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Passions Update Wednesday 12/15/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Fox is looking in the want ads for work and he stops to draw horns and a beard and mustache on Alistair’s picture which is on the front page of the newspaper. Whitney comes in, asking if he’s had any luck, and he says yeah, he has a couple of leads: pumping gas at the local convenience store or night watchman at a used car lot.

Whitney tells him his talent is in business and he’s not going to waste it, but he tells her it’s what he gets for messing around in college and ignoring his parent’s warning to stay in school. He says he always thought he’d fall into the family business, then says “So much for that plan.” She tells him it’s not right his father fired him and his grandfather disinherited him. He says they don’t care about what’s right, but he can only blame himself since he’s a loser and has let her down. Whitney asks what he’s talking about, and he says that he told her he’d take care of her since she is carrying his baby. She looks guilty at that.

Eve is at her desk in her office when there is a knock on the door. She tells the person to come in, and the door opens to reveal Julian. She says his name and is obviously pleased to see him there. He says he hopes he’s not interrupting, and she says of course not. He tells her he missed her when she didn’t come home last night, and she explains that it was so late she just slept in the on-call room. She asks why he came to the hospital and he says he came with Rebecca to check on Ethan and Gwen’s baby. She tells him they had to put her back on the respirator, that she’s still critical but she’s holding on. He says speaking of holding on, he heard his father was still alive. Eve says yeah, he’s still holding on, too. He tells her it would take more than a poison cigar to kill the old bastard, and she says it would take the Devil himself to do it.

Beth is beside Alistair in his hospital bed, shaking him and asking him to tell her the one word that will break up Luis and Sheridan. He rouses, tries to say something, then passes out again while she shakes, pokes, and chokes him in her attempt to learn the secret word. She says he has to tell her the word so she can stop Luis and Sheridan from marrying.

Sheridan looks at a ring on her finger as the clerk tells her she’ll give her a minute to decide. Luis asks if she likes it even though it’s not as fancy as she is used to, and she tells him he could give her the top off a soda can and she’d be happy with it, that she just wants to marry him. He says he wants to marry her, too, and then she says she loves it and it’s perfect. He says he thought it could represent a fresh start for them after all the bad things that have happened to them in the past. He tells her he loves her so much, and she says she loves him, too. They kiss.

In the NICU, Theresa is still talking to her baby. She tells her she is an incredible fighter, that she made it all the way through last night. She tells her just to hang on, keep getting stronger, and soon she’ll take her home with her. She then says she loves her and says she’s her beautiful little girl. Gwen and Rebecca are glaring at her through the window, and Gwen tells her mother she can’t handle it, that Theresa is in there bonding with her baby when she hasn’t been able to touch her yet. She says it is killing her. Rebecca tells her she knows, but as soon as Ethan gets back with the court order they will throw this guttersnipe out of the hospital and she’ll never put her paws on Gwen’s baby again. Gwen says she just doesn’t know why Theresa is doing this, that she was the surrogate and has no biological connection to the baby at all, plus she signed a contract. She doesn’t understand how she thinks she has the right to keep Gwen’s baby away from her. Rebecca asks how she thinks she can get away with it, and Gwen tells her she won’t, that as soon as Ethan brings the court orders she will be history. Rebecca tells her that’s good because she doesn’t want her anywhere near her granddaughter. Ethan walks in then, and Gwen asks if he got the court orders. He shows them to her and says yes. She thanks God and Ethan, then looks through the window at Theresa and calls her a crazy bitch, saying that she’s going to throw her out of there and take her baby back, then heads into the NICU with papers in hand as Ethan seems to be trying to stop her. (commercial)

Gwen barges into NICU with Rebecca and Ethan in tow, then tells Theresa to get out of there, now. Rebecca calls her Tartita and tells her she heard Gwen, get out now. Ethan is upset and says “For God’s sake”, then moves toward Gwen.

