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Passions Update Tuesday 12/14/04
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Beth is in her pajamas, sitting at the computer in her living room. She is concentrating on her search as Edna and Precious sit on the sofa eating breakfast.

Edna asks Precious if she or Beth made the oatmeal, and Precious points at Beth. Edna tells her that she won’t be eating that poisoned porridge and says she won’t let Precious eat it, either. She tries to get the bowl away from her, but Precious won’t let go until Edna hands her a banana instead. She tells the orangutan that she is saving her own life and Precious’, too, since she believes “Lizzie B” is the one who poisoned Alistair’s cigar at his party. She yells at Beth to tell her she’s on to her and the cops will be too, and once they put two and two together and figure it out, Beth is going down, waaaaay down. Beth asks if she really thinks she would kill Alistair at his own cocktail party. Edna tells her to let her think, then quickly says “Yes!” She then tells her that she thinks if Alistair dies it will stop Luis from marrying Sheridan, and with him out of the way she won’t have to worry about anyone ratting her out for not being Marty’s real mama. Beth replies that she is wrong again. She says the last thing she wants is for him to kick the bucket, that he hasn’t said anything yet about Marty and she has no reason to think he ever will because they both want the same thing. Edna tells her that the two “nasties” deserve each other, that the depths to which they will go to hurt Sheridan is sick and disgusting. Beth tells her it’s all in the eye of the beholder, just like beauty, and that she can’t think of anything more delicious than having Luis and Sheridan broken up forever. She says that Alistair claims he can do that with one little word, and that she wants him to hang on long enough to say that word and then he can croak for all she cares. Edna is disgusted and shocked by what she heard and sputters several times, shaking her fist toward heaven.

Luis and Sheridan are waking up in their bed. He kisses her back to wake her, then says “Good morning, sleepyhead.” She says it back to him and says it’s a great way to wake up. He says she should get used to it because they will have a lifetime of it. She tells him she can’t think of anything better, and he says he can. She teasingly asks what could be an improvement on this moment, and they end up kissing.

Gwen awakens in a hospital bed, sits up and looks around as Ethan walks through the curtain carrying a small overnight bag. She asks what she’s doing still in the hospital, and he tells her he wanted her to stay there until the sedative worked it’s way out of her system. She tells him she doesn’t want to be there, she wants to be in ICU with their baby. He tells her to listen to him, then says that the baby was weaned off the respirator during the night, that she’s still in critical condition but that she is breathing on her own and that’s good. Gwen agrees, says they have to keep praying for her, and then asks if he was able to file the papers giving them full custody of the baby yet. He tells her tells her not yet, but that he did go by the house and get her some clothes. She tells him thanks but that’s not what she wants, she wants to get the papers filed as soon as possible. She says it’s bad enough that the baby is hanging on by a thread, but having Theresa horning in on the baby in NICU is ridiculous. He tells her he’s doing everything he can, but she tells him that every second she isn’t with her baby is killing her. She says that Theresa was their surrogate, that she has no legal claims on their baby whatsoever. Ethan begins remembering his conversation with Theresa where she told him that yes, she had slept with him, and he enjoyed it and couldn’t get enough of her. Back in the present, he tells Gwen there’s something he needs to talk to her about, but she says not now. He says he needs to talk to her right now, but she again rebuffs him by saying no, the only thing she wants is to get those papers filed and get in the NICU to be with her baby.

Theresa is leaning on the top of the incubator her baby is in, sleeping. The nurse comes in and she wakes up, asking if anything is wrong with the baby. The nurse says no, she’s just checking her vital signs and she’s sorry she woke her. Theresa says that’s ok, she just wants to know everything. The nurse says of course she does, but she must be exhausted since she’s been there all night and just gave birth the day before. Theresa tells her she’s fine and she just wants to know how her baby is. The nurse says she’s holding on, but she shouldn’t get her hopes up because the first 48 hours are the most critical. Theresa tells her she knows, but she’s not going to leave her side until she’s out of the woods since the baby needs to know her mother is there for her. The nurse says the baby doesn’t really know anything yet, but Theresa says she knows she’s there with her. The nurse agrees that the baby knows that. Theresa talks to the baby, asking if she knows her mommy is there with her. She tells her that she will be there with her until she’s ready to go home, and when she gets there she will have the best surprise waiting, that her big brother will love her, and her Daddy, once he realizes that he and Theresa made her, and then they will be the happy family she’s always dreamed of. (commercial)

Edna is brushing Precious’ hairy arm as Beth comes back downstairs after having gotten dressed. Edna tells Precious she’s back, be afraid, be very afraid. Beth tells her to can the theatrics, that she has no interest in hurting them right now. Edna says “Ah ha!”, then says she did satisfy her blood lust last night by putting poison in Alistair’s cigar.

