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Passions Update Tuesday 11/16/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In the Bennett house, Ivy answers the phone to find out it’s Grace, calling to speak with Sam. As he chats with his ex-wife, Ivy watches him, upset.

Rebecca, stoking the fire in the Crane mansion fireplace, regrets that Gwen trusts Theresa to keep her bargain and give them the baby she’s carrying since she’s so eager to be a mother. Rebecca says Theresa is up to something, and that Whitney knows it, too. She curses Whitney for not telling her what is going on, but she tells herself it doesn’t matter, that she won’t allow Theresa to cheat Gwen out of her baby or her future with Ethan. Meanwhile, upstairs in Theresa’s room, Ethan is massaging her lower back when Whitney walks in. “Oh, my God!”, she says, then looks at Gwen who is standing behind her.

In Sheridan’s cottage, Luis and Pilar are trying to get the unconscious Paloma to the sofa. Martin tries to help, but Luis tells him not to touch her. Martin says he’s her father, but Luis spits back that he has kept that fact a secret from her all these years. Pilar tells him to look at what he’s done. Martin starts to say he never meant to hurt her, but before he can finish, Pilar tells him to go ahead and say it and she’ll rip his tongue out. They all stand around glaring at each other while trying to revive Paloma. (commercial)

Paloma is still unconscious, and Luis says the shock of finding out she’s been lied to all these years must have been too much for her. Martin and Katherine walk a few steps away and talk about how they never meant to hurt her, and Katherine says she loves her as if she were her own flesh and blood. Martin says the family will never forgive him for what he’s done. They watch as Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan try to revive the girl.

Sam tells Grace he’s been concerned because he hasn’t heard from her for a while. Ivy watches him, mumbling to herself about how Grace always manages to interrupt her time with Sam. She talks to herself about how she set her up with a stranger posing as her first husband, how Grace fell for it, and how David fell for her. She says she still can’t get rid of her, that she always manages to reach out and touch Sam’s heartstrings. She bemoans the fact that she can’t get rid of her and wishes she would fall into Mount Vesuvius.

Inside Theresa’s room, Ethan has walked away from Theresa’s bed, and Gwen asks Whitney why she seemed so shocked when she walked into the room, wondering what she saw. Whitney says she was surprised by all the things they have for Theresa in her room. Gwen talks about how Theresa is doing such a wonderful thing for them that she just wants to make sure she has all she needs and is totally comfortable and she feels they just can’t do enough to thank her. She takes the warm milk to Theresa, who thanks her, then walks over to where Ethan is standing as Whitney goes and sits on the bed with her friend. Ethan tells Gwen she is being a wonderful hostess, and she thanks him, saying she’s trying. Whitney asks Theresa if she’s trying to get killed, that if Gwen finds her coming on to Ethan she will wring her neck. Theresa just smiles, looking pleased with herself, and drinks her milk. (commercial)

Gwen suggests she and Ethan leave Theresa and Whitney alone so they can talk. Ethan says it’s a good idea, and they leave, with Gwen telling Theresa if she wants anything else, just call her. As the door closes, Theresa quietly says “Oh, Gwen. Ummm, I want Ethan back, and uh…., huh. Could I have Rebecca’s severed head on a platter?”

Sam is still talking to Grace, asking about what she’s doing. He says since he hasn’t heard from her he was worried something had happened to her. Ivy says no such luck, and that she’s surprised Grace hasn’t met with some horrible fate what with her traveling all over. She describes different things that could happen to her, like falling off the Alps, or a boating disaster off Greece, and then decides the best thing would be to go stomping wine grapes in Italy, slip and fall, hitting her head and knocking herself unconscious, then drown, finally being turned into wine and bottled, making a nice, bland Chianti. Fox walks up and hears her, then asks if she wants some wine. She almost chokes on her champagne.

The family is still trying to wake Paloma up. She finally rouses, asks what happens, and then remembers. She asks Martin if he’s really her father, and he says yes. She says she doesn’t believe it, that she lived with him at her aunt’s inn for years, saw him every morning and night, and not once did he tell her he is her father. He says he couldn’t, but she asks how he could not. She tells him that he knew how she had felt abandoned, that her brothers and sisters nor her mother cared about her and how much she wanted to be part of the family. He was her father and had been there all along, but never let on. She had trusted him and loved him like a father, and then asks how he could be so cruel. He has no answer, as Luis, Pilar, and Sheridan all look at him as if they’d like to choke him. (commercial)

Ivy tells Fox she doesn’t want any wine, and that she and Sam are drinking champagne. She asks if he’d like some, but he says no. He asks what they are celebrating and she tells him they are happy about the baby Theresa is carrying. He tells her he knows about it, that he was at the hospital earlier but he’d left, while Whitney stayed with Theresa. Ivy tells him that Whitney had called earlier and told her she was going to help Theresa home from the hospital and wanted her to ask Fox to pick her up at the mansion. Fox asked if she had mentioned how Theresa is doing. Ivy says no, but she imagines Theresa is worn out, physically and emotionally from all she’s been through. Fox agrees, then asks who Sam is talking to. She says that Grace had called, supposedly to ask how the kids are doing. Fox kids that he is going to leave and let her get back to resenting Grace. He tells her not to worry, that it’s only a phone call, and that while Grace is Sam’s past, Ivy is his future. She thanks him for the kind words and hugs him.

