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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Gwen is lying in the hospital bed, still heavily sedated. She calls for her baby, and Rebecca tells her to just rest, that she will take care of everything. She turns to Ivy and says she can’t believe her Gwennie is lying there like that while Theresa is playing mommy to her baby. She then asks why Theresa is acting as if the baby is hers, anyway. Ivy shrugs, but remembers Ethan telling her that he is pretty sure that around the time of the implant, he also slept with Theresa. Back in the present, Ivy still tries to portray her ignorance of Theresa’s motives. Rebecca tells her that she is up to something, and she will find out what and put a stop to it, that Theresa will never take away Gwen and Ethan’s baby.

In NICU, the nurse sees Theresa sitting and looking at the baby. The nurse walked up and asked if she is talking to her. Theresa tells her not yet, and the nurse tells her how important it is to talk to them, and that she knows that it can work miracles. Theresa tells her she doesn’t know what she should be saying, but the nurse tells her to just start talking and God will put the right words in her mouth. Theresa stands by the baby and asks if God to give her a sign as to who’s baby it is. She asks the baby if she is her mother.

Ethan is sitting on a seat in the hospital hallway when Sam comes up with coffee. He tells his son that it’s going to be a long night and he figured he might need it. Ethan thanks him as he takes the cup. Sam asks if he wants to talk about it, and Ethan asks about what. Sam says about what he heard Ethan say as he walked in earlier, that the only thing he knows is that he is that father of this baby. He asks what he meant by that, then tells him that he’s his father, he loves him, and whatever it is, it won’t change that. Ethan thinks for a minute, then tells his father that he slept with Theresa and the little girl in NICU might be his and hers, not Gwen’s. Ethan walks to the window as Sam stays seated and looks shocked.

Tabitha and Endora are still watching the show at Alistair’s house from their sofa. Tabitha talks to her baby about what’s going on while the baby plays, laughing. Tabitha tells her that Alistair has put together quite a party to reveal that Mrs. Wheeler is really his “dead” wife Katherine. She says the uninvited guest are as interesting as the invited ones. She tells Endora that every person there wants Alistair dead for one reason or another, and that one of them came up with the perfect parlor game - Murder the Host. She goes on to say that one of them put poison in Alistair’s brandy, and he’s about to drink it. The reception on their TV starts to fade, and Tabitha asks Endora to make it clear again, taking her hand and waving it to get the picture back on. Once it’s going again, she shows her daughter Beth Wallace and tells her that Beth wants him dead because his funeral would cause the postponement of Luis and Sheridan’s wedding. Endora makes a noise and Tabitha tells her it is a strange motive for a murder, but then, Beth is a strange girl. More gurgles from Endora in agreement with her assessment of Beth, then Tabitha points out Pilar and says she did a very good job of cleaning the house after their Thanksgiving dinner. A babble from Endora, and Tabitha tells her that’s right, she would like to see him dead because of all the pain he’s caused for her family, even killing her son Antonio. Endora chuckles, and Tabitha says yes, she is religious, but the revelation her husband ran off with another woman has shaken her faith bigtime and made her capable of murder. Next, she talks about how Luis has always wanted his soon-to-be-father-in-law dead, because of him killing his brother, kidnapping his sister, and almost killing him and Sheridan many times over the years. She tells her daughter that she believes that would be a good enough motive for murder for him and Sheridan, too. She points out the Wheelers and talks about their motives for wanting the old man dead and that she has already tried to kill him twice. He abused her for years, threatened harm to both their children, and they know that the only reason for this party is to reveal that she is Sheridan and Julian’s long lost mother. Tabitha tells her daughter that her father, Julian, has plenty of reasons to want his father dead, also, such as the fact he and his two sons have been expunged from Alistair’s will, and that the old man broke him and Eve up all those years ago and never told him she was pregnant with his child because the old man doesn’t believe in mixed race Cranes. The son Eve had by Julian was taken away at birth and she was told he died, but turned out to be Chad Harris, another person at the party. Julian, Eve, and Chad were all shocked to find out that he was Eve’s daughter Whitney’s fiancee and she is pregnant with his child, thanks to Alistair. Tabitha tells Endora that doctors take an oath to do no harm, but in the case of Alistair, she thinks Dr. Eve might make an exception. And she points out that Whitney is there and she’s upset at how Alistair pushed her and her half-sibling together. She says hormones and anger can make a lethal cocktail. She goes on to say all of them have reason to want Alistair dead, and all were in the hospital when the bottle of poison was taken, but only one of them took it and slipped it into Alistair’s cognac. She says the question is who took it, then tells her daughter she won’t let the cat out of the bag yet and spoil the fun, and that tonight really is going to be fun.

