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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Luis and Sheridan are on the Hospital patio, and he tells her he promises everything will be fine as he holds her. He then tells her he needs to go inside and check on something but she needs to stay on the patio. He tells her he knows she’s upset about her father, but it will all work out. She worries about how strong he is, how he always manages to keep them apart somehow, but Luis tells her he won’t do it this time, that no matter how hard Alistair has tried to stop them, even kill them, they have managed to survive it all and they are still together. She tells him that once Julian has gotten Antonio’s death certificate they should just run away and marry, but he says while Alistair might skulk around at night and hide what he’s doing, that’s not the way Luis is and he won’t hear of running away, that she has always dreamed of having a big wedding and that’s what she will have. He tells her there is nothing her father can do to stop that or come between them, then he goes to do the errand he had mentioned earlier.

Alistair tells Julian that he and Sheridan are fools if they believe he won’t be able to keep Sheridan and Luis apart. He tells his son that he might succeed in getting Antonio declared dead but he won’t stop him from tearing them apart. Julian says he might underestimate him, but he can’t underestimate the power of Sheridan and Luis’ love. Alistair says love is highly overrated, that when he reveals the secret he knows that no one else does at the party, it will tear them apart, and more. Julian asks what it is, but Alistair tells him he’ll know in time, that things will get very uncomfortable in Harmony for a lot of people, including Julian.

In the hospital waiting room, Pilar has slapped Katherine and told her she has some nerve to offer sympathy for Theresa and the baby after all she has done, that she tore their family apart and caused them all a lot of pain, and asks how dare she pretend she cares now.

Katherine tries to explain herself but Pilar doesn’t want to hear it, asking if she knows why Theresa went into premature labor. She tells her it is because she found out Mr. Wheeler is her father who has been living in Mexico with her all these years instead of being here with his family. Katherine says she’s sorry, but Pilar scoffs at that, saying her actions hurt Pilar’s children, and now she’s hurt that innocent baby, and if she dies, her blood will be on Katherine’s hands. Katherine apologizes again and says she will leave, but Pilar stops her and tells her she is not getting away that easy. She says “You wanted to talk, so let’s talk.” She tells her it’s time they had it out, calling her Senora Wheeler.

Outside the NICU, Theresa says she is going in to see her baby. Gwen tells her the baby is hers, and says that Theresa knows that. Ethan tries to get Theresa to back off, but she won’t, telling Gwen that she carried her all these months, she gave birth to her, and she is going in to her now. She says the baby needs her mother’s love, and Gwen agrees, saying that’s why she’s going in there. Theresa tells her that she is going in, and Gwen says “Like hell you are!” (commercial)

Alistair tells Julian he should stop worrying about Sheridan and start worrying about himself, since he will feel the pain as sharply as she will when he reveals his secret. He says many others will, too. Julian tells Alistair that he only wants Julian to stay out of it, but he has hurt his sister too many times before and this time he’s standing by her, no matter what. Alistair tells him he’s a fool, but Julian says there is no secret, it’s just a cover up for his plan to try to kill Luis and Sheridan. He tells him it won’t work any more than the poisoned wedding rings, or blowing up the boat they were on, then he says they are on to him this time and they will be prepared for him. He says attempted murder is a felony, even for Alistair Crane. Alistair tells him he has no plans to kill anyone, that he won’t hurt anyone physically, but that he will tear Luis and Sheridan apart and he won’t even have to leave his desk. He says he only needs to utter one simple word, and Julian asks what word that is.

Katherine tells Pilar she knows how angry and upset she is with her, but Pilar tells her she doesn’t know the half of it. She adds there is a special place in Hell for people like her. Katherine says she doesn’t blame her for how she feels. Pilar says she’s nothing but a home wrecking tramp, and Katherine replies that she won’t fight with her, and Pilar says that’s because she’s a high class, upstanding lady who never loses her composure, not like Pilar who is a low class hot blooded maid. Katherine tells her she never thought that about her and she would never say that , but Pilar retorts that she never had to, that Pilar has known people like her all her life, has worked for them, that bluebloods never have a hair out of place, never raise their voice or lose their cool, and that she is standing there now looking down her perfect WASP nose at her, judging her because she is letting the anger in her veins come out. She tells her she is not the bitch here, she is not the one who stole another woman’s husband and she’s not the one who should feel humiliated because this is human, real, normal, but a blueblood like her wouldn’t know anything about it because she never loses her composure. Pilar then asks her if she would stay so in control if someone did to her what she had done to her and her children. She asks her if she’s ever lost anything precious to her, and not some jewelry, but something so close and so precious to her in her heart and soul. She asks if she has any idea what that is like, as Katherine continues to look at her as if she were some pathetic creature. Katherine finally tells her she knows exactly what that is like.