Rebecca asks if the Princess of Mexico is settled in. Gwen says yes, and to stop disparaging her because without her, she and Ethan would never be having a baby of their own. Rebecca says it’s Theresa’s fault they have no baby since she killed Sarah and now their son. Ethan tells her to stop, that Theresa agreed to give up one baby so the other can live. Rebecca tells him she still doesn’t trust her and neither should they. Gwen says that the bottom line is, Theresa is giving them a baby of their own and she will always be grateful to her for that. Rebecca shakes her head in disagreement.

Theresa tells Whitney is worrying too much about Gwen. She is carrying Gwen’s baby, the thing she wants most in the world, and as long as that’s true, she won’t lay a finger on Theresa. Whitney tells her that Rebecca had cornered her downstairs and said it Theresa hurts Gwen, she will get even. Theresa tells her not to worry about Rebecca, her bark is worse than her bite. Whitney asks how she can say that after she took Little Ethan, threw them out of their home, and got them all fired. Theresa says that’s just it, there’s nothing else she can do to her, and besides, since Julian is now with Whitney’s mom, Rebecca can’t use his power to go after her any more. She tells her friend not to worry any more.

Martin tells Paloma he couldn’t tell her the truth, and she asks why not. He says because she was his little girl and he didn’t want to hurt her. He says he loved her. Luis asks if he means the same way he loved all the other kids, too. Martin continues, telling her he wanted her to grow up happy and if he told her the truth it would be too upsetting for her. Luis asks how he could have explained to her that he had left his family and his wife for another woman. She looks at Katherine and asks if she is his wife. Katherine says no, not legally. Paloma asks if she’s still unconscious, if she’s having a bad dream, saying that things like this only happen in Telenovelas, not in real life. She tells him that she had always thought her mother didn’t love her and had sent her away, but he had been there all along but refused to acknowledge she is his daughter so he‘s the one who didn‘t love her. He tells her he couldn’t tell her the truth because he loved her too much, which doesn’t go over real well with her. She asks if lied to her all her life because he loved her, like her mother sent her away because she loved her, then says they are all crazy, or they are liars, or both. She walks away and Pilar follows her. She tells her daughter that she loves her with all her heart, that she sent her away because she wanted her to have a better life, that she couldn’t afford to feed them all. She tells her she put Paloma’s needs above her own wishes to have her there with her because she wanted her to have a better life. Paloma tells her she keeps saying that, and Pilar tells her that’s because it’s true, and apologizes, saying she wishes it could have been different but when her father left them, Pilar didn’t have the money to take care of them all. She sent Paloma to live with her aunt and the guilt ate at her every day, and now to learn that her husband had been right there with their youngest daughter and he and her mistress helped raise her makes her so angry she can’t even tell her how much. She turns to Martin and tells him that she never thought she would ever say she hates him, but she does, she despises him for what he has done. Paloma tells her to stop, not to speak to her father that way. Pilar is stunned, and looks at Martin as if she wants to kill him. (commercial)

Paloma moves over to her father’s side, giving her mother an angry look. Pilar asks how she can defend him when he is the one who caused all the problems, that had he not run off with his mistress, they would never have had to send Paloma away. Luis agrees, telling her not to blame their mother, she should blame Martin. She tells them they all hate their father because he abandoned them, then asks how they think she felt having been abandoned by them, growing up in another country. She tells them that her mother says she sent her away because she couldn’t support her, and even if that’s true, she can’t forget her for what happened afterwards. Pilar asks what she means, and she tells her they never sent for her. Luis says they have explained that to her before, but she says it makes no sense. She tells them that when Theresa married Julian, there was money to build them a house, money for clothes, etc, but no money for a plane ticket for her to come home. That Luis maxed out his credit cards wining and dining Sheridan, while she dined alone, and the Sheridan was one of the richest women in the world but couldn’t come up with the price of a plane ticket for her to come home. Sheridan tells her that was because the family thought she had a better life down there, with friends and a good life. “And Papa”, Paloma replies. Pilar says he lied to her, and she agrees, but at least he was there for her every day when she woke up, every night when she went to sleep, and although she didn’t know he was her father, he was always kind and always there for her like a real father. Pilar tells her to stop defending him, that a real father wouldn’t desert his family, leaving them destitute, but Martin did. She tells her that from the moment she met him she had believed he was a saint on earth and worshipped he ground he walked on. She says she hung on every word and felt blessed to be married to him, proud to be the mother of his children. But, she says, she was a stupid fool. She believed all his lies about faith, fidelity, and family, but he is not a saint, he’s a sinner because he left her and his children to go live in sin with that woman. He’s an adulterer who left them penniless, with absolutely nothing, and that’s the God’s only truth.

