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By Shirley
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Pilar, Ethan, and Gwen help the pain-ridden Theresa into her hospital bed. Paloma stands back, watching them. She says it’s her fault, she had no idea her pregnancy was so fragile. Gwen asks how she couldn’t know, but Ethan quiets her and asks what had gotten Theresa so upset. Paloma tells him she just found out about her father. Ethan wants to know what about him could have made her so upset, and Pilar tells him that he is here, in Harmony. Gwen is shocked, and Pilar tells them that Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald.

Martin tells Katherine that the pain they’ve caused their families has to stop, and she agrees that the sooner they leave the better. He tells her that they can leave tomorrow, after he sees the lawyer about compensating Pilar and his family for leaving them, they will catch the first flight out. Katherine talks about the fact that will keep Sheridan and Julian from finding out she is really their mother, and Alistair can leave them all alone since he won’t have to worry any longer about protecting the Crane name. Martin curses him, saying he’s one of the most powerful men in the world, yet he uses all his power to prey on the weak.

In Alistair’s library, Beth tells him she is frustrated by the fact he won’t give her the information she needs about Mrs. Wheeler. She says she can use it to tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Alistair tells her it’s not in his best interest to use it now, and she yells at him, asking why not. He gets upset with her tone of voice and she tells him she just wants Luis, he’s all she’s ever wanted and she’s afraid she’s running out of time, that she’s losing him to Sheridan. Alistair tells her it’s not going to happen, that he will do whatever is necessary to keep Luis and Sheridan apart, and that anyone who tries to stop him will pay the price. He is holding a snifter of liquor, and gets so fired up that he crushes it in his hand.

Still in police headquarters, Sheridan tells Luis he can’t possibly be thinking of asking her father to help them, that he’s been against their relationship from the start and there’s no way he would help them get around the seven year waiting period to have Antonio declared dead sooner so they can marry. Luis says he’s not talking about Alistair, he would never do it. He says he’s talking about Julian. Sheridan says she’s not so sure of him, either, but Luis tells her that her brother has changed for the better. She agrees he has changed, but wonders if he would really be willing to suffer Alistair’s wrath by helping them get married. She says Alistair would do something terrible to him if he did.

Outside the exam room where Eve is with Whitney, Ivy is still ranting about Eve taking so long to come out and tell them who Whitney’s baby’s father is. Julian tries to calm her down, telling her Eve will be out when she’s ready. He says Whitney isn’t just any patient, she’s Eve’s daughter and she is dealing with the news that she is going to be a grandmother. He tells Ivy that she must have some maternal instincts and they should tell her what kind of impact that would have on her. Eve and Whitney walk out as they are talking, and Julian asks Eve if she’s sure she’s ready for this now. She says yes, it’s time to tell them all the truth. Whitney whispers to her, asking if she’s really going to tell them all the truth, that Chad is the father of her baby. She says she will ruin her child’s life and any future she might have with Fox, then begs her not to. Eve tells her she has to tell the truth, that she and her half-brother had made a baby together, and to lie now would just make things worse later on. Ivy hollers that they are still waiting, then asks how long Whitney has been pregnant and who is the father. (commercial)

In a lot of pain, Theresa tells her mother she can’t lose her baby now, and Pilar tells her to just relax. Paloma tells her she didn’t mean to get her so upset, and Pilar quiets her. Ethan tells Gwen he can’t believe Mr. Wheeler is really Martin Fitzgerald, and Gwen says Luis and Sheridan must be beside themselves. The nurse comes in, asking Theresa if she is in distress, but the girl tells her she is feeling better and starts to calm down. Pilar soothes her, but she keeps talking about Mr. Wheeler being her father, that she can’t believe it’s true. The nurse says her heart rate is still racing and asks if the pain she felt could be the start of labor. Gwen says it can’t be, it’s too early for that, looking worried. Theresa says no, it’s not labor, she just cramped up when they told her about her father, but it’s getting better now. The nurse says she doesn’t want to take any chances and is going to call Dr. Russell. As she leaves, Theresa asks her mother how Mr. Wheeler can be her father when he looks so different. Pilar tells her he had plastic surgery and when her daughter asks why, she tells her they don’t know. She tells her that he has been living in Mexico all these years and Paloma says he was like a father to her growing up and now they know why. Theresa asks if he was living with Aunt Maria and Paloma all those years, why didn’t he reveal himself to them, and Pilar says he told them he couldn’t reveal himself, but he wouldn’t say why. Theresa tells her mother she’s sorry that all those years Pilar was feeling so guilty about sending Paloma away when he disappeared, and he was with her all these years. She asks how he could do such a thing. The nurse tells her she needs to stay calm, but she asks how she can with all this. She curses Martin for doing this to her. The nurse reminds Pilar that she was supposed to keep Theresa from getting upset, but Paloma tells her it was her fault, that her mother told her to be quiet, but she wouldn’t listen. She says she’s sorry, and Pilar says they are all sorry. The nurse tells them again that Theresa needs to stay calm or it could have dire consequences for the baby. They all tell her they understand. Ethan asks Theresa if she’d like something to drink, but she says no, she wants to know about her father. Gwen tells her she shouldn’t talk about that and get more upset, and Ethan tells her to think about the baby. She says no, then asks why he came back after all this time, and who is the woman he’s with. Pilar looks upset.