Alistair is still savoring the smell of his cognac, swirling it around in his glass. He looks around and sees all of them just standing there and asks if they are really going to make him drink alone. He says this is a party but they’re all acting as if it’s a wake. They all continue to just watch him, and he tells them there is champagne and anything they want to eat. Julian says he summoned them there to tell them something and Luis tells him to just get on with it, it’s the only reason they are all there. Alistair says that Chef has worked so hard, but Julian reminds the old man that he had said the was going to tell them all one word that would destroy their lives and asks what it is. Alistair says very well, then says it’s all about the painting. They all turn to look at the picture of the mother with the veiled face holding her baby. Katherine whispers to Martin that she was right, he called them all there to reveal that she is Sheridan and Julian’s mother, that the picture is supposed to be her and Sheridan. (commercial)

Rebecca tells Ivy that Theresa signed the papers giving up any right to the baby and asks why Ethan hasn’t taken them to the court yet. Ivy says no one knew the baby was going to come so early, and Rebecca tells her no one but Theresa. She wonders if the girl could have done something to induce labor, then asks where Ethan is anyway, and asks if he doesn’t care that Gwen is just lying there all alone. Ivy tells her he is on the phone trying to get the mess straightened up, and that Rebecca knows that and needs to stop trying to cause trouble. Rebecca says she’s sorry, but says she’s just worried about Gwen, that Theresa has caused so much pain for her before and every time Theresa manages to rope Ethan in to her schemes. She says that they both know as far as Ethan is concerned, he is susceptible to Theresa. Ivy says yes, because he feels sorry for her, that she uses that to manipulate him. She goes on to say it’s not his fault, it’s Theresa’s, she’s just a bitch. Rebecca agrees, and Ivy continues, saying that no matter what he feels for Theresa, he is in love with Gwen, that she is the woman he married, the woman who makes him happy, and she won’t allow Theresa to interfere with that happiness ever again. Rebecca agrees.

Ethan tells Sam that he and Gwen made love, only it wasn’t Gwen, it was Theresa, that she put on a blond wig and Gwen’s perfume and they made love. Sam says she has done some pretty horrible things, but Ethan tells him she had a reason. He says it is a Theresa reason, but to her it made sense. Sam can’t wait to hear it. Ethan tells him she thought she had miscarried the egg they had implanted, and she thought she had lost her bargaining chip for getting Little Ethan back, so she decided she had to get pregnant again and fool them into believing it was Gwen’s. Sam says that makes no sense, that there are DNA tests to prove who the mother is, but Ethan tells him she doesn’t think like that. Sam asks if the babies were his with Theresa then, but Ethan tells him no, she never lost the original implant, but that when they made love she got pregnant again, so one was his with her and the other was his with Gwen. Ethan says they found that out when they could only save one child and Theresa asked for DNA tests so she could save her own child and let Gwen’s be taken. He explains that he and Eve talked her into leaving it to God and the doctors, so now they don’t know if the baby in NICU is Theresa’s or Gwen’s. Sam asks if Gwen knows this, and Ethan says no, and she won’t. He tells his father that Theresa already signed all rights to the baby away, but now she’s changed her mind and wants to keep it because she’s sure it’s hers. Sam asks if anyone knows who the mother is and Ethan says all he knows is he’s the father and the identity of the mother is a mystery.

Everyone is still looking at the painting about Alistair’s fireplace. Julian asks if he is kidding, if he invited them there to see he’d hung a new picture, then asks who cares? Alistair says he will, once he knows the story behind it. Fox asks if he bought the picture with the money that would have been Fox’s before he was cut out of the will. Alistair says hardly. Chad tells the old man he didn’t cut him out of the business or the will to buy a new painting, he did it because he’s a damn racist, then rushes over to him and grabs him by the shoulder, getting ready to punch him. Julian rushes over and separates them as Fox seems amazed that Alistair cut Chad out, too. Liz whispers to herself that he deserves better than this since he is the only innocent in this room of vipers. Whitney tells Alistair to stop procrastinating, that he said the painting has a story so what is it. Alistair straightens his clothes and says he’s sure his daughter understands, then tells Sheridan to look at it, that it is a mother and child, that the mother obviously loves the child very much, that the painting is full of the love a mother feels for her child. He adds that there is something else there, also, perhaps a broken promise, and tension between the two of them. He asks if she sees it, the pain and secrets, that the artist has represented it very well with his use of the veil to separate the mother from the child.