The nurse rushes over and tells them this is NICU and they need to keep their voices down. Gwen haughtily tells her she knows what it is, and she wants Theresa out right now. Ethan tells her to take it easy, but she snaps at him that she won’t take it easy, that is her baby right there and she deserves to be with her, not Theresa. Rebecca says that’s right, but the nurse tells her that’s not her decision. Gwen says that’s her baby, Baby Winthrop, and points to her, but the nurse tells her she is following orders. Rebecca tells her that her orders are wrong, but Theresa says no, she is the baby’s mother while Gwen only thinks she is. Gwen tells her she’s wrong, that Gwen is the baby’s mother and she has the court orders to prove it in her hand. Theresa looks stunned.

Fox tells Whitney that he sure feels he failed her, but Whitney says that’s ridiculous. He tells her he can’t find a job, and she says he’s only started to look, he will find one. He tells her she’s probably right, then walks back to the table and sits down, looking at the want ads again. He picks up the paper and says she’s right, there it is, then reads “Wanted, ex-playboy who has experience in spending Daddy’s money, drinking heavily, and staying up all night.” He says that’s him, all right. He throws his pencil down and calls himself an idiot. She tells him he isn’t an idiot, he’s young and it’s not like he had great roll models. She says Julian and Alistair were hardly paragons of moral virtue.

Fox agrees with that, and she goes on, saying that he had told her Ivy and Julian rarely paid any attention to him while he was growing up. He says that’s true, that they shipped him off to boarding school as soon as he was ready, then sent him money to keep his mouth shut and to keep him out of their hair. She tells him that was a blessing and he asks how. She says it taught him to stand on his own two feet, and while he made some mistakes, he has been willing to change. She tells him he works hard, that she saw that when he was at Crane Industries, and that says a lot about his character. Then she says he is a good man. He asks if she really thinks so, and she says yes, she absolutely does. He thanks her, then says he thinks they will be fine, that he knows they will be fine, that he will get a job, no matter what he has to do, and take care of her and the baby and they will be fine. She agrees, and says that she will get a job, too. He tells her no, but she argues that she will. He tells her she is going to have a baby, that’s a full-time job, and besides, they really need her to stay in school. She says she can be pregnant, go to school, and work, too, but he won’t hear of it. He says one of them has to get an education if they are going to get a place of their own eventually. She teasingly says “Wow, a place of our own, huh?”, and he asks if that isn’t what she wants, a family of him, her and the baby. She says of course.

Eve asks Julian if he has any idea who might have tried to kill Alistair. He says anyone at the party had a reason to want him dead. She says that’s true, that one of their friends might have tried to commit murder and that it’s a scary thought. He says his father has a knack for driving people to violence, even the most docile. She agrees that everyone has their breaking point. He says that Alistair doesn’t care if people hate him or not, he just charges through life like the proverbial bull in a china shop and takes what he wants, not giving a darn who gets hurt in the process. Eve agrees that she hated him and would like to see him dead, but tells Julian that she didn’t poison his father. He tells her he never thought she did, that she couldn’t hurt another person no matter what the circumstances. She tells him she used to believe that, but after last night she isn’t so sure. He asks what she’s talking about, that she gave him CPR and probably saved his life, much to the chagrin of the others there. She replies that she didn’t even call 911, just stood there rooted to the floor. She says she thinks she wanted him dead, and as a doctor, that’s unforgivable. He tells her to stop it, that she didn’t poison his father and neither did he. Eve asks if that’s really true, and he is taken aback, asking if she really thought he could have done it.

Beth is still trying to get Alistair to wake up and tell her the secret word. She crawls up and straddles him, lifting his head and shaking him, trying to get him to talk. He wakes up and seems like he’s trying to say something, then passes out again. She tells him he can’t die before he tells her the word that will tear Luis and Sheridan apart forever, then starts shaking him, lays his head down and pounds on his chest over and over.

