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Passions Update Thursday 11/18/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Outside the Russell house, Julian holds Eve and tells her it isn’t the end of the world. She says it’s over, she’s signed the divorce papers and all TC has to do is take them to the court and then their marriage is over. He even threw out their wedding photos, and there’s no longer any way she can pretend he might take her back. She says her family is broken up forever. Julian tells her he’s sorry. She says Liz is really good, that when she said she would take everything from Eve she meant it. She took her family, her husband, her home and left her with nothing. Inside, TC walks into the living room and tells Liz he put all the boxes of Eve’s stuff in the garage. Liz says she thought he was throwing them away, but he says no, Eve was right, the girls might want to have those things some day. He tells her that all of Eve’s things are gone now, all memories of her erased. She hands him a glass of wine to help him relax and tells him happier times are on the way, that they will make new memories and a new life, a happier life built on truth, not lies. He is free, the divorce papers have been signed and he’s free to find the love and happiness he deserves. She tells him to make a toast, but he says it’s bad luck to toast yourself so she does it, saying “To your new life”, then, to herself, “your new life with me.”

Still in Sheridan’s cottage, Luis asks her how she can defend that woman. He tells her that she knew full well that Martin had a wife and was leaving five kids behind, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she turned Paloma against her own real mother. From the other side of the room, Paloma asks what he knows, that Mrs. Wheeler had always been good to her. Luis looks at her, then turns back to Sheridan and asks again how she can defend her, knowing all they’ve been through.

Sheridan tells him she needs to have more information, but he says no, his mother and sister need him now, and he needs Sheridan to be there with him, but for some reason she’s chosen to stick up for that woman, a total stranger, instead of him, the man she supposedly loves. She tries to tell him she does love him, but he says no, the tells his mother and Paloma to come with him. Paloma says she won’t go. Katherine tells her to go with her mother, but Paloma tells her that Pilar isn’t her mother, she sent her away and abandoned her, that Katherine is her mother. She is the one Paloma loves, not Pilar. Pilar is crushed. (commercial)

Julian tells Eve they need to leave there and go somewhere they can have a nice dinner. Eve tells him she’s not in the mood but he says that’s exactly the reason they should go out and have some fun, forget what’s happened here for a while. Eve considers, then agrees to go with him. As they leave, she looks back at her old home. Inside, Liz tells TC to sit and relax and she’ll make dinner for him. He says no, he wants to get out of the house, then asks if she’ll go with him. She says she’d love to, and he says they’ll go somewhere nice for dinner and dancing, just forget this whole day. She agrees, saying that’s a good idea, they can start his new life off with a bang. She says she’ll put the food back into the freezer, get dressed, and she won’t be long. He tells her he’ll take a shower and get ready, too. As he leaves, she decides this might be a champagne night after all.

Paloma tells Luis and Pilar that she doesn’t have to go anywhere with them, that she doesn’t even know them. Luis asks what she’s talking about, then tells her that Pilar is her mother and she needs to go with them. Sheridan asks him to stay and talk with her, but he asks her why, so they can hear her stick up for the woman who robbed them of the chance for a decent life, a total stranger to her? He tells Paloma to come with them now, but she says he can’t tell her what to do. Katherine steps in and tells Paloma to go with her mother, that she loves her and always has.

Paloma says no, she never wanted her, that Mrs. Wheeler is the only mother she has ever known, talking about all the woman did for her as she was growing up. She did all the things a mother would do for a daughter, all the things Pilar never was there to do for her. Pilar rushes at Katherine and tells her she’s a thief, that first she took her husband and now her daughter. Paloma looks pleased at her reaction, wanting to hurt her. Martin tries to tell Pilar that he never meant to hurt her, but Luis steps in and tells him to shut up, asking if he honestly thinks they want to hear from him right now. He takes Pilar by the arm and tells her to come on, that she’s suffered enough at the hands of these people. Then he tells Paloma to come, too, and tries to take her hand but she pulls away from him and turns her back. Pilar calls her name but the girl ignores her, and Luis finally takes his mother out of the house. As he leaves the house, he turns to glare at Sheridan, who simply looks back, crying, but not going with him. (commercial)

Julian and Eve are at a nice restaurant listening to the music. He says the band is terrific, and she agrees, then says he was right, this is taking her mind off what had happened. He says he noticed she was less sad, even had a trace of a smile. She laughs and says she didn’t think it was possible, then thanks him again. He asks her to dance and at first she’s not sure, but he says “In for a penny….” and she agrees, going with him to the dance floor. As they are dancing, TC and Liz walk in. Liz is impressed with the fancy restaurant. He says he wants to do something he usually doesn’t do, and Liz says he deserves to kick up his heels. He tells her he just wants to relax, enjoy himself, and forget about things that have happened for so long. Liz, spying Julian and Eve dancing, tells him he’s picked the right place to do it, then pulls him in the direction he can see them from.