Beth tells her to stop it, then says that she already told her she didn’t do it, and asks why would she when she wants to know what Alistair’s secret is before he croaks. Beth asks why she would be asking her since she doesn’t know. The only thing she knows is she hopes Alistair passes his little secret on to her before he dies. Edna tells her she can’t believe she is the fruit of her womb. Beth tells her not to remind her, and Edna asks when she will open her eyes and realize that she will never get Luis because he loves Sheridan, he’s wild about her and has been since the first day he met her. She tells her daughter that she doesn’t mean a thing to El Hunko. Beth petulantly tells her she is the mother of his little boy, but Edna retorts that is what he thinks now, but that they both know that lie is rotting away and soon it will explode in all it’s nasty glory, and Luis will find out that she kidnapped Sheridan’s precious newborn baby boy, and when that day comes around, she hopes she will be there to see what Luis does. Beth tells her that if she keeps it up, she won’t be, and Edna tells her she’s run out of tricks, that Luis and Sheridan are going to be together forever, then hollers “Hallelujah!” a couple of times. Beth says that will never happen, that she will find out what Alistair has up his sleeve and use it to break them apart. Edna asks how she plans to do that, and Beth tells her she doesn’t know, but she will think of something, she always does. Precious, sitting on the sofa, shakes her head no.

Sheridan calls the hospital and asks if her father made it through the night. The nurse says yes, that he’s still in critical condition but his vital signs are stable. Sheridan asks if she can come see him, but the nurse says no, he’s still in a coma and no one is allowed to visit him. Sheridan says ok, she will call later to check on him again, hangs up the phone and then sees Luis standing by the bathroom door watching her. She asks if he thinks she’s an idiot. He says no, and she says she thinks she is, wondering why she would care about his condition since he would just as soon see both of them dead. Luis sits beside her on the bed saying “You said it, not me.” She tells him it’s just so hard to accept that she has one parent alive and he’s a cold blooded killer who’s tried to kill them several times. Luis tells her that he hasn’t succeeded, but she reminds him that he did succeed in killing Antonio. Luis says he hasn’t killed them, that despite his best efforts they are still together. Sheridan tells him she thinks the real reason she called to check his condition is because as long as he’s alive he can still hurt them. Luis tells her no, that he won’t let him do that. She talks about how sure Alistair was at the party last night that he could drop a bombshell on them, then wonders what he knew, what he could use to destroy them. Luis tells her nothing, he thinks the old man was bluffing. Sheridan tells him that, God help her, she wishes he would just die, because if he did die, all their pain and suffering could just be buried with him.

Theresa is talking to the baby, telling her not to be afraid, that Mommy is right there with her. Gwen and Ethan walk up to the window and Gwen starts going off immediately, saying she can’t believe that. Ethan tells her she promised not to let herself get upset. Gwen yells that Theresa is still in there, that she accepted the fact she couldn’t do anything last night but this is a new day and she should be the one in there with her baby, not Theresa. Ethan asks if she wants them to give her another sedative, because that’s what they will do if she doesn’t settle down. Gwen spits out that she doesn’t want another sedative, that she wants to be in there with her baby, wants to hold her in her arms and tell her Mommy loves her and won’t let anything bad happen to her. Ethan tells her he knows, and she when whines about how cruel it is, asking how she can stay calm when Theresa, who has done so much to hurt her and steal everyone she cares about away from her, is at it again. She whines that she understands her trying to take him from her, and she half-way believes her when she says she didn’t want her to lose Sarah, but this is totally different, she is deliberately moving in on her baby girl, acting as if she is the mother and not her. She asks why Theresa is doing this to her right now. Ethan starts to tell her that he can answer that, but she cuts him off talking about how good she’s been to Theresa, promising to give Theresa her son back , but now the girl seems to have forgotten all that and is trying to take her baby away from her. She wonders if her mother has been right all along. Ethan tells her that Rebecca hasn’t been right, that she can’t even think rationally when it comes to Theresa. Gwen says that she totally understands why, since they have tried to talk to her, reason with her, negotiate with some intelligence but it doesn’t do any good. She asks Ethan why Theresa is trying to steal their baby. He tells her to calm down, that he is going to the courthouse to file the papers as soon as it opens and then she will be able to sit with the baby as long as she wants to. She tells him that Theresa is in there bonding with her, but he says it’s only a couple of hours and she will have her whole life to be the baby’s mother. Gwen tells him that for the first time in years she isn’t worried about whether he still loves Theresa or not. He asks why, and she tells him it’s because she knows after what she has done that he couldn’t possibly love her, that it’s not just about Gwen and the baby, it’s him, too, since the baby is his, and that she knows he would never let anything come between that baby and her parents. They hug each other as Theresa watches from inside the NICU. (commercial)