Luis and Sheridan are still kissing when the jewelry store clerk comes back. He apologizes, but she tells them there’s nothing to be sorry about, she enjoys seeing people in love. Sheridan says she must see a lot of couples in love, but she says most of them are more interested in the diamonds than each other, but she can tell they are really in love. Luis tells her they are in love, and Sheridan adds that they have been for ages. He agrees, then asks the clerk if they could have the ring engraved. The clerk tells them of course, and Luis tells her to engrave it with “To Sheridan, the love of my life. Luis”. Sheridan is touched. The clerk asks when they will be getting married, and Sheridan tells her they aren’t sure yet. Luis speaks up and says the day after Christmas. Sheridan asks if that’s true, and he says he talked to Father Lonigan and that’s the first day he has open, then tells her he isn’t going to wait one more day than he has to. Sheridan is thrilled, and she kisses him. (commercial)

Julian asks if Eve really thinks he tried to kill his father. She says no, but truthfully, the thought had crossed her mind. She apologizes, but he says it’s understandable, that if anyone had good reason it was him. Eve tells him they both had good reason, then recounts that he stole their son when he was born and told her he was dead, then kept them from finding him when they learned he was still alive, and then he pushed that son and Eve’s daughter together knowing they were siblings and it would destroy their lives. Julian agrees, saying that Alistair is an evil man who deserved to be killed, but he didn’t do it and she didn’t do it, so they won’t talk about it again. He tells her he just came in to see if she is ok. She says she is, but he asks if she is sure, telling her not to pretend with him, that he can tell something is wrong. She tells him she is just worried about Whitney and Fox. He asks if Fox has hurt Whitney, but Eve says of course not, that it’s just that she’s been through so much, finding out Chad is her brother and then finding out she is pregnant. Julian says leave it to his son to be irresponsible, but Eve tells him not to be so hard on his son. He tells her he blames himself for it, that he wasn’t a good example, especially since he never took responsibility for his actions and told her to just look at how he abandoned her. She tells him that is all in the past, that she is worried about Fox, Whitney and the baby and how they are going to live. She says that Fox wants to take care of them but she asks how he can do that since Alistair cut him out of the will and Julian fired him from Crane Industries, and says that if he can’t find work he may have to leave town and then she will never get a chance to make up with Whitney and she may never see her grandchild and that she can’t bear to think about that. Julian tells her he will take care of it, then takes her in his arms.

Whitney tells Fox that she hadn’t even thought about where they were all going to live. He tells her not to worry, that Ivy and Sam will let them stay there as long as they like. She says they can’t impose on them forever, but he says that’s true but it’s not something they have to worry about right now, that he will figure something out. He tells her to worry about her and the little bundle of joy in there. He says he never thought he would be this excited to have a baby, but now he has one coming, he can’t wait. She remembers her conversation with her mother at the hospital, where she told her she doesn’t need a blood test or an exam to tell her who the father of her baby is, and it isn’t Fox. Eve says “Oh, no”, then Whitney says the father is Chad, her half-brother, then asks her mother if she’s happy now, that because she kept her son a secret, Whitney’s life is ruined and so is her baby’s. Coming back to the present, they hear the phone ring. Fox answers and says he will be right there. Whitney asks who is was, and he said it’s his father, that he wants to see him at Crane Industries right away. She wonders why, and he says probably to tell him to clean out his desk and not leave any reminders that he was there behind. She tells him she will go with him, and while he argues at first, she tells him they are together now, and he says “You, me, and the baby.”

Theresa tells Gwen she doesn’t know what her court order says but she’s not afraid of it or her. Gwen says she can’t believe her nerve, and Rebecca tells the nurse to call security and have this trash thrown out. The nurse tells them she can’s sort out their problems, but they need to stop making a scene in NICU. Gwen says the problem is that Theresa has kept her from her baby long enough. The nurse tells her to take it to the waiting area, that there are sick babies in here. Gwen tells the nurse she wants to be with her baby, but Ethan steps in and tells her he knows she’s upset, but they need to take Theresa to the waiting area and make Theresa understand what the court order is. Gwen agrees and the nurse thanks him. He tells Theresa to come with them.

