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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan, sitting at Theresa’s bedside, asks if he can get her anything to drink as Gwen watches from the doorway. She tells him she doesn’t want anything, and he asks if she’s sure since she gave them quite a scare. Theresa reminds him that Dr. Russell said that she and the baby are ok, then tells him she would like another pillow behind her back. He gets it and starts to slip it behind her back, and Rebecca, standing with Gwen, starts telling her that Theresa is manipulating him right in front of her. Gwen tells her to stop it, that she was the one who made them late getting her to the hospital when she was cramping and bleeding by telling them it was all an act. Rebecca asks how many problems Theresa has faked to get Ethan’s attention, but Gwen tells her that while she is as suspicious of her as her mother is, this time it was real. Theresa calls to Gwen and asks if she can do her a favor, and Gwen asks what it is. Theresa asks her to go to the mansion and get something for her. Rebecca says she can’t believe it, now she’s trying to get rid of her so she can be alone with Ethan.

Eve, in the hospital corridor with Whitney and the others, can’t believe that her daughter might be pregnant by her son. Ivy tells her it is possible, that she might be pregnant by her half-brother. Whitney tells her not to listen to Ivy, that she is not having her brother’s baby, it is Fox’s. Ivy repeats that they don’t know that for sure, and Eve moans that her children might be having a baby together.

In Tabitha’s dining room, the fight is still going on in spite of the attempts of the others there to break it up. Tabitha is thrilled with the goings on, however. Luis is fighting Martin, Pilar blames it on Katherine, Paloma jumps to Katherine’s defense, and Pilar reminds that she is her mother. Paloma shoots back that Pilar threw her away and Katherine was there for her, but Pilar tells her that’s not true. Meanwhile, Luis throws his father against the wall, and when Beth calls for them to stop, he tells Luis they need to talk. Luis wants none of it. Kay and Simone walk in and asks the laughing Tabitha what’s going on, and she tells them it’s something Endora cooked up for Thanksgiving. Kay sees the huge, ugly, turkey piñata and asks what it is, and Tabitha tells her it’s another of Endora’s surprises, that they will find out what it is soon, she’s sure. Kay asks why everyone is fighting and asks Tabitha what she’s done. Tabitha says she just brought the Lopez-Fitzgerald family together for Thanksgiving. Kay explains to her that Martin had just come back from the dead, more or less, and had brought another wife with him. Tabitha laughs and says every party needs a theme, and this is the Thanksgiving from Hell. As she continues to laugh and enjoy herself, the fighting continues around her. (commercial)

Rebecca walks up to Theresa’s bed and says “Well, what did I tell you?” She says that the whole bleeding and cramping thing was just faked to get Ethan’s attention. Gwen reminds her that Dr. Russell said Theresa was not faking, that she did have a problem. Rebecca pooh-poohs it, saying she bled a little, she’s playing the poor sick pregnant girl to get to Ethan. Theresa tells her she is a sick, pregnant girl and reminds her that she doesn’t even know why she asked Gwen to go to the mansion for her. Ethan says he will go, but Theresa says he can’t, it has to be Gwen. Rebecca retorts that the girl is shameless, that she admitted she wants to get rid of Gwen. She asks if now Gwen believes what a scheming conniver she really is.

Eve is still moaning about her children having a baby together. Whitney says “Mother, please!”, but Eve goes on, asking what has she done, that if she had only told Whitney she had a son none of this might have happened. Whitney insists it didn’t happen, that Fox is the father. Ivy says they don’t really know that for sure, not until she’s examined and that will answer any questions. Fox says he doesn’t have any questions, that Whitney says it’s his and he believes her. Chad tells him that he has questions, and if there’s the slightest chance the baby could be his, he wants to know about it. Whitney asks him not to make it any worse than it already is. Eve steps in and says they need to find out soon so if it is Chad’s she will be able to do things. Whitney asks if she means an abortion, and Eve assures her no, she’s talking about gene therapy. She tells Whitney to come with her so they can get it taken care of, but the girl tells her mother she doesn’t want her touching her.