Gwen tells Theresa there is no way she is going into that nursery because she is the baby’s mother, not Theresa. Theresa says she carried her, gave birth to her, and she’s the one who is going in there to see her through this. Ethan says he will call Eve, but Gwen tells him not to start defending Theresa now. He says he’s not, but Gwen speaks up and tells Theresa she is going in there. Theresa shoots back that she is the one going in . Gwen tells her that she knows she cares and that she grew close to the baby after carrying her. She says a real surrogate goes through psychological training, but that after Theresa took the place of their surrogate without their permission, she had signed an agreement that she would carry the child for them and act as their surrogate, but it was their child, not hers. Theresa tells her the chart says that she is the mother and so she’s the one allowed in there to see her. Gwen says it’s just a technicality, that no one disputes the fact that she gave birth to her, but that’s as far as it goes, once the baby was born it belonged to her and Ethan, she is their biological child, and Gwen is the one who is going in there to be with the baby so Theresa needs to go back to her room. Theresa says she’s not going anywhere except in to see her baby and tries to go past her. Gwen pushes her back, telling her to stay out, then ordering Ethan to call security because it’s way out of hand. He goes as told, but Theresa keeps trying to get to her baby while Gwen tells her it’s her baby and Theresa will stay the heck away from her. Theresa pushes again, and Gwen grabs her, trying to push her away. They start struggling and Theresa grabs Gwen’s gown and starts tearing it off her. Ethan comes over to help. (commercial)

Sheridan is sitting on a bench on the patio remembering her talk with Mrs. Wheeler when she asked her why she felt connected to her. Luis comes back and brings her back to the present. He asks her if it took too long, and she teases by saying “I guess not.”

He makes her close her eyes and leads her over to an area set up for a picnic with candles all around. She is surprised and asks how he did this so quickly, and he tells her their love is so special it can do anything, whether it’s a rooftop picnic or a big wedding that her father can’t stop. He tells her their love can do anything, then takes her in his arms.

Eve comes to where Theresa and Gwen are struggling as they manage to rip each other’s gown off. She asks what’s going on, and Gwen tells her she was trying to go in to her baby when Theresa started claiming she’s the mother. Eve asks Theresa about it, and she tells the Dr. she is going into that room, that the is sick, suffering, and needs to be with her mother. Gwen says that’s her, but Theresa tells her she gave birth to her. Gwen says she is their child, that she has their genes and is their child. Theresa says no, she’s wrong, that the baby has bonded with her. (commercial)

Katherine tells Pilar that she’s lost something precious to her, something she loves desperately. Pilar looks at her and asks how she could then take Martin from them, how she could steal her husband and rob her children of their father. She asks didn’t she think they needed him desperately, that they loved him. Katherine tells her it was never supposed to turn out like this, but Pilar tells her it did, and because of that, she and her children have suffered enormously. She says the kids have been wounded in ways that will haunt them the rest of their lives. Katherine tells her she knows, that they never meant to stay away, that they both had planned to come home again someday. Pilar stops her and questions her saying they both meant to come home. She asks if that means she is from Harmony, too, then says Sheridan was right and asks who she is. She says she knew her husband before they left and she knows so much about the Cranes, then tells Katherine to tell her who she really is.

Julian asks Alistair, who closes his desk drawer after looking at a picture of Katherine inside it, what word he can say that would tear Luis and Sheridan apart. The old man says he’ll know it when he hears it, that it is a word with more power than he can imagine. Julian tells him there is no word, sentence, paragraph, no volume that could destroy those two because their love is too strong. He tells him that he couldn’t destroy them with all his evil plots; the bombings, the kidnappings, the electric shocks. He says certainly no word can tear them apart. Alistair tells him to guess again. Julian tells him their love is too strong, that it has survived everything the old man has thrown at them and it has survived, they are still together, and there is nothing that can tear them up, no matter what he has planned. Alistair tells his son that he knows him, that he doesn’t make idle threats, and if he says he will destroy them, he will. Julian tells him he’s bluffing, but Alistair tells him it’s as good as done, that Sheridan and Luis are finished, they will never get married and their love will never be rekindled. He says fireworks will go off all over town, and all hell will break loose in Harmony. Julian says ok, if he’s not bluffing, tell him this word that can do all that.

