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Passions Update Wednesday 11/24/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In Tabitha’s house, she and Endora are decorating for her Thanksgiving party. Endora tries once and ends up decorating for Halloween, so Tabitha has her try again. This time it works and Tabitha is thrilled.

They keep at it until the house is full of pumpkins, Indian corn, colored squash, and brightly colored leaves. Tabitha looks around and feels they need some Puritans and Indians, so Endora whips some up, but she makes real ones, and they begin calling for the witch to be burned at the stake. Tabitha quickly has her daughter change them to paper cutouts. She tells her baby that she hates Thanksgiving and has ever since the first one, when the turkey was burned, there was no booze, and “hymns, hymns, hymns till the cows came home - literally!” She says it wasn’t her idea of a good party, but now she’s excited about it because they have so much to be thankful for. She has her baby who has brought so much joy to her after Timmy died, and they have achieved so much mischief in such a short time. She says they broke up those lovers, Charity and Miguel, and that brings a roar of approval from the Boys in the Basement, which Tabitha acknowledges with a bow. She talks about Charity leaving town and Miguel still out there searching for her with no luck. She then looks in her divining bowl to see what’s going on at the Bennett house and laughs over the fact that Whitney is pregnant with Chad’s baby but is trying to pass it off as Fox’s.

In the Bennett living room, Ivy tells Whitney that she should know how essential prenatal care is since her mother is a doctor, and that they need to have her checked tonight. Then, once they know how far along she is, they will know who the father is, Fox or Chad. Tabitha says Whitney is trying to play who’s the daddy, which is something that’s hard to fool Ivy with since she did the same thing with Ethan. Tabitha asks Endora about the ménage a troi Ethan is playing with Gwen and Theresa, and then watches in her bowl as Ethan carries Theresa into the hospital and calls for help. She tells Endora that Theresa is playing who’s the mommy, since she got herself pregnant with Ethan’s child but no one knows whether she or Gwen is the mother. Endora goes on to say she pities Theresa if Gwen finds out she slept with Ethan.

At the hospital, Ethan tells Eve what happened to Theresa and she begins her examination of the girl.

Gwen tells Rebecca that if it weren’t for her making them think she was acting they would have had Theresa there an hour earlier, but Rebecca tells her she probably is acting and doing better than Meryl Streep. Gwen tells her they saw the blood, then asks Eve if her baby will be ok as Theresa squirms in pain on the gurney.

Tabitha, still watching in her bowl, says she hopes the little nipper will be all right, telling Endora they never wish ill on the unborn because that wouldn’t be cricket and they just have to hope for the best. She then suggests they tune in to Daddy’s mansion and see what kind pain and suffering is going on out there, since it always brings a smile to Endora’s face. She explains that Pilar just found out that the Wheelers are really her husband Martin and his mistress, that she is upset about it as they watch her tear up a picture of her and him. Then she says that Luis is upset about it, too, and watches him rant about his father as Sheridan tries to calm him down. He says the next time he sees the man, he will kill him, which causes Tabitha to laugh with glee. She then turns to the Wheelers and sees them in the B&B where Katherine is complaining that Sheridan hates her and she can’t tell her daughter who she is or it will cause problems for her and Luis. Tabitha laughs and imagines the chaos that would ensue it those two couples were in the same room together. Endora laughs about it and Tabitha decides to invite them all over for dinner together. Endora conjures up a beautifully laid out table, and Tabitha takes that as agreement with her plan. She says when her guests arrive, the house will be filled with hatred, pain, and suffering, just like so many other Thanksgiving gatherings all over the country. She tells Endora to put on her seatbelt because they are going to put on a Thanksgiving from Hell. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan that they can’t lose their baby. Rebecca asks if she’s the only one not taken in by Theresa, who probably pricked her own finger to get the blood they saw. Gwen and Ethan both jump on her for that, with Ethan telling her if it weren’t for her telling them Theresa was faking they would have had her at the hospital a long time ago. He says she’s the one he will hold responsible if anything happens to Theresa or their baby and he will never forgive her. Rebecca tells him that’s what Theresa had said, and he asks what she means. She tells him that Theresa had called it “our baby” and now Ethan had said it, too, then asks if there’s something going on with him and Theresa, and then says “That is your baby she’s carrying, isn’t it? Yours with Gwen?”

