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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

In NICU, Eve asks Theresa to give the baby back to Gwen. She tells her the baby is hers and she won’t give her up. Dr. Carlisle walks in and Eve introduces the two women. Dr. Carlisle tells Theresa she’s never seen a woman so attentive to another woman’s baby. Eve tells Theresa that the doctor needs to examine the baby and then she and Theresa leave the room. Pilar is outside the room and greets her daughter, telling her she needs to stop mothering the baby because she doesn’t even know if she really is hers. Theresa tells her she is sure, that she feels it in her heart. A nurse comes in and hands Eve a file, which she starts looking through. Theresa watches her, then asks what it is. Eve asks if she’s sure the baby is hers, and Theresa says she is, then Eve asks what if the information in that file says she’s wrong.

Rebecca watches Ethan as he leans over the hospital bed to kiss Gwen’s head as she sleeps. She asks for an answer to why Theresa thinks she has any rights to the child. Sam and Ivy walk in before he can say anything and ask about the baby, then ask what’s wrong with Gwen. Rebecca tells them that Gwen had to be sedated because Theresa is in with the baby. Sam asks why, since Gwen is the mother and Theresa is only the surrogate. Rebecca snorts and says that’s a good question, and it’s exactly what she was just asking Ethan. She then asks him again to answer the question.

In the Book Café, Jessica is on the phone talking about Mark while Precious snoops through the products she has with her. Jessica hangs up the phone and tells Precious she’s sorry, but those are just for humans, although there is a hair minimizing treatment that would do wonders for her. She packs her bag and leaves, and Beth, still working at the computer to find out about Mrs. Wheeler, tells her not to get to comfy since she’s only on a break. Edna comes in from a trip to the restroom, talking about how the coffee goes right through her, then asks if Beth is surfing the net to find a man she can hook. Beth says that Alistair all but told her that Mrs. Wheeler is the key to tearing Luis and Sheridan apart and she’s trying to find a clue as to why. Edna chuckles and tells her daughter that she is as clueless in cyberspace as she is in 3-D, saying that if Alistair won’t tell her about Mrs. Wheeler, he has a good reason. Beth tells her she knows that, but she’s tired of waiting to be with Marty’s father, so if he won’t help her, then she’ll just have to help herself. Edna calls on the angels to help them all. Tabitha and Endora come in and say “Hi” to them, including Precious, who waves at her.

She tells Edna she’s sorry she couldn’t join them for Thanksgiving, and the old lady tells her she wasn’t invited while giving Beth a harsh look.

Tabitha asks Beth why she’s searching for information about Mrs. Wheeler.

Alistair’s assistant walks into the waiting room where Martin and Katherine are sitting and hands him their invitations to Alistair’s party. Martin tells her she has to be kidding, but she simply tells him formal attire is requested, then walks away. Katherine asks Martin what Alistair could be up to.

In the hallway, Alistair meets up with his assistant and asks if she’s delivered the invitations. She says yes, there are only three left and she’s not sure they will accept. He tells her of course they will, that all his invited guests will be there one way or the other and after he reveals his secret, the lives of his son and daughter and all the Lopez-Fitzgerald family will be destroyed. The woman smiles as they both walk away.

Julian, Luis, and Sheridan are still out on the hospital patio looking at their invitations. Julian says that Alistair told him he had one word that would break them up forever. Luis says he has a word for Alistair, that he and Sheridan are getting married and there’s no way he can stop them.