Pilar turns and appears to be looking at Katherine, then says “Oh, my God, I can’t believe I hadn’t realized it before!” Then she says she knows what he’s going to tell them. (commercial)

Tabitha, still watching, says “You go, Pilar.” The doorbell rings, and the door opens by itself as the two pizzas fly out of a girl’s hands and start floating through the house. The girl follows, saying “Hello, pizza.”as she looks around. The pizzas float into the living room and land on the table in front of Tabitha and Endora. The girl follows, still looking around, then realizes where she is. “Oh, no”, she says, “This is that house…..” and turning, she sees Tabitha and Endora on the sofa. She points and says “With that baby!” Tabitha tells Endora to say “hi” to the nice pizza delivery girl. The girl tell her that her friend used to babysit there and she told her strange things used to happen. Tabitha says “Oh, really”, as she reaches for her purse. The girl goes on, telling her that the friend said toys float and turkeys appear and fly around, that kind of thing. Tabitha laughs and says that’s just child’s play, literally, then asks Endora to do the honors. The baby makes the purse open and the money float over to the girl, who says “Oh, my God!” Tabitha tells her it’s “Oh, my Devil around here”, and the girl takes off running out of the house as the money floats back to Tabitha. “Nothing like free pizza”, she says with a chuckle. Then she turned back to the TV and asks if Pilar has figured out what the secret is. Alistair asks if she’d like to enlighten the others. Pilar looks shaky and Luis asks if she’s all right. She says no, she isn’t, but pulls away from him and goes on. She says Alistair talked about the painting, about a mother’s love for her daughter, and pain, a mother who can’t really be with her child. She asks if he’s talking about her not being able to be with her Paloma. She tells him he enjoyed destroying her family, just like he’s enjoying this, that he is an evil man who plays God or the Devil with their lives. She tells him that Martin may have run off with Mrs. Wheeler but she knows he had something to do with it, just like he did in pushing Chad and Whitney together. She says he’s brought pain to their family and he’s enjoyed every minute of it. Smiling, Alistair says they caused their own pain, but she shoots back that no, they didn’t kill Antonio, he did; they didn’t allow Rebecca to take away their grandson, her home, their jobs, he did. And he bragged about it, just as he is bragging now about tearing Luis and Sheridan apart. Luis tells her not to worry about it, that Alistair’s already tried to keep them apart, but they are still together. Beth says to herself “Maybe, not for long.” Luis goes on to say that the old man has tried to kill them, did kill Antonio, he’s brainwashed Sheridan and had Paloma kidnapped, but that he will see him dead before he ever allows him to hurt any of them again. Then he tells him that the one word that is supposed to tear them apart - bring it on. Alistair tells him to read the Greek tragedies, that such hubris always brings about the destruction of the hero of the story. Luis tells him they will see who is destroyed this time, and Alistair agrees, then tells Pilar her assessment was very good, that he does relish her family’s pain very much, and he is partly responsible for Martin leaving. Pilar is shocked, and says “Oh, my God”. Alistair asks Martin if he’d like to tell his family why he is partially to blame for Martin’s disappearance. (commercial)

The nurse walks into NICU and checks the baby. Theresa asks how she’s doing, and the nurse says there’s an improvement, that whatever she’s been telling her, it’s working. She says there is nothing like a mother’s love, and Theresa agrees as the nurse walks away. She talks to the baby again, telling her that she must really be her mother, that’s why she’s getting better. She tells her she will never let her go.

Ethan asks Sam if he knows what Theresa says. Sam says no, and Ethan tells him Theresa says that deep down he knew he was making love to Theresa, that he may say he thought it was Gwen but he really knew it was her. Sam asks if it’s true, and Ethan tells him he doesn’t know, he doesn’t think so but he doesn’t know. He says the truth will come out at some point, and that Gwen is going to be hurt by the knowledge that he made love to Theresa, and that she will be devastated when she finds out that the baby may be his with Theresa, and not hers. Sam looks over Ethan’s shoulder and sees Rebecca and Ivy walk up. He clears his throat as a warning to his son, as Rebecca and Ivy look upset.