Once outside the room, she asks to see the papers. She reads them, then says she can’t believe it and asks how any judge in their right mind could sign them. Gwen says it’s simple, that she is the mother, not Theresa. Ethan tells her it’s very straight forward, that it’s just a reiteration of their agreement. Gwen tells her she signed a contract saying she would sign over the baby once it was born. Theresa says that the court order says she has to give away her baby. Gwen tells her the baby is hers, not Theresa’s, and asks why she’s being so stubborn. Rebecca butts in and says it’s because she’s a lying little slut, and Theresa tells them she doesn’t have to stand there and listen to that. She starts to go back into NICU, but Gwen grabs her arm and tells her she isn’t going anywhere. Rebecca says this is ridiculous, that they have a legal document that says she has to cease and desist, then putting her racist hat on, tells her she’ll put it in language she can understand and says it means she has to back off and get the hell out. Ethan tells her to stop it, then tells Theresa that the court has ordered her to give up claim to the baby. She asks how he can ask her to give up her baby, and Gwen says it’s not her baby, it’s Gwen’s. Ethan tells Theresa he’s sorry, he knows how she feels, but Gwen butts in and tells him not to feel sorry to her, that she signed away her rights to a baby that wasn’t even hers to begin with. She then tells Theresa to listen to her, that the baby is not hers, it is Gwen’s, and she is not to go near the baby, see her, or be with her in any way whatsoever. And she adds that now Theresa isn’t going to get Little Ethan back, either. Rebecca tells her that’s right, she lost and Gwen won. (commercial)

Sheridan and Luis are still hugging. She gives him a loud kiss and then they separate. She tells him she can’t believe it, that after all this time, after all the times they tried to walk down the aisle, they are finally going to be married. He assures her it is going to happen, and she tells him he is making all her dreams come true. He says his, too, then tells her they don’t have Antonio’s death certificate yet, but he is expecting it any day. She says that after Christmas he will make her the happiest woman on earth. He says that’s the plan, and he hopes it won’t be for just that one day but for all the rest of their days. She tells him nothing can spoil this now, absolutely nothing, and they kiss again.

Beth is still on top of Alistair in his hospital bed, still shaking him and trying to get him to say the one little word she needs to know. She yells at him, shakes him, and pleads some more until he finally comes around. She pulls his head up, trying to get him to say the word, and he looks like he’s trying to, but all he can do is go “Mmmmmmmm”. Beth shakes him, asking what he’s trying to say, but he passes out again. Again she is shaking and hitting him, asking him what the word is, that she thinks it begins with “M”, that he has to tell her the word, but he is out cold again. Her phone rings and she reluctantly answers it to find Luis on the other end. He tells her he has some good news, and when she asks what it is, he tells her that he and Sheridan have set the date for their wedding. She wants to cry but tries to stop it, asking him when the date is. He tells her it’s the day after Christmas and they want her to be in the wedding party. She is upset even more, but asks if they really want her to be in the wedding. He says yes, that she’s his son’s mother and they want her to be part of it. He asks if she can come over to Sheridan’s cottage right away, and she tells him yes, then he tells her they want her input in the wedding plans. She says she wouldn’t miss it for the world, then they hang up. She jumps back on Alistair, crying and telling him they’ve set a wedding date, that Sheridan is going to marry Luis, and asks what he’s going to do about it. He just lies there, in a coma, and she decides she’s going to have to do all of it herself. She gets off him and walks out of the room. (commercial)

Fox and Whitney arrive at Julian’s office, and he tells her she should wait outside and let him go in alone. She says he needs her, but he tells her he can handle it himself, so she agrees to wait outside. He goes in the office and Julian greets him, saying he probably wonders why he called him to come over. Fox says yeah, since he fired him and told him never to come back again. Julian says he acted with haste and asks for forgiveness, telling Fox that he knows he has responsibilities now, that he needs to support Whitney and their child. Fox says he’s aware of that and he’s actually looking for work, but Julian says he doesn’t need to do that, he is giving him his job back and he can start immediately.