Fox walks into the Crane living room and tells Ethan, Gwen, and Rebecca hello. Ethan says he’s taking a big chance coming there after Julian threw him out, but Fox says he only came to get Whitney and asks where she is. Gwen tells him she’s upstairs with Theresa, and he says he’ll go get her. Ethan and Gwen decide to go with him to say goodnight to Theresa. After they leave, Rebecca whines about her poor deluded daughter, saying it’s a good thing she’s around to keep an eye on that “brood mare”, then goes over and stokes the fire. She says if Theresa tries anything she will have her lassoed and branded. She then goes into dream mode, seeing herself as a wild west barmaid in a skimpy costume, with red hair. She flirts with a half-nude cowboy twirling a rope on the other side of the room and he ropes her as she giggles and makes a suggestive remark. She hears an alarm go off and excuses herself, telling him she’ll be right back. She runs to the sofa, lifts up the cushion and picks up a shotgun. She then runs into the foyer and sees a robed figure running down the stairs. As the figure gets to the front door, Rebecca tells her to turn around while aiming the shotgun at her. The figure turns and it’s Theresa, trying to get out with the baby. She tells her she knew Theresa would do something like this. Theresa tells her she wants the baby, and Rebecca makes another lewd remark and shoots up into the ceiling. She hit’s a duck, which crashes to the floor at her feet. Theresa is afraid and brings the baby to her. As Rebecca holds the baby and turns to walk away, she puts the shotgun over her shoulder and pulls the trigger, hitting and killing Theresa. She is very pleased with herself and runs back to her cowboy. Back in reality Rebecca says she won’t let Theresa get away with anything.

In Theresa’s room, Whitney tells her she isn’t interested in reading tabloids, reading about celebrities and their sex lives. She says with all the other things her friend has to worry about, she didn’t think she’d have time to mess with rags like that. Theresa tells her that fate does her worrying for her, and besides, it’s important to keep up on all the news like that. Whitney asks what news, that the stuff in there isn’t news, it’s pulp fiction. Theresa tells her there are some really interesting things in there and starts to read about a brother and sister committing incest and having a baby with two heads. Whitney is shocked. Theresa tells her one head is a boy and the other is a girl. Whitney says she doesn’t think it’s good to joke about stuff like that, and Theresa agrees, saying children of incest can have all kinds of things wrong with them. Whitney says she knows, then puts her hands over her stomach. (commercial)

Fox knocks on Theresa’s door and is told to come in. He asks how she’s doing and she says she’s ok, she’s working through it. He says he is sure having Whitney there helps since she puts a smile on anyone’s face. She asks if he’s there to pick her up, and he says yes, his mother gave him her message so he came right over. As they get ready to leave she asks if they can stop at the drug store since she’s feeling a little sick and wants to get something for it. Ethan and Gwen say they hope she feels better, then she tells Theresa to take care of herself and they both say they love each other. Gwen and Ethan ask Theresa if she wants some more warm milk or something to eat. She says no, but her back is tender and she needs her pillows plumped. Gwen does so, then says whatever she needs, she just needs to ring the bell she gave her. They leave, telling her good night and sweet dreams. She tells herself she will have sweet dreams of Ethan, Little Ethan, and the baby she’s carrying.

Sam hangs up the phone and tells Ivy she was checking on the girls. He wonders if he was right not to tell her Charity left town and asks if he should call her back to tell her. Ivy is in her own world and doesn’t answer. Sam asks what’s wrong. She says she saw his face when he heard it was Grace, how happy he was to talk to her. He tells her he hasn’t heard from her in a while and he was concerned. She says that’s because he still loves her. He tries to tell Ivy something about Grace, but she says no, she was a fool to think she could ever take Grace’s place in his heart.

