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Passions Update Tuesday 12/7/04
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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Pilar and Katherine are still in the hospital waiting room as Pilar tells Katherine all the things that went wrong after she left with Martin. Katherine talks about how she wishes she had stayed with her own children, and Pilar wants to know who her children are. Katherine tells her she can’t tell her. Pilar asks if she was married before she left with Martin, if she abandoned her husband as Martin had abandoned Pilar when they left town.

In his office, Julian asks Alistair if he hasn’t done enough already to cause pain for Sheridan, but he old man says he’s not even begun to make his presence felt in her life. Julian tells him he is really sorry he ever let himself get involved in Alistair’s evil schemes against his sister, and the old man jeers at him to confess to Father Lonigan. He asks why his father won’t just leave Sheridan alone to be happy with Luis. Alistair says there are so many reasons, and Julian has heard many of them, and the gist of the matter is, it’s just not in his nature. Julian reminds him that Sheridan is his own daughter, but the old man replies that Julian is his son, unfortunately, then asks what about it. He then says that Sheridan and Luis will never find the happiness they want, let alone get married. He says that one word from him at his party tonight and their relationship will be over. Just one word, he repeats.

Luis and Sheridan are still having their picnic on the hospital patio. He asks her if she trusts him and she answers that she does. He tells her then she shouldn’t worry about her father and just get on with their life. She tells him that maybe Mrs. Wheeler was right, which upsets him since he doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. Sheridan tells him maybe she shouldn’t keep bringing the woman up, but maybe they should leave tonight and get as far away as possible, wait to hear from Julian telling them Antonio has been declared legally dead, then get married and come back to Harmony. She says that way there will be nothing anyone can do about it since they will be legally married. She begs Luis to leave with her tonight.

In the hospital, Gwen yells at Eve, asking how she can give Theresa permission to go in to see the baby when it isn’t her child. She says she is her mother, and Eve apologizes but can’t do anything about it. Theresa says they are wasting time, that her baby needs her. Gwen yells at her that she is not the mother, Gwen is, that Theresa was the surrogate and doesn’t have a biological connection to “that little girl.” Theresa yells back that she just gave birth to her, carried her in her stomach for months, and just went through labor having her. Gwen tells her so what, she is her mother and should be in there with her right now. Theresa says there are things she doesn’t know, and Ethan steps in quickly to shut her up, saying it’s gone on long enough and needs to stop right now.

Gwen asks Theresa what she was just going to say. Theresa catches herself and calms down a little, telling Gwen that she was going to say that she was the one who had to make the terrible choice to save one baby or let them both die, and that‘s why this baby is alive. Gwen says someone has to stop this nightmare right away because she can’t even believe this is happening. Theresa asks her if it’s true that she loves that little girl, and Gwen yells of course she does, she’s her daughter, but Theresa reminds her that the baby was inside her for several months, that it’s her voice she knows and it’s her smell she remembers. Gwen tells Ethan he needs to do something, but he tells her he doesn’t know what to do. Gwen goes ballistic, yelling at him that he knows how Theresa got pregnant, that she kidnapped their surrogate and tricked the doctor into implanting her with their embryo, then asks how it’s possible for her to have rights now. Eve tells her again that until she sees a court order naming Ethan and Gwen as the parents, Theresa is the legal parent and has the rights of a parent. Gwen yells that the child is hers and she needs to be in there with her now. Theresa reminds her of what Eve just said and tells her that until she can get a court order proving otherwise, that little girl in there is hers, not Gwen’s. She walks toward the NICU but Gwen jumps on her, grabbing her by the neck and telling her there’s no way she’s going anywhere. (commercial)

Ethan and Eve grab Gwen and get her off of Theresa. Eve checks Theresa who is choking and trying to breathe while Ethan tries to calm Gwen down, to no avail. She tells him that’s her little girl in there and she doesn’t know why Theresa is insisting on keeping her from being with the baby. He tells her she can’t lose it like this, that it’s not good for the baby, but she continues to rant. He tells her that tomorrow he will get the court orders and then she will be able to spend as much time as she wants. Gwen says it’s not fair, that the baby needs her right now, that she knows how hard it was that she couldn’t carry their baby herself and how horrible it was when Theresa had herself implanted with their embryo so she could get Little Ethan back, and now she is compounding her crimes by keeping Gwen from seeing her own child, pretending she is the mother instead. He says he knows, but Gwen yells she doesn’t want Theresa in there bonding with her baby because she will get closer to her, never give her up and maybe even try to kidnap the baby. Ethan tells her it won’t happen, but Gwen tells him Theresa is capable of anything. He tells her that the baby is safe where she is, no one can take her anywhere. Gwen tells him her mother knew Theresa was planning something, that she wants to keep her baby from her, and that Gwen was an idiot to trust her. Ethan says she isn’t an idiot, that Theresa just wants to be with the baby tonight and that’s natural since she has carried her for a long time. He tells her to think of it as a good-bye before she gives them the baby for good. Gwen says it’s not fair, that she’s waited way too long to hold her baby and she should be in there with her, then walks toward Eve. Eve tells a nurse to give her a hypodermic with Valium so she can give Mrs. Winthrop a sedative. Gwen hears her as she’s walking up to them and tells her she doesn’t want a sedative, she wants her baby, then grabs the needle and rushes toward Theresa, trying to stab her with it. Eve tells Theresa to watch out as Gwen chases her until Ethan can stop her.