Ivy asks Whitney what the problem is, whether she wants the best possible care for her baby. She says of course she does, but then Ivy asks doesn’t she want to know who the baby’s father is, and Whitney says she already knows because she had a period after she and Chad broke up. Ivy tells her that a woman can be pregnant and have a period, and then Fox tells her that’s enough, that Whitney says the baby’s his and so it is. Chad jumps in and calls him on the fact that he moved in on Whitney so fast, that he took advantage of her when she was vulnerable and confused. Fox says that’s not what happened, that he loves her. Chad says yeah, he loved her long enough to knock her up in two seconds flat. He then berates him for not using a condemn after all the women he’s slept with, and asks who’s dumb enough to not use protection and put Whitney at risk like that. Fox says he didn’t put her at risk, that he used protection every time. Chad says obviously not, and Fox admits there was one time when they got carried away, but Chad tells him it wouldn’t have happened if he loved her, he would have put her first instead of his own selfish needs. Whitney asks them to stop, but he goes on to say Fox only cares about one thing, that Fox doesn’t care about Whitney. He then says he does care and whoever the father is he will be there for her no matter what. Fox says like hell he will, and Whitney tells them again to stop. Ivy steps in and tells them that the stress isn’t good for Whitney or the baby and they need to get her to the hospital now. Whitney snaps back that she isn’t going to the hospital and no one is going to examine her.

Tabitha is thrilled with the pictures Endora whipped up to set in each chair, saying it makes it so much easier to visualize their dinner with them than with those tiny place cards. The doorbell rings and Tabitha starts to answer it then remembers she isn’t dressed yet. She asks Endora to whip something up for her and she does. Tabitha is pleased to see her daughter has her sense of style, and then has her put an appropriate dress on herself. Tabitha then goes to the door and finds Paloma, who thanks her for the invitation. She says she has no other place to go since her family is in turmoil right now. Tabitha talks sympathetically to her about the situation, all the while turning the knife in her back with her words. She says it’s too bad the family isn’t doing Thanksgiving since it has always been a big day for them, with tons of food and everything. Paloma tells her she wouldn’t know since it’s her first Thanksgiving. Tabitha apologizes, saying she forgot, then gives it one more twist by saying the family never included the girl. She tells her it will be ok, she’ll have a great time today. Paloma asks if there’s anything she can do, and Tabitha tells her there are a lot of veggies in the kitchen to be chopped up. Paloma starts to go do that, then sees Endora and stops to admire her. Tabby moves her along to the kitchen, saying “Chop chop!” After the girl is gone, she gloats over how well it’s going to Endora, then begins to make phone calls to all the people she wants to advice.

Beth arrives at her home talking to herself about Katherine being the key to getting Luis to hate Sheridan, that she needs to keep bringing it up and get Sheridan to defend the woman. The phone rings and she answers to find Tabitha, who invites her, Edna, and Marty to her dinner. Beth doesn’t want to go, saying they always have a big dinner there, but Tabitha tells her that Luis and Sheridan will be coming and she changes her mind, saying she and Marty will be there. She hangs up and hollers to her mother to get herself and Precious ready, they are going to eat at the homeless shelter while she and Marty go out.

