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Passions Update Friday 12/3/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the hospital waiting room, Luis and Martin are still going at it while Pilar tries to stay between them. Luis wants Martin to leave, but the older man tells him he is staying until he knows his daughter is all right. Luis scoffs at that, saying he didn’t care if she was all right when he abandoned them for all those years. Martin says he’s here now, but Luis reminds him he’s never been there for any of them when they needed him before now, so he should just take his guilty conscience and go somewhere else. Martin tells him he’s still her father, but Luis says he’s nothing to any of them. Pilar reminds him they are in a hospital, but he continues, saying he’s ashamed he carries his father’s name because no good man walks out on his wife and family. Martin tells him he has a right to be there, but Luis says he lost it when he left his wife and family for his whore. He then tells the man to get out or he will throw him out. In the restroom, Katherine again tells Sheridan to run away with Luis and marry him tonight, and don’t tell anyone what they are doing. Sheridan tells her they can’t do that until Antonio is declared legally dead, and besides, she and Luis want to marry at Christmas. Katherine tells her that will be too late. Sheridan asks why she’s getting so upset, but Katherine tells her she can’t explain it, that she is terrified something will prevent her from marrying Luis. Sheridan says she doesn’t know what business it is of hers, but Katherine tells her she’s trying to help her, that she has to make Luis go with her and marry her tonight. Sheridan says the woman is really starting to frighten her. Katherine tells her she’s sorry, but she’s really frightened about it and that Sheridan needs to run away and get married before Alistair can tear them apart forever.

Julian, in his office, tells Alistair that he has kept him and Eve apart most of their lives, but now he will marry her. Alistair asks if he thinks his current wife will just let him go and marry Eve. Julian tells him he can handle Rebecca, but Alistair disagrees, then asks if he really believes he will allow his son to marry that “woman of color”. Julian tells him it’s not up to him, he will marry Eve, that he’s not the weak person he used to be. Alistair says he will always be weak, but Julian tells him that Eve has changed him. Alistair laughs at the idea a good woman can change a man. He tells Julian to go ahead and marry her, that he understands that mixed marriages are acceptable in some parts of society these days. Julian calls him a racist bastard, then tells him that even if society didn’t like it, he would still marry Eve. Alistair tells him he doesn’t give a damn what he does, that he’s lost all possibility of running Crane Industries long ago so he can just go ahead and marry his whore. Julian tells him to shut up, but Alistair shoots back that she is what she is, and he shouldn’t think for a moment that Rebecca will just stand aside and let him throw her out like yesterday’s trash. Julian again tells him he can handle her, but his father laughs and tells him he doesn’t think so, that he knows Rebecca very well in every sense of the word, that she’s quite a hellcat in and out of bed, and he will put his money on her over Julian and Eve any day. Julian tells him he’s had enough of this and despite what Alistair says, he and Eve will marry, then walks out. Alistair watches him go, then calls him an idiot and says he and Eve will be lucky to live long enough to make it to the alter.

Eve is working hard to get Theresa’s baby to breathe as Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa watch fearfully. The doctor tells the baby to breathe, just hold on, that help will be there right away. Theresa asks if her baby is ok, and Gwen asks why she isn’t breathing. Eve tells her the baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed, then tells them to move away. The nurse rushes in and says they are bringing an incubator for the baby. Eve asks where the new-natal team is and the nurse tells her they will be there right away to take the baby to NICU, then explains that it‘s the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Gwen tells Eve to do something, save her baby, then says she can’t believe this is happening. Eve keeps working on the baby as both Theresa and Gwen hope the baby will live and be ok. (commercial)

