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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In the Crane mansion foyer, Ethan is holding a pain-wracked Theresa on the floor while Gwen starts to call an ambulance. Rebecca whistles to get everyoneís attention, then tells them that Theresa is simply faking to get Ethan to come to her rescue, and it looks as if itís almost worked.

In the Bennett living room, Fox and Whitney are about to share a sparkling water toast to the fact sheís pregnant. Ivy walks in and Fox hands her a glass, then she says first she needs to asks a question. She asks if the baby is Foxís or Chadís. Whitney drops her glass and it shatters on the floor, then she apologizes. Fox says itís ok, that his mother had no right to asks that question since Whitney had just told him the baby is his. Ivy says actually, she hadnít, then asks Whitney if thatís right. She says she doesnít know what sheís talking about, and Ivy tells her itís very simple, and asks if sheís certain if the father of her baby is her son Fox or Whitneyís half-brother Chad.

Martin hangs up his cell phone as he and Katherine are standing outside. Martin tells her that Sam said there is a room at the B&B and they just need to talk to Ivy. Katherine remembers that Ivy was Julianís ex-wife and that Alistair forced them to marry when they really loved other people. She says had she stayed in Harmony she might have been able to stop him. Martin says that may be but they had to get away from there or be killed by Alistair. She still feels guilt for the pain they caused everyone by leaving. He agrees, and says he canít forget the hate in Luis and Pilarís eyes when they found out who he really was, but that he blames Alistair and that one day he will make him pay for all the pain he caused for everyone. They walk away, and Alistair walks out of the shadows, saying that he wonít ever forgive Martin for stepping in to help Katherine, running away and forcing him to save face. He says he will never forgive or forget, that he will continue to make both their lives a living hell.

In Sheridanís cottage, Luis asks Sheridan if sheís ok about not being near Mrs. Wheeler anymore. He says he knows she became close to the woman before finding out who Martin was. She reminds him that they both grew close to the couple before that. He says itís unbelievable, and she says she is just as shocked as he is angry at what they had done. She apologizes for seeming unloyal to him and his mother, that Mrs. Wheeler is nothing to her while he is her whole life. He says sheís his whole life, too, and thatís why he was so hurt when it looked like someone could come between them.

Outside, Beth is on her cell with her mother and Precious, telling them she is sure she can use Mrs. Wheeler to drive a wedge between Luis and Sheridan. She asks why Edna and Precious are laughing, since they heard from Paloma that Luis was angry at Sheridan for defending the woman. She sees Luis and Sheridan embracing through the window and tells them that it looks like they are close as ever again. She tells Precious to stop screeching because sheíll wake Little Martin up, but Edna tells her heís down for his nap. Beth says thatís good, and maybe she can send Sheridan down for the count and get Luis to be with her. She tells her mother she will come up with a plan to use Mrs. Wheeler to get Luis back. (commercial)

Martin and Katherine are walking to the B&B when Katherine starts looking around and pulling her coat more tightly around her. Martin asks whatís wrong and she tells him that she just feels as if evil is all around them. He tells her he is too, sheís just wound up because of all thatís happened, and itís like theyíre waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Fox picks up the broken glass from the floor as Ivy asks Whitney again if the baby is Foxís or Chadís. Fox tells her not to put Whitney on the spot like that, but Ivy says she just asked a simple, logical question. She says if the baby is his, it is a relief. She then asks Whitney if she has seen a gynecologist who told her how many weeks she is and thatís how she knows itís Foxís. Whitney tells her she hasnít seen a doctor yet, and both Ivy and Fox are shocked. Ivy tells her she is the daughter of a doctor, that she knows how important prenatal care is, and that she needs to be seen right away so they can know that she and the baby are ok. Fox agrees, and Ivy says that when the doctor examines her, he or she can tell her how many weeks she is and then sheíll know for sure who the father is. Fox says sheís freaking Whitney out making her think her half-brother could be her babyís father, but that itís not possible. Ivy says it is possible, and they need to find out. The doorbell rings and Ivy goes to answer it. Fox apologizes to Whitney for his motherís actions, and she says itís ok. Ivy comes back followed by the Wheelers and introduces them. Fox says he knows them, then introduces them to Whitney. Katherine recognizes she is Eveís daughter. Martin apologizes for interrupting but says he spoke to Sam on the phone who said there might be a vacancy and to come talk to her. He says he tried to call but no one answered, and Ivy realizes she forgot to transfer the calls to the house. She remarks on how well Pilar ran the place and how she just hasnít caught on to it yet. Fox asks why they moved off the estate, and Katherine says it is just time. Ivy tells Fox to take their luggage over and she will find the key and follow. Then, when the others have left, she tells Whitney that they will take her to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as they get back, and then he/she can tell her how far along she is and who the father is. She says if itís Foxís child she wants to make sure it has the best care possible, and if itís Chadís, they will cross that bridge when they come to it.