Paloma tells Pilar that she doesn’t think her father left them for no reason, that she must have done something wrong to make him leave. Pilar says she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing, but Paloma says it’s true, that she was so mean to him about money and bills that he couldn’t take it any more and ran away. Pilar is horrified to hear what her daughter is saying, and Martin tells the girl she’s wrong, not to blame Pilar. Luis joins in, saying their mother wasn’t to blame, he was there and he remembers. He says Pilar loved Martin and thought he loved her and that’s why it was such a surprise - because they never saw it coming. He tells her that their mother tried to stay strong for all of them, but that he heard her crying in the night and calling Martin’s name, and every day she prayed that he would come back to them because he had just disappeared without a word and they had no idea he had left to shack up with his new wife. Paloma tells him to stop, that although she didn’t know he was her father, he was always there for her, and that she loves him. Pilar is hurt and angry. (commercial)

Theresa is sitting on her bed looking at the magazines when there’s a knock on the door. She says come in and sees Ethan. She says she didn’t expect to see him again but she’s glad he’s there. He tells her he is there to thank her again for what she did for them by letting one baby be taken so one can live, and that he and Gwen will never forget it. She says she didn’t do it for Gwen, she only did it for herself and him. He asks her not to say that and that he will not leave Gwen. She says she knows he’s said that, but she believes once the baby is born, he will come back to her. He asks how she knows the baby is theirs and she says it’s fate, that it means for them to be together. He says it won’t happen. She tells him he can say what he wants but she knows in her heart that fate has made their baby survive and it will bring him back to her, then tells him to wait and see.

Whitney and Fox arrive at the Bennett house and he figures Sam and his mother must still be up because the lights are still on in the living room.. He asks if she wants something to eat, and when she says no, he figures it’s because she’s not feeling well. She agrees. He asks why she didn’t let him go into the drug store with her and she tells him it’s because she didn’t want him feeling weird in the checkout line. He says he doesn’t mind feeling weird for her, then realizes how it sounds. She says it’s ok, she knows what he means, then excuses herself, telling him she’ll be right back. She runs to the restroom, talking to herself about having taken two pregnancy tests before that both turned out positive but maybe the third time will be the charm and say she isn’t. She prays that this test will be negative so she won’t be pregnant with her brother’s baby.

Sam tells Ivy that he loves Grace because she is the mother of their children, and he doesn’t want to lie about that. He says they will always be connected in that way, but he’s not in love with Grace. She left him and the kids to be with another man and he’s moved on with Ivy. She is very happy, grabbing him and telling him she loves him. He says he loves her too, and they kiss.

In the bathroom, Whitney checks her new test and sees it’s positive, too, and she really is pregnant. Fox comes to the door asking if she’s ok, and she says yes, she’ll be out in a minute. Then she laments the fact she’s pregnant with her brother’s baby and wonders what she is going to do.

Martin tells Paloma he loves her too and he always has. Pilar says “wait, is the whole world crazy here?” She asks how Paloma can forgive him for lying to her all those years yet blame her for sending her away when it was his fault that she had to do it. She asks why her. Luis tells her that they already told her they did what they thought was best for her. She responds that she thinks her mother took the easy way out, since babies are needy and take a lot of work, changing diapers, bathing them, feeding them, and it was a lot easier for her to keep the older kids who could take care of themselves. Pilar tells her that’s not true, and Luis says that babies need things, things they couldn’t buy because they were broke. She says she doesn’t think they sent her away because they loved her, but because she was too much trouble. Pilar tries to tell her that’s not true, then turns on Martin, giving him a look that could kill and asking how he can stand there acting like a loving father, that he should tell her the truth, that everything that happened was his fault. She wants him to tell Paloma that one day they were a happy family, and the next she was a single mother with five children to feed. She says that she would never have imagined that the man she married, the man she loved with all her heart would abandon her for another woman. She says she lit a candle for Martin every night for years, and while other men were interested she refused to be unfaithful to her husband, that she was a fool and had not idea that the man who left her was really living in paradise with another woman. She tells Paloma that this man tells her he loves her just like he says he loves Pilar and the other kids, but it was all lies. Martin says it wasn’t, but she tells him to shut up. She says he doesn’t love her any more than he loves he rest of them, he loves the slut he’s been living in sin with. She then turns on Katherine, asking her how dare she, saying she hadn’t given a second thought to the fact she’d robbed another woman of her husband and his kids of their father. She then called her a bitch. Paloma told her to stop talking to Mrs. Wheeler that way. Pilar is shocked, but Paloma says when she was growing up, Mrs. Wheeler was there for her, spent time with her, read her stories and helped her with her English, and even helped her Tia Maria take care of her when she was sick. She says Mrs. Wheeler loves her, and she loves Mrs. Wheeler, too, then turns and runs into her arms. Pilar is in pain as Martin and the others look on and say nothing.

Previews: Liz to Eve: “No one wants you here so get out.”

Eve to Liz and TC: “I have something to say and you are going to listen to me.”

Paloma to Luis and Pilar: “They are my family, not you , not any of you.”

Theresa to Ethan: “There is no way I am ever going to give my baby to Gwen.”

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