Sheridan exit’s the bathroom to find Luis standing there with breakfast for the two of them. “WOW!”, she says, then he tells her he almost burnt the toast, but he didn’t. She tells him the whole breakfast could be ruined and she would still be the luckiest woman in the world. She kisses him, and he says “Well, shucks, ma’am. T’weren’t nothing.”

They both sit at the table, then she tells him she doesn’t think she can eat. He tells her to do her best, and then says love him or hate him, Alistair is the only father she’s got. She says maybe, then says that after losing her mother so young, he and Julian were the only family she had. Then she tells him they shouldn’t be talking about this because they have a wedding to plan. He tells her now she’s talking, and she goes on to say that once Julian gets the papers pushed through the judge, it will be legal, and Julian says it shouldn’t take long at all. Luis tells her it’s nice having Julian on their side now, and she agrees, then asks if he thinks they can pull this off before her father regains consciousness. She changes course and says it shouldn’t matter either way, that they should be able to get married like any two people in love. He agrees, telling her they will get married no matter what happens to her father. She thanks him for understanding and loving her. He asks if she’s kidding, then says that he can’t believe how much more he loves her every single day. He tells her he loves her so much, he is going to help her plan the wedding, and she chuckles and says she love him so much she won’t put him through that. He says fair enough and they laugh about it. She tells him she really does want to go to the hospital. He thinks she means to see her father, but she tells him no, she wants to see Gwen and the baby. He says he needs to check up on Theresa, too. Sheridan tells him she’s thrilled Gwen is getting her chance to be a mother, but that it makes her sad, too. He asks why, and she says because it reminds her of the baby she lost. She remembers holding her baby after it was born, telling him she loves him so much, that he only needs to close his eyes and she will be there, then says no matter what happens she will always remember his beautiful face, his chubby fingers, or his 10 toes, and his sweet baby smell. Luis tells her they will have another baby, a lot of babies, and they will put all the sad times behind them, then tells her to eat.

Gwen pulls Ethan along, telling him they need to hurry to go file the papers. He tells her he will have an hour to spare, that it’s too early and she needs to wait. She tells him she can’t believe it’s come to the point that she has to file custody papers with the court just so she can take her rightful place at her baby’s side in NICU. She wonders what kind of monster keeps her from her sick little girl, then says it seems like Theresa was never a mother herself. Ethan tells her she’s fretting, that it will be over in a little while. She tells him she hopes so because she can’t stand it if it goes on much longer, and what she wants to do is go in their and rip Theresa out by her hair. He says she’s not going to do that, is she, and she says no, she knows she can’t do that, she knows all she can do is wait for the papers to be filed but that every minute Theresa is in there she is stealing time from her and her baby.

Theresa comes out and tells them the baby is breathing on her own and the nurse is running some more tests. Gwen tells her that’s good , and Theresa can use the time to take off the hospital gown because she won’t need it any longer, that Ethan is going to file the custody papers with the court and she will hand Gwen’s baby over to her. Theresa looks at Ethan and calls his name, and he tells Gwen he needs to talk to Theresa. Gwen agrees and goes to watch her baby while Ethan asks Theresa to tell the hospital she will hand the baby over to Gwen and there won’t be a whole legal mess. She asks him how he can ask her to do that, and he tells her this isn’t good for any of them, especially that little girl in there. An alarm sounds, and Gwen asks what it is. A call goes out for Dr. Carlisle to come to NICU, stat, and Theresa realizes it’s her baby’s doctor. She and Ethan run to the window to see what’s going on. (commercial)