In their room at the B&B, Katherine and Martin are looking out the window. She tells him that all the years they were gone, she thought about “this little piece of the world”, what it would be like when they came home, to be with her children again. He says he thought about it, too, but it wouldn’t be like this. She agrees, then tells him about her dream, where it’s a bright Spring day and Julian and Sheridan are standing with her on the crest of Raven’s Hill overlooking all of Harmony. She says they are weeping because she had told them about what Alistair had done to her; the beatings, the abuse, the threats to kill her and tried to kill Martin, that the only way they knew to protect their families was to vanish without a trace, to change their faces so they could keep living until the day they could come back and fight Alistair again. She tells him she imagined the reunion would be so loving, so healing and wonderful, nothing like the horrible Thanksgiving they had . He tells her that when they leave tomorrow, no matter how much their loved ones hate them, at least they know they will be safe from Alistair. She looks a little unsure.

Beth looks at Alistair’s hand and says he’s cut it. She gets a cloth, wets it, and cleans the cut up, saying there is no glass in it, it’s more of a scratch. He says the Cranes are born with thick skin. He tells her for a violent psychotic, she can be amazingly gentle. She says being a mother has changed her, and he reminds her she isn’t a mother. He says she is raising Sheridan’s son with Luis after tricking him into believing Marty was her child with him. She reminds him that she had his help when he was masquerading as Charlie, and he laughs and says yes, that’s true. He remembers the look on her face when Charlie kissed her, and laughs, saying KD Land should have been there to serenade them. Beth looks uncomfortable, but thanks him for letting her keep Marty, that she really does love him. He says that in spite of having a selfish hag in diapers for a mother, she can be surprisingly maternal. She thanks him, saying she learned a lot from Precious, but it’s not enough, that she wants Luis to be a full time father to Marty. Alistair reminds her that she wants him for a full time husband for her and she asks him why he thinks she went to all the trouble of kidnapping Sheridan and trying to kill her in the first place. He says her obsession with Luis is as strong as ever. She tells him to help her, that he must know something about Mrs. Wheeler that she can use to come between Luis and Sheridan. He says he certainly does, but asks what she will do for him if he helps her get Luis.

Luis tells Sheridan that Julian has changed, that he’s not afraid of their father like he used to be. She agrees that he did warn them Alistair was out to get them before he rigged her car to explode. Luis tells her that’s exactly right, and he wouldn’t have done that if he weren’t a new man. She asks if Luis thinks Julian can really help them, and Luis tells her yes, that he can use the Crane influence to have Antonio declared legally dead so they can get married, and he won’t let anyone stop them this time. Sheridan agrees to try it, saying she will call his office and find out where he is.

Ivy asks Eve to tell them who the father of the baby is. Eve and Whitney look at each other, and Ivy tells Julian it must be Chad since they look so upset. Julian says it’s possible, but he prays it’s Fox. Ivy tells him that given the circumstances, so does she. Fox walks over to Whitney’s side and sees she’s crying. He wipes her face and asks if they are happy tears, that Eve just confirmed what they already know, that he is the father. Whitney smiles at him but says nothing. Just then, Eve’s pager goes off and she tells them it’s an emergency and she has to leave. She turns to walk away, but Ivy chases after her and when she catches her, tells her she isn’t going anywhere until she tells them who the father is. (commercial)

Ivy asks Eve again who the father of Whitney’s baby is. Eve tells her she’s sorry, but she has an emergency and will be back as soon as she can, then walks away. Ivy is upset, and walks back to the others. Fox tells her it’s ok, she’ll tell them when she gets back. Julian walks over to Chad and tells him he can only imagine the pain he’s going through, having loved Whitney and wanted to have children with her, and now thinking he might have fathered a child with his own half-sister. Chad tells him that he had found some information in the library that said because he and Whitney were half-brother and sister the baby could be all messed up. Julian tells him it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. Chad tells his father that he is as prepared as he can get. He says he just wonders about how the baby is going to grow up if it’s his, and how Whitney will handle knowing she’s the mother of her own nephew or niece. Luis and Sheridan walk up to Julian and Sheridan asks if they can talk to him. He says of course, then excuses himself from Chad. They walk down the hall. Ivy is upset, saying at this rate, the child will be in pre-school before they find out who the father is. Entering the room, Julian says he can tell something is wrong, and Sheridan says he looks like he has a problem, too, and asks if everything is ok. He tells her it’s a family problems, a lot of tension in the ER concerning Fox, Chad and Whitney and he’d rather not go into right now, saying people will know soon enough.

