saying once she finds out it will break her heart. Back in the present he tells Beth that things are complicated and there are no easy answers.

Edna is in her living room with Little Martin. She tells him she is going to take him to see Sheridan, his real mommy, that the more time she spends with him the faster she will realize that she is his real mommy, not Bethie, and then Beth will be thrown in jail for a long time. She starts sniffing and says one of them needs to be changes, then takes him to do that while telling him that afterwards they will hit the road and go see his real mommy.

Gwen is still trying to get away from Ethan but can’t do it. He manages to push her back, telling her to stop it. She tells him that she doesn’t know what’s going on here, but she wants Ethan to throw Theresa out of the ward, out of the hospital, and out of her sight right now. He tells her to let him explain, but she won’t hear it. She tells him they have papers giving custody of the baby to them, then points at Theresa and tells her she signed them giving up all rights to her child. Woody steps in and says that is only if the baby is hers, then starts using his fancy, rhyming words to try to explain it to her. Gwen tells him to shut up, that the baby in there is hers and she has a judge who says so. She tells Ethan to get the shyster and Theresa out of there. Eve comes in and asks what’s going on. Gwen tells her that Theresa belongs in a straight jacket and a padded cell, that she is trying to say that Gwen’s baby is really Theresa’s biological child. Eve looks at Theresa and asks her if it’s come out. Gwen jumps on the words, asking what Eve is talking about. Rebecca chimes in by asking “Dr. Love” to explain what she’s talking about. The nurse knocks on the window to get Eve’s attention, then waves her to take them away. She tells them that the waiting room is not a good place to talk about it, that they need some privacy. She says she will get them a room so they can explain. Gwen asks what needs to be explained, but Eve tells her not here, then says they should follow her. Ethan looks at Theresa as if begging her not to say anything.

Julian tells Fox if he keeps Whitney in Harmony so she and Eve will have a chance to make up he will treat Chad and Fox equally, splitting everything down the middle. Fox says they have a deal, but Julian tells him he hopes Fox and Chad can put all this behind them now and get back to being friends again because they are brothers. There is a knock on the door and Whitney steps in. She says she hopes she’s not interrupting anything. Fox tells her no, then tells her Julian just gave him his job back. She says oh, and he says she doesn’t seem to enthused about it.

She tells him she was thinking it might be good to leave Harmony and start over fresh somewhere else. He tells her they can still do that if they want, but he never finished college and could never get a job that pays what he will get at Crane, plus they have great benefits, like medical coverage. He says she’s pregnant, then hopes God won’t let anything happen to her or the baby, but tells her that medical bills can ruin people for life. She thinks to herself at Chad’s baby would be more likely to have birth defects, then tells him he’s right, that staying in Harmony is he best thing to do. She tells him she appreciates him for taking on he burden of her and her baby. He tells her it’s his baby too, that they are a family. Julian tells her he’s very glad that she’s staying in Harmony, that it will give her a chance to….then the door opens and Chad comes in. Julian tells him “hi”. Chad says “hi”, then hands Julian his keys, telling him what they are and that he is out of there and starts to leave. Julian tells him to wait, then says he is giving him his job back, that Alistair isn’t in charge how, that he is and that he is giving him his job back. Chad asks if there are any strings, but Julian tells him no. Whitney says “Isn’t that wonderful?” and he agrees. Julian says he told him he wouldn’t stand for Alistair’s bigotry, then tells him he and Fox are absolute equals in the firm, then welcomes him back. Fox shakes his hand and says it looks like they are going to be working together again, then calls him Bro. Chad agrees, saying he is looking forward to it, Bro. (commercial)

