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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Whitney and Fox enter the Russell house. She tells him she doesnít know how she will tell her father sheís pregnant. Fox tells her not to get upset, that sheís not a teenager, that sheís an adult, itís his child, and they are in a committed relationship. She agrees she is an adult and having a baby isnít the worst thing in the world. Fox agrees, and says they are pregnant together. TC and Liz have come into the room and hear what they have said. He is upset and asks if she is pregnant. Liz tells him not to get crazy, but of course he does. He is upset she is pregnant by a Crane, and damns it all to hell.

In the Book Cafť, Precious waits on the customer while Beth studies the book on poisons. Tabitha tells her the recipe she is reading is a good one, and very good for rats. Beth tells her not all rats have four legs, and she knows a two-legged one sheíd like to get rid of. Alistairís aide walks up and hands Beth and invitation to his party. She tells her to dress formally and donít be late, then leaves. Beth shows the invitation to Tabitha, who wonders why he invited her, but she says who cares, as long as it gets her into the mansion. Tabitha remarks that it will get her access to her two-legged rat, but Beth says no, the Cranes own the cafť and it will give her a chance to butter up the landlord.

She walks away, and Tabitha laughs, then tells Endora that everything is falling into place, and whether by Bethís hand or another, the babyís grandfather, Alistair Crane, will be poisoned tonight.

In the hospital waiting room, Pilar tells Luis and Sheridan she doesnít want to go to Alistairís party, that whatever he has planned canít be good. Luis says he should have been killed a long time ago for everything heís done to them and the town. Pilar says heís evil, then asks God to forgive her before saying the world would be better off with him dead. Luis agrees, then tells a worried looking Sheridan that there is nothing her father can do to stop them from marrying now.

She replies that maybe thatís it, maybe he realizes he canít stop them and the party is to congratulate them. In another part of the hospital, Eve asks Julian if he thinks they should go. He says yes, whatever the old man has planned they need to be there to have a chance to stop him. Eve sighs and says she never knew what hate was until she met Alistair. She tells Julian to think about what he has done to them - he broke them up with lies, stole Chad from them and made him grow up in poverty, without a family. Julian adds that he encouraged Chad to go after Whitney, knowing she was his half-sister. He talks about what a tragedy it would have been had Chad fathered Whitneyís baby, and Eve looks away, guiltily. Julian then talks about what Pilar had said to Luis, that she is one of the most saintly women he knows yet she told her son she believes God would forgive anyone who killed Alistair Crane. Eve asks what he can expect, since Alistair killed her son. She says sheís a doctor and took an oath to do no harm, but after what he has done to them, Whitney and Chad, killing him would be like eradicating some disease. Julian says itís all he can do not to kill him himself. Chad rushes in telling them he just got a letter from Alistair telling him he is fired from Crane Industries, and heís disinherited, also. Julian says he will see about that. Chad reads him another part that says heís black and a bastard and thatís two strikes against him in his book, and he will never let ďyour kindĒ inherit the Crane legacy. Chad calls him a racist pig, and Eve damns him to hell. Julian says he should be put down like some rabid animal.

Alistair, in his office, wrestles Katherine for the letter opener she tried to stab him with. He tells her she couldnít kill him with a gun, and now she comes at him with a letter opener, then asks whatís next, trying to smother him with a fuzzy teddy bear, and laughs. She says she knows what his evil plan is for his party, that she heard about the one word he plans to use to stop them from marrying and asks if that one word is her name. She says she wonít let him tell them who she is, but he tells her she canít stop him from dropping a bomb, not with that puny littleÖ. Martin comes in and grabs him, saying he can stop him, and he will, that he wonít allow him to hurt Luis and Sheridan. Katherine calls his name, asking him to stop. (commercial)

TC asks Whitney if it isnít enough that her mother left him to be with Julian Crane, but now sheís having a baby with his son. He says itís like pouring salt in his wounds. Whitney tries to stop him, but he tells her everything he ever wanted and dreamed about is gone. Liz gives him a drink, telling him to calm down. Fox steps up, saying heís sorry to hear him say that, since he, for one, is over the moon about it. TC says heís sorry too, he guesses for a Crane heís a decent enough guy. He says itís just that everything he wanted is gone, then says Eve is gone, Whitney isnít playing tennis, then he damns Julian. Fox defends his father by telling him that Alistair is the one pulling all the strings, the one that made all the secrets come out when they did, to hurt everyone the most. TC calls him a sick bastard and says he should die. Liz asks what he means, but he just says heís thankful Chad isnít the babyís father. Fox says itís no thanks to Alistair, since heís the one who knew Chadís true identity and pushed him and Whitney together, even giving Chad money to give her the Valentineís Day of her dreams. TC asks Whitney if Alistair encouraged her to have sex with her half-brother. She tells him itís true, and he calls him a sick bastard. He then says his first and only grandchild will be related to that sick bastard, and asks why she didnít use protection. She tells him they used protection before, that they made a mistake. Fox looks quizzical about her remark as she tells her father sheís sorry, and he says he is too. She repeats that sheís sorry, and he whispers ďMy little girl is going to have a baby.Ē

