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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In her bedroom at the Crane estate, Eve is looking at the divorce papers TC gave her. She starts to sign them, then puts the pen down and wonders if she should just sign away her marriage. She remembers her and TC being happy together, saying they loved each other and never wanted to lose what they had. She had promised her husband then that he would never lose her. Back in the present, she wonders how their good marriage came to the point it was at now and cries. There is a knock on the door and she calls for the person to come in as she tries to wipe her tears away. Julian walks in and sees she’s upset, then says he’s sorry for interrupting. She apologizes, saying she always seems to be crying, but he assures her it’s normal under the circumstances, no one could blame her for her tears. She says she still can’t believe her marriage is over, even though she has the papers right there in front of her. Julian says she had the kind of marriage that would be very hard to walk away from, unlike his with Ivy, where neither of them cared. Eve agrees, saying their marriage was very good until she ruined everything. He tells her not to blame herself, but she says she does. She had hoped they could work it all out, but once she signs the papers, that’s it, it’s over and she’s lost her home and her husband and family. Julian tells her not to sign them, to fight for her happiness, that all he wants is her happiness, and if that means saving her marriage to TC then he will do all he can to help. He tells her again not to sign them, to tear them up, burn them, or shred them, and no one can force her to sign them if she doesn’t want to.

Theresa, sitting on the bed in her room, tells Ethan that she has never stopped believing in Fate, that Fate will make this baby theirs and will bring him back to her. He says he doesn’t care about Fate, nor about who the mother really is, that he will never leave Gwen and nothing, not even Fate, can make him do it. She says he can tell himself whatever he wants, but he’s going to feel really silly when he leaves Gwen. He repeats that it’s not going to happen. She tells him the only reason she got pregnant was to have him come back to her, but he reminds her that she really got pregnant so she could trade the baby for her son that Gwen and Rebecca took away from her. She tells him that at first that was true, but then they slept together and she got pregnant again. He says he knows that and it only happened because she made him think she was Gwen. She says he can keep telling himself that if it makes him feel better but he did know it was Theresa. He again stresses he didn’t know it was her. She says the bottom line is, this is their baby and once it’s born he will come back to her. He tells her she has no way of knowing who the biological mother of the baby is, but she says she does know, that Fate will make it hers and that will bring them back together.

In Sheridan’s cottage, Paloma tells her mother that she can’t talk that way about Mrs. Wheeler. She tells her that the woman has been good to her, has been there her whole life, and then asks where her own mother had been. Pilar tells her that she loves her, but the girl continues, saying she doesn’t believe that, that Mrs. Wheeler is the one who sat up with her when she was sick, who was there to wipe her tears when she was hurt, to sing her to sleep and kiss her goodnight every night. She says that Mrs. Wheeler was the one who was with her, not Pilar, and Mrs. Wheeler isn’t the one who sent her away, Pilar is. Her mother tries to tell her she had no choice, but the girl tells her yes, she did, and had chosen to throw her away, not Luis, Antonio, Miguel, or Theresa. She says Mrs. Wheeler has been more of a mother to her than Pilar ever was, and she refuses to listen to anything her mother has to say in her own defense. Luis damns his father, asking him to look at what he’s done to his mother. Martin tells Luis he never meant to hurt him, but Luis asks if he meant to hurt his mother. He asks what the man had thought was going to happen when he left her there all alone to raise five kids. He then asks what is wrong with Mrs. Wheeler, telling her that first she took away his father, and now she has taken away his sister, too. (commercial)

Gwen is in the babies room looking at a book. Rebecca enters and asks what she’s doing. Gwen explains she’s looking at her baby books. The one she’s holding was Sarah’s, she says, and recounts how she had entered all her feelings and what had happened while she was pregnant with her.

Then she shows her mother the books for the twins, the first for the boy they had just had to abort, and the other for the girl Theresa is still carrying. Gwen says she doesn’t need the one for the boy any longer, and Rebecca agrees, but then tells her that she still has her little girl. Gwen thanks God for that, then asks her mother why she’s in the position she is now. Rebecca tells her it’s all Theresa’s fault, that she is the reason for all the things Gwen is going through right now.