Sheridan asks Katherine to stop, saying she is really scaring her. Katherine says that’s good, that she knows if Alistair finds out Sheridan and Luis are going to marry, he won’t allow it. Sheridan asks if the woman thinks they should just slink off into the night and get married and she tells her yes, that’s exactly what she’s saying. She tells her she’s terrified for her, that they both know what Alistair is capable of, that he will stop at nothing to tear her and Luis apart. Sheridan tells her she won’t run from her father and she and Luis will marry at Christmas with everyone there to share their joy. Katherine says she knows that’s what the girl wants, and it would be wonderful if she could have it, but Alistair won’t allow it. Sheridan tells her she’s well aware that her father can’t stand Luis and she knows the lengths he will go to in order to keep them apart. She tells her he blew their boat up in Bermuda, then committed her to a mental ward and erased her memory of Luis, even planted a bomb in her car, but that each time he failed. Katherine asks how she knows that he won’t succeed the next time, and she says because she doesn’t believe that there will be a next time, that he’s tried many times and all have failed, and if he tries again the police will get him. Katherine asks how she can be so naïve. Sheridan tells her she is grateful for her concern, but as soon as Julian has Antonio declared dead, she is going to marry Luis, and there’s nothing she can say or her father can do to stop them. Katherine tells her there’s always something Alistair can do to get his way.

Alistair is still in the office when the phone rings. He answers, saying Julian isn’t there and asking who it is. Then he finds out it’s Judge Riley, saying he didn’t recognize his voice, and then tells him that he is aware that Julian is waiting to hear from him and tells him his son asked him to take a message. He listens for a minute, then says he’s sure Julian will be happy to hear that. He tells the judge he will be certain Julian gets the message, thanks him, and hangs up. He then wonders why Julian wants the judge to declare Antonio legally dead, and when he realizes the answer, he laughs and says “Of course.”

Luis tells Martin again to get out of the hospital. Pilar tries to get him to calm down. Martin tells him he’s not leaving until he knows Theresa is all right. He adds that he will stay out of Luis’ way, but he will stay. Luis says he is going to throw him out, then, and starts toward him, but Pilar steps in the way and stops him, telling him the only thing that matters right now is his sister and the baby that came into the world too soon, so he needs to let it go. Luis says ok, but he’d better stay out of his sight. Several medical people rush by with an incubator right then, and Pilar realizes they are taking it to Theresa’s room for the baby. They all hurry after it. In the room, Gwen asks Eve what is going on, why the baby isn’t breathing yet. Theresa asks her to save the baby, then Gwen says she has to save her baby and Theresa tells her to save her baby. The nurse looks at Gwen, and Ethan tells her that Theresa is the surrogate who carried their baby. Gwen says the baby has to make it, and Ethan tells her she will, she’ll be all right. Gwen then says God couldn’t be that cruel and take another baby of theirs, then asks Eve again to save her baby. Theresa then tells the doctor to save her baby and tries to get out of bed. The nurse stops her, telling her she has to stay in bed, that the doctor is doing everything she can. At that moment the team with the incubator come in and start moving the baby into it. Eve says thank goodness they are here, the baby still isn’t breathing. She then tells them it was delivered at 26 weeks, while the nurse gives them the blood pressure and pulse readings. As the team starts to take the baby out, Eve tells them that Dr. Carlisle will meet them in NICU. The nurse asks if Eve thinks there’s a chance the baby will make it. Eve says there’s always a chance, but it doesn’t look very good. Theresa cries and Gwen and Ethan watch nervously as the baby is wheeled out. (commercial)

Julian walks back into his office to find Alistair sitting on the sofa. He says “You’re still here”, and Alistair tells him he always had a knack for stating the obvious. Julian tells him he has phone calls to make, and his father asks if one of those calls is to Judge Riley. Julian asks why he’d be calling him, that he hasn’t spoken with him since Little Ethan’s custody case and asks why would her. Alistair repeats the question, and Julian says he wouldn’t. Alistair says the judge must be confused, then, because he just called and left a message for Julian. He says obviously it must be a mistake since Julian hasn’t talked to him. Julian asks if he took the message, and Alistair says yes, telling him the judge called and said Julian had wanted him to declare Antonio dead immediately. He asks Julian why he would have done that.