Alistair tells Martin to tell his family how Alistair was partially to blame for him leaving his family, forcing them to struggle along without him all these years. He says for him to tell Pilar how it happened that for all the years she so desperately missed her daughter Paloma he managed to be with her and watch her grow up, all the while enjoying the many talents of Mrs. Wheeler. Martin calls him a bastard, but Alistair asks who the real bastard is, him or the man who left his family. Martin tells him to shut up as he charges him, knocking him onto the sofa and wrestling with him as he tells him he is going to kill him. Julian and Fox jump in and pull Martin off the old man who sits up laughing and remarks on how sweet it is that his son and grandson came to his rescue. Julian tells him it’s gone on long enough, he’s had his fun but now he needs to get on with it. Everyone joins in and says yes, let’s get it over with. He tells them to stop their whining, that he thought they could enjoy some of the enjoyable refreshments before they got down to business. Pilar tells him that nothing he does is enjoyable, and he says very well, I’ll tell you why you’re here, but first I need a drink. Still watching, Tabitha tells Alistair to stop teasing her, hurry up and drink the poisoned cognac. (commercial)

Ethan says hi to Rebecca and his mother, telling them he didn’t see them there. Rebecca says obviously not or he would have given his mother a hug. He smiles and goes to hug Ivy, then asks about Gwen. Rebecca says she’s still asleep, that the doctor just came in to check on her so they decided to come and check on the baby. He asks if Gwen is going to be ok, tho, and she says yes, she’ll be fine. Ivy looks at the baby and says she’s so beautiful, and Sam says she has grandma’s nose, pleasing Ivy. They walk over to the window to get a closer look as Rebecca asks Ethan about the papers, if they’ve been filed yet, and he tells her he’s made some calls, but it’s late and he doesn’t think he’ll hear anything tonight. She tells him the sooner the better. Sam and Ivy walk back to them and Rebecca says she is the prettiest baby on the planet, isn’t she. Sam replies that she certainly is, and Ivy says she’s so small. Rebecca tells her she will grow, and talks about how much fun they will have shopping for her. Then she says she just wishes anyone in the world were in there with her but Terrorcita. The doctor walks by right then and Rebecca asks how Gwen is. He tells her she’s going to be just fine. Rebecca looks strange for a minute, then tells Ethan he’d better go to the room so she won’t wake up alone. He says that’s a good idea, but he has to stay near NICU since one of the calls he’s expecting could get him in there with the baby. Rebecca asks if it would mean he could kick Theresa out, and he says yes. Rebecca is happy about that and tells him by all means, stay there, that she, Ivy and Sam will go to the room with Gwen. Sam tells the women to go, that he is going to stay and keep Ethan company. Ivy says ok, gives him a kiss, and then she and Rebecca head back to the room. Once they are gone, Ethan tells his father that he’s glad Rebecca hadn’t overheard what he said. Sam says that Ethan is right, sooner or later the news will get out, and asks if Ivy knows. Ethan says she does, then says that he never meant to hurt Gwen, that he loves her. Sam says that on some level, he also loves Theresa too, and Ethan says that finding out he slept with Theresa will be hard enough on Gwen, but what if it turns out that Theresa is the mother of his child. Sam tells him he will have a hard decision to make, whether to stay with Gwen or go with Theresa and her baby.

Tabitha finishes with a piece of pizza and, looking at the action on the TV, tells Alistair that every good actor knows not to milk the drama, so he needs to drink the poison and be done with it. In Alistair’s living room, he laughs and Julian asks if he’s gone mad. He says no, but someone in the room will be very mad after all the trouble they went through. Julian asks what he’s talking about and he says that someone in the room has been anxiously awaiting him to drink his cognac and he’s just disappointed them.

Julian asks why anyone would care if he drinks it or not, and Alistair says the person who poisoned it certainly would. Julian is shocked and asks what, and Alistair tells him that someone in the room tried to poison him. Julian asks how he knows and he tells him he has his ways. Sheridan asks why someone would want to murder him, and he says to just call it a grudge. Beth tells him that almost everyone in Harmony has a grudge against him for something he’s done to their family. Fox tells her she’s right, but it would take Sam Bennett something like 20 or 30 years to compile a complete suspect list. Alistair says that’s right, but they can narrow it down considerably for him since it is someone in the room with them. He says he won’t give them the satisfaction of watching him die tonight, that he is going to finish revealing his secret, then throws his glass in the fireplace. He walks over to his cigar box and gets one out, then lights it and takes a puff. He starts telling them that the reason he called them all there tonight is…..and he starts coughing. He excuses himself, takes another puff of his cigar, then starts again, only to start having a coughing fit again. Julian asks if he’s all right as he continues choking, barely able to talk. He looks at his cigar, then says that they poisoned his cigar, too, and he’s going to die, still coughing through it all. (commercial)

Rebecca and Ivy return to Gwen’s room where she is still sleeping in her bed. Rebecca says it makes her blood boil to see Theresa in with her grandchild while Gwen is sedated in this room. Ivy agrees, saying that if anyone but Gwen should be in there with her, it should be Ethan, not Theresa. Rebecca says exactly, then tells her that they haven’t always seen eye to eye on everything, that Ivy had treated her horrible in college and there was another thing, but then she hesitates and says never mind, she has forgiven her for that. She says they do have a common bond now, tho, and that is not letting Theresa hurt their children or their granddaughter. Ivy tells her she’s right, and Rebecca goes on to say that their kids are far too trusting, that everything should have been settled when Theresa signed away all rights to the baby, but somehow Theresa has found a way around that and they can’t let that happen. Ivy says that’s right, and Rebecca asks her to join her in keeping Theresa from causing any more problems for their children and granddaughter.