Beth tells Precious to give her the newspaper and calls her a stupid orangutan. Precious gets upset and screeches at her, so Beth decides to see the headlines online. She sits at the computer and starts reading. Edna exit’s the bathroom and looks over her shoulder. She tells her it looks like she won’t be getting her interview with King Alistair, and Beth gets upset, saying she should have known they would post a guard outside his room. Edna says someone did try to poison him last night and asks if she thought he was going to do, hold an open house so they could try again. She says even Beth isn’t that dumb. Beth tells her she’ll have to find another way, but her mother tells her she’d best give up while she’s ahead, she always messes everything up and she’ll find a way to botch this up, too. Beth tells her not to be so certain of that Edna asks if she means about her and failure, then gives a sarcastic laugh about that. She tells her that the old coot could die before she gets there, then asks why she thinks that he would even divulge his secret to her. Beth tells her they have the same goal, to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. Edna tells her they will both be crying in their champagne, then. She tells her to get out a dowager dress for the wedding, or better yet, use the dress she was going to wear to marry Luis in, dye it black, and make sure she’s standing next to the bride so she can catch the bouquet. She notices Precious sitting there looking sad and she points to herself, making Edna tell her she’s sorry, that of course Precious can catch the bouquet, it makes no sense to waste it on a sour, nasty old maid like Beth. Beth tells her to go to hell. Edna says she just thought of the perfect gift for Beth to give to Sheridan and Luis - Marty, the baby she stole from her. Beth says “Damn you!”, but Edna tells her she is the one to be damned for stealing that innocent baby from his mommy, and that if she had one ounce of conscience, one ounce of decency, she’d give the baby back to Sheridan. Beth says never, she will never give the baby back, she is his mother and that’s the way it’s going to be. Edna asks if she really believes that, then tells her that she doesn’t, that she has a strong feeling that Luis and Sheridan are going to find out that Marty is their baby and then she will find out what hell on earth really is.

Gwen asks Ethan what is happening to their little girl. He says he doesn’t know but he’s sure the doctor is doing everything she can. She asks what if they lose this baby, too, what if she doesn’t make it, and he tells her to just have faith, it’s going to be ok. Sheridan and Luis rush in. Luis asks Theresa what’s going on, and Sheridan hugs Gwen and asks if she’s ok. Gwen tells her she’s scared to death, that her baby might die and she’s never even held her. Sheridan goes over to Luis and Theresa and tells her she understands that she feels connected to the baby, but she’s only the surrogate, that the baby belongs to Ethan and Gwen and she just doesn’t understand her. Luis says he doesn’t, either. Theresa looks at him but the nurse comes out and Theresa asks if she can go in and see her. The nurse says not yet, there’s been a complication, that the baby’s lungs have stopped functioning. She says the doctor is doing everything she can to get them working normally again. Gwen says she needs to be in there with her and Theresa asks the nurse if she can go back in, but the nurse says not now, no one can go in there except medical personnel until she’s stabilized.

Gwen asks Ethan what if she doesn’t get better, but he tells her not to think that way. Gwen says her little girl shouldn’t have to go through this by herself. Luis tells Theresa he needs to talk to her, but she says not now. He insists and drags her away. He asks what’s going on, why hasn’t she let Gwen sit with her baby, that he can’t believe Gwen hasn’t been with the baby for one minute because of her. Theresa tells him she has been with her the whole time and she is the one who is supposed to be there. Luis says he understands she feels attached to the baby since she carried it for all those months, but that Gwen is that baby’s mother. She tells him that’s what he nor anyone else understands, that she is the baby’s mother, not Gwen. He asks her what she’s talking about, and she tells him that she and Ethan slept together and she will bet her life that the baby is hers and Ethan’s, and that no one, not God nor Gwen is going to take her from her. (commercial)