Fox and Chad are still shaking hands, but each is squeezing the other’s hand as hard as possible. Julian says he sees the competition has begun already, but Fox tells him they are just having some fun, and Chad agrees. Julian says that’s good because he wants them to start right away, that he has a project for them to work on together. Fox tells his father he can’t do that because he promised Whitney he’d take her to lunch, and Julian says that will be fine. Whitney tells Fox he doesn’t have to do that, but he tells her he promised it to her and he never wants to disappoint her, ever, then tells her to come with him to celebrate the good news. He walks out the door as Whitney gets her coat, then looks back. She and Chad stare at each other as she walks out. Julian tells Chad he’s sorry about what happened to him and Whitney, and that for what he did to them alone the old man deserved to be poisoned last night. Chad adds shot, stabbed, and buried alive, then asks how the old bastard is doing. Julian says he hears he’s holding his own, which is a pity because his death would make the season so much more joyous. Chad agrees, then Julian starts to show him the project he wants the boys to work on. A woman walks in with folders in her arms, then apologizes, saying she hadn’t realized anyone was in there. Julian says that’s all right, then introduces Chad to Valerie. She tells them they had met several times, and says she’s sorry he’s leaving the company. Chad tells her he isn’t, and she is confused, saying Mr. Crane had said…Julian interrupts and says he is Mr. Crane now, and his son is staying with the company. He tells her he couldn’t be happier. She and Chad stare at each other and smile.

Sheridan tells Beth and Luis that she prays the situation between Gwen and Theresa gets resolved soon, and Luis agrees, but tells her they have to get going to the church so they can talk with Father Lonigan. He says he wants to have everything set up before her father wakes up and tries to interfere. She agrees, then says the day after Christmas they will be man and wife, and they kiss. Beth, still sitting on the sofa watching them, thinks to herself “Not if I get to play Bad Santa!”

She then jumps up and walks over to them, asking if they are sure they don’t want to wait until the summer, that winter weddings are really gloomy. Sheridan tells her this one won’t be, then talks about the church with all the candles lit, evergreen and scarlet ribbons down the aisles. Luis tells her whatever she wants, then kisses her again. He says they have to get going, that Father Lonigan is waiting for them, and then tells Beth they’ll see her later. She tells them as long as they are going to the church, then stops and hangs her head. They ask what she wants to say, and she starts to tell them, then says she doesn’t want to horn in. When they say nothing, she says she wants her and Luis to talk to him, too, that she’d like to get Marty baptized since he’s over a year old now. Luis says he was baptized at the hospital after he was born, and she says he was, but she’d like to have a formal baptism for him with family and friends and maybe a party. Sheridan says she’s right, it would be nice, and that Pilar has the most beautiful christening gown. Luis says ok, they’ll all go to the church and talk to Father Lonigan. She thanks him, then says she has to call her mother and let her know she’ll be a little later than she thought. Luis tells her she’s a wonderful woman and a wonderful mother. As they walk out, Beth says to herself that very soon she’ll be a wonderful wife to him.

Eve takes Gwen and everyone to a room where they can discuss the situation with the baby in private. Rebecca tells Eve to spit it out, what secret is she keeping for the Tartita. Eve tells her she is going to let Theresa tell them, that her concern is the baby and she’s going to go check on her. She leaves and Gwen turns to Ethan and asks what’s next, then says she can’t believe this. He says he needs to tell her something, but she doesn’t want to hear it now. She turns back to Theresa and tells her to give her her best shot. Rebecca tells her to speed it up, that her lies usually take forever and she’d really like to be kicking her bloody carcass down the street by nightfall. Theresa says before she tells them what happened, she wants them to know she did what she did because they stole her son from her. Gwen says “Oh, here we go again”, then Theresa says she was desperate to get her son back. Gwen asks if it’s like she is desperate to get her baby back. Ivy tells her to let Theresa have her say. Theresa says they all know she was implanted with their embryo, and that she tried to do everything right, to make sure the baby would be happy.