Sheridan tells him she understands, and Luis tells him he is having his own family problems, too. Julian asks if it’s the fact that Mr. Wheeler is his long lost father, and Luis seems surprised that he’s heard about it already. Julian says most people have, and Luis is exasperated by that. But, he says they are there for another problem and he’d like to talk about that. He says that he and Sheridan want to get married, then Sheridan tells him there is a problem with that. Luis says they have never found Antonio’s body after the Crane jet exploded, and Julian realizes that means they can’t have him declared legally dead for seven years. He asks Sheridan if she had considered divorcing him, that a divorce would mean they could get married much quicker. She says the problem with that is that she’d have to go to the church for an annulment and that could take several years as well. Luis says that’s why they came to him, that they need the Crane influence to make sure Antonio’s declared dead. She tells him she knows their father could hurt him and asks if he is willing to help them anyway. (commercial)

Ivy asks Whitney if her mother told her which one of Julian’s son’s fathered her baby. Whitney tells her it’s been a long night and she’s tired, then Fox jumps in and tells her to leave Whitney alone, that the baby is his. Ivy remarks that so Whitney says. Fox excuses himself, then takes Ivy to one side and tells her again to leave Whitney alone, that Eve will be right back and she will come in and tell them that he is the father. Ivy asks why she doesn’t just tell them what her mother told her if that’s the case. He says that Eve will be right back and she’s going to tell her and everyone else that he is the father, end of case. She asks why Whitney is so upset, and he tells her she’s pregnant, it is an unplanned pregnancy, and now, because of the idea Ivy put in everyone’s head now they are all wondering if she’s having her brother’s baby. He says that is enough to upset anyone. He then tells her to butt out. As he walks away, she asks why, if Chad isn’t the father, won’t Whitney even look at him. Then she wonders what emergency could possibly be more important than telling them who is the father of her daughter’s baby.

In Theresa’s room, Eve checks the machine and tells her the baby appears to be fine. Everyone is relieved at that. Then Eve tells her that her heart rate is up again and asks if Rebecca said something to upset her. The girl tells her no, that she just found out the Mr. Wheeler is her father. Eve tells her she has heard that, and then apologizes to Pilar for the pain it’s caused her. Pilar thanks her and tells her that many events from the past have come back to haunt them on center stage. Eve tells her she would never have recognized him since he looks so different. Pilar tells her he had plastic surgery to disguise himself. Eve wonders how he could show up there with Mrs. Wheeler when he’s still married to Pilar. Theresa says that’s one thing she’d like to know. Paloma looks upset but says nothing. Eve tells Theresa that she knows it’s a big shock to her and her family, but she can’t let it get her upset. She then tells everyone that they have to keep her calm or there could be severe repercussions to the baby. They all say they understand. Eve then tells them she has to go back to the ER, but she has told them to update her, and she believes everything will be fine as long as Theresa stays calm. They all thank her as she leaves. Theresa asks her mother how there can be a Mrs. Wheeler if he’s still married to her. Pilar tells her to rest and not think about that, but Theresa asks how she can rest knowing that Papa has been living in sin with this woman, and asks what her story is, anyway. Pilar tells her she will answer all those questions later, but her daughter tells her she wants to know now. Gwen says maybe they should all leave and let Theresa rest, but she says if they leave, she will call Luis and he will explain everything to her. Gwen begs her to think about the baby, but Theresa says Dr. Russell told them the baby is fine. Then she asks if Mrs. Wheeler knew Martin was married and had a family. Pilar tells her yes, she did, and Theresa asks what kind of slut is she. Paloma finally speaks up, telling her sister to shut up, that Mrs. Wheeler isn’t a prostitute, and she’s been good to Papa and her, way better than Mama ever was.