The fight still rages at Tabitha’s, and Pilar asks Katherine how she dares show her face there, asking if she has no shame. Katherine tries to apologize, but Paloma tells her not to apologize, that she’s been more of mother to her than Pilar has. Still watching from the doorway, Kay tells Tabitha that when she sent her and Simone to the bakery for pies, she thought it would just be the three of them and the babies there. Tabitha tells her that in an uncharacteristic fit of generosity she decided to try to get the family together. Kay says “Generosity my foot!”, then says the old woman knew they would try to kill each other if the were in the same room. Maria starts to cry and Simone goes to get her. Kay tells Tabitha that she is scaring the babies, but she tells the girl that her Endora is loving it. Kay steps into the room and tells them to stop it, they’re scaring the babies, and the two men finally separate. Pilar tells them they need to stop for the sake of the babies. Katherine looks at Martin’s face and remarks that he’s bleeding, and Sheridan does the same with Luis, asking him if he’s ok. He says he’s fine, and they are leaving. Tabitha asks him not to leave, but says he won’t stay there with the man who abandoned his family. He calls Pilar, Beth, Sheridan, and the baby to leave with him, then takes Paloma by the arm, telling her to come, too. Tabitha tells Kay she’s ruined it all and asks now what will she do for entertainment. Katherine tells Luis and them not to leave, saying they will go, and Paloma says if they go, she’s going with them. Pilar asks her to please not leave, that she came there so she could be with her, but the girl tells her that she wants to be with her family. Pilar tells her they are her family, her and Luis, but Paloma says no, the Wheelers are. Martin tells her not to speak to her mother like that, then Luis tells him not to speak to his sister like that. Martin tells him that she is his daughter and Luis is his son, but Luis tells him he isn’t, that he’s a coward who abandoned his mother and their children. Martin tells him he doesn’t understand, but Luis says he understands he’s a coward, then moves toward him again and tells him to shut up. In the foyer, Simone notices the piñata is dripping something that looks like blood. Tabitha wonders what Endora has done now, but Kay says it might be a body and asks Tabitha what she’s done. (commercial)

Everyone gathers at the door of the foyer as the piñata continues dripping the red liquid. Pilar wonders what is in it, and Endora wonders the same thing. Kay notices that it’s starting to break open, and it bursts, spreading red, gooey stuff all over the room and the people there. They all recoil, wondering what it is, but Tabitha goes to investigate and, tasting it, realizes it’s cranberry sauce. Paloma asks how it got in there, and Tabitha tells them she has no idea, she thought she had ordered it with candy. Kay asks where she got it, and the woman tells her off the internet. She tells everyone to take their seats, dinner is almost ready. Luis says they really can’t stay, but Martin asks if they can’t just try to get along for this one day. Luis asks how they can get along after what Martin had done, and Pilar says he’s right, that he thought nothing of walking out on his wife, his son, his whole family. Katherine tells her that’s not right, but Pilar tells her to shut up. Paloma comes to her rescue again, telling her mother not to yell at the woman, she hasn’t done anything wrong. Pilar yells back that she’s the reason Martin abandoned the family, but Paloma shoots back that she had abandoned her. Pilar says “No!”, and Luis asks Martin if he sees what he’s done, all the heartache he’s caused. Sheridan, who has been looking like she wants to see if she can make her eyes roll all the way around her head, whistles like a demented teapot, getting everyone’s attention. She then tells them to cut it out. Tabitha says she’s right, that it’s horrible and it’s all her fault. She says she just wanted to get them all together for Paloma’s first Thanksgiving, and to let Maria and Marty celebrate their first Thanksgiving with their grandfather. She adds that as a single mother she wanted to show Endora what it was like to have a real family. She says she did it for the children. This ploy works, as they all decide to sit and enjoy the meal, as much as possible. Meanwhile, the turkeys are still wandering the house, and Simone asks if they will be eating with them as well. Luis asks where all the birds came from, and Tabitha says she ordered them online, it must have been a computer error. Pilar walks over to the playpen where Maria is sitting and picks her up, telling her she has missed her so much. Beth, afraid Marty is being ignored, picks him up and pushes her way in, telling Pilar she hasn’t said hello to him. Pilar tells her she did, on her way in, but says hi again. Beth plays with him, then, watching Sheridan and Mrs. Wheeler, she wonders what the connection between the two women is and how she can use it to break Luis and Sheridan up. Tabitha says that Kay and Sheridan managed to keep everyone from leaving, that there is so much potential to cause trouble. She talks about Katherine wanting to let Sheridan know who she really is, and that Beth would love to have that information, too, and to use it to break up Luis and Sheridan. She says it’s all Pilar can do to keep from scratching Katherine’s eyes out for stealing her husband, and that Paloma is a volcano waiting to erupt. She says there are the makings of a truly hellacious holiday there, clapping her hands in delight.