Sheridan laughs and tells Luis he thought of everything. He says yes, and he always will, all of their lives. She tells him she likes the sound of that. He offers champagne or hot buttered rum. She chooses the champagne. He hands her a glass and tells her all their dreams are going to come true, they will get married. She says it’s just like she wants, and he tells her down to the last detail. He says they will start a family of their own, lots of kids, and says they’ll name the first one Katherine after her mother. She says maybe they already had their first little girl, that they will never know the sex of the child they lost, but he says they will always miss their first born, but they can still enjoy the others. She agrees and says she wants to have a lot of kids. He reminisces about the little boy at a farm house and helping his mother in labor with all those other kids, remembering her holding the baby and him telling her the woman wants to name the baby Luis Sheridan after them. He watches her rock the baby and tells her she’s a natural mother. She tells him it’s all she’s ever wanted. Back in the present, she says that’s when she knew he would be a great father and decided she wanted him to be the father of her children, and he says the same about her. He tells her they will have lots of kids, lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and that they will have it all.

Theresa tells Gwen she is the one who should be in there, that the baby has already bonded with her. Ethan says this is wrong, to let Gwen go in to the baby. Theresa says she won’t allow it, and Ethan tries to get her to stop. Gwen asks Eve if this is some kind of postpartum imbalance or something.

Eve says she doesn’t think so, then Gwen tells her that Theresa knows the baby isn’t hers, that she needs to talk to her or sedate her. Eve tells Theresa to go talk to her, but Theresa tells her not to try to divert her attention so Gwen can sneak in and see her baby. Eve says no one is going in there now, then takes Theresa to the side. Gwen tells Ethan she doesn’t know how much more she can take, that their baby was born very premature and is in there fighting for her life, and now this. Ethan tells her they’ll get through this but she has to calm down, but Gwen blows up, asking why Theresa is doing this, that she has gone completely around the bend. She says she knows the baby is biologically Gwen’s and Ethan’s and asks him why she is doing this. He says he doesn’t know, that maybe Eve can get through to her. Gwen says her mother knew she was up to something, that they should have listened to her, then asks what about the papers she signed relinquishing all rights to the baby. He tells her that the baby came so premature that the papers weren’t even filed yet, then says maybe he can call Judge Riley and get them filed right away. She tells him to do that, and he leaves. Eve tells Theresa that she knows very well that she has been acting as the surrogate for Ethan and Gwen, that the baby belongs to them, and that she doesn’t care that Theresa carried it and gave birth to it, it is theirs. Theresa says she doesn’t know, and neither does she. She reminds her that one of the babies she was carrying was really hers with Ethan, and that she knows only the way a mother can that the baby she gave birth to is that baby and is hers. Eve reminds her that Gwen doesn’t know any of that, that as far as she knows, both babies were hers and Ethan’s, and that she has no idea it might be Theresa’s. Theresa tells her that maybe it’s time for her to let Gwen in on that little secret. (commercial)

Gwen asks Ethan if he got through to the judge. He says he got his answering service and they are paging him, but it’s late and they don’t think he’ll respond at that hour. Gwen tells him she knew Theresa hated her but this goes so far beyond hate. She tells him her little girl is in there all alone, she could be dying, and she can’t believe she can’t go in there to be with her. She tells him she doesn’t know why Theresa is doing this, she knows she’s getting Little Ethan back, that Gwen will give him to her and he is her own flesh and blood so she doesn’t know why she is acting this way over a baby that’s not biologically hers. Ethan says he doesn’t know, that she carried it, gave birth to it, and all this stuff happened so it must seem to her that it’s hers. Gwen says she must know that, none of it makes sense. Ethan’s phone rings and he answers it. It is obvious that the person on the other end had no luck contacting the judge and won’t be able to until tomorrow morning.