Tabitha tells Precious that she has a tidbit of information for her, that she trusts what she says will be just between the two of them, and the ape nods in agreement. She goes on to say she doesnít want it to get all over town, but that the party Alistair is having tonight will be even more of a humdinger than she had thought it would. She points out Beth across the room and says she is reading a book on poison, saying that is a match made in heaven, and that she is going to kill Alistair so Luis and Sheridan will postpone their wedding. She says that her mother will try to stop her, but that Beth is one determined dame. Across the room, Beth walks over to the table where Edna is feeding Little Martin and the old lady asks her what sheís reading. She reads the title and then remarks that itís about poison. Beth tells her to keep her mouth shut or she will get some poison in her tapioca. Edna looks at the invitation to Alistairís party and then puts two and two together, realizing Beth is going to the party to poison Alistair. She tells her not to do it, that she knows she wants to postpone Luis and Sheridanís wedding but she canít poison Alistair herself. She realizes that is exactly what her daughter is planning.

Eve tells Julian that his fatherís evil has gone on long enough, that Chad deserves part of his fortune. Julian agrees, then Chad mocks the fact that the ďfamily of the yearĒ is going to stick up for him. Julian tries to say something, but Chad cuts him off and says to save it. He tells him that because of his racist father, he had to grow up on the streets, and no one gives you anything out there, you have to fend for yourself and thatís what heís going to do. He tells them that the man pushed him and Whitney to have sex, knowing she was his sister, and asks what kind of sick person does that. He says he would never have fallen for Whitney if he knew they were family. He says the old man took everything he deserved, everything he always wanted, and now he wants to keep his fingers out of the Crane vault. He says let him try, but heís not going to let him get away with this. He walks away in anger. Eve says heís so angry he might do anything.

Julian says itís the Crane temper. She wants to go after him, but Julian tells her to let him go, heís only half Crane, that the good sense he inherited from her will help him calm down before he does anything rash.

Luis tells Sheridan that he doesnít think her father invited them to the mansion to congratulate them on their upcoming wedding, not after he bragged to Julian about being able to break them up with just one word. She agrees, and he tells her to think about how many times heís tried to kill her and heís her own father. She says she knows that no matter how much she wants him to love her, he never will. Pilar tells her itís not her fault, that Alistair is evil and incapable of loving anyone. Luis says thatís right, and she agrees, but says itís hard to accept the fact your own father is evil. Luis tells her he is, and the world would be a much better place without him in it. Sheridan tells him heís right.

Martin tries to kill Alistair with his bare hands, telling him to die, that he knew telling Luis that Katherine is Sheridanís mother would tear them apart. Katherine says they canít allow him to do that, as Martin is choking the life out of him. They struggle until a couple of Alistairís goons come in and separate them. Martin tells him his goons canít stop him, but the old man says they just did. One of the men asks if he wants them to take care of Martin, but he says leave him alone, he wants him at his party tonight. Katherine tells him they need to leave, but he calls back to Alistair that it isnít over yet. The old man tells him not to forget the party, and that itís black tie. After they leave, he says ďFinally, Iíll get my revenge.Ē (commercial)

TC asks whatís next, Simone joins a gang. Liz tells him to congratulate Whitney and Fox, that soon heís going to be a Grandpa. He says sheís right, then asks Whitney to forgive him, that itís not what he wants, but if it makes her happyÖ.Whitney hugs him and says thank you, then tells him they have to go and sheíll see him later. He tells her ok, and she leaves. Liz asks TC if he wants something to eat, but he says no, he just wants to be alone. She decides to go for a walk. He says those damn Cranes have ruined his life, and then damns Alistair, saying Fox was right, it is all his fault. He says the man pushed Whitney into sleeping with her half-brother and played them all like puppets, and he should burn in hell and throws his glass against the wall.