Eve tells Whitney that they have to get the tests done right away so they can know what to do. Whitney asks what’s with this “we” stuff is, since it’s really not her concern. Eve says that she is her daughter and Chad is her son, and if there is the slightest chance this is his son….but Whitney interrupts and says it’s not, it’s Fox’s. Ivy repeats the admonition that she can’t know until the tests are done, and Chad adds that if there is the slightest chance the baby is his, he wants to know. Whitney tells him that she’s already told him the baby is Fox’s, but Ivy speaks up and tells her to prove it, have the tests done. (commercial)

Tabitha tells everyone to sit in their places. She goes to get the food, and Katherine tells Martin that she hates the fact Sheridan thinks she stole Martin away from Pilar, that if she knew the truth, that Alistair was beating her and threatened to kill her she’d understand. Martin tells her if that became public knowledge, there is no telling what he would do. Katherine tells him that whenever she sees the look of betrayal in her eyes and sees how she’s hurt her all she wants to do is blurt out the truth. Martin tells her she can’t do that, she has to stay away from her as much as it hurts. Tabitha comes back in and tells Sheridan to sit next to Katherine, and Luis is to sit next to her. She tells Pilar to sit on the other side of Martin, then tells Simone and Paloma to give her a hand serving the food. Everyone sits where they are told, although they are not all thrilled with the seating arrangements. Beth holds a fussing Marty, pushing him toward Luis and telling him it’s ok, the fighting is over. Sheridan offers to hold him, but Beth says she can get him to stop crying. Luis tells her maybe Sheridan should hold him because she’s always been good with him, so Beth reluctantly hands him to her. Marty stops fussing as soon as Sheridan takes him and starts cooing and laughing. Katherine says it’s amazing how the baby just quiets down when Sheridan holds him. Luis says she will make a good mother, and Beth sits fuming. Sheridan walks over by Martin, who tells the boy he is his grandfather and is named after him. Luis says they are changing his name, but Sheridan tells him to stop. Katherine tells her that the baby looks remarkably like her at that age, and Sheridan is shocked that the woman knew her as a baby. Martin is nervous, but Katherine covers by reminding her she had already told her she knew her mother. She excuses herself to go get water, and as she leaves, Sheridan walks over behind Beth and softly asks herself what Mrs. Wheeler’s story is. Beth hears her and says to herself that Sheridan needn’t worry, Beth will find out what it is. Beth tells Kay she should let Martin hold his granddaughter, and she agrees, putting the baby in his arms as Luis looks daggers through Beth. Martin says he can’t believe Miguel has his own child, that they last time he saw him he…..and Pilar finishes his thought, saying “Was just a child himself.” Martin agrees, then Pilar says “And now we’re grandparents, you and I, Martin.” He says yes, they are. In the kitchen, Tabitha asks Paloma to put Endora down in her highchair and then she will bring in the turkey. Simone, carrying a tray full of food, looks at the four cooked turkeys and asks which one. Tabitha says to herself that she can’t wait to get out there and stir up more trouble. At that moment, a group of turkeys gobbles, and the largest one starts growing even more. Tabitha figures Endora must have cast another growth spell on it, and he just keeps growing. She wonders how she will explain it to her guests.

Rebecca tells Gwen she knew Theresa was up to something. Theresa tells her to shut up and let her explain, and Rebecca spits back “Why not? Let’s hear your latest lie.” Theresa tells her she wants Gwen to go to the mansion to get her some undergarments, and that she thought it would be more appropriate for Gwen to do it than Ethan. Gwen agrees, saying she’d rather not have Ethan searching around in her intimate apparel. Rebecca asks why not since he’d done plenty of that in the past, but Gwen tells her to shut up. Ethan offers to drive her to the mansion, but she says she’d rather have his stay there in case anything else goes wrong, then tells her mother to go with her. Rebecca doesn’t want to go and leave the two together, asking if she thinks her mother is crazy. Gwen says no, but she is driving Theresa crazy and the doctor said she needs to remain calm, so they left together. When they leave, Ethan tells her to call her mother and tell her what’s going on. Theresa says no, he mother has been through enough lately and she doesn’t want to add to it. She says she’s glad Rebecca’s gone because she is driving her crazy. Ethan says she actually has a reason to feel suspicious since they are keeping a secret from Gwen. Theresa agrees, then says they slept together and the baby she is carrying is theirs. He reminds her they don’t know whose it is, but she insists it’s theirs. He suggests they talk about something else, and she agrees. She tells him she would like a cup of herbal tea and he goes to get it. As he leaves the room, she picks up the phone and calls the dining room and orders Thanksgiving dinner for two. As she hangs up, she says it’s for her, the father of her child, and her future husband.

