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Passions Update Friday 11/19/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Whitney is sitting on Fox’s bed in his room at the Bennett house talking to herself about the fact she really is pregnant with her half-brother’s baby. She wonders what on earth she will do. She says her life will be completely ruined if anyone finds out, and so will Chad’s. So will the baby’s, with everyone in town taunting and whispering, that it won’t matter that they didn’t know they were siblings at the time, and that’s why she has to pass the baby off as Fox’s child. She says she knows it’s wrong, that Fox is a wonderful man and she doesn’t want to deceive him, but there is no other choice, she has to do it and hide the painful truth. As she says this, Fox walks in and asks what painful truth.

Martin tells Katherine that Pilar is devastated because she thinks he left her for another woman, Paloma chose Katherine over her own mother because she thinks Pilar drove Martin away, and Luis is so angry and hurt he will never forgive him. Katherine says thatís because they donít understand and that if they did, they would forgive them. Martin says it doesnít matter, that he deserves to be hated by them. Katherine says they had no choice, if they hadnít left town none of them would be safe. He tells her their families will never know that, and she says maybe they should. He tells her no, that if they knew what happened, Alistair would kill them all.

He says itís better for them to hate him than to be put in that kind of situation. He is relieved that at least Sheridan doesnít know she is her mother so she doesnít hate her like his family does him. Katherine wants to tell her the truth, but Martin says she canít. Katherine remembers how angry Sheridan got last night at learning that Mrs. Wheeler had left her children, too, and she is afraid of what would happen if she found out. She thinks sheíd hate her even more. She tells Martin itís all a mess and he says they have to leave right away before they cause anyone else more pain.

Luis walks by Sheridan’s cottage and stops to look at the front door. He tells Sheridan in his mind that she was the one person he thought he would always be able to count on, but she ended up defending a total stranger over him. He walks on, as inside the house, a sleeping Sheridan calls out his name. She reaches for him and finds the empty pillow, calling his name again. She looks and sees the empty side of the bed and realizes it wasn’t a dream, then apologizes to his picture for hurting him by defending Mrs. Wheeler. She says she still thinks there is more to the story and wonders if he will ever forgive her, hoping she hasn’t lost him forever because of it. (commercial)

Fox sits on his bed with Whitney and asks what painful truth she’s talking about. Whitney thinks quickly and tells him she was thinking about Theresa and the problems she’s been having, and how hard it will be on the baby she’s still carrying to know her brother gave his life so she could live. She says she’d feel a lot of guilt and try to be a perfect child to justify her existence. He says she amazes him because she’s always thinking about others. He agrees with her that it would be hard, but says he believes Gwen and Ethan will do everything they can to protect their child, that life is painful and that sometimes it’s better to leave some things unsaid. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about that now, she needs to get dressed and come down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. He kisses her and leaves so she can get ready. She says she hopes he meant what he said about the truth sometimes being left unsaid because the truth about her baby’s daddy is one of those things.

Luis enters his motherís room in the Crane mansion and crosses to her bed, where she is still sleeping, picking up the broken candle on the way. ďGood Morning, sleepyĒ, he tells her, then asks if he can get her some breakfast or run her a bath. She doesnít answer him. He reminds her that she always says a nice warm bath fixes everything. She tells him she doesnít want a bath nor breakfast. She just wants to be alone.

He tells her she canít do this to herself, he doesnít want her to get sick again. He says Martin is not worth it. She tells him she believed him with all her heart and soul, that he would never walk out on her. She tells him thatís why she had blamed Alistair all these years and had believed that there had to be a good reason for him to leave them and they never heard from him. She says she has been a fool, but Luis tells her she wasnít. She tells him she was, that she had been a fool to waste her life, waiting for him to come home all those years, but he was having fun living with his new wife while she just got old. She says she worked herself ragged trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, that she wouldnít think of going on welfare because it would bring shame to his fatherís good name. He tells her that she taught them values that way. She then talks about Paloma, saying she hates her, refuses to have anything to do with her but she chooses to call the woman who tore their whole life apart Mama. Luis tells her the girl will come around. Pilar goes on, saying she waited around all her life for a man who didnít want her, who didnít love her, who ran out on her and his children. She asks how she could have been so stupid. Luis tells her itís because she loved him, because she is honest and loyal. She tells her son she failed all of them and says sheís sorry for being a terrible mother.