Gwen is standing over the incubator, keeping the team from taking the baby to NICU. Eve asks her to get out of the way, but Gwen wants to look at her. Eve tells her that seconds count, they have to get the baby where she needs to go, and finally Gwen moves, but then follows after the baby. Ethan tries to stop her, but she tells him she is going with her baby. Pilar, Martin, and Luis are standing outside the door by this time and watch as the baby passes by.

Theresa wants to go, too, and tries to get out of bed, but the nurse stops her, telling her she just had a baby and needs to stay in bed. She says Theresa can go with the baby as soon as they are done there. Ethan goes to her side and tells her to stay in bed, that he will go to NICU and check on the baby, then let her know how she is. Theresa lays back down after asking Ethan to please make them save their baby. He leaves and she watches him go, crying. (commercial)

Alistair asks Julian what possible interest he could have in having Antonio declared legally dead. Julian tells him to leave it alone, it’s nothing. Alistair says the judge is a busy man and extremely expensive to bribe, so he can’t see why Julian would bother him if it weren’t important. Julian again tells him to leave it alone. Alistair goes on saying he wonders what reason Julian would have to hire the judge for something that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with his own wife. Julian tells him not to strain his brain, but Alistair says it’s not a strain, that he’s doing it for Sheridan, so she can marry Luis.

Sheridan asks Mrs. Wheeler what is going on. She wants to know why the woman is so afraid of her father. Katherine tells her she’s afraid of what he will do to Sheridan and Luis, but the girl doesn’t believe that’s it, saying it sounds personal and has to be something more than just hatred, since she did try to kill him twice. Katherine reminds her that he did try to have them killed in Mexico and he kidnapped Paloma. Sheridan tells her that’s the excuse she keeps giving but she just doesn’t believe it any more and wants to know what the woman is hiding. The older woman tells her she has to trust her, but Sheridan tells her that she can’t trust her since she believed her before and found out she was lying about everything, including not knowing she was living with Luis’ husband.

She asks what kind of woman could take a man away from his family like that. Katherine tells her there is much more to it, and Sheridan tells her to tell her what it is, she needs to know. Katherine tells her she can’t. Sheridan tells her she can’t listen to anything else, because if the woman can’t be straight with her, then there’s no reason to listen to her. She says she is going to marry Luis in Harmony with everyone there, then walks out as Katherine wishes she could tell her the truth, that she is her mother, but she knows if she did it would put her future with Luis in even more danger.

Pilar sees the nurse come out of Theresa’s room and asks how her daughter is. The nurse says she’s fine, but she wants to be with the baby. Luis asks how the baby is, and she tells him she’s in NICU, then Martin asks what her chances are. The nurse says she is with the best neo-natal doctor around, and between him and Dr. Russell, the baby couldn’t be in better hands. They say they want to see Theresa, but the nurse tells them only one person can go see her. Luis and Martin say Pilar should go. Luis tells her to tell Theresa he loves her and is praying for her and the baby, and then Martin says to tell her he’s praying, too, and that he’s here for her. Luis tells him it’s a little late for that, but Pilar tells him not to say that, not in the hospital. She goes into the room, and Martin tries to talk to Luis, who isn’t interested. Pilar walks in to Theresa’s room and her daughter tries to get out of bed. Pilar makes her stay where she is, but Theresa tells her she wants to be with her baby. Pilar tells her Gwen is there and it’s her baby. Theresa says it’s not Gwen’s, it’s hers, and she’s not giving her to Gwen. She tells her mother to stop and tries to get out of bed, but Pilar holds her there. In NICU, they are working on the baby as Gwen and Ethan watch from outside. She tells him this can’t happen again, she can’t lose another baby, that she doesn’t know what she’ll do if she loses another one. Ethan tells him to have faith. She starts in again about having lost Sarah and the brother to this baby, and that she can’t stand the thought of losing this one, too. He tells her the doctors are doing everything they can do to save her. He says they just have to pray and hope she makes it through the night. She tells him she’s scared, she wants this baby so badly because it’s her last chance to have her own biological child. She tells him that’s all she’s ever wanted in the world, to be a mother, and starts to say if anything happens to her…but Ethan tells her not to think about the worst, to keep the faith and pray that the doctors can save her. Gwen agrees, then tells herself nothing is going to happen, they just need to believe with all their hearts that the baby will be ok. Eve walks out and they ask her how the baby is, and Gwen begs her to say their baby is going to be ok. (commercial)