Sheridan tells Luis they need to leave tonight, that’s the only way they can get married and be happy. He tells her to stop, that he understands where she’s coming from, but it’s just not the answer. He tells her it won’t take that long to do it right, that Julian is already working on the death certificate and marriage license and as soon as that is taken care of, they can marry in the right way. He adds that he just doesn’t think it’s right to run away and hide from people. She tries to tell him her father will stop them, but he says not to worry about him, he won’t be able to hurt them ever again. She looks like she is trying to believe him, but she’s not quite convinced he’s right.

Julian calls his father a bastard, but the old man says no, that’s the son Julian had with Eve. Julian asks what kind of man would torture his own daughter and takes away any hope she has of being happy with the man she loves. Alistair ignores this and asks if he has an emery board anywhere since it’s been a while since he’s had a manicure. Julian tells him he’s overdue for a heart. Alistair tells him he can’t complain since more than once he was Alistair’s partner in causing grief for his sister. Julian says yes, but that was before he realized that his father had turned him into a horrible person. He says he’s changed, that he’s so ashamed of the hateful, despicable….then stops. He says he had promised his mother to always look out for Sheridan, and Alistair barks at him to shut up. Julian says he hit’s a nerve every time he mentions his mother. Alistair tells him again to shut up, that he can become whatever kind of decent person he wants to, but the fact is he’s more pathetic now than ever, ridiculing him for being the bleeding heart , Nancy-boy he has become. He says be a man for once and stand up for the family name. Julian tells him he won’t let his father hurt Sheridan and Luis again, that he will do whatever he must to protect them. Alistair tells him there is nothing he can do to stop him. Julian walks out of the office, and Alistair calls his assistant, telling her to hand deliver the invitations for tonight’s party and don’t take no for an answer from anyone because he wants them all there when the secret comes out, especially Mrs. Wheeler. After he hangs up, he says to himself that he wants that two timing slut of a wife to be the guest of honor.

Pilar wants Katherine to tell her who her husband is. Pilar asks her how she could run off from her husband and children. Katherine says it was a long time ago and it doesn’t matter now. Pilar tells her it does matter because it was her husband that Katherine ran off with, and if her husband and children live in Harmony, then she must know them. Katherine tells her there’s nothing to be gained by telling her, then says to trust her. Pilar is taken aback and reminds the woman that she doesn’t trust her at all since she ran off with Pilar’s husband and destroyed her family. She says not only is she a woman who stole another woman’s husband but she ran out on her own husband and children, too. She then asks if she had kept in touch with her kids all these years. Katherine looks embarrassed and Pilar realizes she hasn’t. She tells her she must have ice water running through her veins. She asks what kind of woman would voluntarily abandon her own children. Pilar then asks if her children know she’s alive and in Harmony. Katherine says no, they don’t, that she’s ruined their lives enough already. Pilar looks at her and says she almost feels sorry for her. Rebecca walks in then, and asks Pilar what the latest news on Theresa is. She examines the situation carefully as she talks.

Pilar tells her she’s been too busy to check, and Rebecca guesses she’s been busy giving her ex-husband’s girlfriend the third degree. She chuckles, then remarks “And you call me a tramp.” (commercial)

Rebecca says it’s one thing to steal another woman’s husband, but then to prance in to town on his arm shows she has some nerve. Pilar tells her they finally agree on something, although she’s really no better than Katherine. Rebecca tells her to get off her high horse, and that maybe she should side with Katherine since there are times when a woman has a good reason to steal another woman’s man. Katherine tells her she didn’t do that, but Rebecca says she’s trying to defend her since they are obviously cut from the same very expensive cloth. She says it’s obvious she comes from money. Katherine asks why she says that, and Rebecca tells her it’s written all over her face. She tells the woman she will keep it quiet, but then says she has to tell her who did the work on her face because it’s very good. Pilar asks what work, and Rebecca tells her she’s kind of an expert on nips and tucks and while it’s a very good job, just enough to change her looks, she can still tell. Pilar says that’s why she doesn’t recognize her or Martin. She tells her she knows what he was running from but asks what Katherine is hiding.