Sheridan walks out of her room and tells the Wheelers they can’t leave. Martin tells her he thinks it’s for the best, that he just wants to make sure his children are all right and then they have to go. She says no, they can’t, but Katherine says they have to, then thanks her for being so generous and kind and for putting them up last night. Sheridan tells her she said horrible things to her last night , but Katherine tells her she deserved it. Sheridan apologizes, saying she didn’t and she had no right to say her children were better off without her. She says she’s sure she had good reasons for leaving them. Katherine tells her she regrets nothing so much as she does leaving her children, and Sheridan tells her to go see them, explain everything to them and she knows they’ll understand and forgive her. Katherine says she’s hurt them enough and doesn’t want to hurt them more. Sheridan says she is sure if Katherine explains what happened they’ll forgive her, that she would. Katherine takes hope from that and asks if she would forgive her mother for leaving her instead of dying. Sheridan thinks about it, then says yes, that she knows it might take a while to get over the hurt and anger, but she would get over it and be so happy to have her back that she would forgive her because she would have a good reason for what she did. She urges Mrs. Wheeler to contact her children. Katherine takes hope as Martin looks wary, and she tells her maybe she’ll do that. (commercial)

At the table in Samís house, Ivy tells Whitney not to take it the wrong way, then says that the girl has been there almost every night and asks if she doesnít want to go home. Whitney tells her it feels as if she no longer has a home, and Ivy apologizes, saying she realizes her parentís break up hasnít been easy. Whitney talks about Ivyís marriage and asks if she knew he and her mother were in love. Ivy says that she always knew there was someone else in his heart, and Whitney assume Eve caused problems in her marriage, too.

Ivy says no, there were problems between her and Julian, but truth be told, she never loved him, either, because her heart had always belonged to Sam. She says she did try to love Julian in the beginning, and then Fox says ďYeah, but he was always cheating on you.Ē Ivy agrees that Julianís infidelities hurt but says she is willing to accept partial responsibility for their marriage failing because she tried to pass off Ethan as Julianís son and that hurt him as badly as she had been hurt by him. She says it was a terrible thing to have done, even though she thought she was doing the right thing for everyone in the beginning, protecting Ethan from the stigma of being illegitimate, saving him from whispers, stares, and all the hurtful things people would say, and that he would grow up to be the Crane heir with all the privileges that entails. But passing him off as another manís son was the worst thing she could have done and she doesnít think any of them will ever get over it.

Pilar says a mother’s first priority should always be for the welfare of her children, but she was so blind to what really happened she failed them. Luis says it’s not true, she was a wonderful mother, the best there is, and that she sacrificed so much for them. She says they still didn’t have all the things they needed, like shoes, clothes, family trips. He agrees they didn’t have all those things, but he tells her they all knew she loved them with all her heart and that was worth way more than all that other stuff. He tells her she’s the best and they are lucky to have her. He says they love her, but she says Paloma doesn’t. He tells her she does, she’s just confused, but she’ll come around. She says she failed them all their lives, that she was a fool hanging on to the fantasy of who their father really was, keeping her faith in him all those years, and now she’s paying the price for her poor judgment. He tells her she wasn’t a fool, she was a good wife, good Catholic, and a good person who stayed true to her marriage and taught her kids loyalty, strength and honesty and they wouldn’t trade that for anything. She says she ruined their lives, but he tells her she gave them their lives and tells her not to blame herself, that it’s all Martin and that woman’s fault, that they should pay and he will make sure that happens.

Sheridan tells Katherine that no matter what happens she knows her children will forgive her. Katherine asks if she’s sure, that she would understand and forgive if it were her. Sheridan says it would be hard, but in time she is sure she would, and that she’s sure her children would, too. Martin clears his throat to get her attention, and she looks his way, but then turns back to Sheridan and tells her there is something they need to talk about. (commercial)

Ivy says it was wrong to deceive Julian all those years by letting him think he was Ethan’s father, and it was wrong to deny Sam his son. But she says the one who was hurt most was Ethan. Whitney says has always seemed happy and successful so whatever he went through later had to be better than being gossiped about. She says she had thought the same but now knows better. He had been raised the Crane heir, the one who would take over the Crane empire, and that he had wanted to do that, but when the news got out he lost all that , his birthright and even his identity. Fox says that now it looks like neither of her sons will take over Crane Industries because Ethan isn’t a Crane and Julian disowned Fox. Ivy says Julian had no right to do that, and cheating Fox out of his birthright is just wrong. He says yes, but Julian has now given everything to Chad, but Ivy says she won’t sit by and let that conniving bastard, Chad Harris, rob him of what’s rightfully his. Whitney snaps at them to not talk about Chad that way, saying he is a good man.