Theresa reminds Ethan he was in love with Theresa and was going to marry her when he found out Gwen was pregnant. She says he is an honorable man and did what he knew he should do, but he still loves Theresa and wants to be with her. He says none of that matters now because he made vows to Gwen and he won’t break them. She says what matters now is that she’s pregnant with their child and once the baby is born it will bring him back to her. He says she is delusional and needs help, but she tells him he knows she’s right. He then says that the baby is Gwen’s and there will be no DNA test to determine who the mother is. When it’s born, it will be his and Gwen’s and they will raise it. She tells him she’s not going to give Gwen the baby. He asks what she’s saying, doesn’t she want Little Ethan back. She tells him that she will get Little Ethan back, and she will have the DNA test done to determine if this baby is hers with him. He reminds her she already had a DNA test before the procedure was done and had then agreed to let the doctors decide which baby should live, leave it to Fate to decide who the mother is of the surviving baby is and she would never know who that is. She agrees, she did that, but now she needs to know if it’s hers or not. He again says she told him she didn’t want to know who’s baby it is, but she says now she needs to know if what she knows in her heart is true, that this is her own child with him.

Luis asks Katherine what kind of woman she is, what kind of woman would shack up with a married man who had five kids.

Paloma tells him to stop attacking her, that Katherine is a good woman who took care of her. He says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, that she’d been lied to by them all her life. Martin never told her he is her real father and they that Katherine never told her that this tramp is his mistress. Martin tells Luis he won’t have him calling her names. Luis asks if he thinks Luis really cares what he wants. Paloma asks if anyone cares what she wants. Pilar tells her that she never threw her away, but the girl tells her it’s all lies. Katherine takes hold of her arms, telling her not to disrespect her mother, but Luis pushes her hands away, saying for her not to touch her. He asks her if she hasn’t caused enough pain for the family. Sheridan jumps in, yelling for them to take it down a notch. She says they don’t know everything and asks for a normal conversation without all the yelling. Luis says he’s just telling it like it is, that this woman stole his father away from his mother and five kids so she’s nothing but a lowlife tramp. Martin tells him to knock it off and Luis moves toward him, telling him to shut up, that he has no right to tell him anything. Paloma steps between them and tells Luis not to touch Martin, and to leave her Tia alone, too. She says they are her family, not any of them. Luis turns to Katherine and asks if she sees what she’s done. He says she turned Paloma against her own family, against her mother. Paloma shoots back that she didn’t, that it wasn’t her to turned her away. Luis tells her that they never wanted to send her away, that the reason she was sent away is because of Katherine, she is the one to blame. (commercial)

In the Russell living room, TC is looking at a picture of him and Eve. Liz walks in with some more things to throw away and says she knows it can’t be easy for him and offers to pack all the stuff up for him. He says he will do it so he can get Eve out of the house, out of his mind and heart. He asks if it’s possible, how can he just toss away all the memories of all those years of marriage. She says that he feels like he won’t get over it right now, but with time he will. He says his whole marriage, everything about Eve was all a lie. He says Eve had him believing they had something that really wasn’t. She says she knows. He puts the picture in the box saying it’s part of his life he needs to get rid of and just move on. Liz smiles, satisfied with herself, as TC carries the full box out of the room.

Eve tells Julian that even after everything they had gone through that with time TC and she would be able to work things through, that his anger would calm down and he would forgive her once he saw how sorry she is, how badly she wanted to save their marriage. Julian tells her it’s still possible, with time, but she says no, it’s not going to happen. TC wants the marriage over with so there’s no hope. Julian says he can’t understand how a man who supposedly loved her as much as TC could just walk away from a life with her. She says she understands, that she made him hate her. Julian tells her all she did was lie to him about her past because she had put it behind her, she’d gone back to the person she had been, not the person she’d become with him. He says everyone makes mistakes, especially when they are young and naďve, but mistakes made so long ago shouldn’t be something a person should have to pay for the rest of their lives. She tells him she was stupid to think she could keep her past a secret.