Chad is in his office cleaning it out. He looks at a picture of Alistair in the newspaper and says “My Grandfather.” He says he can’t believe he spent his whole life looking for his family and found a monster like him. He says the man kept his parents from finding him all those years, pushed him to become involved with his own sister, and when his father brought him into the business, Alistair fired him and cut him out of his will. He tells him he is a bastard but that he won’t get away with it, if there’s any justice at all the poison in that cigar will have done the world a favor because he deserves to die. He says he’s sorry there wasn’t enough poison in his cigar to kill him right then and there. He looks up to see Whitney standing in the doorway. She tells him she didn’t mean to interrupt, but he says he was just packing his things and cussing his grandfather, telling him what a bastard his is. She says she heard he fired him, and that she is sorry.

Chad tells her it wasn’t his bag anyway, music is, and she agrees. He says that firing wasn’t the least of the bad things he did to him and he’s not taking it lying down, that he will find a way to get back at him. She asks if he has any idea who tried to kill Alistair last night, and he asks if she knows anyone who didn’t want him dead. She says she doesn’t think there was anyone there who didn’t want him dead, then tells him she needs to be going. He asks how she’s been feeling and she says fine, aside from a little morning sickness. He tells her to try some ginger, maybe put it in tea, that he heard that was good for nausea. She asks how he knows this, and he tells her that he’d always thought they would someday be having kids and he did some reading. She is surprised. He tells her that he read that morning sickness meant the baby was doing all right, that the pregnancy is going well. She says that’s a good thing, and he agrees. He tells her that he knows the baby isn’t his, but if she ever has any questions, just call him since he did all that research.

Rebecca goes behind Theresa and grabs her. Theresa tells her to get her hands off her, and Rebecca tells her since she doesn’t understand English she is just trying to show her where the exit is, then says “You know - salida.” Ethan goes over and gets between them, telling Rebecca to keep her hands off. Gwen gets upset and tells him not to defend her, but he says there is no need to get physical, that she just had a baby for God’s sake. Gwen says yes, she had her baby. She sees Theresa looking at her watch and asks if they are keeping her. Rebecca says she is probably waiting for some angel from heaven to swoop down and save her but it ain’t gonna happen. Theresa tells her this isn’t settled, that she promised to give her Little Ethan back and now she’s going back on her promise. Gwen says she certainly is, then says that she agreed to give him back when Theresa gave them their baby, then asks why she should live up to her part of the bargain when Theresa is going back on hers. Rebecca tells her she can’t make an agreement with Theresa, that’s how we lost the Alamo. Ethan says that’s enough, then tells Gwen to let him talk to Theresa for a minute. Gwen wants to know why, then tells Theresa she is not keeping her baby. Theresa tells Ethan he cannot let her do this, that she just gave birth to her. Gwen retorts that yes, she did, she gave birth to her baby and now her job is over. Rebecca agrees, then says ‘Vamoose, andale!” Theresa again tells Ethan he has to stop this, he can’t keep letting his wife take her babies from her. Gwen tells her she’s not her baby, she’s Gwen’s baby, then asks if she’s lost her mind. Rebecca chimes in and tells Ethan he is a lawyer, he needs to tell Theresa this is a legal document, that she gave birth and now has no use, so it’s time for her to go. She walks over to her and grabs hold of her arm, telling her to come on and leave. Theresa yells for her to let go of her. (commercial)