Julian warns him not to count on that because Alistair always has some kind of fresh hell to be released. Alistair speaks up behind them saying yes, and tonight’s party promises to be one hell of a good time, at least for him. He tells them to make sure they are all there as it’s literally a matter of life or death. (commercial)

Rebecca tells Ethan they are waiting and want to know why Theresa thinks she has any rights to the baby. He looks hesitant, and remembers telling his mother that the baby could be his with Theresa. He tells them that Theresa carried the baby from conception and couldn’t help but have bonded with it. Ivy says that sounds plausible, but Rebecca says it does not, that Theresa is a manipulative bitch. Sam says that doesn’t explain why Theresa is with the baby instead of Gwen. Ivy asks about Theresa signing over all rights to the baby in exchange for Little Ethan, and Ethan says she did that, but with the baby coming so soon, they hadn’t had a chance to get the papers giving them custody to the court. He says he even called a judge tonight but couldn’t get anyone to take the matter up until tomorrow. Rebecca asks what good it is to have judges on the take if they can’t get one to help when they need them. She is upset that it will take until tomorrow to get it all rectified and have Gwen declared the baby’s real mother. Ethan says that for right now Theresa is considered the baby’s mother and has every right to be in there with her. Sam asks if that holds even though Gwen is the biological mother, and Ethan looks at Ivy. Rebecca says it’s outrageous that her Gwenie is in this bed, knocked out, while Theresa is with her baby. Gwen whispers Theresa’s name.

Theresa asks Eve if they have proof that she isn’t the baby’s mother, and Eve tells her blood tests were taken. Theresa says then that means the baby isn’t hers, and Pilar tells her that’s what Eve had said. Theresa walks over to the window and watches as the Dr. is examining the baby, then says that she had been so sure she was hers. Pilar walks over to her and tells her the connection she was feeling was hormonal, biological, nothing more. She tells her that now she knows the truth, she has to let Gwen have the baby. Theresa agrees, saying if she’s not hers, she loses her and Ethan. She says the baby taken in the procedure must have been her son.

Edna tells Beth to tell Tabitha why she is so “ga-ga” over Mrs. Wheeler. Beth thinks, then says it’s because of Marty, that since his grandfather, Martin, is involved with her, she wanted to know all she can about her for his sake. Tabitha tells her she does know, then takes Endora over to meet Precious. She introduces the two of them, then asks Precious what the real reason is that Beth wants to know all about Mrs. Wheeler. Precious tells her, and then Tabitha asks her if she’d like to know who Mrs. Wheeler really is. Precious nods her head, and Tabitha whispers in her ear, then laughs at the orangutan’s reaction, saying that yes, she is the late Katherine Crane, and at Alistair’s party, her secret will be revealed and it will throw all of Harmony into discord.

Luis asks Alistair why he’s up to, if he’s planning on getting all the people who hate him into his mansion so he can kill them all at once. Alistair laughs and says for Luis not to be silly, he couldn’t possibly get all his enemies into the mansion at one time. Sheridan asks what the party is for, then, and he tells her she will find out once she’s there. Julian warns his father, but Alistair scoffs and tells him his bravado is anemic at best, and next to a red-blooded man like Luis it’s patently absurd. Luis tells him that Julian has changed, he’s not afraid of him anymore, and neither are he and Sheridan. Alistair simply tells them he will see them all there tonight. Luis asks what if they don’t show up, but the old man simply says “Oh, you’ll be there.” Luis then asks if the party is about the “one word” that he was bragging to Julian about, the “one word “ that can tear him and Sheridan apart forever. Alistair tells him to just show up, all will be revealed at the party, then says he’ll see them there and reaches toward Sheridan, starting to say “My dear.” Luis stops his hand, pushing it away from Sheridan, and tells him not to count on it, but Alistair says he is, if nothing else he’d be a fool to pass up free food and drink, especially since he nor anyone else in his family has worked in a while.

Luis says “Thanks to you”, and Alistair retorts that no thanks are necessary, it was his pleasure. The three watch the old man as he walks out, then Luis reacts, saying “Damn him!” Julian tells them that they might think they know what Alistair is capable of, but as he told them when they asked him for help with Antonio’s death certificate, they have no idea the lengths to which he will go to stop them. Sheridan says he’s already tried bombs, snakes, bribery and brainwashing, so what’s left. Julian tells her that if there’s one word for whatever he has planned at his party, it’s bound to be horrific - for everyone involved. (commercial)