She says she could kick herself for telling TC the truth from the first, and had she done that they might not be in the situation they are in now. He reminds her that she doesn’t know how he might have reacted no matter when she told him and she can’t second guess. The point is, he says, that she has put the life he introduced her to behind her, stopped the drugs and drinking and turned her life around. She has accomplished a lot, being a wonderful mother and a great doctor, and that mistakes made years ago shouldn’t be held against her, especially after 20 years of devotion. She thanks him but says TC doesn’t see it that way, and he says then TC is a fool and it’s his loss. She says it’s her loss, too, and that she has hurt TC enough so she doesn’t want to drag it out any longer. She starts crying and signs the divorce papers. “There, it’s done” she says, then remarks on how easy it is to end a marriage. She cries even harder as Julian pulls her to him to comfort her. (commercial)

TC opens his front door to find Eve standing there. He asks what she’s doing there and she asks if she can come in. He tells her they said all they had to say before, but she asks if she can just come in for a minute. She walks into the living room, remarking on how he’s changed it. Again he asks why she’s there and she takes the divorce papers out of her purse and hands them to him, saying she signed them. He tells her she didn’t have to bring them by, she could have mailed them. She tells him she knows, then starts to tell him she was just hoping…and Liz walks in, carrying an album. She asks if TC wants her to put it with all the other things going to the dump. Eve is shocked and says he can’t throw that away, it’s their wedding pictures. He says he doesn’t want them, but she tells him the girls might want them at some point. He says the girls want nothing to do with her at all, and neither does he. He walks away and Liz tells her she doesn’t belong there so she should go to her lover and his mansion. She tells her that she knows Julian is waiting outside for her so she should go to him. Eve looks to TC to see if he will object, then walks to the door. As she opens it, Julian is standing there and he asks if she’s ready to go. She hears Liz rattling the trash bag and looks back to see her stuffing the album in it. Getting a determined look in her eye she tells him no, she isn’t ready just yet. She walks back into the living room where Liz says it looks like she needs to say it again, that no one wants her there so she needs to get out. Eve tells her no, she has something to say and, looking at TC, says he is going to listen to her.

Rebecca tells Gwen that the root of all her problems begins with a T for Theresa. She tells Gwen not to try telling her she’s Mother Theresa because she’s carrying their child. Gwen tells her she never said Theresa is an angel but she is grateful to her for what she’s doing for them. Rebecca reminds her that Theresa killed Sarah and drugged the surrogate so she could be implanted with Gwen’s embryo, and that maybe if the original surrogate had been implanted they might not have had to get rid of one of the twins. Gwen asks if bringing all this up is going to help anything, and Rebecca says she seems to need to be reminded of all the things Theresa has done to her and that she never does anything for anyone but herself and there’s a lot more going on than they are aware of.

Ethan asks Theresa what she will do if it turns out to be Gwen’s baby, but she says it won’t be. It will be Theresa and Ethan’s baby because Fate means for them to be together and the baby will make it happen. He reminds her that they have an agreement, that Gwen is trusting her. He say that when it’s over, she will have Little Ethan back and Gwen will have her baby, and asks her not to take away Gwen’s only chance to have her own baby. Theresa asks what if it’s not her biological child. He says no one will ever know if she doesn’t have the DNA test. She tells him no, she is not going to live her live knowing that Gwen might be raising her child. He begs her not to do this. She says there is a fifty percent chance that the baby is hers and if it is there is no way she will ever give it to Gwen.

Luis tells Paloma he knows she’s angry about being sent away but she can’t blame Pilar for it because it wasn’t her fault. He tells her that the one to blame is Mrs. Wheeler, or whatever her name is, that she is the one to blame, she’s not her mother and in fact she destroyed their whole family. Paloma says no, she loves her, but Luis reminds her that her mother wrote her all the time, called her on holidays whether they could afford it or not, and that she is her mother and she loves her, not this woman who went to live with their father after he ran out on his wife and kids who were suffering without him. And after that she stole Paloma away and she’s nothing but trash.