Tabitha is gleeful, saying she knew that wicked girl wouldn’t be able to resist. She then has the pictures put back around the table and they start talking as if they were the real people. Pilar tells Paloma she had no choice, but Paloma retorts “What kind of mother sends her child to strangers?” She says she has no use for her as Pilar is calling Mrs. Wheeler bad names. Paloma tells her Mrs. Wheeler is her mother, and then Luis says bad things to his dad, Katherine apologizes to Pilar, Sheridan asks how Martin could just walk out on his children, Martin tells Luis he can’t judge him since he doesn’t know why he had to leave, and Beth talks about them having all that money and not an ounce of brains, all at the same time. Tabitha is enjoying it very much, saying turkey is not the only thing that will be carved up today. She says these mortals are going to rip each other to shreds and there’s nothing like family on Thanksgiving. (commercial)

Ivy asks Whitney if she doesn‘t want to be examined, and Whitney says no because she knows the baby is fine and that Fox is the father. Fox says that’s fine, but she needs to see a doctor. She tells him she will once she finds one she likes, and then Chad tells Fox to back off. Whitney tells them all to leave her alone, and Ivy pops up saying they have upset her, that pregnancy does that and the further along one is, the more touchy they are. Fox takes Whitney aside and tells her they should just go and get her examined tonight so everyone will know the baby is ok and that it’s his and then everyone will leave them alone.

Ethan tells Rebecca that Theresa is carrying his and Gwen’s child, her grandchild, and that she’s just making everyone crazy, so she needs to back off. She whines that he shouldn’t be snapping at her, and he leaves to get something to drink, asking Gwen if she’d like something too. She says no, but he should go on. When he’s gone, Rebecca tells Gwen that something is going on there and asks if she saw how angry Ethan got. She tells her that he gets upset at the mere mention that Theresa is a lying, manipulative…then Gwen tells her to put a sock in it, that Ethan is right and they would have rushed Theresa to the hospital right away if she hadn’t convinced them that she was lying about having cramps. She says Rebecca had better pray nothing happens to their baby or she will never forgive her.

Theresa, still in pain, asks Eve to help her. The nurse asks if she and the baby will be ok, but Eve says she can’t find the baby’s heartbeat. Theresa gets even more scared and asks Eve not to tell her she’s lost the baby.

Tabitha is still enjoying the argue fest between the pictures around her table. She says she hasn’t laughed so much since the Black Plague, but she says there’s work to be done and phone calls to be made. Endora gets rid of the pictures and Tabitha talks about how all of the guests hate each other’s guts so they have to make sure none of them know the others will be there until they get to her house and run into them. She asks Endora to help her get the calls out of the way, and the baby whips up an old switchboard and Tabitha connects the phone wires to each person’s phone line, calling them all at once, unbeknownst to the others. Using her best Lilly Tomlin impressions, she invites them to her home for dinner, but they all decline until she tells them that Paloma is there, and Little Marty is coming, and one by one they all decide they have to go after all and agree to be there. Then they all ask who else is coming, but Tabitha disconnects all the calls and as if she didn’t hear them, then revels in her handy work for a minute. She hears Paloma coming and has Endora take away the switchboard before she gets to the room. Tabitha goes to see what Paloma wants and the girl asks if the veggie platter she made is all right. Tabitha tells her it is and has her set it on a table in the foyer. Paloma asks about the rest of the food, since she didn’t see any while she was in the kitchen, but Tabitha tells her there is food and she doesn’t need to worry about it. (commercial)

As Sheridan comes into the living room, Luis is on the phone with Pilar, telling her Tabitha has invited them for dinner and asking her to come with them. She says she doesn’t really feel like it, but Luis tells her Paloma will be there and will want to see her. Pilar isn’t sure, but knows it’s her first Thanksgiving.

She still resists going, so Sheridan takes the phone and reminds her that Paloma does love her, in spite of how angry she is. Pilar says she knows but she realizes her daughter doesn’t want to see her. Sheridan convinces her that’s not true and gets her to agree to go with them. Luis is thrilled.

Katherine and Martin are getting dressed to go. Martin asks if she’s sure she wants to go, since Tabitha has always been a strange person. Katherine says that since Alistair has always hated her, she must have some good qualities, so why not go. Martin laughs at that, then helps her on with her coat. Katherine talks about Paloma being there, how unhappy she is, and that since the three of them were like a family for so long, they can make it an enjoyable day for her. He agrees.