Katherine doesnít know where to begin. Sheridan tells her she thinks she knows whatís going on, that it must be scary and sheíd love to help her contact her children, even go with her to meet them, but she canít because of the fight she and Luis had last night, that he thinks she betrayed him by defending her, and it created a horrible rift between them because of the pain Martin and she caused his family. She feels if she helps Katherine it might make things worse to the point it will never heal, and she canít risk that, canít risk losing Luis because she loves him so much, heís her life. Katherine tells her she understands, then says to herself that if she got closer to her it would destroy her relationship with Luis and she canít be responsible for that. She then tells Sheridan that whatever her feelings for her are, they are not worth losing Luis over. Sheridan hopes after a night apart he might be willing to talk. Katherine says sheís sure thatís true, that she knows he loves her very much.

Sheridan says she loves him, too. Katherine tells her to go find him. Sheridan tells her heís up at the mansion with Pilar, then, as she starts to leave, she turns to her and tells her to go find her children, they need to have her in their lives. Martin sits by Katherine to help calm her. She tells him that there was a minute when she felt it would be ok to tell Sheridan who she is, that it would be alright, but then she says that she was wrong, that she canít tell her, not now, not ever.

Luis tells Pilar that he will never forgive Martin for abandoning them the way he did. He says he can’t believe Sheridan would defend Mrs. Wheeler after everything she has done to the family. Pilar tells him she doesn’t want to hear that woman’s name again, that she can’t take much more right now. He says he’s sorry, then asks if she wants to eat something. She says no, she doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to think, doesn’t want to do anything. She tells him she loves him but she just wants to be alone. He says no, that she taught them that when a Lopez-Fitzgerald is hurting, they stick together. She tells him he’s not a child, that she loves him but she needs to be alone, just her and God. She begs him to understand. He agrees to go, but makes her promise to call him if she needs anything. He tells her she is a wonderful mother and he doesn’t want her to doubt that because of what Martin has done to her. He tells her he loves her very much, kisses her, and leaves her crying in her bed as he walks out the door. When the door is closed, he asks how his father could betray his family like that, and how can Sheridan support Mrs. Wheeler instead of him. As he starts down the hall, he sees Sheridan coming to Pilar‘s room. They stand and look at each other. (commercial)

Fox asks how Whitney can defend Chad when he stole his position at Crane Industries. She tells him that’s not what she’s doing, she is just saying he’s always been a good guy and he wouldn’t do anything like that. She says it must have just happened that way. Fox says he knew exactly what he was doing, that he saw a rift between him and his father and jumped on it. Ivy tells him he should stop saying things like that since Chad is Whitney’s half-brother. Fox says he’s his, too, but he doesn’t want to think about it. Ivy says the point is, Whitney probably doesn’t want to hear them talking that way about Chad. Ivy apologizes to her, but Whitney says no, it’s fine. Ivy says she will clean up and Fox offers to help. They start clearing the table, but Ivy tells him that what she really needs help with is hanging all the Indian corn on the doorways of the B & B. Fox marvels that she really loves doing that stuff, and she says she really does, and it would surprise her sorority sisters, too, that they would be shocked to see Princess Ivy living as an innkeeper. She says sharing the responsibility with Sam makes her love it. Fox apologizes to Whitney and she says it’s ok, then he starts to take the basket of corn to hang on the doors. As he is leaving, Ivy asks him to take out the trash as well, which he does. Once he’s gone, Ivy tells Whitney that she had been wrong, that she has been good for her son and has helped the two of them make peace. She says she will always be grateful for that. Whitney thanks her for being so kind, letting her stay there, and making her feel like she has a family again. Ivy tells her she knows it must have been hard on her, going through what she did, and finding out the man she loved and was going to marry was her brother must have been awful. Whitney says it was hard, and a part of her feels she should have known. Ivy tells her it isn’t her fault, but Whitney says she feels like it is. Ivy tells her the good thing is they found out when they did instead of waiting until they had married and started having children. Whitney grabs her stomach and bends over slightly, and Ivy asks if she’s ok. Whitney says she’s fine, then Ivy says she’s sorry, that all this stress has upset her. Whitney says no, actually it’s given her a lot to think about. As Ivy walks out of the room, Whitney says to herself that she has a plenty to think about.

Martin tells Katherine they should never have come back to Harmony, it was a foolish fantasy to think they could be a part of their children’s lives again. He says they need to leave as soon as possible and never look back, but first he has to see Pilar and his children one more time, that he can’t just leave them again without a word. Katherine agrees, saying she can’t let Sheridan know who she is because not only would it cause Alistair to seek his revenge, but it would drive a wedge between her and Luis.