Rebecca is still trying to drag Theresa out of the waiting area but Ethan finally goes over and separates them, telling Rebecca to give it a rest. Gwen tells him not to defend her, that she’s a monster and they need to get her out of there so they can be alone with their baby. Theresa tells them she is not going anywhere, and Rebecca runs back over to grab her again when a voice tells her to “Unhand that woman!” It is Woody Stumper, and Theresa is very glad to see him, asking what took him so long. He apologizes, telling her the matter took a little longer than anticipated. Ethan and Rebecca ask why he’s here, and Theresa tells them he’s her attorney. He agrees, saying his bit about defending the downtrodden and defending the little people. Gwen asks Theresa what she’s doing, and Theresa asks her if she thought she would just lie down and let her and her mother roll over her. Woody says it look like he got there just in time, and Gwen asks for what. Theresa answers to stop the insanity, and Woody agrees, saying that when maternity is in doubt, the Woodster sorts it out. Rebecca asks what he’s talking about, and Gwen tells Theresa that she doesn’t know what kind of stunt she’s trying to pull, but she’s wasting her time because there is nothing either of them can do to take her baby away from her. Woody says she is absolutely correct, and that if Theresa had her baby, there would be nothing they could do to keep her from taking it, but Theresa doesn’t have her baby. Gwen and Rebecca look confused.

Sheridan and Luis are in her cottage and she hands him a couple of glasses, calling him “My love”. He says “Champagne?”, and she tells him yes. He asks if it isn’t a little early, and she says yes, but who cares, they are actually and truly engaged to be married as she admires her engagement ring. He agrees, then asks if she still likes the ring. She tells him yes, but now she has to find the perfect dress. He tells her he can’t help her, that it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride’s dress before the wedding day, but he has called Beth to come over to help with that. Sheridan almost chokes on her champagne, then tells him he’s sweet to include her in their wedding plans. He says they are going to be tied to her since she is Marty’s mother. Sheridan tells him no, she really means it, it was a sweet thing to do, and he is a very caring and loving man. As she says this, she takes his glass and sits both hers and his on the table, then grabs him and they kiss passionately, sliding down onto the floor to make love. Beth walks by the window and sees them, then barges inside, opening the door at the same time she is knocking. She acts embarrassed at interrupting them, but they get up and straighten themselves, then sit down to talk with her. Luis thanks her for coming and Sheridan agrees, also thanking her for agreeing to help her. Beth says it’s her pleasure, then talks about how there are only two weeks before the wedding date. Sheridan agrees it is close and there isn’t a lot of time for planning.

Beth goes on to say maybe they should postpone it to give themselves more time since weddings are a big production. She tells them she knows they have been waiting for this day for a long time and she knows they want to do it right. Sheridan says of course they do, but Luis tells her they do not want to postpone it, he doesn’t want to wait until after the 26th to marry her. Sheridan says she doesn’t, either, gives him a passionate kiss, then asks Beth if she still wants to help them plan it. She says of course, she will do everything she can, then, to herself, finishes it by saying “To make sure you never become man and wife.” (commercial)

Fox asks if Julian is just giving him his old job back. Julian says yes, he is. Fox asks what about Alistair, that he had fired him, too, and cut him out of his will, and Julian says he knows that. Fox asks about Chad, saying he had been fired and cut out of the will, too. Julian tells him he is bringing Chad back, too, and Alistair is not in a position now to do anything about it. Fox says he understands Julian taking Chad back to make Eve happy but asks why he wants to bring Fox back, too. Julian tells him Eve is worried about Whitney, and it throws another zing into Fox’s heart. He says it’s all about Eve, that he still doesn’t care about him. Julian tells him it’s important that he help Whitney forgive her mother. Fox tells him she hates her mother because she betrayed her father, that he can’t help that, but Julian tells him no, that she never betrayed Whitney’s father, that he and Eve were together years before she ever met TC and she’s never been unfaithful to him. Fox says that may be, but she didn’t tell him about the affair or the fact they had a child together. Julian asks him if he wants him to say he was a cad in his youth, that he was, but he’s trying to make amends for that. He tells Fox he wants him to help convince Whitney to give her mother another chance because Eve needs Whitney. Fox says that’s probably true, and Whitney needs her mother, too, but he’s not going to sell her downriver if that’s what he’s asking him to do.