She goes on to say she started bleeding and although she tried everything she could, she couldn’t stop it. Gwen asks if she is saying she lost her baby. (commercial)

Valerie hands Julian the files she is carrying and he thanks her, then tells them he is going to the hospital to check on Gwen and Ethan’s baby. He tells Chad to take the boxes back to his office, and if he wants to redecorate it, go right ahead since he’s going to be working there for a good many years. Chad tells him it’s pretty slick already, and Valerie says it’s got the best view on the floor. Julian says that with him in charge of the company and both his sons back on board they might be able to build a real Crane dynasty, one they can really be proud of. Chad says it sounds like a plan, and that while he can’t pretend to have any real father-son feelings for him, but he thanks him for the chance and says he will do his best. Julian tells him he knows he will. He leaves, and Chad starts to take his boxes back to his office. Valerie offers to help, but he says he can, but if he doesn’t let his assistant assist, she will be out of a job. Chad says he wouldn’t want that. She asks if he is ready to get back to his executive life and calls him Mr. Harris. He tells her it’s Chad, then says yes, he is ready.

In the restaurant, Whitney asks Fox if he’s sure he wants to eat there, that it’s really expensive. He says it’s fine, he’s a Crane again and money is no object, plus he’ll put it on his expense account and let Julian pay for it. She says that’s ok, if he’s sure, and he tells her he is sure, that they are there to celebrate because he is with the woman he loves, his father gave him his job back, and most importantly, she’s having his baby. He says if that’s not a reason to celebrate, nothing is. He tells her he loves her, then kisses her.

Luis, Sheridan, and Beth enter the church, where Father Lonigan greets them, calling out Luis and Sheridan’s names. Luis tells him Beth is there, too, and he assumes she’s there to help with the wedding, not letting her say why she is really there. Luis thanks the man for letting them get married there the day after Christmas, and he tells him that he is sure God will smile down on their union. Beth, to herself, says she will turn that smile upside down once Alistair wakes up and tells her the secret word that will tear Luis and Sheridan apart forever. Edna comes in with Marty and tells him there’s his mama as she looks at Sheridan.

Gwen asks Theresa if she is saying she miscarried her baby, her last chance to have a biological child. Rebecca cuts in and asks the girl if she can’t do anything right, but Gwen tells her to shut up. Gwen asks her how it’s possible since she just gave birth and she had been carrying twins. Theresa tells her she didn’t miscarry, but she thought she had and she panicked, because she knew that without Gwen’s embryo, she had no bargaining chip to get Little Ethan back with, so she did the only thing she could think of. Gwen says “Oh, God!”, and Rebecca asks if she went out and grabbed the first willing guy off the street and slept with him. She said she knew she was up to something, then called her a vicious, baby-killing little tramp. Theresa and Ivy both look at Ethan, who seems to be wishing he could melt into the floor. (commercial)

Rebecca asks Theresa if she went out on the highway and flagged down some willing trucker and did the humpty-dumpty at a rest stop. Gwen says she can’t believe this, that Eve was right, when she heard two heartbeats she thought Theresa had slept with another man and had another egg fertilized. She asked if she put her baby at risk for a roll in the hay.

Ivy and Ethan are still standing behind Gwen and her mother, acting as if they are afraid to move or make any noise. Theresa tells Gwen she would never put her baby at risk, that she had thought she had miscarried, only realizing she hadn’t when Eve found she was carrying twins. She said Eve had told her she only heard one heartbeat before the night she started bleeding, but then after…Rebecca butts in and says after she played farm animals with some hobo. Theresa says Eve found two heartbeats and she was so confused because she didn’t know if they were both Gwen’s or both hers, so Eve did a test. Gwen asks whose babies were they, then says to tell her right now. Theresa tells her one was Gwen’s, one was hers.

Eve is at her desk when the door opens and Julian asks if he can come in. She tells him she’s so glad to see one happy face today. He asks if it’s the baby, but she tells him she is holding her own, but there are other complications she doesn’t want to talk about right now.