Outside, Fox asks Whitney if sheís ok as she cries. She says yes, she just hates upsetting her father like that. Fox tells her it will all be fine, it will just take a little time, and she calms down. He then tells her that he has a question about something she said to her father. She asks what it is, and he tells her itís the remark she make that they had always used protection before. He reminds her that the only time they didnít use on was the first time, but they had used it every time since, so why did she say before. She looks at him and says ďOh.Ē

Eve talks about all that pain and heartache, and all those lives ruined. She says Whitney and Chad, then says itís all Alistairís doing, and he has to be stopped. Julian agrees, and says he thinks he knows how to do that.

As Sheridan is standing by herself, Katherine walks up to her. The younger woman tells her no, we canít talk, Luis will be upset. Katherine tells her itís about the party, that they simply canít go to it. Sheridan tells her she said that before but she doesnít understand why. Katherine tells her itís a trap and they canít let themselves be caught in it. Luis sees them talking and comes over, asking what the heck, then Pilar says how dare she try to talk to Sheridan again. Martin tries to tell stop Luis by telling him they have to talk, but Luis doesnít want to have anything to do with him and tells him to stay away from him. He asks Sheridan what the woman said to her and asks the woman why she wonít leave Sheridan alone. Katherine tells him they canít go to the mansion tonight. Luis asks what it matters to her whether they go or not? (commercial)

Chad is in the Book Cafť and orders a double cappuccino. The clerk takes his order as Liz walks in and sees him. She asks him if heís ok, and he says heís fine. Then he asks how long he had been a Crane, saying something like ten minutes, and as of today heís out of the family, out of the company, and that racist Alistair isnít leaving him a cent in his will. Liz says itís horrible. Chad tells her it all goes back to Alistair, that heís the one that through him out on the streets in the first place. He asks her if she knows what itís like to live with hookers and junkies, to see people dead on the street from shooting drugs in their arms. Liz is looking at him in horror as she listens. He says thanks, grandpa, for the cushy life, then says when he comes back to Harmony, the old man pushes him into the arms of his own half-sister, Whitney. He damns him to hell. Liz agrees, saying it all does come back to Alistair and that he needs killing.

Eve asks Julian how he can stop Alistair, but he tells her heís keeping it to himself until he knows it will work. He then says itís time to go to that damned party. Eve says they have to go find out what Alistair wants. Julian tells her he will go bring the car around, but she says sheíll meet him there, she has some things to finish. As he leaves, she thinks to herself that there may be a way she can stop the old man.

Katherine tells them that Alistair is evil, thatís the reason he wants them at his party, to hurt them. Pilar tells her sheís the one who hurt them, but Martin begs her to listen, that none of them should go to this party. Luis tells him he canít tell them anything, that he lost that right when he ran out on them. He tells Pilar and Sheridan to go with him to get ready for their big night out. As they leave, Martin tells Katherine they should go. She tells him she failed, that Alistair is going to tell Sheridan sheís her mother and it will ruin her life. He tells her if they canít stop them from going, maybe they can stop Alistair from telling him the secret. She says maybe if she could talk to Luis and Sheridan first, tell them what happened with them before Alistair gets the chance to tell it his way. She tells Martin she wants to go freshen up before they go and she will meet him later, and he agrees, saying heís going to get coffee. They both agree and go their separate ways.

Beth walks into the hospital and sees Sheridan. She says hi, and Sheridan asks what sheís doing there, if something is wrong. Beth tells her she just had to come get her motherís medicine changed, that they had given her laxatives instead of sleeping pills, and you never know at her age, it could kill her. She notices the invitations and tells them she got one too, then asks if they know what itís all about. Luis tells her they have no idea, then tells the women they need to go. Pilar tells him sheís going to go check on the baby and Theresa again, while Sheridan says sheís going to go leave a message for Gwen when she wakes up. Luis says he wants to go to the gift shop, maybe find a nice plant for Theresa. They all go their separate ways.

Alistair walks into his living room and looks at the set up for the party, and at his assistant who is dressed as his hostess. He tells her it looks very good, except for one thing. He tells her to take the mirror over the fireplace to the vault and bring back a specific painting to replace it with.

He tells her now would be a good time to make the phone call they discussed. As she leaves, he says ďTheyíll all come like flies to honey, and tonight Iíll rock Harmony to itís core.Ē (commercial)