Gwen calls Theresa’s name again. Rebecca gets more upset and asks who Theresa thinks she is, being around a baby that isn’t even hers. She goes on to say she’s like a Sleazy-Bake oven with a broken off button, then pulls Ethan out of the way so she can be beside Gwen. She sits on a chair, then says Ethan and Gwen should be with the baby, not Theresa, that her ties to the baby were cut along with the umbilical cord. Ivy tells Ethan that seeing as how Theresa is acting like the baby is hers, maybe he should file the necessary papers tonight so that she can legally be kept away from the baby that would then be legally his and Gwen’s. He says maybe he can try calling the courthouse again, and Rebecca says they should call in the SWAT team to take Theresa out. An exasperated Ethan tells her his Dad isn’t going to call in the SWAT team. Ivy whispers to Sam that maybe they can just have them on standby, and when he says her name, she retorts that she can dream. Gwen says Theresa’s name again, and Ethan says he’s so sorry this happened. Ivy tells him he’s not to blame, Theresa is. He says he will call the courthouse again, that maybe he can find a way around these roadblocks so when Gwen wakes up she can be with her baby. He walks out, and Sam looks after him, silently asking what burden he is carrying.

Theresa turns away from the window and asks Eve if the blood test was conclusive, the baby isn’t hers. Eve tells her there is no blood test and she has no idea whether the baby is hers or not. Theresa is stunned, and asks if Eve lied to her. Eve says she didn’t, that she had asked what Theresa would have done if there had been one showing Gwen is the mother. Pilar tells her daughter that is true. Theresa gets upset, saying she doesn’t have time for the games, that her baby needs her. Eve tells her she was trying to show Theresa that she is not as sure as she thinks she is that the baby is hers. She says it’s just as possible that the baby is Gwen’s. Theresa tells her she tricked her, but Pilar speaks up and says no, she convinced herself the baby is hers because of the insane notion she has that Ethan will leave Gwen for her if the baby is hers. Eve tells her that she is going to drive Gwen insane if she takes the baby from her. She shoots back that she and Rebecca took her child and they didn’t care about her pain, or that her family suffered because of her. Pilar tells her they know, but that they promised to give Little Ethan back to her in exchange for the baby and she even signed papers saying that. Theresa tells her she will find a way around the papers, that there is a fifty percent chance that little girl in there is hers and she’s going to keep her. The Dr. comes out and says she’s finished with her examination. They ask how she is, and the Dr. says critical, but stable, and the next 48 hours will be crucial. Theresa excuses herself and goes into the room with the baby. Dr. Carlisle says she senses tension and asks if everything is all right. Eve and Pilar tell her it’s just the situation. The Dr. says she will continue to monitor the baby and contact Eve if the situation warrants. She leaves as Alistair’s assistant walks in and gives the two of them their invitations. She tells them about the party and says to dress formally. Pilar says she doesn’t’ believe it, and the woman tells her to believe it, and don’t be late, then tells Eve that goes for her, too. She walks out as Eve looks stunned, then asks Pilar if the woman had just threatened them to go to the party. Pilar tells her it’s Alistair’s way, he never takes no for an answer. Eve wonders who else has been invited. In the waiting room, Katherine sees Julian, Luis, and Sheridan walk in holding their invitations. She tells Martin they have invitations, too, and he tells them he sees they were paid a visit by Alistair’s aide, too. Julian says yes, they were invited to the party, and Martin asks them if they know what the party is about. Luis tells him they aren’t going to a party with them, that Thanksgiving had been quite enough, and they keep walking. Julian hangs back, looks at the Wheelers, and says he will see them there. Martin tells Katherine that now they know the old man invited both her children and Luis, and she wonders why. They hear Luis talking to Julian about the one word he can say that will tear them apart and realize that the one word is her name, that Alistair is going to tell them who she is, that she’s alive. Katherine says he is right, he can destroy them with that one word. (commercial)