Sheridan tells him to stop. Luis goes on, telling Paloma that if she wants to be angry and blame someone she should blame the heartless bitch in front of her. Sheridan yells at him to stop calling her horrible names because she can’t stand it. Luis looks shocked and asks if she’s defending the woman. (commercial)

Liz tells Eve she must be a glutton for punishment because she knows she told her to get out. Eve, with Julian at her side, tells her she’ll get out after she has her say. Then, with a new backbone, Eve tells them she’s getting a little tired of being the villain, the monster in all this. She admits she made mistakes she’ll regret for the rest of her life, but she refuses to bear total responsibility for the failure of the marriage. Liz laughs, telling her she has a lot of nerve after all she did to blame TC. “Oh, honey, I’m not blaming TC, just for part of. I’m blaming you for the rest of it!” She tells Liz she came here to cause trouble and take her husband away. Liz says it’s a lie, but Eve says it’s not like she hasn’t been obvious about trying to steal him. She asks her what if she tells TC about everything, and Liz looks worried. Eve goes on, asking what if she told him how Liz came to town and deliberately and methodically set out to destroy her marriage. She asks TC if he wants to hear about that, but he says he doesn’t want to hear it because he wouldn’t believe her anyway. Liz agrees, saying she’s nothing but a liar. Eve says ok, if that’s what he wants, and he says it is. She then tells TC he was right about her and she did lie to him about his past, that no one could be sorrier for that than she is, but she didn’t know she was driving the car that hit him, hadn’t remembered until just recently. TC says yes, it must have been all those drugs that fried her brains. She answers that fortunately she was able to stop doing those things, turn her life around. She says she’s not making excuses, that she knows what she did was wrong, but that it was over 20 years ago. She asks TC if the last 20 years don’t mean anything, that she’s not the same mixed up girl she was back then. She says she’s tried to be the best working mother and wife she could be. TC asks her how, by pretending to be a decent woman of good morals, and she yells back that she is those things., that she’s always been. She tells him she never broke their marriage vows in all the years they were married, not until he kicked her out of the house.

Liz steps in, asking if she’s saying that in all those years she never lusted in her heart, never slipped around to see Julian, never met him secretly, and never kissed him. She is very satisfied that she has Eve up against the wall.

Gwen tells Rebecca she’s trying to be positive about Theresa but she makes it hard to do by always putting her down. Rebecca says she’s just trying to make sure Gwen doesn’t forget what Theresa’s like, doesn’t let her guard down. Gwen says she doesn’t have the strength to keep fighting, that at this point she can’t even bear the thought of something else going wrong. Rebecca agrees, saying that’s why she wants Gwen to not trust the Little Chalupa about anything. Gwen says all she wants is for Theresa to carry her baby to term and give her a healthy baby girl. Nothing else matters but her baby.

Ethan tells Theresa that it will only cause heartache for one of them if she does the test. He tells her that if the test shows the baby is Gwen’s, Theresa will be crushed. She says she’s willing to take the chance because she knows it’s her baby. He says she can’t know, but she says she does, that Fate will make it that way. She says that no matter how many times they are torn apart, Fate always brings them back together, causes their paths to cross, and Fate will make it their baby. He tells her to stop talking about Fate, he’s tired of hearing about Fate. He tells her that if she has this test, everyone will be devastated.

She tells him he has to trust in Fate. He tells her he can’t listen to it anymore, that he hopes she will come to her senses before the baby is born and walks toward the door. She tells him it’s not a fantasy as he opens the door, and he turns back to look at her. “It’s our destiny”, she says, and he turns and walks out.

Luis asks why Sheridan is defending this woman after everything she’s done when a minute ago she told her she was angry at her because she wasn’t who Sheridan thought she was. He asks what the hell happened here. Sheridan tells him she doesn’t know, she’s just confused because they don’t know the whole story. He says he knows all he needs to know, but she tells him it doesn’t make sense, that she’s a kind person, not the kind of person he says she is and she won’t condemn her until she knows all the facts. He is shocked, telling her he can’t believe he’s hearing this. He tells her he thought she loved him and would support him no matter what but now she’s defending this woman who stole his father away from his mother. He says she of all people knows the pain his mother was in all her life, that Pilar was never with another man, that she had stayed faithful to “this scum” for all those years. Pilar tells him that’s enough, but he says no, it isn’t, that she suffered, they all suffered, and Pilar lit a candle for him every night while he was in this sluts bed. Martin tells him to stop, but Luis tells him he won’t. He asks Sheridan how she is going to defend this woman who knew Martin had a wife and family, but didn’t care and in fact kept him from them. He asks how she is going to defend someone who is so despicable. Sheridan looks at Katherine as if she will cry. (commercial)