Gwen asks Eve again how the baby is doing, and she tells them the baby is in the incubator and breathing, but she needs to stay in there so she can breathe because her lungs aren’t fully developed. Ethan asks if she can stay in there until they are developed, and Eve says yes, that is the plan, and that the most critical time is the next 48 hours, that if she survives until then, her chances of survival greatly improve. Gwen is relieved, saying they just have to make it through the next 48 hours. Eve tells her that she won’t be out of the woods, that she will need to stay in intensive care for quite a while, but Gwen says that’s ok, however long it takes as long as she survives. She says she feels hopeful now that the baby will survive. She says she can feel in her heart that the baby will be fine, that they have waited far too long and they can’t lose her now. Ethan looks wary.

Pilar asks Theresa how she can still think about keeping this baby and not giving it to Gwen. Theresa says she’s her mother and she won’t give the baby up. Pilar asks if she realizes how devastating it would be for Gwen, and Theresa says she does know and she feels sorry for her, but she won’t give the baby up, it is her baby and she is going to keep her. Pilar reminds her about the papers she signed saying she would give them the baby in exchange for Little Ethan. Theresa tells her they never should have taken Little Ethan in the first place and she never saw Gwen feeling sorry for her pain when they ripped her son away from her. Pilar tells her it was Rebecca that did that, she’s the one who had Theresa branded and unfit mother. Theresa says it was a lie, wasn’t it, and Gwen went along with it and then adopted her son. Pilar tells her Gwen and Ethan only did that so he wouldn’t be raised by Rebecca and Julian, but Theresa tells her it was Gwen’s idea, that she did it to hurt her. She says she’s getting Little Ethan back and she’s keeping her baby. Pilar tells her she doesn’t know for sure if it’s hers or Gwen’s, but Theresa says she does know, that Fate is going to make it hers. Pilar tells her not to start that stuff again, not while the baby is fighting for her life, that’s the only thing that matters. Theresa tells her that’s right, and that’s why she needs to go to her baby, that she needs her mother. Pilar tells her the baby is with her mother, that Gwen is her mother and Theresa needs to stay away. Theresa asks her mother how she can ask her to do that since she carried her, nurtured her, and loves her. Pilar says it’s because she has to give Gwen the baby so she can get little Ethan back. Theresa tells her she wants them both, but Pilar tells her she doesn’t know that baby is hers. Theresa says she does know, but Pilar begs her not to start all this now, while the baby is fighting for it’s life.