He sees them and stops as Eve looks back at him and stops dancing. Julian asks if she wants to go, but she says no, she is going to have to get used to this no matter how much it hurts. A waiter seats TC and Liz as Julian and Eve return to dancing.

Martin is outside Sheridan’s cottage pacing as Paloma walks out. She asks if he’s all right, and he says no, this isn’t what he wanted to happen. Paloma tells him she is glad about it, that all her life she thought of him as Mr. Wheeler, her uncle, but now she can call him Papa. They hug, then she asks why he never told her. He says there were a lot of times he wanted to but then he couldn’t. She asks why and he says it’s a long story and takes her to a bench to sit down. He tells her that he was trying to protect the ones he loved, but now he sees he just hurt her. She says no, he didn’t, at least he was there for her, like her father, and now she knows he really is. She tells him not to be sad, that she knows he’s a good man, no matter what they say, and at least he was there for her, he raised her and loved her all whole life, not like her mother. She asks what kind of mother gives her child away, that she never wanted her. but he interrupts and says that’s not true, that Pilar loved her for her whole life. Paloma says actions speak louder than words, that’s what he taught her. He tells her that he is to blame for Pilar sending her to Tia Maria, he deserves the blame, not her mother. Paloma looks at him quizzically.

In her room at the Crane mansion, Pilar and Luis arrive. He tells her to get some rest, that everything will seem better in the morning, something she taught them. She says to forget what she taught them, he has a fool for a mother. He tells her that’s not true, but she says she’s a fool. She tells him she was just a girl when she fell in love with his father, that she had thought their love was so pure, true, and holy that it would last their whole lives. She says again that she’s stupid, but Luis says no and puts his arm around her. She stands up and walks to the fireplace telling him she was so scared when his father disappeared, that she didn’t know what to do. She was afraid he was dead and she prayed and prayed to God and to Mary and the Saints for help, and then one day she woke up and she thought her prayer was answered because she had this knew relief in her heart and soul, that Martin was still alive, he loved her and would come back to her. It gave her strength to go on and do what she had to do keep their kids safe until he returned. She says she tried so hard to be a good mother, and Luis tells her she is, she is the best, but she goes on, saying there were so many of them and they had nothing, and Little Paloma, just an infant, that she couldn’t stay home and take care of her, she had to work to feed them, so she had to send her to Maria even though it almost killed her, because she wanted her to have a good life. Luis looks very uncomfortable, not knowing what to do or say, as Pilar continues. She cries “Oh, Mother of God, how is this possible?”

She talks about all the years she stayed faithful to Martin and to their wedding vows, and her faith in him was her rock, he was her rock. She says that’s her sin, that she put all her faith in him because she was so sure something had happened, that he couldn’t come back to them because whatever happened was so horrible that he just couldn’t come back to them, to her. She talks about all the nights when she was alone in her bed, saving herself for him, and how she was so very lonely she ached for his touch, his kiss, his warm body lying next to her. And all the while she was saying “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am” to the Cranes Martin was in bed with another woman. She screams “Oh, my God! Damn you, Martin, damn you and that whore for what you’ve done!” She talks about his betrayal of her and their children, he betrayed their life, dreams, and vows, and now Paloma hates her. She cries about the fact he let that woman raise her baby girl, love her baby girl. “Why, why, why, my God, tell me why? Why did you leave me?” She says she thought their love was so strong, and their marriage, too, that she believed in him, prayed for him…then asks if it was her. She asks if she wasn’t a good enough wife or mother, then lies on her bed and cries and asks what she did wrong.