Beth is still at the computer, but finding nothing. Edna tells her that she won’t unless Alistair wants her too, which he doesn’t. She asks Marty if he can say loser, because that’s what his fake mommy is, then tells him she’s a doozy of a floozy of a looser, then laughs. Beth tells her to shut up, then asks if she wants a lap full of hot coffee. Edna laughs and asks what’s one more stain. She sees Tabitha talking to Precious and tries to get Beth to look. She tells her mom to switch to decaf, but then says she knows Tabitha is a little weird and that she had live turkeys roaming around her house at Thanksgiving. Edna laughs at the thought, then tells her she remembers when she was a little girl that Tabitha looked exactly the same as she does now, that she hasn’t aged a bit. Beth tells her she doesn’t believe it, but Edna says it’s true. Beth tells her she means she doesn’t believe her mother was ever a little girl. Edna goes on to say Tabitha must have a great plastic surgeon, and that maybe she should get nipped and tucked so she can start dating again. Beth says she should be drawn and quartered. She becomes even more frustrated by the fact she can find nothing on Mrs. Wheeler, then says she could just kill Alistair for having the information she needs to break Sheridan and Luis up but not sharing it with her. She gets an idea, saying she knows how to keep them apart, then thinks to herself that she will kill Alistair.

Eve and Pilar walk into the waiting room to see the others have the same invitations. Julian tells them he thinks it’s best if they all go voluntarily, being forced to go could be quite uncomfortable. Pilar asks why tonight, that Theresa had just had the baby, but Luis tells her Alistair doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Sheridan asks about the baby, and Eve tells her she’s in stable condition and hopes that in 48 hours they’ll know more. Luis asks about Theresa and is told that she is well enough to be in with the baby. Sheridan asks why she’s in there instead of Gwen, and Eve tells her it’s complicated. She tells them that until the papers are filed with the court naming Ethan and Gwen as the baby’s parents, Theresa is presumed to be the baby’s mother and has the legal right to be with her. Sheridan says Gwen must be a wreck, not being able to be with her own daughter, and Eve tells her she was, that she had to sedate her. Sheridan says she’ll go see her when she wakes up, but Eve tells her it’s best to wait until tomorrow, until after they’d answered her father’s summons. Pilar says she doesn’t have a good feeling about the party at all, and Julian tells her she shouldn’t because he is doubtless up to no good.

Eve says that she thinks Alistair would be very hard pressed to top not telling them Chad is their son, and tells them that he actually gave Chad money to take Whitney on a date, asking how sick was that. Pilar says they all hate Alistair for something but wonders why he’s having this party. Julian tells her he wants to split Luis and Sheridan up for good, and Pilar is upset at that. Luis tells her to calm down, he can’t do anything to them. She tells him to never say never, not when it comes to Alistair. She reminds him that he let Rebecca take away Little Ethan, their home, their jobs, and Miguel left town to find work and search for Charity, and it was so soon after Antonio’s death. Luis says Alistair killed Antonio and tried to kill him and Sheridan, and kidnapped Paloma. He says he could kill him for all he has done to them. Pilar says she could kill him, too, and Eve says they all could. Luis tells them not to forget that he has tried to crush all of them but hasn’t succeeded and tonight won’t be any different, that he won’t be able to do anything to any of them and he and Sheridan are going to be married. Pilar is happy they are getting married, and Luis explains that Julian is helping them get Antonio declared legally dead so they can marry sooner. Sheridan explains they mean no disrespect to Antonio but they just love each other so much. Pilar says she understands, that she’s waited 20 years without doing anything about her marriage and lived to regret it. She thanks Julian for making it easier for Luis and Sheridan, and he says it’s his pleasure. She goes on to say it will be wonderful to celebrate their wedding. Katherine hears all this and says that is why Alistair will destroy her secret, because if Luis marries Sheridan he will have access to all the Crane secrets and he can and will destroy the empire Alistair has built up. She says that’s worse than having the truth known about his wife running out on him. She says he can destroy the two of them by saying her name. In his office, Alistair is watching them on his computer screen and says she is right, he will destroy all their lives. (commercial)

