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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

In Father Lonigan’s office, Whitney tells him that the only thing she can think to do is go away and let a loving couple adopt her baby. He says that might be the best solution under the circumstances. She says she couldn’t live with herself if she tried to pass it off as Fox’s, since it wouldn’t be fair. The Priest says that’s true, unless she tells him the truth and lets him make the decision. He reminds her that she has told him that Fox loves her, and she agrees, saying that’s why she can’t put him in this position, that giving the child up for adoption is the only answer. Father Lonigan tells her he will make some calls to find somewhere she can stay until the baby is born. She thanks him for that, then thanks him for everything. He tells her that she and her baby are always in her prayers. She tells him that this way her baby will have a good home with parents that love him, and her secret will be safe forever.

On the Bennett’s patio, Fox is looking at the pregnancy test he found when the garbage can was dumped out, wondering who’s it is. He knows it can’t be his mother’s, and figures it has to be Whitney’s, and that would explain their stop at the drug store the night before and why she was in the bathroom so long afterwards. He smiles and says “What do you know. The woman of my dreams is going to make me a daddy.”

In the Crane living room, Ethan and Gwen are snuggled up on the sofa. He tells her this is the most relaxed he’s seen her in a very long time. She tells him that although it’s very hard for her to not think about the baby they lost, there is still so much to look forward to. She says Theresa is going to deliver them a healthy, beautiful baby girl and then they will be the family they’ve wanted to be for so long. She says it really wouldn’t feel right for her to keep dwelling on the sad part. Ethan remembers Theresa telling him that Fate has made it so the baby she’s carrying is hers, and that will bring him back to her. Gwen asks what he’s thinking about, and he tells her the same thing she is, the baby. She tells him it’s like waiting for a miracle, and that before long they will be sitting on that very couch holding their new baby. She then thanks him for being so understanding and realizing how important it is to her. She tells him she loves him, and they kiss. Theresa walks in and sees them, then coughs. Gwen asks what she’s doing up, and Theresa tells her she’s fine, she just has a real craving for some warm milk like she made her last night. She asks if she can go warm it up, but Gwen tells her no, she’s supposed to call her or one of the servants to do things for her. She tells her to sit and she’ll go warm some up for her and bring it back. She heads to the kitchen, and Theresa sits beside Ethan on the sofa. She looks at him, smiling, and says hi. He says hi back, but looks perturbed.

Luis walks into Beth’s book store holding Precious’ hand, sits her at a table and tells her to stay there while he gets them chocolates.

She watches him walk to the counter, then he turns and throws her a kiss. In the real world, Edna, Little Martin, and Precious enter Beth’s store, and Beth tells her she isn’t supposed to bring the monkey there. Precious and Edna become upset that she called her a monkey, and Edna tells her daughter that Precious is an Orangutan, and is much smarter than a monkey. Beth tells her the monkey will scare her patrons, but Edna says she won’t scare them any more than Beth does, and that Precious is quite pleasant, unlike her. Little Martin is fussy, but Beth apologizes to him because she can’t spend more time with him right now, then goes to help a customer. Edna tells Precious to take the baby and go sit at a table, then goes to Beth, telling her that her life hadn’t quite turned out like she thought, since she thought she’d be Mrs. Luis by now, but he is with Sheridan while Beth is doomed to waiting on spoiled yuppies who want their café machiatoes a little hotter. Beth, pouring coffee into a cup as Edna talks, moves the pot over and spills the hot coffee on Edna’s hand, burning her.

In Sheridan’s living room, Martin tells Katherine that she can’t tell Sheridan that she is her mother. Katherine agrees, saying it might make the girl take her side against Luis and she doesn’t want to do that and cause them to split up. Martin says they have to leave right away, but Katherine asks about Paloma, reminding him that she will be broken hearted, that she just found out Martin is her real father and must think he is going to stay there. He says she will get over it, and with them gone, she will turn back to Luis and Theresa and hopefully to Pilar. He tells her to hurry so they can leave before Sheridan gets back.