Sheridan tells Gwen she doesn’t understand why Theresa is keeping the baby from her, and Gwen tells her she has to believe it, that she tried to kill her last night and that’s why they sedated her. Sheridan says “You poor thing!”, and Gwen tells her she’s sure Sheridan can understand why she lost it. Sheridan tells her of course she does, that she deserves to be in there with her little girl and she doesn’t understand why Theresa is acting this way since she knows the baby belongs to Ethan and Gwen, not her. Gwen says she’s not acting like she knows it, and that she’s glad the courts will open soon so Theresa won’t be able to keep her baby from her any longer than she already has. Sheridan tells her she’s sorry she has to go through this, and Gwen tells her she can’t understand what’s behind it, that she was so supportive of Theresa while she was carrying her and she knows how long she’s been praying and waiting for the baby. She swears she will never forgive her for this. Ethan tries to calm her down, but Sheridan tells him he needs to stay out of it because Gwen has every right to be angry. Gwen whines again about Theresa taking everything from her, that she almost lost Ethan to her and then she did lose Sarah because of her. Sheridan tells her maybe Luis can talk some sense into her, but Gwen says they have all tried, even Eve and Pilar, but Theresa just keeps acting like they are trying to take her baby away from her instead of the other way around. Luis asks Theresa if she really slept with Ethan while he was married to Gwen, and she remembers their night of passion and telling each other they loved each other. She says yes, and the little girl in there is most probably hers. He asks what’s going on here, but she tells him the details aren’t important. He asks if Eve knows, and she says absolutely. He asks about Gwen, and she says no, but she will find out sooner or later and Theresa thinks it would be a good thing. He asks her if she’s lost her mind, reminding her that Gwen has been through enough, and wanted nothing more than to have this baby and if she finds this out it will kill her. Theresa says it would kill her to lose one of her children, then asks whose side he’s on, reminding him she’s his sister. He tells her that doesn’t matter now, that what she’s doing is wrong. Theresa tells him that what’s wrong is that Gwen and Rebecca stole her little boy, but that for the first time in months something will be set right. He says her name in a reprimanding way, and she asks what he would do if someone had his son, wouldn’t he move heaven and earth to get him back. He says of course he would, but this is different. She tells him it isn’t, that she’s trying to protect what’s hers, that the baby belongs to her and Ethan belongs with the two of them, not Gwen. Luis says now she’s lost her mind, that he is married to Gwen and he loves her. Theresa says yes, but he loves her more, the only reason he married Gwen was because she was pregnant.

Luis asks if she is now going to try to steal him away from her, but Theresa tells him Ethan is the love of her life, just as Sheridan is, and he better than everyone should understand about fighting for the one you love, never giving up no matter what the obstacles. She says she will never give Ethan up any more than Luis would give Sheridan up. Luis tells her it’s not the same thing, but she says she’s the one who was supposed to marry Ethan, and she is the one who has his baby, that they belong together. He tells her this kind of thinking will break a lot of hearts, maybe even hers, but she says she’ll take that chance if it means she will be with Ethan, that she‘s a fighter like him and their mother and won‘t give up when they know they are right. Then she asks if he’s angry at her. He says he’s not angry, just frustrated and worried about where it’s headed. Theresa tells him it’s heading to living happily ever after with Ethan and her two kids. She tells him he doesn’t know how happy she is that he and Sheridan have gotten past all their obstacles and there’s nothing standing in the way of their happiness now. She tells him she can’t wait for them to have their first child, then realizes what she’s said and tells him she wasn’t forgetting about the baby that was stolen from Sheridan when she was kidnapped. He tells her they don’t forget about him, either. She says maybe it would have been easier if they had found the baby’s body, but he says no, this way there is always hope he’s alive, even though he knows it would take a miracle for that to happen. Theresa tells him he has to keep believing in miracles, like she does.

As Marty sits by the computer, Edna asks him where the triangle is, then asks him if he can push it on the screen. He does, and both Edna and Beth cheer him. Edna tells him he did a good job and Beth calls him her genius little boy. Edna tells her it’s another sign he’s not her real son. Beth calls Precious and tells her to show Marty how to build a big building out of blocks, maybe even a nursing home for senior citizens, looking at her mother as she says this. Beth helps Precious down the stairs and into Marty’s playpen with the blocks, then turns on her mother and says to put a sock in it or she’ll be cutting out paper dolls in an institution before the week is out. Edna tells her she’s not afraid of her and that she doesn’t have to tell anyone who Marty’s real mother is, anyway, since he looks just like Sheridan. Beth tells her that she is his mommy, and that no one is going to think otherwise. She says he’s her ticket to reuniting with Luis. Edna tells her that why any man would want to reunite with a wackadoodle like her is something she can’t fathom, then asks if she really believes the truth will never come out. Beth tells her it won’t if she doesn’t blow it, that the only ones who know the truth are her, Precious, and Alistair, and that Alistair is on his deathbed, Precious can’t talk, and there’s no way Edna could be that stupid. Edna says she isn’t and that’s why she knows Luis and Sheridan are going to be married soon, and she can bet her knockoff Manolas (sp) he’s going to want to spend more time with his son, and the more time he is with him, the sooner he will figure out that Marty is his son with Sheridan. Then she tells Beth that then she will end up in jail with nothing but dry, crusty bread to eat, and that will be better than the rapture. Beth tells her that will never happen, that she will stop Sheridan and Luis from getting married. Edna asks how she will do that when she is so dependent on Alistair and his secret and there are guards outside his door. Beth gets her scarf, coat, and purse, telling Edna to watch her, she will stop their wedding if it’s the last thing she does, she walks out the door. Edna says it probably will be. (commercial)