Rebecca is stroking Gwen’s hair as she sleeps and tells the others that she has finally slipped into a long, hard sleep. She then wishes that Theresa would fall into a long, deep dirt nap. Ivy says she wouldn’t be surprised if Theresa tried to keep the baby away from Gwen, and Rebecca says she’d be surprised if she didn’t. She says that fortunately, she signed away all of her rights to this child, but then asks what court in it’s right mind would take a child away from it’s biological mother. Ivy looks worried about that and thinks to herself that the baby could be Theresa’s own child. Sam says he’s going to check on Ethan and see if being the police chief can help speed things along at the courthouse. He leaves the room, then says whatever is bothering Ethan, he hopes he can help. Outside the window of the NICU, Ethan watches Theresa with the baby. He says to himself “Theresa, are you the mother of my baby?”

Pilar is hugging Sheridan and tells her and Luis that she is so happy for both of them. Eve tells her they all are, and then asks what they think Alistair will do at the party to try to break them up. Sheridan tells her that he told Julian he could do it with one word, but Luis tells her not to worry about it, there’s nothing he can do to them now. Pilar tells them that if she hadn’t gotten sick, they wouldn’t have to worry about it, that Luis had the evidence to take Alistair down at the Founder’s Day Dance, and he had to trade it back to Alistair for the medicine that cured her. Luis says that’s right, and he’d do it again, but that one day Alistair is going to slip and on that day, he will kill him. Pilar says she doesn’t think heaven would consider his killing a sin, that the world would be a better place with him dead. Julian says that despite her faults, Mrs. Wheeler did try to kill him, and that maybe the next person who tries will succeed. They all look pensive at that thought, as if they are all wanting to be the one that succeeds. Katherine tells Martin that once the old man announces she’s alive, everything will go down as he has said, that if Sheridan knows why she left Harmony, and forgives her, Luis will hate her for it. Luis couldn’t marry Sheridan knowing that her mother ran off with their father knowing it would destroy them. And Alistair will have driven a wedge between them and kept them from being together and happy. She says they have to do something, but Martin asks what they can do short of killing him before he has a chance to say anything. Katherine jumps up before Martin can stop her and runs over to Sheridan, telling her that now Alistair knows she is planning to marry Luis, she can’t go to the party tonight, that she has to leave Harmony tonight and never come back. (commercial)

Tabitha tells Precious she should complain to her union, that she is a highly-paid care giver and Beth has no right to expect her to wait on tables while she is plotting mayhem. She says speaking of that, the wild-eyed look on her face tells Tabitha that she has come up with something to snag Luis. Precious has a fit, and Tabitha tells her she knows she wants Luis, but her advice is to be patient, that anything is possible in this town. Edna is doing facial exercises as Beth plots. Beth says if Alistair dies, Luis and Sheridan’s wedding would be postponed for the funeral and mourning period, but Edna tells her that won’t happen because Sheridan knows her father for the monster he is and she doubts that Sheridan would mourn him, let alone show up at his funeral. Beth says she would show up just to make sure the old man is dead. Edna thinks about that one, then says some families are so dysfunctional. Tabitha, listening to them, says to herself that she should know. Edna asks Beth if she will come to her funeral, and Beth says of course, she can’t wait to dance on her grave, but first Alistair Crane has to die. Tabitha, still listening, tells Endora that Beth wants her grandfather dead.