Whitney tells Ivy she’s not hiding anything and Ivy tells her to have the exam and prove Fox is the father. Whitney starts to ask why she should prove anything, but Fox stops her and asks her to go talk to him in private. Chad asks what he’s hiding, and Fox tells him nothing. When they are away from the others, he tells her he believes her, if she says the baby is his, it’s good enough for him. She says that’s what she’s telling him , that she doesn’t need an exam to tell her it’s true. He says they still need to find out if she and the baby are alright, and she agrees, saying she’ll make an appointment in the morning with an ob-gyn. He says that’s great, but they need to make sure she’s ok tonight, to just go in there and let her mother do the tests to determine that. She tells him she doesn’t want her mother to touch her, that he knows how she feels about her. He says he does, but the sooner they can prove the baby is his to Chad and Ivy, the better it will be. He says it will stop their suspicions and reminds her how bad his mother can be when she’s curious. (commercial)

The turkey keeps growing, and Tabitha is beside herself, saying she has to stop the turkey from growing right away. She whines about the fact that she used to be able to do things like that herself. The turkey runs out of the kitchen as she says Endora is incorrigible, then laughs and says her daughter is just like her and that she’s very proud of her little witchling, then says “Please, no more turkeys!”, then wheels the cooked turkey out to the dining room. Kay and Beth are coming back into the dining room talking about both babies having worn themselves out, and are seated at the table as the huge turkey walks by the door. Everyone looks at it in shock, and when Tabitha wheels the cooked turkey in, Martin asks what that was. Tabitha acts as if she saw nothing, but Luis tells her it was a turkey that looked like it was on steroids. She says that’s exactly what it was, that she got it off the internet, and swears it is the last time she will order anything online. She says the one they are going to eat looks normal, then asks who’s hungry and sits down at the table. Luis asks Pilar to say a Thanksgiving prayer, and Endora starts crying. Paloma asks if she’s alright, and Tabitha says she’s fine, just a little gas. Then, in her mind, she says that people praying always upset her stomach, too. Pilar gives thanks for the feast, her children and grandchildren and all those she loves, especially her precious Paloma. Then she thanks God for bringing her hus…Martin home safe and alive. Martin then asks Luis to carve the turkey, but he tells his father to do it since he’s so good at tearing things apart. Sheridan warns him to behave as Martin gets up and walks to the turkey. Tabitha remarks that it’s like one big, happy family. Luis notices that Pilar looks sad and goes to her to find out what’s wrong. She says this what she has always wanted, for her husband and family to all be eating together, but it’s not the way she wished for it to be.

Fox urges Whitney to let Eve do the exam because it will make their lives a whole lot easier. She thinks to herself that it won’t, but if she refuses, Fox will get suspicious. She agrees and they walk back to the others and tell them she’ll have the exam tonight. Ivy is relieved, and Chad says she’s doing the right thing. Eve tries to take her arm, telling her to come to the room with her, but Whitney jerks away and walks on her own. When she’s gone, Ivy tells Fox the test will tell how long Whitney’s been pregnant and then they’ll know who the father is. He says he already knows it’s his. She thinks to herself that he shouldn’t count on it, that she has a feeling Whitney is hiding something, and when the truth comes out, he is the one who will be hurt by it. (commercial)

The orderly brings the food into Theresa’s room just as Ethan gets back. He looks at it and sees it’s Thanksgiving dinner for two, then asks how that happened. She says she doesn’t know, but they can eat it together, her, him, and their baby. He tells her not to say “our baby” because it could very well be his and Gwen’s. She says it is theirs because…he interrupts and tells her not to say fate, that the baby is his and Gwen’s, that she signed papers saying it will be theirs no matter what, then asks if she understands that fact. She says no, it’s their baby.

Eve rolls Whitney’s sleeve up and picks up a needle. Whitney asks what she’s doing and Eve tells her she’s taking blood for the pregnancy test, to determine if she’s pregnant or not. Whitney says she doesn’t need that, she already took a home pregnancy test. Eve tells her she might have made a mistake, but Whitney says she took three. Eve starts to lecture her on being careless and using birth control, but Whitney tells her she doesn’t want to hear it now. Eve says she’s right, but Whitney tells her she’s changed her mind, she’s not going to have the tests done.