TC looks at Alistairís picture in the paper and says heís hurt everyone he loves, and it all stops tonight as he tears it to pieces. He grabs the bottle of booze and walks out through the kitchen. Out front, Whitney apologizes to Fox and tells him she had misspoken, that she hadnít known what she was saying and had meant they had only not used protection the one time. He tells her thatís ok, then asks if she wants to go out. His phone rings at that moment, and he answers it. He gets upset and yells into the phone that the person is to do him a favor and tell him that this isnít over. Before he gets an answer, the person hangs up. Whitney asks whatís wrong, and he tells her that his grandfather just cut him out of his will and that means when he dies, Fox will get nothing. And whatís more, he didnít have the decency to tell him himself, in person, he had someone call him on the phone. Whitney tells him he has to be kidding, and after all the work heís done for him. Fox says heís not kidding, that he thought Alistair would be the one to reinstate him at Crane Industries, that heís a Crane, the only legitimate heir, and that the whole thing is his. He says just when he thought the man couldnít get any lower, he does this. Whitney says heís the devil and reminds him of all his grandfather had done to her family with his sick lies. Fox says thatís true, and if he had his way, sheíd be pregnant with Chadís child right now. She looks a little guilty at that, but he doesnít notice. He tells her he knows they had plans, but he has something he has to do, and then he is going to the mansion to get the rest of his stuff. She says thatís fine because she has something to do, also, and then she will meet him at the mansion and help him move his stuff out. They agree to meet later and go their separate ways. As he walks away, Fox says heís had enough, it ends tonight, and Whitney says thanks to Alistair she is having her half-brotherís baby, and that old man has to pay.

Alistair looks at the painting as itís being hung and tells the man it needs to be a little lower on the left side. His aide is standing there and asks out of his whole collection, why did he choose to hang that one. She says itís creepy. He tells her she will see, and that he commissioned it after his wife died, telling her thatís why the mother has a veil on, separating her from her baby. He laughs and takes her to taste salmon from the Queenís estate at Balmoral. As they pass his computer, the screen shows those who are coming to the party.

Tabitha walks into her home, and passing her seeing bowl, tells Endora to turn it on and pass it to the boob tube, which the infant does. Then they sit on the sofa and see the same thing that is on Alistairís monitor. Tabitha tells her daughter that they are a murderous lot if sheís ever seen one. The screen changes to show Whitney, Fox, Liz, and TC. She tells her daughter that these are the rest of the pack. She then tells her baby she just realized this is her very first murder and tells her to remind her to write it all in her baby book. She explains about the family business, saying they sow a little pain, and little heartache, and a lot of guilt, and one day they burst into flower. She goes on to tell her that one of these solid citizens is going to pay her grandfather back for his deliciously evil ways, and the mystery begins. What a surprise it will be for Alistair, she says, and if you add a little of what is in the bottle they watch someone take from the medicine room at the hospital and put it in Alistairís drink, it is the recipe for murder. (commercial)

The aide hands Alistair his drink, and he thanks her. The doorbell rings and she says sheíll get it, but he tells her he will go to because he wants each of his guests to feel the warmth of his greeting when they arrive. He sniffs his whiskey, then takes a drink and sets it on the table as he is being watched from outside the glass doors. As Alistair and Tina leave the room, the watcher enters through the glass doors and pours poison into his glass that he had set down on his desk. Then the person leaves the way he/she had come in. At the front door, Alistair and Tina find no one. She says she was sure she heard the doorbell, but Alistair suggests maybe it was just Little Ethan playing games. They turn to go back into the den and Julian walks in the front door. He says hello to his father, then asks what fresh hell he has planned for the evening. Alistair welcomes him to the festivities, then says he didnít know he was home. Julian tells him he took a turn around the grounds.

Eve walks in and Julian greets her, saying he hadnít heard her drive up. She tells him she parked outside the grounds. Alistair calls her the lovely Dr. Russell, then tells her to make herself at home. Then he says he forgot, she already has, and Julian tells him itís his home, and Eve will soon be his wife. Luis walks in then, and Alistair greets him, saying how nice it is of him to have come. Luis asks what this is all about, and Alistair tells him to have patience. He then says there is free food and drinks in the other room and a shirker like him should appreciate that. Luis tells him to go to hell, but Julian tells him not now, then asks where his sister is. Luis tells him she took his mother down to the cottage to lend her a shawl. Sheridan walks in, and Alistair tells her she looks lovely. Luis asks where his mother is and Sheridan tells him she forgot her purse in the car and went to get it. Pilar walks in and Sheridan says ďOh, here she is.Ē Alistair tells Pilar she must be thrilled to have her husband home again, and Luis tells him to shut his mouth. Pilar tells her son to leave him alone, that they will find out soon enough what he has to say and then they can leave the party. Beth walks in, thanks the maid who takes her shawl and thanks Mr. Crane for the invitation. He says of course, and tells her she looks positively delectable. He then asks Tina to show everyone in, which she does, and then she tells them to help themselves to the buffet. Sheridan looks at the painting over the fireplace and says she doesnít remember seeing it there before, but it is compelling. Luis tells her they are not here for the art, but she asks why he would put it up there tonight. Luis asks who cares, that he has thousands of paintings. Sheridan tells him that Alistair never does anything without a reason. Katherine enters, and Alistair says ďAh, Mrs. Wheeler, the guest of honor. What a lovely frock.Ē She tells him that whatever his plans are, she has her own and he wonít succeed. Alistair mocks her, saying ďIf at first you donít succeedÖĒ Martin comes in and tells him to stay away from his wife, calling him a bastard. Alistair sounds shocked as he says ďYour wife?Ē, then asks since when have they had benefit of clergy. Then he says maybe Martin is talking about Pilar, sheís in the other room. Katherine tells him to leave Sheridan alone, and Martin adds the same goes for Luis, telling him if he hurts themÖ.. Alistair jumps in and stops him, telling him not to make empty threats. Martin assures him he doesnít make empty threats, but Alistair tells them itís a party, they are his guests, and to raise a glass, then turns and walks back into the other room. They follow, and Katherine sees the portrait, pointing it out to Martin, telling him she is the mother in the painting and Alistair is using it as a prop in his plan to reveal to Sheridan who Mrs. Wheeler is. Alistair hears her and tells her not to get ahead of herself and to enjoy herself while she can. She asks him how she can enjoy herself when heís about to destroy her daughterís life. He walks to the center of the room and tells them all welcome to his party, that it will be a night none of them will ever forget. (commercial)