Liz tells Eve to tell them that she never met secretly with Julian and she never kissed him. Eve says she won’t deny it, and she knows it was wrong, but she never cheated on him. She then tells him if he considers a kiss to be infidelity then they’ve both been wrong. He says if she’s talking about after Eve left…but she stops him and says no, it was long before she left, long before her past came out. She tells him she saw him and Liz kissing in the youth center and she knows it wasn’t the first time, so if he’s going to accuse her of being untrue then he’d better look at himself because no one there is innocent. TC looks shocked, and Liz looks worried. TC says “You saw us?” Eve says yeah, but she couldn’t say anything, that even though she knew exactly what Liz was doing she couldn’t say anything because Liz was blackmailing her, threatening to expose her past, so she just forgave him because she knew that her marriage was the most important thing in the world to her. She says she thought she would come here to see if they could give it one more chance but that she can see it will do no good, so it’s over. She picks up the divorce papers and takes them to TC telling him he wanted a divorce and now he’s got one. She says she won’t fight him and she won’t bother him again. She walks to Julian and looks back at TC, who looks away sadly. He then looks at the divorce papers in his hand as Liz looks on, thrilled at what’s happened.

Luis asks Sheridan if she’s still going to defend Katherine despite all she knows about her. She tells him that all she’s saying is they need more information before they start condemning he so harshly. He tells her he has all the information he needs, that this woman stole his father away from his mother and she doesn’t give a damn about any of them. Sheridan says he doesn’t know that and he doesn’t need to attack her this way. “Attack her?”, he says. “Well Sheridan, she’s lucky I don’t kill her.” He asks what’s the matter with her. Katherine tells them not to fight because of her, that he is right, they don’t know her and she’s not a good person. Sheridan tells her she knows that’s not true, she knows she’s not a terrible person. Luis thanks her for her loyalty to him and his family and for her love and support. Sheridan says she’s not being disloyal, but he tells her he never thought she’d betray him this way, not after all they’d been through, but that he must not have known her as well as he had thought. (commercial)

Liz, looking over TC’s shoulder at the divorce papers, says Eve signed them. He says yes, she did, and all he has to do is take them to the courthouse and their marriage will be over. She tells him she knows it’s hard, but at least now he can move on, close this chapter of his life. “Yeah”, he says. Outside, Eve tells Julian she can’t believe that her marriage is really over, then starts crying on his shoulder saying she is a failure. He tells her she did everything she could, but she said it wasn’t enough.

Ethan finds Gwen in the baby’s room, and tells her he’s been looking for her. She says she’s been imagining how wonderful it will be once the baby is there so she can rock her to sleep and watch her little face light up when she sees them, how wonderful it will be to read her nursery rhymes and sing her lullabies. She says she can’t wait and he agrees. She is thrilled that they are going to have a child of their own at last, asking if he feels the same, and he says he does. She tells him that she’s spent a lot of time worrying about the little boy they lost, but now she wants to concentrate on the little girl that is left, saying that once Theresa has the baby and gives her to them everything will be wonderful from then on. They embrace happily, but Ethan looks worried. In her room, Theresa tells the baby she has to be hers, that she knows Fate wants her and Ethan to be together and the baby is going to make it happen.

Sheridan tells Luis to understand she is not betraying him, that she just wants them to have all the facts before they start judging people. He tells her he’s not judging people, he’s judging that whore. She begs him not to say that, but he asks what else you’d call a woman who sleeps with a man and pretends to be his wife. She tells him she’s just trying to get the whole story. “The whole story”, he says, and he tells her he knows what happened and what it did to his family, especially his mother, and that he had thought she would understand. She tells him she understands how he feels and asks if they can just talk about it. He says no because his mother needs him and so does his sister, and he needs her, but for some reason she prefers to support a total stranger instead of him, the man she supposedly loves. She says she does love him, but he tells her that’s funny because he doesn’t feel very loved right now, then walks away from her.

Previews: Luis to Sheridan: “You’ve decided to stick up for this woman, a total stranger, instead of me,the man you supposedly love.”

Paloma to Martin: “My mother never wanted me, and I don’t want her.”

Pilar, holding a candle: “More pain comes from answered prayers.”

Eve to Julian as they are in bed: “Don’t talk. Make love to me, Julian.”

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