In the Crane foyer, Theresa is still groaning and crying out in pain, and Ethan is still holding her. Rebecca says itís all show so Ethan will pay attention to her, then says she is right where she wants to be, in Ethanís arms. Theresa says she is really cramping, and Ethan tells Rebecca she is telling the truth, but Rebecca continues, saying that it is all an act. She tells Gwen that when she was pregnant with her, anytime she wanted some bling bling, all she had to do was act like she was cramping and her husband would run out and buy her more diamonds. She says Theresa is putting on an act so Ethan will pay attention to her. Gwen seems willing to believe her, since she still hasnít called for an ambulance. Rebecca tells her that Theresa is just acting so she can get Ethan close to her, that when she is fine Ethan pays her no attention, but if she acts like sheís cramping and losing the baby, he is right there to help her. She tells her to admit itís just one of her schemes.

At Sheridanís, there is a knock at the door and Luis says if itís his father again he willÖand doesnít finish the sentence. He opens the door to find Beth and invites her in. She asks if heís ok and he realizes she knows about Martin. She tells him that Paloma had come to the Book Cafť and told them all about it. She begins talking about Mrs. Wheeler, how she must be a really horrible person, and calls her names. Sheridan interrupts, asking if sheíd like something to drink, but Beth says no, and begins calling Mrs. Wheeler trash, asking what kind of woman would hook up with a man she knows has a wife and kids. Sheridan tells her to shut up, and Beth asks why. Luis agrees and asks if sheís defending his fatherís whore again. (commercial)

Alone in the Bennett living room, Whitney talks to herself about the fact that it is just her luck that Foxís mother knows all about passing someone elseís baby off as another personís, since she had passed her and Samís son Ethan off as Julianís for years. Now she is trying to prove the baby Whitney is carrying isnít Foxís by her half-brother Chadís. She hears Chad call her name and turns to see him standing at the edge of the room. She asks how long he had been there.

Rebecca tells Theresa to admit her little crampathon is just another way to get Ethan to pay attention to her. She says no, itís not fake, she is really cramping and thinks she is going to lose ďour babyĒ. Rebecca perks up at that, repeating ďour baby?Ē and Gwen asks what the heck sheís talking about.

Sheridan tells Luis she wasnít going to defend Mrs. Wheeler again, she knows what she did was wrong. He asks why she told Beth to stop talking about her and Sheridan tells him she is tired of talking about the Wheelers, theyíve been talking about them for years and itís time to talk about something else. Not to be outwitted, Beth continues with her tirade against Mrs. Wheeler, saying as many bad things as possible. Luis agrees with her as Sheridan listens and fumes, trying not to defend the woman again. Beth pushes and pushes, talking about Martin being seduced away by that tramp, telling Sheridan how hard it had been for the whole family after Martin left, how Luis worried the whole time about his father maybe being hurt or dead, and now he finds out all that time he was living in Mexico with Mrs. Wheeler, then calls her names and asks what kind of lowlife she must be to do something like that. She then asks Sheridan if she agrees with her.

Ivy gets the Wheelers settled in their room and tells them when breakfast is served, then leaves. Katherine is thrilled at her grandson Fox, and wishes she could have watched him grow up. He says they both have regrets, but at least they still have each other. She says yes, she is very grateful to him for all heís done for her. He says he hates that his family hates him now that they know who he is. Alistair and a henchman step into the room and says he isnít alone, that Katherineís daughter hates her, too. Martin asks how he got in the room, and Alistair tells him he should know by now that he can do anything he wants to. Martin tells him he is going to kill him for all the pain heís caused and headís toward him as Katherine tries to stop him. (commercial)

Beth asks Sheridan again if she agrees with her that Mrs. Wheeler is a piece of trash for doing what she did. Sheridan says itís a sad situation for everyone, especially for Luis and his family, and itís very disappointing to know what she did. Beth smugly says she was disappointed when she got a C in home ec, but to find out Martin had left his family for some rich-bitch piece of trash is way beyond disappointing, itís betrayal, that Martin had betrayed his family by running away with another woman and that Mrs. Wheeler was a willing participant in that.