Tabitha is watching them in her bowl and laughs about it being like watching a nuclear bomb being assembled; all the parts are coming together, and when they arrive on her doorstep, there will be a big “Ka-Boom!” She hears a turkey and goes to see what it is, finding a huge, ugly turkey piñata in her foyer. She asks Endora what it is and when the baby babbles at her, she asks if she means like what happened in Salem the year before, and then asks what’s in it. The baby tells her it’s a secret, and Tabby says it appears her guests will get even more than she bargained for.

Eve walks out to where Gwen, Ethan, and Rebecca are waiting. Gwen asks how her baby is, and Rebecca thinks it’s not good news, then tells Eve that if it comes to a choice between the baby living or Theresa, she has to let the baby live. Ethan tells her to stop, and then asks if Theresa and the baby are all right. Eve says nothing. (commercial)

Gwen asks Eve again if her baby is ok. Eve smiles and says yes, she’s fine, that for a moment she couldn’t find the heartbeat but it was just an equipment malfunction. She says Theresa is fine, the bleeding’s stopped, and she doesn’t think it was anything serious, but she doesn’t know why she had cramps and wants to keep her overnight for observation. Ethan goes to check on Theresa, and Rebecca says it’s interesting how Theresa has managed to be alone with Ethan yet again. Gwen says enough and walks away, leaving Rebecca wondering what’s wrong with everyone tonight. In Theresa’s room, she tells Ethan he saved their baby. He tells her she needs to stop calling it “our baby”, and then looks up to see Gwen standing in the doorway. Ivy, Fox, Whitney, and Chad arrive at the hospital, looking for the on-call ob-gyn. Eve meets them coming in and asks what they’re doing there. Ivy says it’s Whitney, that she has a medical condition.

Tabitha wants Endora to conjure up a traditional Thanksgiving feast, telling her what that consists of. The girl waves her hand and the table is covered with food. Tabitha compliments her on a job well done, then says they have to make the turkey. She asks what Emeril says, then goes “Bang!” and a roasted turkey appears. Tabitha tells her that’s a good job, and another turkey appears. Tabby tells her they only need one, then says Fluffy can eat the leftovers, when two more turkeys appear. Tabby is concerned and tells her daughter they have enough, they don’t need any more, but then several live turkeys appear. Tabitha tells her they have to get rid of all the turkeys before everyone gets there because if they see all of them their goose will be cooked. The doorbell rings at that moment and she tells her daughter it’s too late. Paloma heads toward the front door and is stopped in her tracks at the sight of the huge turkey piñata. She asks what monster is it, then goes and opens the door. The Wheelers are there, and she is very glad to see them. They come in and Katherine asks Martin what the big turkey is. He says he doesn’t know, maybe a creepy looking turkey. In the kitchen, Tabitha hears the doorbell ring again and tells Endora to get rid of the turkeys because they are going to miss the fireworks as their guests get there and see each other. (commercial)

Eve asks what medical condition Whitney has, but Ivy says it’s nothing to worry about. Eve says when her daughter comes to the emergency room with a medical condition she is going to worry. She asks Whitney what the problem is, but the girl tells her it’s nothing and she isn’t the doctor she wants to have check her. Eve says ok, but asks the others what the problem is. Fox says nothing is wrong, but Ivy says it’s a condition women have had to bear since time began. Eve says she doesn‘t mean what she thinks she does, and Ivy finally tells her that her daughter is pregnant. Eve is stunned.

Tabitha is still trying to get the turkeys to leave. She tells Endora to get rid of them at once, but instead she makes one of them grow huge. The doorbell rings again and Tabitha decides to deal with the animals later so they can go watch the fireworks as their guests arrive. On the way, she has Endora start a fire in the fireplace.