Gwen asks if that’s it and he says yes. She says there has to be something they can do, but he says it looks like there’s nothing more he can do tonight. She gets upset and says there has to be something they can do, that the baby is sick and needs her by her side, pulling for her. She says they won’t let her in there as long as Theresa claims she’s the mother and asks why it’s happening. She walks over to look through the window at the baby while Ethan seems to wonder what else will go wrong. Theresa tells Eve she should have told Gwen the truth a long time ago. Eve tells her not to do this, that Gwen is in no condition to hear that she slept with her husband, that only one of the fetuses she was carrying was hers, and that the baby in there might be hers. Theresa tells her she’s in no condition to be kept from her baby. Eve wants her to put herself in Gwen’s shoes, that she’s already lost two babies and the only hope she ever has of having her own biological baby is lying in that room fighting for her life. She tells her to have some compassion, that Gwen‘s emotions are too raw to hear the truth. Theresa asks what about her emotions, why are they worth so much less than Gwen’s. Eve tells her she isn’t saying they are, but that everyone believes her only connection to this baby is as Gwen’s surrogate. Theresa says that’s true, but now the baby is in there fighting for her life. Eve says she doesn’t know the baby is hers, but Theresa tells her she isn’t sure the baby isn’t hers. Eve says that means it could just as easily be Gwen’s, but Theresa tells her no, the baby is hers, that in her heart and her gut she knows that. She tells her she’s suffering, asking how she would feel if it were her child in there, that she needs to be there with her, comforting her. Eve tells her that’s how Gwen feels, too, but Theresa says she doesn’t care, that she doesn’t want Gwen in there bonding with her baby when it’s not her place, because it is her baby, she needs her mother and nothing will stop her from being with her baby.

Alistair tells Julian to make himself comfortable since it might be the last time he is. Julian says he has nothing. Alistair calls his aide in and tells her to make arrangements for a party to be held there tonight. Julian is stunned, and the aide tells him it’s not much notice.

He says then they will have to work quickly, and she asks about the guest list. He tells her to invite Sheridan and Luis, Julian and Eve, Pilar, Martin and Mrs. Wheeler, and Beth Wallace. He tells Julian that he thinks the lives of those in attendance will be changed by what he has to say. Julian asks what he’s up to, but the old man says in due time.

Pilar tells Katherine that she’s inflicted so much pain on her and her family that at the very least she deserves to know who the woman is. Katherine says she can’t tell her, and Pilar asks if she can’t or she won’t. Katherine tells her she is really very sorry. Pilar tells her to answer one thing, that she has admitted she is from Harmony. Katherine balks, and Pilar orders her to answer her. Katherine tells her yes, she was from Harmony. Pilar then asks if she knew of her. Again, Katherine hesitates and Pilar orders her to tell her. Katherine admits she knew her. Pilar is shocked, saying she knew of her and she knew her husband before he left, and that means she knew all of her children, not just Paloma. She says she knew and she still took Martin away from them, that it wasn’t an accident, it was a conscious act. She says that Katherine knowingly took Martin from her, knowingly took away her children’s father. Katherine says she wishes she could explain, but Pilar won’t hear it, damning her and Martin for what they did. She tells her she prayed everyday for God to bring her husband home, but now she will pray every single day of her life that they rot in Hell for what they’ve done. Katherine asks her not to blame Martin, that it wasn’t his fault, saying if she believes anything she has to say, please believe that. Pilar asks why she would believe anything a slut like her had to say. Katherine tells her they had to leave, it was never Martin’s choice, that there was no choice. Pilar asks if Martin left because of her, and she says partially. Pilar asks what gave her the right to think she was more important than Martin’s own family. She says she doesn’t understand and asks her to explain what kind of woman she is, what kind of heartless monster would put herself above a man’s children and would destroy a family, a family she knew. She tells her she is as despicable as Alistair Crane.