At that moment, Sheridan and Luis are walking up the path to her cottage. He says he feels a lot better now, and she says she is sorry she took Mrs. Wheelerís side, that she is just a stranger to her while Luis is everything. He says she means the world to him, too. She says that when they get inside she will call Pilar and apologize for taking Mrs. Wheelerís side over hers. She says she doesnít understand why that woman got to her.

They enter the cottage and the Wheelers walk out of the bedroom with their luggage. Both couples are startled and stand staring at each other. (commercial)

Edna is reacting to the hot coffee, shaking her hand to cool it, as Beth pretends to apologize for spilling the coffee on her, saying her hand must have slipped. Edna lets her know she doesn’t believe her for a minute, saying the Lord knows she’s a clumsy oaf but she did that on purpose. Beth tells her to take the baby and Precious home, but Edna tells her fat chance and says she wants a bandage. Beth slaps a rag on her burn and Edna yelps in pain. Beth tells her mother to go home and put a cold compress on it, it will get better. Edna retorts that it better, or she’ll sue her for everything she has. Beth tells her to lower her voice, everyone can hear her, but the old woman says she’ll give them something to talk about and calls Precious over to show Beth how to pour a cup of coffee, since she obviously doesn’t know how. Precious jumps down from her chair and goes over there, gets up on the counter and pours a cup of coffee. Edna hands the cup to a customer and says “There you go”, telling him her name is Precious, it’s her first time as a waitress, and don’t forget the tip. Beth tells her to take her monkey and go home, but Edna says that’s some way to talk to her son’s babysitter. Beth tells her to shut up and go home, but Edna says if it weren’t for Precious, she’d have to have Marty with her all day long, and she’d have to worry about Sheridan stopping by for a sandwich because both their eyes light up when they see each other because they look like mother and son, while Beth and Marty don’t look alike. Beth warns her mother not to make any more taunts, and Edna asks what she will do, kidnap Sheridan again, steal her baby again? No, she says, she’s lost her accomplice, that she is one lucky lady for getting away with all the atrocities she did last time, and that she is living on borrowed time. She goes on to tell her that this is a small town and Sheridan is going to be running into her baby all the time especially since she’s married to Luis. Beth tells her that marriage wasn’t legal, but Edna says it will be, and when Luis comes to see his son, Sheridan will be with him so she should be nervous because before too long Little Marty will be the spitting image of his real mother. She says Beth will have to make Marty wear a paper bag over his head. Beth tells her to be quiet, she has customers, but Edna looks around and says not too many, but that’s not unusual because she always messes up everything she does. She then asks her how she looks at herself in the mirror every morning, telling her that she would kill herself if she had her looking back at her. Beth, steaming, says “I hate you”, and Edna replies “So, what else is new?” She points at Martin and tells Beth to look, it’s already happening, that she and Luis have dark hair and eyes, but Martin is so fair. Beth tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, that genes skip generations and there’s no reason their child should look like either one of them. Edna tells her it won’t be long before someone will look at him and put it all together, and she bets the first one will be Sheridan, since she’s so interested in him. Beth says it’s not going to happen, but Edna goes on, saying that is the day she and Precious are waiting for, the day that Sheridan gets Luis back on the case, and that is the day Beth’s whole world is going to blow up and she’s going to be standing there front row saying “I told you so!”