Julian says no, he just wants to make sure Fox can support Whitney and the baby, that she is a wonderful girl. Fox says he’s in love with her, he knows how wonderful she is, he doesn’t need Julian to tell him that. Julian says they are in agreement, then, that he can move back into his office again. Fox tells him not so fast, and Julian asks what he wants. Fox tells him if he takes the job at Crane Industries, he wants to make sure he and Chad are treated equally, no preferential treatment for Eve’s son. Julian says he’s giving him his job back, and Fox says he’s grateful, but if he takes the job back he wants to know and to hear it from his own lips that he and Chad will be treated as equals. Julian says “IF you take the job?” Then he asks where else he will get a job since he didn’t finish school and he has no experience. Fox thanks him for the vote of confidence, telling him sarcastically that he appreciates his being so supportive, as usual. Julian says he’s sorry, perhaps he expects too much, and Fox tells him he has a baby on the way and he needs the job, but if he takes it and Julian favors Chad in any way, he will take Whitney and the baby and leave Harmony for good, never coming back, and Eve will never see her daughter again, then asks if he understands.

Whitney tells Chad she will call him if she has any pregnancy questions. He says it’s a deal, then hugs her. She gets uncomfortable and pulls away, grabs her coat ands purse and walks out, leaving Chad saying her didn’t mean anything by it and he’s sorry. Outside the door, Whitney says she wishes she could tell Chad the truth about the baby, but she can’t.

Sheridan pours the last drops of champagne into a glass, shaking it to get it all, then hands the glass to Beth, saying she’s sorry. Beth takes the glass with the few drops of champagne in it and says it’s ok, then gulps it down. Luis excuses himself saying he has to go talk to Father Lonigan about the wedding, and gives Sheridan another kiss as Beth watches, fuming. Luis gets up to leave and Sheridan gets up with him, walking with him a few steps, then she picks up the ring box from the table. Beth has followed her and sees the box, asking if it’s the wedding band. Sheridan says yes, then opens it so she can see it and says it is beautiful. Beth agrees as she grabs hold of the box. Sheridan tells her they are supposed to take it back to have it engraved, but she just had to bring it home with her so she’d really feel like this was all real. Beth jerks the box out of Sheridan’s hands, then turns and goes back to sit on the sofa. She looks at the ring and says it’s lovely, then snaps the box shut and just holds on to it. Sheridan looks uncomfortable, but says nothing. Beth tells her she’s glad Alistair didn’t get to say the word that was going to break her and Luis up, and Sheridan agrees. Beth asks if she knows what the word is, and Sheridan tells her no, she just hopes he doesn’t recover before the wedding and use that word to break them up. Beth is looking at the box in her hand, and Sheridan quickly grabs it from her, tells her thanks, then gets up and takes it to put it up. Beth takes a drink from one of their glasses, then says to herself that Alistair will recover if she has anything to say about it.

Gwen asks Woody what he is talking about, saying of course it’s her baby that Theresa gave birth to, that she kidnapped their real surrogate and had herself implanted with their embryo, that the baby is hers and she wants her back. She starts to walk into NICU, but Woody stops her and says he can’t allow her to do that. Rebecca squeals how dare he, that he must let her daughter through there. Gwen tells Ethan to show Mr. Stumper the court papers, and Ethan tells him they are cut and dried. Woody says he’s already seen them, that they only apply to Gwen’s child. Gwen says of course it applies to her child, then he tells her that the little bundle of joy in NICU isn’t hers, she belongs to his client. Gwen asks what he’s saying, and he tells her that what he is saying is that Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald is the biological mother of that baby. Gwen and Rebecca look confused, Ethan looks the fox that got caught in the henhouse, and Theresa looks like she finally won one.

Previews: Fox to Chad: “Looks like we’ll be working together again, huh, bro?”

Chad’s reply: “Looking forward to it, bro.”

Eve, to Theresa: “Oh, God, has it come out?”

Gwen’s response: “Oh, my God, what are you talking about?”

Rebecca’s response: “Yeah, Dr. Love, what do you know about this?”

Beth, to statue that just took Marty: “No! No, give me my baby back! You can’t take him!”

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