Katherine tells Martin she hopes his meeting with the lawyer tomorrow goes well. He says he wants to make sure Pilar is taken care of, that he will give her what he has and sign what he has to so she can get a divorce and find a man who will love her like she deserves. Katherine tells him he’s a wonderful man, that it’s a shame Pilar doesn’t know how noble he is and all he’s done to help save her life. She talks about all he’s done to help her elude Alistair all these years, and how they’d always hoped that someday they would be able to come back and reunite with their families. He tells her they were naïve to think either of them would be welcomed back with open arms, and that they need to leave now before Julian and Sheridan find out that she is really their mother. She tells him that now there is no shred of hope for them, and he agrees that there won’t be any happy endings for them and it’s all thanks to Alistair.

Alistair is holding Beth by the shoulders, rubbing his hands up and down her upper arms. He asks her again what she is willing to do for him if he gets her hard evidence on Mrs. Wheeler. She says that it’s not that she doesn’t find him attractive, but she doesn’t like mixing business with pleasure, that it causes to many problems. He tells her he’s more than up to it, but she says she isn’t him. He agrees with that. She tells him they both want Luis and Sheridan apart, and if Mrs. Wheeler is the means to do that, why won’t he tell her what he knows. He gets angry and says he has his reasons, and she smarts off that she wonders about that. He asks what she means, and she says he is supposed to be the all-powerful Alistair Crane, but he can’t even keep his own daughter away from the man Beth loves. He tells her she needs to calm down, then offers to refresh her drink. She yells that she wants answers, calling him Old Man, then asks when he’s going to tear Luis and Sheridan apart, and when will he stop letting Martin Fitzgerald’s son make a fool of him. He grabs her and pushes her to his desk, then tells her that she’s better shut her mouth or tearing Luis and Sheridan apart will be the least of her worries as he’ll be tearing her apart.

Julian tells Luis and Sheridan that he will gladly use the Crane name to do good for once, that he will have Antonio declared dead right away. Luis thanks him and shakes his hand, and Sheridan jumps into his arms, thanking him. She tells him she’s worried about what might happen if their father gets wind of what he’s doing, and he says he will just have to do it “on the down low”. He says if Alistair were to find out he’s sure he would do everything he could to stop them. Luis says he’s ready for him, but Julian warns him that as ruthless as he believes Alistair to be, he really doesn‘t know anything. Luis says it doesn’t matter, nothing is going to stop them. Julian tells them he will call Judge Riley and make him earn the ridiculous amount of money they line his pockets with. Luis tells him he has become a real standup guy. Julian says he has a lot to make up for, that he promised their mother he would protect her and there were too many times when he failed to do that. He tells Sheridan he wants to dance at her wedding. He tells Sheridan he loves her, and she tells him she loves him, too. Luis tells him to be careful and Sheridan says “Yes, please.”, and they leave.

Once they are gone, Julian looks upward and says he hasn’t prayed for a long time, but he asks God to let Sheridan be happy and to help Fox, Chad, Whitney, and Eve through the terrible time they are going through. In the waiting room, Eve returns, and Ivy tells her to hurry and tell them who the father of Whitney‘s baby is. (commercial)

Beth apologizes for upsetting Alistair and he let’s her go. She explains that every time she thinks she is going to get Luis, something happens, then reminds him that Luis rescued Sheridan when she was buried alive, that Sheridan was supposed to be dead when the boat exploded, but Luis kept believing she was alive and then she came back with amnesia, married to Antonio, but they got back together anyway, and that the two of them had kidnapped Sheridan, kept her baby and left her in the ocean for dead, but they are still together, that all the other things that have happened to her have failed to kill her, too. And now that Beth knows there in information about Mrs. Wheeler that can tear the two apart, he won’t tell her what it is. She says if she is this frustrated, she can only imagine how he feels. He tells her to forgive his lapse in manors, but it’s a very complicated situation, and if she will just wait, she will get her wish.

Sheridan asks Luis what if Julian is right and her father tries to come between them. He tells her to relax, that he will protect her and they will have their wedding. He says that if everything works out as planned with Julian’s help, they will be on their honeymoon before she knows it. She asks why wait and tackles him onto the bed.

Paloma tells Theresa that their father left their mother because she nagged him for more money, better clothes, and expensive furniture. Theresa tells her that’s not true, and Pilar agrees, then asks where she heard those lies. Ethan tells them to take it easy, and Gwen tells Theresa to remember the baby, but she tells Paloma that Mama loved Papa, that she didn’t drive him away, he left them. She asks if he left with Mrs. Wheeler, if that’s why he left. Paloma says no, and Theresa tells her to stop it. She says they had nothing when he left them, but Paloma says they had each other while she was the one they sent away. Pilar tells her that’s enough, then Ethan tells the girl he will take her out of the room if she doesn’t stop. Paloma gets upset and tells him to go ahead and get rid of her just like her mother did. Theresa tells her their mother didn’t get rid of her, she sent her to live with Aunt Maria for her own good so she could have a….then she started yelling in pain again.