He tells her he can cheer her up, then tells her he has hired both Chad and Fox to come back to work. She is thrilled, and he says now she doesn’t have to worry about Fox leaving town with Whitney or how they will support the baby. She tells him that is marvelous news and asks if he did it for her. He says he loves her and wants to see her happy, and with Whitney around they will be able to work on their relationship. Eve says she hopes so, but she’s so angry with her. Julian tells her that she will come around, that a girl needs her mother when she’s pregnant. They hug and Eve remembers Whitney telling her that Chad is the father of her baby and how upset she had been. Eve tells Julian he is right, that she needs her now more than ever.

Fox and Whitney are kissing in the restaurant and the Maitre ’d walks up just as they finish. He sees Fox and tells him welcome back. Fox tells him to give them the best table because they are celebrating the fact Whitney is having his baby. The man says that is good news, congratulates them, then leads them to their table. On the way he offers them champagne, with their compliments. He starts to seat Whitney, then Fox tells him he will do it. Fox says the champagne sounds good, but the mother-to-be will have sparkling water, and the man says of course. When he leaves, Whitney asks Fox if he’s sure he wants to stay in Harmony.

He says yes, with the job he will make good money, have good benefits, and she won’t have to get a job, just take care of herself. She asks if it won’t be too uncomfortable working around Chad, and he says yes, but he is willing to put aside any hard feelings if it will make things better. Whitney says that’s good, that she had hoped he and Chad could be friends again. He gives a non-committal “Hmm”, then thinks to himself that they can’t be friends, that there is only room at the top for one Crane and that will be him.

Valerie walks into Chad’s office behind him carrying one of his boxes and asks where he wants her to put it. He says to put it on the desk, and she does. She tells him she’s glad he’s staying with the firm, and calls him Mr. Harris again. He tells her to call him Chad. She says there aren’t many minorities that work there, and he says maybe that can be something they will work on. She says she’d like that, then tells him he’s really nice to everyone, not like Mr. Crane, who was a pig. She apologizes, telling him she forgot he was Chad’s grandfather, but he tells her not according to Alistair, and says that to him, Alistair is just a blood-sucking monster. Valerie laughs and tells him not to be shy, tell her how he really feels. Chad says there’s no need to pretend. She says Julian used to be a lot like Alistair, but he’s gotten better lately, nicer. Chad says he is trying to change, maybe. She tells him she bets he had a lot to do with that.

Edna brings Marty into the church, looking at Sheridan and telling him there is his mother, isn’t she pretty. Beth tries to act as if he is coming to her, but Luis goes to him and picks him up, saying his son is here. Luis tells Father Lonigan that Marty and Mrs. Wallace are there, and he says so he gathers. Beth fakely says “Hi, sweetheart”, then asks her mother why he isn’t down for a nap yet. Edna tells her he tried but he just couldn’t go to sleep, that she kept asking him “Where’s mama” and he just kept pointing at the TV. He pointed at Paris Hilton, then Jessica Simpson, then Heather Locklear, and she laughed, saying it’s funny, they were all blondes, looking pointedly at Sheridan. Beth tries to take him from Luis, but Edna asks Sheridan if she wants to hold him, saying she knows how much he loves her. Sheridan says sure, if Beth doesn’t mind. Beth starts to say she doesn’t think it would be good, but Edna speaks over her and says she doesn’t mind, she dumps him off on anyone. Beth looks at her mother with hate in her eyes as Sheridan takes the baby and starts playing with him. She talks to him about Santa and Edna goes behind Beth and says “I know what I want for Christmas”, and Beth asks her if she means a rat-infested room at the old folks home. Edna sticks her tongue out at her daughter. Sheridan tells Luis she feels so close to the baby, but Beth pops up and says it’s only natural since she nursed him when Beth couldn’t so she would have a slight bond. Luis tells Sheridan he knows she misses their baby, that he does, too, but they will have another, several more if she wants, and Beth looks like she is going to choke. Luis tells Father Lonigan that Beth is wanting to have Martin baptized again, even though he did it when he was sick as a baby, and Father Lonigan says that would be fine, he’d be happy to do it. Edna speaks up and says Sheridan can be the godmother, and there is no way Beth can say no. She isn’t happy, though, and pulls her mother aside as Luis and Sheridan are talking to Marty about her being his godmother. Beth tells Edna if she says one more word the priest will be planning her next sacrament - the last rites! She tells her she knows what she’s up to, bringing Marty here so he can bond with Sheridan. The old lady says “Duh!”, then tells her Sheridan is his real mommy and calls her a baby-stealing, klepto, cuckoo clock. Beth tells her it’s not going to happen, that he is her son, but Edna tells her he is not. Beth says nothing is ever going to change that, but Edna says she’d better ask the baby about that and points at him playing with Sheridan and saying “Mommy, mama.” (commercial)