Ethan is holding Gwen, trying to keep her from stabbing Theresa, who cries for someone to keep Gwen away from her. As Ethan holds her, Eve gets the syringe and injects her. Gwen goes out like a light, and Ethan picks her up and carries her to a room, telling Theresa this isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. Theresa thanks Eve for stopping Gwen, that she was trying to kill her. Eve says not to be so dramatic, that she was upset, and Eve doesn‘t blame her.

Theresa tells her Gwen doesn‘t deserve to have a little girl seeing how unstable she is. Eve tells her she thinks that’s understandable under the circumstances. Theresa asks if she can go to the baby now. Eve tells her to wait a minute, that she must realize what a mistake she’s making and how it’s only going to end badly for all of them, including that innocent baby. Theresa tells her that’s why she’s doing this, for the baby she made with Ethan. Eve says Gwen doesn’t know she slept with Ethan and it would kill her to find out. Theresa tells her to stop worrying so much about Gwen and think about Theresa’s baby that’s fighting for her life in the other room. Eve tells her she doesn’t know that for sure, but Theresa ignores her and asks if she can go in now. Eve says Gwen is right, that if she starts bonding with the baby tonight, it will make it that much harder on them when the inevitable happens. Theresa tells her that her baby needs her and walks away to go be with her.

Inside the room, a nurse tells Theresa how to put her hand in the incubator to touch her and she does so. She talks to the baby, telling her she can’t wait until she is well enough to come home. She tells her about her big brother and her family, promising her that when she gets out it will be her, Theresa, Little Ethan, and Ethan living as a family. Outside the window, Eve watches and says that Ethan and Gwen aren’t going to let her get away with that, that she is in for the fight of her life. (commercial)

Pilar asks Katherine what she is hiding as Rebecca looks on in amusement. Katherine tells her she’s making too much out of what she said, but Pilar tells her she’s lying. Right then, Ethan walks by down the hallway and Rebecca sees he’s carrying Gwen. She runs after them, and Pilar follows after telling Katherine that she still has answers Pilar wants to hear. When she is gone, Katherine asks herself what she is going to do. Martin walks in and asks how Theresa is doing. She says she hasn’t heard anything, but something happened to Gwen. In the room down the hall, Ethan lays Gwen on the bed as Rebecca and then Pilar run in asking what happened. He tells them it’s a long story, then takes Rebecca across the room to tell her that Eve couldn’t stop Theresa’s labor and the baby was born early, that they don’t know if she will survive or not. Rebecca asks why Gwen was sedated and he tells her it’s because she and Theresa got in a fight over who should get to see the baby since they will only allow one person into intensive care. Rebecca is amazed that they gave Theresa permission to go in first, but he tells her they couldn’t keep her out. Rebecca says that’s ridiculous, but Ethan explains that since the baby was born so early he never got the chance to submit the custody papers to the court so Eve had no choice but to let her in. Rebecca says she has no right, calling her a little bitch.

In NICU, Theresa is singing to her baby as Eve watches from across the room. Theresa starts crying and stops, but then starts talking to the baby about her future, how she, Theresa, Little Ethan, and Ethan will be a happy family. She has a daydream of their life together, then comes back to the present and tells the baby that is how it’s going to be as Eve continues to watch her.

Luis tells Sheridan she deserves the wedding of her dreams, in Harmony, surrounded by her family and friends. He says he’s sick of running from Alistair. She agrees, saying she doesn’t want to run from him, either, and that she wants so much to be his wife so much, ‘til death do us part. She looks up and is startled to see Julian standing just outside the door. She calls his name and he tells them he’s been looking all over for them.

They asks if he’s heard from the judge, if he is able to declare Antonio legally dead so they can marry. Julian says he’s working on it. Luis is excited and tells Sheridan they will be married by the end of the year. Julian tells him it’s not that simple, that Alistair found out what he’s trying to do. Sheridan says he’s going to put a stop to it, but Julian says not exactly, that he seemed as if he didn’t care what they were doing to get Antonio declared dead so they could marry. Luis says that doesn’t sound like Alistair, and Julian tells them Alistair claims he can stop them with one word, that he would split the two of them up forever and destroy them all in the process. (commercial)

Alistair pours himself a drink and talks about what fools his children are, that they must take after Katherine’s side of the family. He wonders how they could ever think they could get the best of him, then asks when they will ever learn, answering himself by saying probably never. He says they are eternal optimists like their mother, that she thought she could get away from him as if that would protect her and the kids, but that was a grave error in judgment on her part.