Ivy says she will, with her dying breath, and they shake hands over the sleeping Gwen.

Ethan is watching Theresa with the baby from outside the door of NICU. She talks to the baby and tells her that her daddy is a little confused now, but that she shouldn’t worry, that pretty soon he will realize he belongs with them, not Gwen and they will live happily ever after. Outside, Ethan turns to his father and asks how he can ask whether he would leave his wife for Theresa. Sam tells him they both know he married Gwen because she was pregnant with his child, that he broke off his engagement to Theresa so he could marry Gwen and now the situation may be reversed, that Theresa may be the mother of his child. Ethan says he married Gwen because he loves her, but Sam tells him that like he already said, he believes Ethan still loves Theresa. He says he’s not judging him, he understands that he’s in love with both of them. Ethan asks if he means in the same way he loves both Ivy and Grace, and Sam tells him that if he had known Ivy was pregnant with his child, he probably would have made her leave Julian and he would have broken it off with Grace. He says they would have had a happy life together, then says it’s not that he didn’t have a happy life with Grace and their kids, that their three kids came out of that love.

Ethan tells him it’s just hard, and Sam asks which woman he loves more. He says he married Gwen, but Sam tells him that’s not an answer, that he wishes he could help him with it but he can’t. He says only Ethan can answer it, and if it turns out that Theresa is the mother of him child he will have to look deep into his heart to decide whether to stay with Gwen or go with Theresa and his child.

As Alistair gasps for air, Tina runs to him as he collapses on the floor by the sofa. She asks if he’s all right, and he says they have poisoned his cigar. She asks him to tell her who poisoned the cigar, but he can only gasp and choke. She is very upset, trying to loosen his collar and she asks him again to tell her who poisoned the cigar so she can make them pay. He continues to gasp for air, then says “the killer…the kill…the killer is…” but can’t get it out. (commercial)

As Rebecca and Ivy shake hands over Gwen’s bed, they swear they will do whatever it takes to thwart Theresa and protect protect Gwen and Ethan and their mutual grandchild. Gwen reaches out and puts her hand on theirs, saying yes, we will, because she won’t let Theresa hurt her again. Ivy adds “Or Ethan”, and Gwen agrees, then says she won’t let Theresa take her baby away from her if that is what she is planning to do. Rebecca laughs and says “That’s my girl!” She goes on to say Theresa won’t stand a chance, that they will destroy her.

Theresa tells the baby that she, the baby, Little Ethan, and Ethan will be a family and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Ethan, still watching from the window, tells his father that no matter what he does it will hurt one of the women he loves irrevocably. He continues to watch Theresa, and she looks up and sees him and their gazes hold.

Tabitha is dancing around the room holding Endora singing Ding Dong Dell, Puss’s in the Well, Who Put Her In……and then laughs. She stops and says maybe they shouldn’t be celebrating since he was Endora’s grandfather. Then she says it’s not like he welcomed her into the family or anything, she doesn’t even know if Endora is in his will, but that it doesn’t matter since she has her mother to love her and that’s enough. She tells her that she does have some of Alistair’s genes floating around in her, and with a mixture of those along with her genes, who knows what a powerful being she will become.

Alistair is still lying on the floor choking, while Tina works to get him to tell her who poisoned him. She yells at the others to call 911, but no one moves. No one offers any help at all and she goes back to asking him who did this to him. He tries to point to the person who did it, but he doesn’t have the strength. She begs someone to do something, asking what kind of monsters they are. Eve walks over to him, kneels down and feels for a pulse, then looks at Julian and shakes her head. Pilar says “My God, he’s dead. Alistair Crane is really dead!”, and everyone else continues to look at him, some with slight smiles on their face.

Preview: Sam to the assembled guests: “Someone in this room will be charged, and if convicted, you

could get the death penalty.”

Theresa, lying on the floor with Ethan over her: “You love me. You always have.”

Gwen, coming on the scene with Rebecca and Ivy: “What’s going on here?”

Tabitha to Endora: “This is an amazingly evil night, Endora.”

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