Beth tells he mother to look out for glass in her soup tonight. She then tells the others that she needs to take Marty home for his nap. She says they can talk about the baptism later. She tells the baby to say bye-bye, and he does, waving at her, but when she tries to take him from Sheridan, he fusses. Edna laughs and loudly says that he thinks Sheridan is his mommy. Father Lonigan says they should go discuss the wedding, and Luis takes Marty from Sheridan and hands him to Beth. The little boy tells his daddy bye-bye and Luis and Sheridan follow the priest into the back room. Edna goes to light a candle, and Beth tells Marty that grandma isn’t very nice, that she wants to take him away from her but that will never happen. She is standing by a statue and as she talks, the statue opens it’s eyes and steps down from the pedestal it’s on and takes Little Martin from Beth. Beth is yelling, telling her to give her baby back, but when Edna turns to look, Beth is standing alone, holding Marty. She asks if Beth has the DT’s or the heeby-jeebies. The statue is on it’s pedestal, and Beth tells her mother she was just talking out loud, but she is very shaken.

Julian and Eve step apart and she walks over to her desk, playing with the things on it. He asks what’s wrong, saying he thought his news would make her happy. She says she is, but he says he knows her, and asks what it is that’s bothering her.

She says she’s concerned about Whitney and all she’s been through lately, naming all the things she’s been through and ending with the fact she’s now pregnant. He says that at least the baby is Fox’s, not Chad’s, and that it would have been more difficult for her if it Chad had been the father. Eve agrees, then Julian says that Fox genuinely loves her and he’ll take good care of her and the child, and she can move on with her life and put her relationship with Chad behind her. Eve says she hopes so.

Fox tells Whitney that they have a lot of things to do before the baby is born, they have to find their own place and get married. Whitney is shocked by the thought of marriage, but he tells her they have to be married before the baby is born. She tells him she just hadn’t thought about marriage since…and he finishes her thought by saying since Chad. He asks if she is really over him, and she tells him she is, that he is her brother and that’s all over. She says she just worries about him and wants him to be ok. Fox tells her he will be ok, he will find someone else and move on with his life. Whitney says yeah, but looks like she’s not comfortable with the thought.

Chad is emptying the boxes on his desk and he asks Valerie how long she’s been working there, and she says ever since she finished secretarial school, that her mom had worked there forever and he dad had been on the docks. She says it’s not strange, that everyone works for the Cranes in one way or another. He says she must know where all the bodies are buried, and she says yeah, she knows about a few. He asks if she’d go to a very expensive late lunch on Crane Industries, that he would love to get more info on the Crane burial arrangements. She says she’d love it.