At the Book Cafť, Edna takes all the coins out of a jar that is on the counter, then tells Precious her shift is over and they are leaving.

She then tells her a secret, that Beth is going over to the Crane mansion to kill Alistair, and once sheís caught, all her secrets will be exposed. She laughs at that. Mrs. Wallace goes on to say there is a bright side to it, that Beth might get the electric chair, and Little Marty could be with his real family, with his real mommy, Sheridan, and all Bethís secrets would be buried forever and then Luis and Sheridan and Marty would get to be family again. Precious is upset at that, but Edna tells her to get over it, she knows she has the hots for Luis, but sheís not the only one and just needs to get over it.

Tabitha is watching this on her TV and laughs about the old woman also wanting Alistair dead. She laughs and tells Endora to just wait until the world finds out who poisoned Alistair, and little Endora laughs with her. Tabitha then tells her to change channels for her, then helps the baby by picking up her little hand and waving it.

Alistair again tells everyone heís glad they all decided to accept his invitations, and Julian tells him just to get on with it. Alistair wonders if he will ever learn patience. Katherine tells Martin that the old man is going to expose her as Sheridanís mother and it will destroy her relationship with Luis. Alistair says for them to let him tell them why he asked them all there tonight. At that moment, TC comes staggering in with two men holding on to him. Liz is with him. TC says for the men to take their hands off of him, then says that Alistair has ruined his life. The men say they found these people wandering on the estate and ask if they should call the police. Luis goes over to TC and tells him to calm down, then asks what heís doing and says to calm down again. Liz asks everyone to forgive him, heís been drinking, and Alistair says so he sees. TC damns Alistair, calling him a bastard, and telling him he played them all like puppets, wrecked their lives. Luis tells him heís not helping, and Chad runs in, asking what all the noise is. Whitney comes behind him, and calls to her father. Fox is with them also. Liz tells TC to calm down, but he says he wants to see Alistair dead. Luis tells him to stop it and sit down. Alistair tells them to let him go, heís no threat to him He looks at the new comers and says he didnít know heíd invited the Hoy Paloy. Fox says he didnít know he had to be invited to his own house, and Chad agrees, reminding him heís his grandson. Alistair tells them that what he has to say affects them all so they might as well stay, then tells everyone to join him in a drink. He picks up his glass off the desk where he had left it and turns to see no one else has a glass. He asks why none of them are drinking with him, and tells them come on, donít make him drink alone. Luis tells him to cut to the chase, then asks why they are all there. Alistair tells him once heís tasted a bit of his fine liquor, heíll gladly tell them all the reason they are there, although he figures some of them have their suspicions as to why. Sheridan tells him to stop teasing them and tell them what they are there for. He smells his glass, grunting with pleasure, then names the liquor in his glass, saying when it was bottled, and that one sip is to die for.

He then lifts the glass toward his lips, over and over, as everyone in the room watches, seemingly with bated breath, for him to sip it.

Previews: Theresa to the baby: ďI am your mother, and you are my little girl, and Iím never going to let you go, no matter what.Ē

Sam to Ethan: ďSo will you stay with Gwen, or will you choose to stay with Theresa and your baby?Ē

Alistair, as Tina supports his head and tries to listen: ďThe killer isÖÖugh!Ē

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