Sheridan tells Luis that she knows he didn’t want to talk to her last night but she was hoping today…he cuts her off, telling her he doesn’t think it’s a good time. She tells him she once read that the secret to a good marriage is to never go to bed angry, and it just didn’t feel right going to bed without him last night. He says after everything they’ve meant to each other, how could she not be there for him last night, how could she support this woman who has caused his family so much pain, and asks if she just doesn’t love him at all. He is crying as he says it. Sheridan says of course she loves him, more than anything. She tells him she never meant to hurt him or let him down, but she has been confused about the feelings she’s had for her ever since they met. He asks what about her feelings for him, and she says she was just concerned about Mrs. Wheeler. He asks if she was more concerned for her than she is about him or his mother. She says she thought there was more to the story and she still thinks there is. Still crying, he tells her that Pilar has been like a mother to her, and for all these years she believed that whatever caused him to leave them was out of his control, and that she’s always hoped one day he’d come back to her. Sheridan tells him of course she does. He says then she must have known how she would feel when she found out the truth “And yet you still supported her, this Mrs. Wheeler? Why?” She says she doesn’t know, she wishes she did, there is just something about Mrs. Wheeler, but the point is that she loves him, he has to believe that, his family is her family, too. He says he loves her, too, but he’s not sure that’s enough right now. She asks what he means, and he says that today he found out his father betrayed his family, and then he found out that he can’t count on the woman he loves, and it’s a lot to deal with right now. He turns and walks out as she calls to him to wait. (commercial)

Whitney is in Father Lonigan’s office telling him that for a while she was going to pass off her baby as Foxís, but now she realizes she canít do that, because it wouldnít be fair to Fox, Chad, or the baby. He tells her thatís a wise decision.

She goes on to say that she thought about it and now she knows exactly what she has to do. He asks what that is, and she says sheís going to leave Harmony. Father Lonigan looks shocked.

Luis is on the wharf as Sheridan walks up, saying she thought he’d be there. He tells her he’s sorry he walked out on her, that he has a lot going through his mind right now and is trying to make sense of it all, but can’t. She says she can’t, either, but she knows she loves him. He tells her he loves her, too. She tells him she doesn’t want this to come between them, that she lost him once before and she’s not going to lose him again, that they’ve loved each other too long and too deeply for their relationship to end over this. He says he agrees, but the thing is, he’s going through the worst time he’s ever gone through in his life and he needs to know that the woman he loves will be there for him, that she supports him. He asks if she does support him. (commercial)

Whitney tells Father Lonigan that she is going tell everyone she’s taking a semester in Europe, then go somewhere where no one knows her and have the baby, put it up for adoption, and then come home and no one will ever know what happened. He tells her that it will have happen, and she says it’s the best thing for everyone involved. The baby will be adopted by people who don’t know it is the product of incest and will raise and love it, and since she won’t have told anyone she’s pregnant, no one will ever know the truth.

Fluffy yowls and hisses as Fox yells at it and chases it away from the overturned garbage can. He comes back into view, talking about how big Tabithaís cat is, almost like a lion, then starts to pick the garbage up off the ground. He says itís a great way to start off the morning, then runs across the pregnancy test.

He sees itís positive, then wonders whoís it could be. He knows itís not his motherís, and Jessica hasnít been homeÖ.then he realizes itís Whitney. ďOh, my God, Whitneyís pregnant!Ē

Martin tells Katherine no one will ever know who she is, and that way they will all be safe, and everything will be fine with Luis and Sheridan. She says that’s the way it has to be, that as much as she wants Sheridan to know who she is and be able to stay with her, it is the wrong thing to do. She says she doesn’t want Sheridan and Luis to be pulled apart by her, and last night when Sheridan defended her to Luis it caused a rift between them and she doesn’t want that. She says if Sheridan knew who she is, she would side with her against Luis and it would cause more trouble in their relationship and they can’t allow that to happen.

Luis asks Sheridan again if he has her support. She says of course he does, that she only met Mrs. Wheeler this summer and despite the pull she feels from her, he is her life, he means everything to her. He says he didn’t mean to seem selfish, and she assures him he wasn’t. He tells her it’s been horrible, and she says she knows and is sorry if he thought for one minute that she didn’t support him completely because he is the one she loves, that she barely knows Mrs. Wheeler and she means nothing to her, she’s no one.

Previews: Ethan to Gwen: “I’m just looking forward to the future we’re going to have with our baby,

and we’re going to have that, no matter what Theresa does.”

Theresa, hiding behind the door: “ That’s what you think.”

Fox to Whitney: “Whitney I know everything, I know that you’re having a baby.”

Katherine to Sheridan: “I hope you don’t hate me.”

Sheridan’s response: “Frankly, I wish I’d never laid eyes on you.”

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