Martin says he knows Theresa doesn’t want him at the hospital, but he can’t leave until he knows Theresa and the baby are all right. Katherine says it’s all right, that she just wants to be with him whatever he does. He looks at her and asks what the mark on her face is. She remembers Pilar slapping her, but he thinks it was Alistair. She says no, it wasn’t, but he keeps threatening to hurt him if he did anything to her. She tells him it wasn’t Alistair, it was Pilar.

In the room, Gwen is moaning that she wants her baby. Ethan tries to keep her quiet, telling her not to talk, just rest. Rebecca tells Pilar that she knew it, that she tried to tell them but they ignored her. Ethan warns her not to start, not to upset Gwen any more. She turns on Pilar, telling her that her slut of a daughter is to blame for the state her Gwenie is in. Pilar asks what she means, and she tells her she knows what she’s talking about, she was probably in on it from the beginning. She tells her she knew that Theresa would try to take the baby from Gwen from the beginning but no one would believe her. She says she won’t allow it to happen, but Ethan tells her to stop ranting and raving or take it outside. She tells Ethan if he were really supportive of Gwen he would be happy she is defending her. She says she’s not sure who’s side he’s on any more. Ethan tells Pilar maybe she should go check on Theresa, and Rebecca adds that she should tell that slut of a daughter of hers that she’d better stay away from her granddaughter or else. Pilar walks out quietly. In NICU, Theresa is still by the baby’s side as Pilar walks up. The woman taps on the window to get Eve’s attention, and then asks her how bad it is when she comes outside. Eve tells her it’s touch and go, but every minute that passes with nothing bad happening is a good sign, and if she makes it through 48hours, they might be past the crisis point. Pilar tells her that Gwen should be in there with the baby, and Eve agrees, saying she tried to tell Theresa that but she wouldn’t listen. Pilar says she represents the hospital, but Eve tells her that until she has a legal document naming Gwen as the mother, the hospital has to recognize Theresa as the mother and she can’t keep her out. Pilar tells her that every minute that passes with Theresa bonding with the baby, the harder it will be for her to give it up. Eve tells her she’s not sure her daughter is thinking that way, that she doesn’t think she plans to give the baby up. In the room, Theresa tells her little girl that no one will take her away from her. (commercial)

Martin asks if Pilar really slapped her, and Katherine tells him yes. He gets up and says he’s going to go talk with her, but Katherine stops him, saying he shouldn’t be upset with her. He says she shouldn’t take her anger at him out on Katherine, but she says who else does she have, reminding him that she’s been hurt so much since they got there, mentioning the way she found out about him. He says he knows it must be killing her to think that he left to be with Katherine. She tells him she wishes they could tell them the truth, that he didn’t leave her to take off with another woman but to protect them and the kids. He says he’s not sure she’d believe him no matter what he said, and Katherine adds she wouldn’t believe her, either. She says that in Pilar’s eyes, Katherine stole her husband and to make things worse, Paloma took their side. He says he knows, but he hates to see Katherine suffer more than she already is. He gets up asking what he’s done to the two women he loved in his life, then hit’s the wall.

Pilar tells Eve that maybe if she’d been a better mother, Theresa wouldn’t feel so cheated and deprived in her life, living in her fantasy world where everything has to have a happy ending. Eve tells her she’s a great mother but Pilar tells her Paloma wouldn’t agree. Eve tells her she had to send her away, but Pilar says her daughter doesn’t feel that way. She talks about keeping Theresa with her and trying to raise her right, but now she tries to steal another woman’s husband and child by having the woman’s embryo implanted in her body. She says she hates to think what will happen when Gwen tries to take custody of the baby. Eve agrees, saying she thinks there will be a big blowout, and heaven help everyone if Gwen finds out that Theresa slept with Ethan.

She decides to try to talk to her again, and goes into the NICU. She tells the girl she needs to talk with her, but Theresa tells her not now, her baby needs her. Eve stresses that THE baby needs the woman who will be her mother, and that will be Gwen. She tells her it will be easier to let her go now than later. Theresa sounds as if she’s in a trance as she tells Eve that the baby looks better now, that she is a fighter just like Theresa. Eve tells her again that the baby isn’t hers, but Theresa replies “Says who, doctor?” She tells her she knows the baby is hers, but Eve tells her she can’t possibly tell, that there is a 50/50 chance the baby is hers or Gwen’s. Theresa tells her again she knows, she feels it. Eve says she can’t possibly be thinking of taking the baby away from Gwen, that she already blames her for the loss of her first child. Theresa tells her that wasn’t her fault and neither is this, that Ethan already admitted that the only reason he married Gwen was because she was pregnant with his baby, and she says she knows he still loves her and their daughter will help him realize that.