Martin goes after Alistair but Katherine yells no and tries to stop him. Alistair tells him to listen to his whore and live to die another day. Katherine asks if he hasnít caused enough trouble, but he says he didnít cause any of the trouble that has happened to any of them, that Martin and Katherine are the ones who caused it by running away, and that the familyís anguish was caused by their animal lust. Martin tells him to shut up, that he already told the man he and Katherine had not been lovers before they left, they were just targets on his hit list, desperate to stay alive. Alistair tells him he wasnít talking to him and tells his henchman to kill him if he interrupts him again. He then tells Katherine that her looks may have changed, but sheís still a sniveling neurotic, still playing the victim and blaming him for all her woes. She says he is to blame, and he asks if heís to blame for Sheridan hating her now. He says no, she hates her for being the other woman in Luisí fatherís life, for hurting Pilar and not being the heroine she once thought she was and asks her to imagine how much more sheíll hate her if she finds out she is her mother. She tells him to shut up, but he says thatís what scares her, that she blames him for the position sheís in, but itís her fault for choosing to abandon her, and now she hates herself for it.

On the way back home, Fox tells his mother not to start in on Whitney when they get back to the house. He believes her when she says the baby is his. Ivy asks if thatís the case, why hasnít she seen a doctor. He says he doesnít know, that she just found out sheís pregnant, and she asks how she can be sure the baby is his, then. They donít even know how far along she is. He tells her sheís picking on her, but she says no, she just wants to make sure who the baby belongs to, and if itís his she wants to make sure it gets the best care possible. He thanks her and says they will go to the doctor and find out whoís baby it is, and asks if that will make her happy. She says it will, and they walk on.

In the house, Chad tells Whitney he just got there, but he was there long enough to know she was talking to herself but he couldnít hear what she said, then asks her if it was important. She says no, she was just talking to herself. He says he talks to himself, too, now that she isnít with him any more. She asks why he came over and he says he came to deliver a box to Chief Bennett, asking if heís around. She says no, so he asks if she will make sure he gets it. She says sure, and he starts to leave, then turns back and says they need to talk. She tries to say it might not be a good idea, but he says he wonít push himself on her, he just misses her and her love. She turns away, and he tells her he knows they are half-brother and sister and he canít love her the way they used to, but he still loves her and knows she loves him. She says she canít just turn it off. He agrees and says they both care about each other a lot and why do they have to throw that away, why canít they find a way to be friends.

Gwen asks the moaning Theresa what she meant by ďIím losing our babyĒ. Rebecca agrees, and Ethan tells them she meant our baby as in they are all involved in it, that itís his and Gwenís baby and sheís the surrogate. Theresa agrees thatís what she meant, but Rebecca mocks her by saying ďYeah, Polly want a cracker?Ē Theresa yells and says ďEthan, Gwen, help me!Ē Rebecca keeps it up, saying the Emmy for best acting goes to her. Theresa says itĎs getting worse, and Rebecca says her acting does, too. She then says Olympic wrestlers donít grunt and moan this much, but Theresa tells them something is wrong, she needs help. Gwen says sheís calling an ambulance, but Rebecca tells her not to. Gwen asks what if itís real, but Rebecca insists it isnít, sheís just acting this way to get Ethan to pay attention to her, and itís working, and Gwen is so worried about the baby that she canít see it for the shameless ploy it is. Theresa swears itís not a ploy, that something is really wrong and begs them to help her. (commercial)

As Ivy and Fox arrive at the house, Ivy stops and tells Fox that she wants to make sure that his love for Whitney isnít blinding him to the possibility that the baby might be Chadís. He tells her that Whitney said itís his and she wouldnít lie to him. Ivy counters that maybe she isnít sure and sheís convinced herself itís Foxís so she doesnít have to face the fact that she might be the mother of her own nephew. Fox says thatís disgusting, but Ivy says it is a possibility, thatís why Whitney needs to see a doctor and find out for sure, and that if it isnít his, then maybe he shouldnít marry Whitney and raise a baby that isnít his own. He tells her to stop right there, and she agrees, then says sheís just a mother trying to protect her son. He asks about all those years she left him and his sisters alone while she spent all her time on Ethan. She admits she hadnít been a good mother, hadnít loved him and his sisters like she should have because they were Julianís, but that sheís trying to make up for it now. He says if she wants him to be happy, she needs to quit trying to cause problems between him and Whitney.