Katherine begs Sheridan to take Luis and leave town tonight and not go to Alistair’s party. Luis tells her to take her hands off Sheridan, then Martin tells him he needs to listen, calling him son. Luis tells him not to call him that, and not to tell him what to do. Katherine tells Sheridan again not to go, but Pilar tells her to shut up and calls her a home wrecking whore. She says that Paloma tells her that Katherine has been like a mother to her in Mexico, but Pilar has been like a mother to Sheridan since her mother died, so stop telling her what to do. Luis says yes, then tells both of them to get lost. Martin and Katherine walk away, and Martin tells her that if they won’t leave, then the two of them have go to the party and come up with a way to stop Alistair from destroying their love. Katherine says even if they have to kill him themselves. Julian tells the others that perhaps Mrs. Wheeler has something worthwhile to say about Alistair since she clearly hates him as much as they do. Luis asks who cares, then says he wishes she were dead along with Martin and Alistair. Martin tells Katherine she’s right, they will have to be at the party to stop Alistair if Luis and Sheridan won’t leave town. He says that killing him might not be an option, though, since he doesn’t even have to be in the mansion himself to tell everyone his secret. He can do it over a video feed from somewhere else. She says they need a backup plan. Martin tells her they need to defend her in case he announces who she is, and she talks about the paperwork verifying the abuse and other things. He says they are over at the B&B and they need to be ready to use them tonight, if she is exposed. Katherine realizes that doing that might increase the chance of Sheridan forgiving her, and Luis hating her for that, and say it could turn a bad situation worse. He says that’s true, unless they can get the family to see they left town to protect them all from Alistair, and she says that might help Luis forgive Sheridan, and he hopes it might help his family forgive him, too. He tells her he’s going to go get their things from the B&B, telling her to stay there and keep her eye on things until he gets back. He leaves, and Katherine looks at the others to see Pilar giving her a dirty look. Katherine wonders if they will forgive them even if they see the proof of Alistair’s abuse. She asks Martin to forgive her, saying she can’t wait any longer, and she has to go see Alistair now. She says she’ll find a way to stop him from ruining Luis and Sheridan’s lives one way or another. (commercial)

Theresa tells the baby she doesn’t care what Eve says, she knows she’s her daughter. The nurse comes over and tells her to keep talking to her, that studies show it helps preemies do better. Theresa asks what she should say, and the nurse tells her if she’s the baby’s mother, her heart will tell her what to say. Ethan is still watching, and asks if she’s his baby’s mother or if Gwen is. He says he wishes he knew for sure, but the only thing he knows for sure is he’s the baby’s father. Sam walks up behind him and asks what he just said.

Edna is putting whatever she can find in her purse and trying to keep Precious from eating it. Tabitha is reading a book called the Poison Primer. Beth asks if she’d like some coffee, startling her. Beth says she is pretty engrossed in the book, asking what it’s about. Tabitha tells her, and Beth wonders what a book like that is doing there. Tabitha says she doesn’t know, but it’s very informative, then tells her that Fluffy is getting on in years and isn’t the mouser she once was, so she is having to get rid of the mice herself with poison. Beth says she knows a two-legged pest that should be killed, and Tabitha tells her that the book is what she needs, then says to herself that Alistair had better watch out.

Luis gives Pilar and Sheridan some coffee. Julian sits on the sofa beside Eve and wonders where Martin and Mrs. Wheeler went to. Eve says she hadn’t even seen them leave, and Julian tells her that had they stayed, it would be a veritable witness waiting room, waiting to testify against Alistair for his crimes. Eve agrees, saying the old man had hurt each and every one of them. Julian tells her he has no idea what he could have done to Mrs. Wheeler, but it was enough for her to try to kill him. Eve says Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan all suffered at his hands, and Julian says she has, too, that he had kidnapped their son at birth, then helped Chad wine and dine her daughter, knowing it was an incestuous relationship, and that God knows he forced Julian to be an accomplice to so many of his evil deeds that he is haunted by all of them. Eve says he’s caused so much pain for so many people, and Julian said if he were to be murdered, they would all be suspects. Eve says he’s right, there are many people who want to kill him. Alistair, listening in on his laptop, agrees that everyone wants to kill him, but asks who among them has the courage to look him in the eye and kill him. Katherine says she does, and comes at him with a letter opener, telling he’s going to be late for his party, as in the late Alistair Crane.

Previews: TC to Whitney: “What? Whitney, you’re pregnant by a Crane? Damn it! Damn it all to Hell!”

Alistair to Katherine, laughing until she tries to slap him, then grabbing her: “Oh, damn you!”

Tabitha to Endora: “I just realized this is your very first murder!” Endora laughs.

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