As everyone is eating at Tabitha’s, Katherine tells Martin that he has sacrificed so much for her, and she thinks she should leave alone so he can be with his kids and grandkids. He tells her she’s sacrificed just as much and they will get through it together. He lays his hand on her shoulder lovingly. Pilar turns her head at that moment and sees the gesture, the pain registers on her face. Luis sees it, too. Sheridan gets out of her chair and goes to look at little Martin sleeping in his stroller, and Katherine rises and goes to join her. She tells Sheridan that he is a beautiful baby, and Sheridan agrees. She says the babies are so lucky to have their mothers and that she wishes she’d had hers while she was growing up. Beth watches them talking and goes over with them. She asks Katherine to tell her about herself. The huge turkey comes back to the room and Martin asks if it’s his imagination or is the turkey getting even bigger. Tabitha tells him it must be the steroids, but he says if it is, they must be super-fast acting ones. Tabitha replies they are practically magical. The turkey takes off running and Tabitha says he’s going to run right through her kitchen door. Before she gets it all out, there is a huge crash. Simone asks what that was, and Tabitha says it must have been a soufflé or something falling. Paloma remarks to Kay that this is a very strange house, and Kay replies that she has no idea. Katherine sits back at the table, and Beth follows her and asks where she’s from. The woman tells her Harmony, and Beth is very interested. She asks if she went to school at Harmony High, and Katherine tells her she went to a boarding school. Beth wants to know which one, but Martin tells her he needs to speak to his wife in private. Beth leaves and he tells Katherine she shouldn’t tell anyone about her past. She says she wasn’t thinking, but she can’t lie to her, that she already told Sheridan that she had known her mother, and that Beth seems like a good person without a reason for wanting to cause them trouble. Beth watches her and says she is going to tear Luis away from Sheridan with Mrs. Wheeler’s help. (commercial)

Ethan tells Theresa to get out of her fantasy thing because they are not going to be together again. She says fine, whatever happens happens, and says they should eat. He agrees, and she tells him to take a bite of his favorite, pumpkin pie, but he argues that they need to eat the food first, not the desert. She says she can eat all the food herself since she’s pregnant, so it doesn’t matter. He gives in and she spoons a bite of pie and whipped cream into his mouth. Rebecca and Gwen are coming back, with Rebecca talking about how they shouldn’t have left them there together. She says there is no telling what she might try to pull to draw him into her web. Gen says they have only been gone 20 minutes, how far into her web could she have drawn him, then they arrive at the room and see Theresa feeding Ethan the pie and whipped cream. Rebecca says “How far indeed.”

Tabitha feels it’s time to stir the pot again, so, as she pours more wine, she asks Martin how it feels to be back in Harmony. She says he looks good for a dead man. Luis says they should be so lucky, and Sheridan chides him for it. Tabitha carries on, saying no one would have believed that Martin Fitzgerald would leave his adoring wife and five darling children, mentioning that Paloma was a babe in arms at the time. Luis says that’s exactly what he did. Sheridan wants to change the subject, and Tabitha agrees, apologizing to Pilar but then saying that she must have been devastated to find out that her husband that she thought was dead was alive and living with another wife. Sheridan chides her again, and she says they should change the subject. She then asks Katherine how they met and if she knew he was married at the time. Pilar says of course she knew, she’s a whore. Paloma tells her not to say that, and Kay tries to get the woman to stop again. Tabitha apologizes but keeps on talking, saying she’s been watching to many Larry Winger shows, with all those mixed up families and such. She then says she should talk, since she’s an unwed mother, and she just can’t imagine the strain it must have been on Pilar, raising five young children after her husband ran out with another woman. Martin tells her he didn’t leave because of Mrs. Wheeler. Pilar asks why he did leave, and Luis says that’s a good question and asks it again. Martin tells him if he knew the real reason, but Luis tells him he knows he’s a lowlife bastard. Katherine tells Luis not to call his father names, then Pilar tells her to shut up and not talk to her son that way. Sheridan asks everyone to stop it, and Martin says “I don’t want to fight with you, son.” Luis gets up and slaps his hands down on the table while telling him not to call him son.

Fox tells Chad to get out of the hospital, but Chad tells him not to tell him what to do. Ivy separates them, telling them it’s enough. She pulls Fox away, telling him to stop fighting with Chad, that nothing can be settled until they know who‘s baby Whitney is carrying. He says he already knows he’s the father, but she says she’s not so sure, that Whitney is very nervous and seems to be hiding something. In the exam room, Whitney tells her mother she doesn’t need the test. Eve asks why not, and Whitney tells her she already knows she’s pregnant. Eve says she doesn’t know for sure who the baby’s father is and the blood test will tell them that. Whitney tells her she doesn’t need any blood test or exam, that she already knows who the father is, and it’s not Fox. She tells her it’s Chad, and asks if she’s happy now, because her keeping the fact she had a son a secret is the reason her life is ruined and so is the life of her future grandchild.

Previews: Beth, looking at Martin and Katherine: “Who is she really? Well, I’m going to find out

the answers and then I’m going to get Luis.”

Ivy, to Julian: “You created this mess by keeping your past a secret, and now

your little secret is going to blow up in all of our faces.”

Whitney to Eve: “Don’t touch me, this is all your fault anyway.”

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