Luis asks Martin and Katherine what they are still doing there. Sheridan tells them she was hoping they’d be gone by now. Katherine tells her they were on their way, and Martin says the last thing they want to do is cause them any trouble. Luis tells him it’s a little late for that. Martin starts to tell him that he wants to say he’s sorry, but Luis tells him he’s not interested. Then Martin says if there’s anything he can do, but Luis looks daggers through him and says he’s got a lot of nerve. Martin tells him he hates what they think he did, but Luis says he destroyed their family and asks what more is there. Martin says there’s a lot but he can’t say any more. Luis tells him not to bother, he wouldn’t believe a word he said anyway. He tells Martin he is nothing to him, only a bad memory he will spend the rest of his life trying to erase. Martin is hurt, then tells his son that he wanted to try to say goodbye, leave him something to remember him by. Luis says he has a better idea, then lunges at him, pushing him back against the wall as he asks how about him giving Martin something to remember him by. (commercial)

Ethan tells Theresa it’s not going to work and stands up, walking away from the couch. Theresa asks what won’t, her sitting down, because Gwen is the one who told her to sit down. He tells her he knows what she is doing, like the back massage she had him give her upstairs. He says he knows she wanted Gwen to walk in and find him massaging her, but she says she had some back pain after the procedure and it was completely innocent. He says right, just like it always is, and she comes back telling him it sounds like he thinks she has some irresistible power over him. She says she wishes she did, but she doesn’t. He tells her he doesn’t wish that, and no matter how often her tells her they have no future together, she refuses to believe it, that she has this idea that they will….then says it’s not going to happen. She tells him to sit down, that she didn’t come down to engage in some back and forth about fantasies, that she just has the strongest feeling that the baby she’s carrying is the one they made. He says it doesn’t matter, that Gwen will believe it’s hers and that’s all that matters. She says she feels that once this baby is born he won’t be able to resist the three of them being a family together. She tells him she is the mother of his child, not a monster, and lays her hand on his shoulder. Rebecca walks in and yells for her to keep her filth hand off her daughter’s husband.

Fox looks at the pregnancy test and says Whitney and he are having a baby. Ivy walks out the back door and asks him why he’s out there talking to himself and tells him to come inside because it’s cold out there. He says ok, then goes inside after throwing the test back into the garbage. He goes in and starts washing his hands at the sink, whistling while he does so, and Ivy asks why he’s so happy, acting like the cat that just stumbled on the canary. He tells her he might have just stumbled onto something better in the garbage, then asks her if she has taken a pregnancy test lately. She laughs and says no, and he hollers “I knew it!” several times while hugging her. He tells her Whitney is pregnant, but she says he told her he was being careful, but he says accidents happen and this is a wonderful accident to have happen. She reminds him the test could have been Jessica’s, but he says no, she hasn’t been home in a while and that Kay can’t have babies because of the accident she had, so it has to be Whitney. She doesn’t look happy, and says she doesn’t believe it, but he tells her about taking Whitney by the drug store the night before and wouldn’t tell him what she was buying, so it has to be hers. He grabs Ivy again, calling her grandma and saying he’s going to be a father. Meanwhile, Whitney comes to the back door saying she can do this, she can leave, have Chad’s baby and give it up for adoption, then come home and no one will ever know her secret. She walks inside to see Fox twirling around holding Ivy in his arms and asks what’s up. Fox says he’s just happy because he knows everything, that he knows she’s having a baby. (commercial)

Edna looks lovingly at Little Martin and says every day he looks more like his real mommy and less like the psycho, wacko harridan that stole him, then tells Beth that’s her. Beth tells her to get out. Paloma walks in and is met by Precious at the counter. She is startled, then wonders that people say they have weird customs in Mexico. She orders a hot chocolate from her, then Beth arrives and tells her not to worry, that she’ll get it for her, then pushes Precious out of the way. Paloma asks if Precious has been working there long, but Beth says she doesn’t work there, she is her mother’s caretaker. Paloma is surprised at hearing that, and Beth tells her she shops, cooks, cleans, all kinds of things, and Paloma says America is an amazing place. Beth serves her the hot chocolate and asks where she’s from. Paloma says Mexico, and Beth asks if she is Paloma. The girl says yes and is surprised that Beth knows of her. Beth explains that Luis talks about her all the time and they used to be very close. Edna comes up and introduces herself to the girl, then asks Beth if she doesn’t think the girl would like to meet Luis’ son. Paloma is thrilled and says she’d love to see him, that she’s heard so much about him, and she goes over to look at him. She says he’s adorable, but she can’t figure out who he looks, like, Luis or Beth. Edna says frankly, he doesn’t look like either one of them, but Paloma says he looks like someone she knows. Edna is pleased to see the girl realizes he resembles someone else, but Beth looks worried.