Gwen moans about the baby again, and Ethan comforts her, telling her to get some rest. Rebecca tells him she hates to say I told you so, but he says that’s a lie, she loves to do it and get her little taunts in. She tells him that’s no way to talk to his mother-in-law, but he says if the shoe fits…..She tells him that all she’s trying to say is that she was right all along and everyone should see by now that Theresa is trying to renege on her deal to give the baby to them. He tells her if she’s right, stressing the if, that it will never happen because he and Gwen will fight tooth and nail for that baby. Rebecca says she can’t believe how naďve he is, then asks if she’s the only one around there who understands that Theresa is a street fighter, like a wire-haired fox terrier with a chew toy. She says they are going to have to fight to the death for that baby.

Sheridan asks Julian what Alistair means by one word can tear them apart. He says he tried to find out but their father wouldn’t tell him, reminding her of how proud he is of himself when he’s holding something over them. Sheridan says he’s so creepy, so smug about his power. Luis says he doesn’t scare him, that he will find out what he’s up to and disarm him before he knows what hit him. Julian tells him he will get his chance sooner than he thinks because Alistair is having a soiree at the mansion tonight. Luis asks if he thinks they will be at his party, then tells them the old man must be smoking something besides his cigars if he believes that. Julian says his first reaction was to simply put in an appearance, but then realized that wouldn’t make a difference, that if they didn’t show up, it wouldn’t stop him. He says Alistair demands they all go face him and if they don’t he’ll just keep going until he destroys them all. (commercial)

Theresa tells the baby she’s still here, that mommy’s still there and will never leave her. Eve tells her she knows Theresa isn’t seeing how this is all going to play out, how much pain and sorrow it will cause. She tells her she claims to love Ethan, but Ethan is married to Gwen and this will break her heart. Theresa tells her that she never should have let Rebecca kidnap her son. Eve asks if this is all about revenge, but Theresa says no, it’s about what’s right, that she will not sit still and let anyone take another child from her.

Eve asks her if she can’t see that to Gwen, this is absolutely, positively her baby, that she has no idea there is a chance Theresa might be the baby’s biological mother. Theresa says she’s in for a big surprise, then, and says she knows what Eve is trying to do but it won’t work. She tells her that this is her baby girl, she is very sick and needs her mother, so would she please leave them alone. Pilar, watching from the window, asks God not to let Theresa go through with this.

Ethan is still at Gwen’s side as she lies in the bed calling for her baby. He tells her everything will work out, he promises. Rebecca pulls him away from her and tells him not to make promises he can’t keep, but he says he’s not, then walks away. She follows and asks if he knows something she doesn’t. He asks what she means, then she says he should be more freaked out about all this, more surprised, unless he was forewarned. He says he wasn’t, but Rebecca goes on, saying even she is taken aback by it, asking where she gets the gall to try to bond with a child that isn’t legally or biologically connected to her. Ethan remembers Theresa telling him she did sleep with him and he loved it, couldn’t get enough of her. Back in the present, Rebecca asks “Well, do you?” He asks what, and she repeats her question about where Theresa gets off acting as if she has rights to this child.

Katherine looks at Martin’s hand and tells him he could have broken it. He says he didn’t but he deserves all that and more for what he did to the people he loved. He says Pilar should have hit him. He says maybe when she gets the divorce she’ll be able to move on with her life. Katherine says they can leave there and get on with their life. Alistair is standing in the door watching them, and chuckles as he says they aren’t going anywhere after he exposes their deep, dark secrets tonight.

Luis decides they will go to Alistair’s party after all, that there’s nothing he’d like more than to tell Alistair Crane where he can stick it. Sheridan says she doesn’t want to go, that he scares her. Luis tells her there’s nothing he can do to them, and besides that, they’ll be legally married in a few days. At that point, Alistair’s assistant comes with their invitations. Luis asks how she knew where they were but she ignores him, telling them Alistair isn’t accepting regrets from anyone, they all have to be there on time. She leaves and Luis says he doesn’t scare him. Julian tells him he’s the only one he doesn’t scare. Sheridan looks scared and Luis looks like he’s not so sure he isn’t scared anymore.

Preview: Eve, to Theresa: “I think the information in this file proves that Gwen is the baby’s mother.”

Julian to Luis and Sheridan: “There’s one word for what he has planned at this party tonight

it’s bound to be horrific for everyone involved.”

Beth: “I know how to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. I’ll kill Alistair.”

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