Martin opens the door to find Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Beth, and Marty standing there. Pilar says his name. He says hi to them all, then Luis asks what they are doing there. Martin tells him Tabitha invited them, and Luis says they aren’t staying there with him and his slut. Martin tells him not to call her that, but Katherine tells Martin not to say anything. Luis tells Pilar and the rest to come on and Paloma says “Yes, yes, go, go” Beth tells them to put their anger aside for one day, for Marty’s sake. Pilar says she won’t set foot in this house with those two liars, and Luis says they are leaving. Tabitha runs in then and greets them, pulling them all inside. She tells Martin he hasn’t changed a bit, and he returns the compliment. She looks at Katherine and says “You must be Elly Wheeler, but you remind me of someone.” She tells them it will come to her later. She welcomes them all and says isn’t it nice to have a family reunion. Luis tells her he knows she meant well, but there’s no way they can stay. He tells Sheridan to take Pilar home, and Paloma gives her a snotty “Adios!” Tabitha stops Luis, telling him she heard about their arguments, but asks him to think about Paloma, that it’s her first Action de Gracias. Beth asks what that is and Tabby tells her it is Spanish for Thanksgiving. Sheridan chimes in, telling them they should put their animosities aside for a few hours for Paloma’s sake. The girl tells her to leave her out of it, so Sheridan tells Pilar it would be a great chance to get to talk to Paloma, and Beth tells them that Marty was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his daddy. Tabitha says it’s settled, they will stay and she promises them a memorable evening, then to herself she adds “The Thanksgiving from Hell!” (commercial)

Eve seems to be in disbelief as she asks Whitney if she’s pregnant. Whitney tells her not to lecture her, and Eve agrees. She congratulates her and Fox, talking about having her first grandchild, then asks what’s wrong. Ivy is only too happy to tell her that the baby could be Chad’s, Whitney’s half-brother.

Tabitha takes everyone’s coat as they all look in wonder at the huge turkey piñata as Pilar tells her it’s an unusual decoration. Sheridan asks what it is, and Tabby says it’s a piñata in honor of Paloma. The girl says it’s a piñata from a nightmare, and Luis tells the woman they don’t usually have them on Thanksgiving. Pilar says it’s a nice gesture anyway, and Tabitha offers them the veggies Paloma chopped for them and goes to put their coats up. She then goes in and asks Endora about the piñata again, then heads to the kitchen. The Wheelers go into the dining room and see Endora. Katherine asks if it’s her granddaughter, but Martin says no, it’s her daughter. They both look surprised. Beth wheels Little Martin in in his carriage and they smile at him, too. Tabitha asks Paloma how she’s liking being in Harmony. She answers it’s all right, but she misses Puerto Arena because there were people there who loved her. She looks straight at her mother while saying this, then walks away. Luis asks Martin if he misses it, too, if he misses breakfast in bed with his new wife. He tells his son not to talk about that , it isn’t the time or place. Luis tells him not to call him son and not to tell him anything. Katherine says Martin is his father and he loves him very much, then Pilar tells her not to say another word to her son and calls her a whore. Paloma tells her not to talk to Mrs. Wheeler like that. Tabitha walks over to the veggies and asks if anyone wants a radish. Sheridan asks Luis to calm down, he tells Paloma not to speak to their mother like that, and Paloma says “Ha! Some mother!“ Then Pilar asks Katherine how dare she come to Thanksgiving with them, that it’s a day for families and she’s a home wrecker. Paloma tells her at least the woman gave her a home which was more than Pilar did. Luis tells her that’s enough, and Martin tells him to stay out of it. Luis says it wasn’t bad enough for him to cheat on his wife, now he has to turn her own daughter against her as well. Beth tells them both that’s enough, and Luis says “That’s right, I’ve had enough”, and hits Martin. They start fighting as everyone else either tries to stop them or looks scared. Tabitha tells Endora they say almost every family dinner ends in a battle and they must be right. Then she tells her Happy Thanksgiving, laughing.

Previews: Gwen to Rebecca: “How far into her web could he have gotten?”, then walks to Theresa’s

room to see her spoon feeding Ethan.

Rebecca’s reply: “How far indeed”.

Martin, as a huge turkey gobbles and enters the room: “What the hell is that?”

Luis’ reply: “That thing looks like it was on steroids!”

Whitney to Eve: “My half-brother is the father of my baby.”

Eve’s reply: “Oh, my God.”

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