Whitney tells Chad she thinks itís a good idea for them to try to be friends. He thanks God and her, then hugs her and tells her they will make it work. She asks if he has any ideas how, and he says theyíll think of something, that they are talking and thatís a start. He says he has missed talking to her and heís felt so alone, especially with everything that happened, that he really needed her and she wasnít there. She says itís been really hard for her, too, and that she still canít believe heís her brother. He tells her they donít have to talk about the big stuff, they can talk about the day-to-day stuff like they used to. She agrees, then tells him to start. He says he cleaned out his car like she always told him to, and she laughs, saying itís about time, she thought sheíd have to call out the hazmat team to do it. She asks how he likes his job at Crane Industries and he says that Julian is talking about starting up their own record label, but he feels like heís in over his head already. She tells him he probably just needs to take some time, that he can handle it. He tells her she always knew what to say to make him feel better, then tells her itís her turn. She thinks about it and the baby comes to mind, then she thinks that he canít know that Ivy wants to take her to the doctor, so she tells him maybe he should go so there wonít be any trouble when Fox and Ivy get back, and he agrees. He gets up to leave just as they walk in the door, and Ivy says itís good heís there, that way he can go with them to the hospital. He asks whoís going to the hospital, and she tells him itís Whitney. He wants to know why and asks whatís wrong. Ivy tells Whitney she needs to tell him why they are going.

Luis tells Beth sheís right about one thing, that both his father and Mrs. Wheeler are cut from the same cloth, and asks what kind of woman would want a man who would leave his wife and children to suffer and struggle. He says she has to be as selfish and irresponsible as his father. Sheridan looks at them both uneasily, but Beth is pleased her plan is working well.

Alistair asks Katherine what itís like to have her daughter hate her for being a husband-stealing slut, and knowing sheíll hate her even more when she discovers who she really is. Katherine tells him itís true, Sheridan doesnít regard her very highly now, and knowing she is her mother would hurt her deeply and make her very angry, but once she finds out that he had beat her, raped her, and tried to kill her, Sheridan will understand why she had to leave, have plastic surgery and hide herself away with Martin to save them selves and protect their children she will understand and find it in her heart to forgive her and love her. He says that might be true, she might be able to convince her of that and make her love her again, but at what price. She asks what he means, and he asks if she really wants to win her love by destroying the love she has with Luis.

Theresa is still in Ethanís arms, still hurting, and she asks them to please help her, she is still hurting and needs help. Rebecca continues to insist sheís faking it, she has indigestion from eating salsa and warm milk. Theresa insists thatís not it, there is really something wrong and she needs an ambulance. Ethan tells Gwen to call an ambulance, but Gwen says sheíll call a maid to take her to her room and keep her eye on her, that the doctor told them there might be some pain after the procedure, itís nothing to worry about. Theresa asks Ethan to please help, but Gwen tells her to stop trying to get Ethanís attention, go to bed, and leave them alone to finish their evening and then go to bed. Rebecca chimes in that Ethan will then make love to Gwen many, many times. Gwen pulls him away from Theresa, and they leave her alone in the foyer. She asks Rebecca to please call an ambulance, something is wrong with the baby, but Rebecca tells her to go to bed and get some sleep, that once she delivers Gwenís baby, she is going to make Theresaís life a living hell, then follows Gwen and Ethan into the living room. Theresa sees the phone on the lowboy and tries to reach it, but she passes out instead. They hear her fall from the living room and Ethan rushes out to see whatís happened to her. Rebecca once again tells her to give it up. (commercial)

Theresa lies unconscious on the floor as Gwen and Ethan bend down to check on her and Rebecca stands there and tells Ethan to step away from the fajita. He tells her the girl has fainted it, but Rebecca says she is faking it. She tells them to ignore her. Gwen says that even if she were lying about the cramping, she hit the floor very hard when she fell and it could have hurt the baby. Rebecca repeats that she is lying, but Ethan says no, she isnít, that something is very wrong with her.