Katherine tells Sheridan she can’t bear seeing her and Luis being angry at each other because of her. Sheridan tells her it’s not Katherine’s fault, but Katherine says it is, that she is guilty of so much. Sheridan tells her it’s not her fault, that she’s the one who chose to defend her to Luis. She says he is angry at her for that because he feels she’s betrayed him by wanting to defend her. She says when she first found out Martin was Luis’ father she was angry at both Martin and Katherine, but now she just can’t believe that Katherine is the evil woman Luis thinks she is. She says the woman has always been kind to her and she can’t believe she’s the monster Luis thinks she is. She feels in her heart that Katherine isn’t the type of woman who would tear apart a man and woman like that, that there has to be something more. She reminds her that she had tried before to tell her something important but never finished and asks her to tell her now, give her something to take back to Luis and Pilar, some explanation of what happened. She begs her to tell her what it is. (commercial)

Julian says maybe he and Eve should leave the restaurant since he’s aware of how painful it is to sit there watching TC with Liz. He tells her it’s too soon, she needs to wait to put herself through this kind of pain. He says in time it will get easy, but she says it’s hard to imagine right now. He tells her he knows she was feeling better earlier because he saw her smile and he wants to see that smile again. He says they should leave now, and she agrees to go. As they stand, she turns to him and says thank you for being there for her, that she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He says that this time she won’t have to find out because he will never leave her again. They walk out as TC and Liz continue dancing.

Pilar is laying on her bed asking what she did wrong to make her think he was happy with her. Luis says she did nothing wrong, it was them, his father and that woman. He says their selfishness caused the problems, that she was the best wife and mother anyone could ask for. She asks why. A knock at the door, and Pilar tells Luis she can’t see anyone. He opens the door to find the maid, tells her that his mother isn’t feeling well, and the maid says she just came to let her know that Theresa is back from the hospital, and all went well, that she is in her room resting. He thanks her, then goes back to his mother. He asks if she heard and she says yes, then tells him they have to say a prayer for the lost baby and for Theresa, then gets up to go see her. Luis stops her, telling her she’s in no condition to go anywhere. Pilar agrees, saying she doesn’t need to see her looking like she does, and besides, it wouldn’t be good to give her the bad news now. Luis agrees they should wait and that when Pilar is feeling better they will tell her together as a family. She thanks him for being such a good son, but he says she doesn’t need to thank him and that she is the most wonderful mother in the whole world and he wants nothing to do with Martin or that tramp. He says he just can’t believe that Sheridan would defend that woman, a total stranger, over him.

Sheridan asks Katherine to tell her the truth, that she needs her to tell her something to tell Pilar and Luis that she isn’t the heartless monster they think she is. She says her instincts can’t be that wrong, she can’t be that kind of person. Katherine tells her she knew about Pilar and his kids, but Sheridan says there has to be something more. Katherine says she’s sorry, that’s all she can say. Sheridan tells her that can’t be all because earlier she had tried to tell her something else, that she needs to tell her now. She begs her to tell her the truth, whatever it is. (commercial)

Martin tells Paloma she can’t keep blaming her mother, that it was all his fault that she was sent to live with Tia Maria, and that Pilar is the finest woman he’s ever known. The girl tells him she doesn’t want to hear it, not from him, and she doesn’t want him to defend that woman to her. She says she knows what she did because she lived it. She talks about all the lies about no money, saying they lived like Kings in the Crane mansion. He tries to tell her they had no money but she interrupts asking what kind of woman sends her child away. He tells her she doesn’t understand, and she says she will never understand, then tells him about a woman in Puerto Arena, a beggar who has many kids, and she begs all day in order to feed her children and never sent any of them away, she would die first, but not her mother. She tells him Pilar put her on a plane and never looked back. She goes on to tell him to never defend what Pilar has done.

Luis tells Pilar he doesn’t understand what Sheridan is doing, she’s like Pilar’s daughter and knows all they’ve been through, but still she wants to defend that woman. Pilar tells him not to let his father and his mistress tear him and Sheridan apart, that they’ve done enough harm but she couldn’t stand it if they tore them apart, too. He says not to worry about him, he’s here for her. She thanks him, but she says for him to not let his father’s sins poison his life with Sheridan. He agrees, but says he just can’t believe how she could have betrayed them like this, that it’s like Mrs. Wheeler has some power over her that he doesn’t understand.