Sheridan runs to Luis and tells him no, not again. She pulls him away from Martin. Katherine jumps in telling him that he is still Luis’ father, no matter what Luis thinks he did. Luis tells her he knows and he’s not going to hurt him. He just wants Martin to know it’s not over yet. Martin says he’s leaving and they’ll never lay eyes on him again. Luis asks if he really thinks he can just waltz into town and turn their lives upside down and then leave again. He tells them no, he’s changed his mind, and Martin is going nowhere until Pilar has a chance to talk to at lawyer. Martin asks why, and Luis says because it’s time she files for a legal divorce, and she is going to take him for every cent he ever made. Martin says she can have all the money he has, but it’s not much. Luis says that’s ok, every time he gets a paycheck for the rest of his life he will have to turn it over to Pilar for what he owes her, although nothing can make up for all the pain he caused her. Martin says he could work for the rest of his life and it wouldn’t be enough to repay what he owes her. Luis says he’ll take the rest out of blood, sweat, and tears, and he likes that better, anyway. (commercial)

Rebecca pulls Theresa up by her arm and drags her off the couch. Theresa tells her she’s hurting her, but Rebecca says she’s not even started yet, that she needs to stay away from her son-in-law. Gwen walks in with Theresa’s milk and asks what’s going on. Rebecca says the same as always, she turns her back for a minute and Theresa is all over Ethan. Ethan says that’s not true, and Gwen asks what the truth is, and he tells her that Theresa put her hand on his shoulder to make a point as they talked and Rebecca walked in a jumped to the wrong conclusion. He tells Rebecca that he doesn’t appreciate her upsetting both Gwen and Theresa after what they’ve both been through over the last 24 hours, and if she isn’t considerate of Theresa’s feelings, she should at least be considerate of her daughter. He asks if Theresa is ok, and she says yes, Rebecca pulled her arm hard but she’ll ok. Gwen gives her the milk and tells her she should go upstairs to bed and get off her feet. Theresa agrees and starts out of the room, then turns to Gwen and tells her she really is grateful for everything she’s done for her. She walks on out and Rebecca starts in about having seen everything, that after all that little tramp has put Gwen through, she is going to let her get away with murder. Gwen tells her Theresa is carrying her baby, and Rebecca says she’s also carrying a flaming torch for Ethan and if she can’t see it, she really feels sorry for her. Gwen says she doesn’t see it, and that she doesn’t believe that even Theresa would take advantage of their desperation, then asks Ethan if she would. He says no, she wouldn’t, and her mother is just flipping out as usual. He tells Gwen he loves her and he’s looking forward to their life together with their baby, and they are going to have that no matter what Theresa does. Rebecca doesn’t look so sure of that , and Theresa, listening outside the door, says “That’s what you think.”