Beth, dressed as a nurse, walks up to the guard at Alistair’s door and says she needs to get Alistair’s vital signs. He is hesitant, saying she isn’t the same nurse he had earlier. Beth tells him the other nurse is on her break, but that she’d be back later. The guard says he hasn’t been told there would be another nurse, and Beth tells him it’s not her problem, that she has to go in there and get a report for his doctor. The guard stops her, but she tells him if he wants to tell Alistair’s personal doctor he can’t get the information on him he needs, she will just write his name down and put it in her report. He tells her no, it’s just that they didn’t tell him there would be another nurse. She tells him “Welcome to life in a busy hospital”, then enters the room and says to herself that now comes the tricky part, getting Alistair to tell her his secret.

Theresa tells Luis that he and Sheridan are her personal idols, having gone through so much heartache yet coming through it so strong and so much more in love. He tells her it’s not that simple, and she says nothing in life worth having is. She tells him that now he and Sheridan are getting married in the eyes of the law, and while he does have a baby with Beth, she is a good person and she knows Beth will not stand in the way of him seeing his son. Luis says she’s probably right. Theresa sees the nurse coming out to talk to them and heads over to her.

Gwen asks how the baby is and Theresa asks if there’s any news. The nurse tells them the doctor said the crisis has passed, and Gwen says “Thank you” while Theresa says “Thank God”. The nurse continues, saying for now, but the baby is back on the respirator and they need to keep monitoring her. She heads back into NICU and Gwen asks Theresa why she’s doing this, that she is a mother and has to know how it feels to hear her baby cry. Theresa tells her she does, very well. Gwen asks her why she is keeping her little girl from her, that she can hate her all she wants but not to take it out on the baby, not to make her suffer for their differences. Theresa tells her she would never do something like that, unlike her, who thought nothing of keeping her from her son when he was crying all those nights. She excused herself and said she has to go to her baby, walking into NICU. Gwen tells Ethan he has to do something, and he tells her he is going to the courthouse right away to get the papers filed. Gwen whines that she’s her mother. He walks out and Gwen goes back to the window to watch the baby. (commercial)

Gwen and Sheridan watch from the window as Theresa goes to her baby and starts to talk to her. Sheridan tells her it won’t be long before she’s the one in there where she belongs, with her baby. Gwen says it better not be too long because she doesn’t think she can stand it. Sheridan tells her to go with her and Luis to get some coffee and wait for Ethan to come back. Gwen says she doesn’t want to leave, that they should go and she will be all right. Sheridan asks if she’s sure, and Gwen tells her she is. As they walk away, Gwen talks to herself.

She says that Theresa is stealing time she should be spending with her daughter but not for long, because once Ethan gets back with those papers she will take her place and Theresa can rot in hell. As Sheridan and Luis walk down the hallway, Sheridan tells him she doesn’t understand why Theresa is being so cruel, what does she have to gain by keeping Gwen away from her baby. She says the baby is sick and needs her mommy. Luis tells her there is something she doesn’t know about, and Sheridan asks what that is. He tells her the baby might be Theresa’s. She says she knows that Theresa carried the baby, and that surrogates probably have some rights, then Luis stopped her and said no, that he means as more than a surrogate. Sheridan is confused, saying she doesn’t know what he means, so he tells her that Theresa told him she slept with Ethan so the baby has just as much chance of being Theresa’s with Ethan as Gwen’s. Sheridan is shocked, then asks if Gwen knows yet. He tells her no, she doesn’t, but he doesn’t know how much longer that will last. Sheridan says Gwen has been through so much already, what with Theresa trying to break up her marriage, but that this is worse, it will break her heart. Luis agrees, and says he’s so lucky they are still together and getting married soon.

Beth goes to Alistair’s bedside and starts trying to get him to tell her the word that will break Luis and Sheridan apart forever. She begs and pleads, pokes and prods, trying to get him to tell her the word. She says that if he doesn’t tell her, Luis and Sheridan will get married, and then, while she pokes and shakes him, tells him that once that happens Luis will air all his dirty secrets. Alistair’s eyes flutter open, and Beth is thrilled, telling him to tell her the word. He looks like his mouth is trying to form a word.

Previews: Gwen to Theresa: “I am the baby’s mother, Theresa, and I have the court order to prove it.”

Beth to Alistair: “You can’t die before you tell me the secret word that will keep Luis and

Sheridan from getting married.”

Sheridan to Luis: “Nothing can spoil this now. Absolutely nothing.”

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