Sheridan begs Katherine to tell her the truth, tell her what she had been ready to tell he earlier. Katherine tells her she can’t and that Sheridan needs to trust her because it’s better this way. Sheridan asks how she can trust her when a family is being torn apart right now and the man she loves thinks she’s betrayed him because she can’t connect the woman she’s come to care about with the woman who ran away with a married man. She remembers that in Mexico Katherine had told her she had two children, so she knows how it feels to lose a child and must know how Pilar felt when she had to send Paloma away. Katherine says she knows how she felt all too well. Sheridan asks since she and Martin aren’t legally married, what about her husband, is he still alive. She says yes, he is, and her children are still with him. Sheridan asks if she’s saying that she ran out on her children the same way Martin did, and Katherine says yes. Sheridan is upset, and tells her that she doesn’t know her, that she’s a mother, and asks how she could desert her own children. (commercial)

TC and Liz are still dancing. He thanks her for keeping him company. She says it’s her pleasure. He stops dancing to look at her, and she tells him not to stop, that she loves dancing with him because he knows just how to hold a woman. He suggests they finish the dance at home, and she says “You lead, I’ll follow.”

Julian sits beside Eve in her room and tells her that he knows she’s hurting but it’s clear that the door to her life with TC has closed, and while it might not be proper to say, he hopes another door will open for him. He says he has spent so many years regretting that he allowed his father to split them up, but now here they are, a bit older and wiser, their eyes are wide open, and now there’s a chance for them again, that she knows how much he loves her and wants to begin again with her. He says he knows it will take time but he’ll wait, then says they should get some sleep and tells her goodnight. As he is walking toward the door, she calls to him, telling him not to go. “You said you’d never leave me”, she says. “And I never will”, he replies. She tells him that she loved TC and the life and family they had together, but if she was going to be honest with herself, there was always a part of her heart reserved for him. She says when he left her she tried to convince herself that her love for him was dead and she hated him with such a passion, and later she would kick herself, wondering why she let him get under her skin. She tells him it was because she didn’t want to admit just how important he was to her, and now he’s changed and brought back the tender, funny Julian she loved and didn’t think she could live without. He tells her she did that, he wanted to be worthy of her, that he made a terrible mistake and cost them so many years they could have been together and he’s so sorry. She says not to be sorry, they are together now, and the kiss. (commercial)

Liz stands in TC’s doorway dressed in a slinky negligee. She says to choose partners and let the dance begin. He tells her to come on in, and she says the night has been so wonderful that she doesn’t want it to end. He says it doesn’t have to, and she says she has a few steps they could practice, then pushes him to the bed and climbs on.

Julian and Eve are making love in her room and he tells her he loves her more than anything, that the future belongs to them and he’ll make her happy. She tells him to stop talking and make love to her.

Martin tells Paloma she’s too young for such bitterness and he hopes one day she will understand and forgive Pilar, that none of it was her fault and that she loves her. Paloma tells him it’s not the kind of love she wants, that love is what she had with him and Katherine and now she finds out he is her father. He tries to tell her there is much more to the story, but she says he and Katherine are her family, that her mother never wanted her and she doesn’t want her mother.

Sheridan asks Katherine how she could walk out on her kids and never see them again. She tells her she is their mother. Katherine tells her she had no choice, which causes Sheridan to start crying and yell that she did have a choice, that her own mother didn’t have a choice because she died, that she never would have left her and Julian. She asks her how she could be so selfish, so heartless. She goes on, saying she was so wrong about her, that she never knew her and that it’s probably better for her children that she’s gone. She says it’s better that they never see her again.

Luis tells his mother to get some rest, but she says she can’t. He says she needs to try. She picks up the candle to light it, then catches herself, realizing that for all those years she lit the candle and prayed that Martin would come home to her and her children, and now he has. She says Saint Theresa is right, more pain comes from answered prayers, then throws the candle against the wall, shattering it.

Previews: Whitney: “Now I know exactly what I have to do; I’m going to leave Harmony.”

Fox, looking at a box from the garbage: “Oh, my God, Whitney’s pregnant!”

Sheridan to Luis: “Look, Luis, the point is, is that I love you, all right?”

Luis’ reply: “Thing is, I just don’t know if that’s enough right now, ok?”

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