Fox tells Whitney he wishes she would have told him sooner, that he wouldn’t have known about it if he hadn’t found the pregnancy test in the garbage. He says he’s not an expert at these things, but he does know that two pink lines mean a baby is on the way, and that’s what they’ve got. He sits her gently at the table. Whitney tries to act like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he says he knows this isn’t the way they planned it but he couldn’t be happier. She tells him that she doesn’t know who’s test he found but it wasn’t hers, she didn’t take a pregnancy test. Ivy is watching with interest. Fox tells Whitney that he is thrilled and couldn’t be happier, and that goes for Ivy, too. Ivy shrugs, but he doesn’t notice that. Whitney repeats that the test wasn’t hers. He says he knows it isn’t his mother’s and no one else is staying there right now, and asks about the trip to the drug store last night. She tells him she had a headache and wanted some aspirin, but Ivy says there is plenty of aspirin in the house. Whitney says she thought they might be out. Fox tells her he’s not buying it. He says that first she said it was a feminine product, then she had an upset stomach, so they go to the drug store where she won’t let him go in with her, won’t tell him what she bought, and when they get home she runs into the bathroom and stays for over half an hour. He tells her it doesn’t take half an hour to swallow an aspirin and asks Ivy for backup. She shakes her head no. Fox tells Whitney not to be embarrassed, that he is thrilled. She isn’t sure, but he says after all they’ve been through lately, it’s time for something good to come their way. He says that he knows on the outside he doesn’t look it, but he’s going to be the best dad in the world to their baby. She “Our baby?”, and he tells her he feels like Theresa, that he thinks it is destiny for them to have a baby now. She agrees and hugs him as Ivy looks on, not sure what’s going on with Whitney and the baby. (commercial)

Edna tells Paloma that sheís had the same feeling, that Little Martin reminds her of someone and it isnít Beth or Luis, and asks ďIsnít that peculiar?Ē She says sheís just dying to know who the little blond-haired, blue-eyed little tyke remind her of, as Paloma continues to study Little Martinís face closely. Beth she and her mother were just talking about that and itís not unusual for a baby to look nothing like itís parents, that it could look like itís grandparents or great-grandparents, too. Edna says he doesnít look like anyone in their family, and Beth says maybe itís someone on Luisí dadís side.

Paloma says no, thatís not it. Beth says she should have been there when he was little because he looked just like Luis. Paloma says she wishes she had been, that sheís missed so many family things. Edna says it must have been fun growing up in Mexico, that sheís heard the Mariachis are good looking. Beth reprimands her for speaking like that to the girl, but Edna says sheís an adult, she didnít say anything she shouldnít hear. Paloma says itís fine, but not all Mariachis are good looking. Edna still thinks it would be great to live in Mexico, that itís a lot less boring than Harmony. Paloma agrees, but says her family was here, then says actually, not all were. She then decides Luis wonít mind if she tells them about Martin and how he was living in Mexico where she was at with his wife, using a different name. She thought they were just a nice couple, but now knows heís her father. Beth asks about him having a wife, asking if she means he remarried after he left Pilar. Paloma says yes, and Edna wonders at the fact he had the nerve to come back to Harmony with his new wife. She says that takes gall. Paloma defends Mrs. Wheeler, saying she had been like a mother to her, but that Luis is very angry with her and hates her as much as he hates their father. Edna says at least he has the beautiful Sheridan to help him get over it, but Paloma tells them that actually, she had grown close to Mrs. Wheeler and had taken her side against Luis, causing them to split up. Beth lies and says sheís very sorry about that.

Luis tells Martin he’s not leaving Harmony until he’s paid Pilar back every cent he owes her. Katherine tells him Martin never wanted any of them to suffer, but he says what he wanted doesn’t cut it. He says she doesn’t care because she knew he was married with children all along. She tells Martin maybe it is best that they leave, but Luis tells them they are not leaving Harmony.

Martin tells him they have no place to stay there, and Luis tells him that’s his problem. Sheridan speaks up and tells them the Bennetts have a Bed and Breakfast they can get a room in. Martin says they’ll try that, then pick up their bags and walk toward the door. She tells Luis she is so sorry they caused them so much damage, but Luis tells her to save her breath, that she’s as bad as Martin, if not worse. Katherine then tells Sheridan she hopes the younger woman won’t be mad at her, but Sheridan says that Luis and Pilar are like the only family she’s ever had, and besides, the woman had lied to her, she isn’t the woman she thought she was, that she never would have been drawn to her had she known the kind of woman she is, and she would prefer it if she’d never laid eyes on her. She tells her she never wants to see her again. Katherine is hurt, and she and Martin walk out the door. Sheridan regrets being so harsh, but Luis says that whore stole his mother’s husband and deserves no mercy. (commercial)