Beth tells Luis sheís sorry but it looks to her like his father and Mrs. Wheeler are a perfect match, that they are both selfish and donít care about anyone else. Sheridan looks out the window and remembers the times she and Mrs. Wheeler talked and the time she protected Sheridan from the snakes. She asks if Mrs. Wheeler is really the monster they are saying she is. Beth looks at her, then at Luis.

Alistair asks Katherine if she really wants to destroy the love between Luis and Sheridan. He says if she chooses to love Katherine, Luis would hate her, because he couldnít forgive her for loving the woman who destroyed his family, even if itís Katherine, her own mother. Martin curses at him, but the henchman holds him back. Alistair asks Katherine if telling her daughter the truth worth destroying her happiness, and if sheí really that selfish that she would put her own happiness above Sheridanís.

Chad asks Whitney why sheís going to the hospital. She tells him sheís fine, and Ivy says they certainly hope so. Fox tells her she has no right to do this, but she says she has every right to protect him and her grandchild, if it is Foxís child, and they wonít know until they see a doctor. Chad asks Whitney what Ivy means about hoping sheís fine, and Fox tells him that Whitneyís pregnant. (commercial)

Theresa rouses and asks Ethan to please help her and the baby. Rebecca, sitting on the stairs, says thatís right, she just canít wait for Ethan to carry her up the stairs like in Gone With the Wind. Gwen yells ďOh, my GodĒ and sees Theresa is bleeding, realizing there is a problem. Rebecca says sheíll call a maid to clean it up, and Ethan yells at her that Theresa isnít lying, sheís in trouble. Gwen says sheíll call an ambulance, but Ethan tells her heíll drive her to the hospital. Gwen goes to get the car as Ethan lifts Theresa and carries her out. Rebecca sees the red spot on the floor and says ďIck, and it better be blood, not ketchup.Ē

Alistair asks Katherine again if she really wants to destroy Sheridan and Luisí love, because if she does, by all means she should tell her the truth. He says to tell her sheís her mother, Martin Fitzgeraldís whore. Martin yells at him to shut up and get the hell out. Alistair says he was leaving anyway, that smoking isnít allowed in there. He tells Katherine itís amazing how much trouble she has caused around here, and although she calls him evil, she should look in the mirror at what all her plastic surgery canít hide. He tells her to get some sleep, she looks like hell, and walks out. Martin goes to her and tells her not to worry, he doesnít know what heís talking about, and she agrees, saying sheís not sad because of his condemnation of her but because heís right about Sheridan, that she can never tell her the truth and she can never be close to her again.

Beth is still trying to get under Sheridanís skin and she walks over to where sheís standing talking about not knowing what kind of woman could do the things Mrs. Wheeler has done, how low could she be to have shacked up with a deadbeat like Luisí father, how gross must she be if Martin was the best she could do/ She says if thereís anything good about Mrs. Wheeler she canít imagine what it is, and Luis agrees. Sheridan is standing mutely with her head in her hand, listening to all of it. Luis asks if she is ok, and she says itís fine, that thinking about everything thatís gone on is really upsetting. Luis agrees, and says especially for his mother, knowing that the man she loved left her for a skank like Mrs. Wheeler. Beth realizes sheís right, that Mrs. Wheeler is the key to getting Sheridan and Luis apart, and when she finds out enough about her sheíll be able to get rid of Sheridan for good.

Chad looks at Whitney and asks if sheís really pregnant, then asks how far long she is. Ivy says they arenít sure, thatís the reason they are going to the hospital, to find out and get the proper care for the baby. Chad says that means the baby could be his, but Fox says no, itís not, itís his. Ivy says they donít know that for a fact, and Fox tells her to shut up. She says when they get to the hospital they will know for sure, and thatís why Chad should go with them, that once the doctor checks her out they will know whether the baby is Foxís or her half-brother Chadís. Whitney looks at her with loathing, and she looks back as if sheís looking at a bug.

Preview: Rebecca to Ethan: ďWhat the hell is going one between you and Theresa?Ē

Whitney, to Ivy: ďNo! I am not going to the hospital, Ivy.Ē

Tabitha to Endora: ďPut on your seatbelt, Endora, we are going to host a Thanksgiving from hell.Ē

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