Ivy tells Eve she is stalling worse than a cheap car, then tells her to tell them who the father of the baby is. Eve and Whitney look at each other, and Eve remembers things that happened when Whitney was growing up, and how she told her she’d always be there for her. Ivy brings her back by asking again who the father is, and Eve tells them the father is…..Fox. (commercial)

Beth tells Alistair they will both get what they want, and that if Luis and Sheridan are going to be torn apart, he must know something about Mrs. Wheeler. He says there’s that, and she asks if there’s more. He tells her eventually they will both get what they want, but she yells no, she wants it now. She says Martin is getting older and she wants him to grow up in a home with his father, not just her freak of a mother and an overworked ape. She demands he tell her what he knows, how he’s going to tear Sheridan and Luis apart.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing, and she says she’s never felt closer to him, that she loves him so much. He says he loves her, too, more than words can say and he can’t wait to make her his bride. She calls him her groom, then they kiss again.

Ivy asks Eve if she’s sure Fox is the father of Whitney’s baby, and Eve says she’s as sure as Whitney was when she told Fox he was the father. Ivy accepts it, and Fox is thrilled, saying he had known all along. Chad tells them he’s glad he’s not the father, for what it’s worth, that the baby won’t have the stigma of being born of incest. Ivy says Larry Winger would have a field day with that, and Julian asks her to stop. Chad says he will still be there for Whitney as a friend, and she tells him she’d love that. He says he wants to be a part of his niece or nephew’s life. Fox is ready to leave, but Whitney tells him she wants to talk to her mother for a minute. Ivy says she guesses she was wrong, but doesn’t look too sure. Whitney walks away with Eve and thanks her for what she did. Eve tells her she hasn’t done her any favors, that she only has to look at Eve’s life to realize that. Whitney doesn’t want to hear it, saying she doesn’t want to think about any of that right now, and Eve says that’s the same thing she used to say. Whitney stops her, then Eve says she did what she did because she’s her daughter and she loves her. She says she prays that she and the baby will be able to handle the problems that lying now are bound to cause for them later.

Theresa is still in a lot of pain and Pilar, Gwen, and Ethan are trying to help her. Ethan goes to the door and calls a nurse, telling her Theresa is in trouble. Paloma apologizes for getting her upset. The nurse comes in and Pilar tells her that Theresa is cramping again. Theresa says no, it’s not cramping, she’s in labor. (commercial)

Beth yells at Alistair to tell her what she knows so she can use it to tear Luis and Sheridan apart. He tells her again to be patient, that they will be apart soon enough. She says she is sick of waiting, she wants Luis now, and she will get rid of Sheridan with or without his help. She stomps out of his office as he looks bemused.

Sheridan and Luis are in bed, and she tells him she can’t wait to make him her husband, and he says he can’t wait to make her his wife. She says that will make her the happiest woman in the world, then they start kissing again.

Fox brings Whitney some flowers, saying their baby made him do it. She thanks him, as Eve watches them. He tells Whitney he is so glad she’s having his baby. Chad comes over and says he has to leave, then congratulates them again. Ivy comes over and says she’s so happy about the baby, and when it comes time to name it, Ethan and Gwen have the baby name book. She says she’s sure they will let her use it. Julian tells Eve he would never have thought all those years ago that one of his sons and one of her daughters would make them grandparents. She thinks yes, but not the one you think. He tells her he has to go to the office to do something for Sheridan, kisses her goodbye, and leaves. She says “Oh, Whitney, what have I done to you, and not only you, but my grandchild, too.” A nurse runs up and tells her Theresa has gone into labor, but Eve says it’s too early. The nurse agrees, then they both head to her room. In Theresa’s room, she is in a lot of pain. A nurse runs in and tells them Dr. Russell is on her way. Ethan says maybe she can give Theresa something to stop the pains, and Gwen says she can’t have the baby now, it’s too soon. Pilar asks God to help them as Theresa yells in pain on the bed. Paloma prays for God to help them, too. Theresa yells that the baby is coming.

Previews: Rebecca: “I will not be thrown out like garbage. I’ll simply have to kill Eve.”

Katherine to Sheridan: “I am begging you, please don’t tell another soul what

you and Luis are planning to do.”

Martin to Luis: “I’ll stay as long as I want. I won’t abandon my daughter now.”

Luis’ reply: “You’re not going anywhere!”

Gwen to Ethan: “If we lose our daughter I’m going to die.”

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