Sheridan and Luis are sitting on a sofa outside the room. Sheridan asks him if the baby is in NICU, and he says yes. He tells her they still don’t know if the baby will make it. Sheridan asks about Theresa and he says she’s fine, then Sheridan talks about how heartbreaking it is thinking about Gwen and Ethan wanting a biological child so badly and this is their only chance to do that. She says she hopes the baby makes it and he says he does, too. He asks why she was gone for so long, and she tells him she had a long talk with Mrs. Wheeler. He asks why the heck she was talking to her, and Sheridan tells him the woman wants them to not get married at Christmas. He gets upset and asks what business it is of hers, then says he’ll go tell her that himself, but Sheridan pulls him back down and tells him she needs to talk to him about it somewhere else. He suggests they go to the café, but she says they need to stay close in case anything happens to Theresa or the baby. He agrees, then says he knows where they can go. He leads her out of the waiting area. As they leave, Katherine comes out of the restroom and sits on the sofa. She remembers talking to Sheridan when she said she didn’t know what to think, that she had been angry and Martin when she found out he was Luis’ father and she had been angry at her, too. She says that now she doesn’t know what to believe, that she feels Mrs. Wheeler is a good person, that she knows she’s not the kind of woman who would just steal a man from another woman, and that she knows there has to be something else going on. She says that Katherine has tried to tell her several times about something, but she couldn’t fact it before. She says she is ready now and wants her to tell her what it is. Katherine comes back to the present as Martin comes in and sits by her. He asks if she’s alright, and she says no, she tried so hard to get Sheridan to listen to her but she just won’t. She says she wished she could tell her who she is because then she would listen to her about Alistair instead of thinking he will just leave them alone and she and Luis can just get married. Martin tells her if she let’s Sheridan know who she really is it would just put her and Luis in more danger. She tells him it’s hard to keep it inside, then says she knows Alistair, that he won’t just let them get married, and that she’s afraid for both of them as they are in terrible danger. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan that the baby will be alright, and Ethan agrees. She says their prayers will be answered, that she has no doubt they won’t lose this baby. Eve walks up to them and Gwen tells her she needs to be in there with her baby to let her know that her mommy loves her and is there for her. Eve agrees, saying it’s exactly what the baby needs, that studies have shown that preemies do much better when their parents spend time with them. She says nurses are great, but the babies know the difference and just do better when they are with their parents more. Gwen says she will be by her little girl’s side night and day to hold her hand, sing to her, read to her and let her know her mommy loves her very much. Ethan says he will be there, too, then asks when they can go in and see her. Eve tells them only one person can go in there, so Ethan tells Gwen to go. She is thrilled and tells him she loves him very much. She says she’ll tell the baby that her daddy is right outside and that he loves her very much. Eve tells her she needs to go change into a hospital gown, so she goes to the dressing room. Ethan then tells Eve that he doesn’t know what Gwen will do if she loses this baby, that it will put her right over the edge. She says she understands what it means, and all they can do is pray the baby pulls through. Eve says she will do everything she can to make sure she lives, and he tells her he knows she will, and thanks her for all she’s already done. She leaves, and he remembers Theresa telling him to make sure their baby is ok. He says to himself that Theresa had better not do anything crazy.

On the patio, Sheridan tells Luis that Mrs. Wheeler insists that they elope, that if they don’t she’s afraid Alistair won’t let them marry. Luis says he knows they have to deal with Alistair but he doesn’t know why it’s Mrs. Wheeler’s business. Sheridan says she doesn’t know, either, but that she is hiding something from her and won’t tell her what it is. He asks why she listens to that whore anyway, and Sheridan tells him not to say that. He asks if she’s defending her again, and she tells him no, and he tells her he doesn’t want her talking to the woman anymore. She says she won’t and she doesn’t want to talk about her anymore. All of a sudden, she pulls her coat tighter around her. Luis asks if it’s too cold for her, but she says no, she just got a chill, like someone just walked over her grave.

Martin tells Katherine not to worry, that he won’t let Alistair do anything to hurt Sheridan and Luis. She asks how he’s going to stop him, then reminds him that Alistair drove them from their homes, tried to murder them, that he murdered Antonio and got away with it, and then tells him to remember all the evil he’s done. She says she’s terrified to think of what he is planning to do to Sheridan and Luis. Martin tells her he’s afraid, too, but not of him trying to kill them, that since he’s tried it before he knows he’d never get away with it now. She asks him what he is afraid of, and he says he’s afraid Alistair will do something that is far more devastating, something that will hurt them so badly that it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Alistair tells Julian it’s an interesting twist, and Julian asks what he’s talking about. The old man tells him that not long ago he was plotting Sheridan’s murder, and now he’s planning her wedding. Julian tells him he isn’t proud of that, that he was a different man back then who let his father control him. Alistair says yes, ever since he’s found the love of a good whore he’s a changed man. Julian tells his father to stop saying that, but Alistair tells him he’s the one who needs to stop thinking he can defeat him because he can‘t. Julian tells him that with Antonio declared dead, Sheridan will marry Luis and there’s nothing he can do about it. Alistair tells him not to underestimate him, that he is Alistair Crane, he can and he will stop Sheridan from marrying Luis, and he’ll do it tonight. (commercial)