Gwen asks Theresa if it’s true that she’d thought she miscarried but she hadn’t, and Rebecca says the baby may or may not be her granddaughter. Theresa doesn’t say anything, but Rebecca runs over and starts to choke her. Woody jumps in and gets her off his client, telling her to cease, desist and de- stop. Ivy runs over and pulls on Rebecca. She holds the woman as she tries to get back at Theresa, telling Woody to call the cops after she kills her, then tells Woody to get out. He says no, he and his client are going to leave as he is checking her to see if she is ok. Theresa tells him no, he can go. He asks if she’s sure, looking afraid for her, but she says she’ll be fine. He leaves, telling her to be careful. Rebecca walks toward Theresa, telling her to listen and listen good, but Gwen tells her to let her do it. Ethan tells her he needs to talk to her now, but she says no. She tells Theresa from the moment she met her she knew she was vile and unbelievably selfish, and that she was proved right when she killed her Sarah. She asks her if she’s thought at all about what she’s done now, how she’s damaged her and her baby’s lives forever. She demands that Theresa tell her who the unlucky sap was she enticed into her bed, and says she hopes if wasn’t poor Fox. Ethan looks like he wants to die. Theresa tells Gwen it wasn’t Fox, and Gwen says she must tell her who it was right now. Theresa is looking at Ethan, crying, then she tells her she thinks she knows who it was. Gwen looks stunned and so does Rebecca, who turns and looks at Ethan, then says she knew it. Gwen looks at Ethan, then back at Theresa and tells her she wants to hear it from her and asks again who the father of that baby is. (commercial)

Julian tells Eve not to worry, there is no way Whitney still wants Chad now, she’s his half-sister and she’s with Fox now. Eve tells Julian he doesn’t know Whitney as well as she does, that usually she’s very gentle and loving, but when she wants or loves something she can get very fierce. She tells him that’s why she got so far in tennis, because she has a wickedly competitive edge, and when she loves something as much as she loves Chad, she won’t let go, ever.

Whitney tells Fox she is going to stick with the chicken salad. He tells her no, the make a very good lobster club sandwich, that she has to try that. He asks what she cares, Julian is paying, anyway. She agrees, and he sees something behind her. He says look what we have here, and she turns to see Chad and Valerie waiting for a table. He tells her it looks like Chad’s already moved on with his life, and Whitney doesn’t look happy about that at all.

Luis and Sheridan enter her cottage. She looks disinterested, a million miles away as he tells her they are going to have to work their tails off to make this wedding happen in time. He says it will be worth it, though, and then notices she isn’t hearing him. He calls her name, then says “Earth to Sheridan.” This gets her attention, and he asks what’s going on, that she hadn’t said five words while they were in the car on the ride home. She tells him that when she gets around babies, sometimes it makes her sad. She tells him not to think she‘s crazy, but there are times when she wakes up in the middle of the night feeling something in her heart, like something is calling out to her. He asks what it is and she tells him her baby, that she still feels like her baby is alive somewhere. He tries to comfort her, and she says she stays up half the night praying for a miracle. He tells her she knows that’s no possible, they both saw their baby go off the cliff in that car, and there’s no way it could have survived in those icy waters. Sheridan says she knows, or at least her head does, but her heart still feels like her baby is still out there, just around a corner, just out of reach. He looks at her in a worried way, and she just looks miserable.

Beth and Edna are still in the church, getting ready to leave. Beth tells her mother her stunt with Marty and Sheridan hadn’t worked, and that she is more determined than ever to win Luis back, then calls her mother a malevolent hag. Edna tells her sticks and stones may break my bones, then realizes what she’s saying and says to forget she said that. Beth tells her if she could just get that one little word from Alistair she could use it to break Luis and Sheridan up forever. Marty says hi, and Beth says hi back, then Edna tells her she has a word for her - psycho. Beth tries to figure it out, saying it starts with an M and asking what starts with an M. Meanwhile, there is a noise and the statue starts glowing red again.

Theresa tells Gwen she knows who the father of that child is. Gwen asks how she could possibly know, that it could be anybody, she would sleep with the first guy who walked in. Theresa tells her she has been in love with one man all her life and Gwen knows that.

Gwen turns to Ethan and asks him to tell her it’s not true, that it is a lie, that he did not sleep with Theresa because he could not possibly be the father of her baby.

Previews: Gwen to Ethan: “Not only have you now lied to me but you slept with her! Damn you!”, then

she slaps him.

Katherine to herself: “What’s going to happen when Luis sees his father?”

Luis to Martin: “ Leave! You have no right to be here.”

Alistair to Beth: “The magic word that can tear Sheridan and Luis apart is mother!”

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