Luis tells Sheridan they are finally going to live the future they’ve always dreamed of. She says she wants to believe it and he tells her to do it. He says he knows she’s nervous because of everything her father has done, but that’s over now. She asks if he really believes that, and he says yes, that it’s all behind them, that their lives are going to be full of happiness. She adds with the pitter patter of little feet, and he agrees, saying the pitter patter of lots of little feet. She asks him to tell her all the good things that are going to happen to them from now on and that nothing bad will ever happen to them again. (commercial)

Katherine tells Pilar she is not a monster, isn’t like Alistair Crane. Pilar says no, she’s worse because she’s a woman and she expects more from women. She tells her she expects women to understand feelings men rarely can, but she is a disgrace to their entire sex. She asks what kind of woman does what she has done, whether she realizes that all the time Katherine was sleeping in Martin’s bed, Pilar was alone, crying herself to sleep, not knowing what had happened to him, where he was, not knowing if he was alive or dead, but still honoring her wedding vows they had taken before God, waiting, praying, and hoping for him to come home to her and their children safely. Katherine tells her that now she knows that. Pilar asks how dare she come to her and show any kind of sympathy for Theresa and her baby, pretend that she cares.

Katherine tells her she does care, but Pilar says no, she doesn’t, and then tells her why. She says if she cared she would never have taken Martin from them in the first place, never deprived the children of their father. Katherine tells her she’s hurt her, hurt many people, but says they had no choice. Pilar is unimpressed, saying yes, she had a choice, she always had a choice; she had the choice to leave her husband alone, she had the choice to not be with a married man, the choice to not rip him away from his children. She says if Martin had been here things would have been different, that she wouldn’t have had to send Paloma away and Antonio wouldn’t have left and maybe he’d even be alive today, and Luis wouldn’t have had to become the man of the house when he was still a child. She mentions Theresa, then says they needed their father so much, they needed him and they still do. Katherine tells her that her children needed her too, that she wishes she’d never left, that she is a monster who abandoned her own children. Pilar asks if she has children here in Harmony, then asks who they are.

Luis promises that from now on their lives are going to be like the storybooks, that he, Sheridan and their children will live happily ever after. He pours more champagne, then toasts to their lives of happiness. They drink to it, then a wind comes up and Sheridan drops her glass. He asks what it is and she says it’s the feeling she had before, like something bad was going to happen. He tells her it’s not, that she shouldn’t listen to Mrs. Wheeler, that they won’t elope. He says they will have the wedding she’s always wanted and they will be happy ever after and there’s nothing Alistair can do about it. He hugs her, and she thinks to herself that she hopes he’s right.

Alistair tells his aide to get those invitations out immediately, that the party must be tonight, and she tells him it’s as good as done. She asks if he wants to discuss the menu and he says he’ll leave that to her and the chef, but he wants the best of everything, champagne and caviar. Julian says perhaps some guests won’t be available, but Alistair says they’ll be here, no one ever turns down an invitation from Alistair Crane, that tonight will be a very special occasion.

Julian asks if he’s going to utter “the word”, and the old man tells him he’s going to set off emotional explosions that will rock Harmony, and when he reveals his secret amidst all that champagne and caviar, Sheridan and Luis will be done forever. Julian asks if that’s the purpose of the party, and his father tells him absolutely, that it’s certainly worth celebrating.

Eve tells Theresa they can sort all this out later, but for now, let Gwen go in and see the baby. Theresa says no, she’s not going to give Gwen the chance to bond with her baby, that she herself is going in there. Gwen and Ethan walk up behind her and Gwen tells her that she’s a mother and must know what Gwen is going through. She asks what if it was Little Ethan in there so sick. She then says that that little girl is in there, very sick and fighting for her life, and needs her mother in there with her to give her strength. Theresa says she will be in there once Gwen stops interfering. Ethan tells her that Gwen is not the one interfering, and she asks him if that’s how he sees it. Gwen tells her not to do this, that she needs to be in there with her baby, and Theresa tells her she does, too. Gwen turns to Eve and tells her that she knows she is the mother, that she doesn’t know why Theresa is doing this but it doesn’t matter, Gwen just needs to be in there with her baby. Eve tells her that she can’t.

Gwen is stunned, and Eve explains that by law, the birth mother is the only one allowed in with the baby until the papers are filed with the court and that means only Theresa can go in there for now. Theresa thanks her, but Gwen goes ballistic, asking how she can do this, that she is the baby’s mother. Theresa and Ethan just stare at each other.

Previews: Theresa to Gwen: “All right, until you can prove otherwise, that little girl in there is mine,

not yours.”

Luis to Sheridan: “Alistair is not going to hurt us, he’s not going to hurt us ever again.”

Alistair to Julian: “Your sister’s hopes and dreams will be dashed for good tonight.”

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