Luis tells Sheridan not to let Mrs. Wheeler get to her. She asks what if her father is planning to tear them apart again. He says he’s not going to pay attention to anything Mrs. Wheeler says, that no one knows better than he what Alistair is capable of, but he’s not coming between them anymore. She says she just wishes she knew what the lady is hiding, that if she did she might understand why she’s so determined about it. He says he knows she wants to have a big, beautiful, formal wedding and that’s what she’s going to have. He says he’s not afraid of him, and that he hopes Alistair does try something because then he can stand up to him and put an end to this fear once and for all. She says just the thought of it scares her to death. He tells her that nothing can come between them, not even her father, that he has nothing on them. He takes her in his arms to comfort her.

Alistair tells Julian that he knows he keeps his word, and he’s giving his word now that Sheridan and Luis will never get married. Julian asks what he’s planning on doing to them tonight, and Alistair tells him he’ll see, and when it’s over, Luis and Sheridan will never speak to each other again, let alone get married. Julian asks why he is so adamant they not get married, and Alistair tells him he knows why, that the closer Luis gets to the Crane family, the closer he is to their secrets. He says they are secrets that can bring down the whole empire. Julian reminds him that Luis almost revealed all those secrets with the files he took from them before Alistair managed to get them back. Alistair says that’s right, then Julian asks why it bothers him now, why it worries him so much. The old man says he’s not worried, and in fact, he’s feeling generous, so generous that he will reveal one of the Crane secrets that even Julian doesn’t know about. Julian tells him he knows all the secrets, but Alistair tells him he doesn’t know all of them, and when this one comes out, it will get very nasty.

Katherine asks Martin what he means, what kind of diabolical plot he thinks Alistair will come up with this time. Martin says he doesn’t know, but they both know he will come up with something and they have to figure out how to stop him. She says she hopes they can. Eve walks by and he stops her to ask about the baby. She tells him she’s stable now, that the next 48 hours will be critical.

She excuses herself saying she has to go check on Theresa. Katherine apologizes for talking about Sheridan and Luis and never asked about Theresa and the baby. He says he understands, then tells her he’ll fill her in on the way to NICU to check on the baby. She tells him she’ll stay there, since she is the last person his family will want to see. He goes off to NICU. She sits on the sofa and then Pilar walks in. Katherine apologizes to her for everything they are going through, that she really feels badly for them. Pilar looks at her, then slaps her face.

Gwen, in a hospital gown, tells Ethan he’d better get used to seeing her like this because she won’t leave until the baby is ready to come home. He agrees, saying one of them will always be there to give her strength and love. Gwen says she will make it, and he agrees. She starts to go in, but a nurse stops her. Gwen tells her she’s Mrs. Winthrop and she’s there to see the baby. The nurse tells her that won’t be possible. Gwen tells her to check with Dr. Russell, that she told her she could go in. The nurse tells her they only allow one person at a time to see the baby, and Gwen tells her she knows that, Dr. Russell told her that and said she could go in. The nurse then said that right now the only person allowed to be with the baby is it’s mother. Gwen tells her she is the baby’s mother, but Theresa walks up in a gown and says no, I am the baby’s mother.

Previews: Luis to Sheridan: “Our lives, they’re going to be filled with nothing but joy and happiness.”

Alistair to Julian: “Sheridan and Luis are finished, they will never get married. “

Gwen to Theresa: “This is my baby and you stay the hell away from her!”

Pilar to Katherine: “Who are you? Tell me who you really are!”

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