Beth, behind the counter, tells Paloma she’s really sorry to hear about Mrs. Wheeler coming between Luis and Sheridan. Edna, sitting at a table with Little Martin and Precious, says “Not!” Paloma asks about her and Luis still being friends even though he’s with Sheridan. Beth says of course they are friends, that it’s best for Little Martin to have them both in his life, and that she likes Sheridan, too, saying she’s the best. Edna and Precious react to that with disbelief. Paloma tells Beth it’s good she’s so civilized, then says it’s so good meeting all of them, asks how much for the hot chocolate, then says thanks when Beth tells her it’s on the house. Edna tells her “Hasta la vista!” as she walks out, while Beth whispers “I have a very good feeling about this.” Edna asks her what she said, but Beth tells her she can’t wait to find out more about the woman Luis’ father has been living with. Edna is upset at that, saying she just wants to stir up trouble between Luis and Sheridan, but Beth tells her to go home. Edna tells Precious that just when she thought Luis and Sheridan were safe from Beth’s tricks, she comes up with another avenue to go down toward their destruction, and that she will not stop until she has separated them for good. Precious agrees.

Katherine tells Martin that she’s lost Sheridan again, that it’s worse than if she never came back to Harmony. Martin says he knows, that she had gotten so close to her daughter that it was the next best thing to having a real relationship with her. Katherine says she could have lived with that friendship, just having her close to her, but he says he doesn’t think so, and asks how many times had she almost told her she was her daughter. Katherine agrees, saying she almost told her again in the house, and he says if she had told her and Sheridan had taken her side against Luis, it would have split them up forever. She agrees, saying she’d never want to do that, and that at least she has one person who loves and adores her since she can’t be there for her, but that it hurts so badly. He says he knows, and she talks about what a wonderful, beautiful woman her daughter has become. She asks how she can live without her in her life now, and how will she go on with Sheridan’s last words in her mind, knowing she never wants to see her again.

Luis tells Sheridan he knows how hard it was for her to say those things to Mrs. Wheeler and tells her he appreciates her doing it. She says it’s all right, that he is everything to her while Mrs. Wheeler is a stranger, and that it wasn’t a difficult decision at all. He says he knows her better than that, but she swears she means it, she never wants to see that woman again.

Fox says he thinks the good news deserves a celebration and gets sparkling water for them to share. He tells the mama-to-be to come help him pour. Ivy says she thought Whitney would be thrilled at Fox’s reaction but instead she seemed shocked and horrified. She wonders how far along Whitney is. Fox gets Whitney settled on the sofa, gets the glasses, and pours the water for them. Whitney offers to go get Ivy, but he says she will find her way in, and she does. Fox tells her to come on in and share the toast with them. Ivy says she has just one question, then asks if she’s sure the baby is Fox’s or might it be Chad’s. Whitney drops her glass in shock and it shatters on the floor.

Rebecca tells Gwen and Ethan they are fools if they trust that man-stealer. Gwen tells her not to talk like that, and Ethan says they’ve already lost two children, then Gwen says she won’t stand there and listen to her tell her she is going to lose another. Rebecca says she’s just trying to prepare her for the war that lies ahead, but Gwen tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, that there is no way Theresa is going to deny her this baby, that she can’t because she has no claim to it, it is Gwen and Ethan’s baby. She’s carrying it to term, nothing more. They hear Theresa yell out in pain and rush to the foyer to see what’s wrong. She is doubled up in pain, and says she can’t lose this baby. They watch in horror as she asks them to please help her.

Previews: Chad, to Whitney: “What? What’s wrong?”

Ivy to Whitney: “Tell him why you’re going to the hospital.”

Alistair to Martin and Katherine: “I can do whatever I want.”

Martin’s reply: “You smug bastard! I’m gonna kill you for all the grief you’ve caused!”

Theresa passes out. Ethan, bending over her, to Gwen: “Something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong!”

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