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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In the Bennett house, Sam calls Luis and leaves a message asking him to call him back and tell him what happened with Mr. Wheeler. After he hangs up, he accidentally knocks over a picture of the family, breaking the glass. He picks it up and wonders why he should keep it since they are no longer the family they were in the picture. He says Grace is gone, the girls never come around, and then he says it’s no wonder since it’s not the same home they once knew. As he finishes picking up the pieces, Ivy walks in and is glad to see Sam is home. He suggests he make a fire, and she asks what he has in his hands. She has him hand it to her, and when he says he was going to toss it, she tells him not to. When he argues that it doesn’t matter any more, she tells him it does, because Grace is the mother of his daughters and son and will always be important for that reason. She says she’ll replace the glass, and he thanks her.

In the hospital waiting room, Rebecca asks Gwen why they are waiting around. Gwen says they are waiting for Theresa to be released. Rebecca tells her to let the girl take a cab home, but Gwen gets upset with her. Rebecca says if Theresa is well enough to go home, she’s well enough to take a taxi, to which Gwen says she needs to stop it. She says Theresa made a big sacrifice for them today and the least they can do is give her the time she needs to pull herself together, and that if Rebecca doesn’t like it she can call herself a cab.

In the hospital room, Theresa is packing her bag to leave. Whitney is sitting on her bed, watching her. Theresa asks why she’s looking at her the way she is, and Whitney replies she’s trying to exert some mind control over her to make her give up her schemes and that she can’t do what she’s thinking. Theresa asks what she can’t do, hope and pray that having this baby will bring Ethan back to her, and asks what’s wrong with that. Whitney tells her that Ethan is married to Gwen, and she is waiting for this baby so she and Ethan can have their own family. Theresa tells her that not being pregnant, she wouldn’t understand, and that she knows the baby she’s carrying is hers with Ethan. Whitney says the only reason she is pregnant with his child, if she is, is because she tricked him into sleeping with her. She is sure it will bring him back to her. Whitney stares at her, and Theresa asks why she looks so horrified since it’s meant to be.

In Sheridan’s cottage, Katherine tells Sheridan it’s time she tells her who she is. Martin tries to stop her, but she insists it’s time. Sheridan hears them and is stunned to realize that Mrs. Wheeler actually did know that Martin was married and had five small children that he abandoned and left Pilar to raise all by herself. She asks Katherine if all that’s true, and the woman admits she did. Sheridan asks what kind of woman she is that she could do something like that, then tells her she had trusted her, felt a bond with her and thought she was the nicest, most thoughtful woman she had ever known. She asks how she could have taken off with a man who had a wife and five little children, finishing by asking what kind of monster she is. Katherine looks stunned at the outburst. (commercial)

Sheridan says while she hasn’t known her very long, she had trusted and respected her, believing they had some sort of deep understanding for each other. Katherine says they do, but Sheridan says they don’t anymore, that there is no excuse for wrecking a home. Katherine tells her she never meant to do that, sending Sheridan on a tirade about how all home wreckers say the same thing, how they never meant to steal a man away from his long suffering wife. She then asks Martin if he had some kind of mid-life crisis or something. She says she finds the whole thing disgusting and disgraceful. When Katherine tells her not to say that, she asks why, saying it’s true, isn’t it? She reminds her that she just admitted that she knew he was married and the father of five young children. Katherine agrees she’s not the woman Sheridan thought she was, that she wanted her to like her and care about her. Sheridan says it was working, too, until she found out what she’s really like. Katherine says none of this would have happened if she had been stronger and had stood up to… and then Martin stops her. Luis tells him to let her speak, stop trying to hide the truth. He says they all want to hear what Katherine has to say. Katherine stumbles over her words, trying to explain Martin’s words, but Luis tells her to stop doing that. He asks if she wants them to think Martin is a good guy after he abandoned his family and moved to Mexico under an assumed name. He asks if she ever stopped to think about the wife and kids he left behind. Katherine says she thought about them all the time, but Luis doesn’t believe that. Martin says the same thing, but Pilar tells him they needed more than his thoughts. Sheridan says that for the first time since her mother died she had felt safe and secure because of Katherine, that she had thought the woman cared for her, too, then says she was a fool to have felt that way because Katherine is nothing like her mother had been. Her mother was a beautiful woman, inside and out, not a whore like Mrs. Wheeler. She then ran out of the house with Katherine calling for her to come back.

Still in the hospital, Rebecca warns Gwen not to trust Theresa. Gwen tells her to keep it quiet, but Rebecca asks what is wrong with her, why she is Theresa’s new best friend since she had the procedure. Gwen reminds her that Theresa didn’t have to agree to do the procedure and if she had done what she wanted, Gwen would never be able to be a mother, which is the most important thing in her life. Rebecca tells her she still wouldn’t trust her, but Gwen gets upset and tells her to stop it or she will side with Eve against her when it comes to Julian. Rebecca is stunned and tells her that’s unfair, but Gwen says it’s been one of the most difficult days of her life, that Ethan and she lost a child, Rebecca lost a grandchild, and that she’s hanging on by a thread only because there is still another child and she can look forward to being a mother at last, asking her mother not to spoil it for her. Ethan also asks her to support her daughter for this one day. Rebecca looks crestfallen.

Theresa tells Whitney she feels for Gwen, but Whitney doesn’t believe her, saying she can see it all over her. Theresa tells her that Gwen is a big girl and she made her bed when she stole Little Ethan from her. Whitney says she thought better of it, promising to give Little Ethan back after Theresa give her the baby she’s carrying now. Theresa says that if she hadn’t had the implantation done, Gwen would gladly keep Little Ethan because that’s how she is, just like Rebecca. Whitney doesn’t buy that, saying Gwen only wants to be a mother. Theresa reminds her that the baby she is left with might not be Gwen’s, it could be hers with Ethan. Whitney asks if Theresa thinks her life will be a fairy tale if she keeps the baby, with her, Ethan and the baby making three. Theresa reminds her it will be four, including Little Ethan, and Whitney decides Theresa is crazy, telling her that she wouldn’t blame Gwen for killing her if she keeps the baby. Theresa realizes Whitney is really mad at her, and Whitney says she is because it isn’t only about Theresa, Ethan and Gwen, it also involves an innocent little baby that never did anything to anyone, and asks what about the baby. (commercial)

Ivy lays the broken picture on the table and tells Sam she’ll get new glass for it tomorrow. He asks if she is ok with that, and she says yes, the picture belongs there. Sam is pleased with her response, then asks where she’s been. She tells him she hadn’t wanted to worry him, but there had been a problem with Gwen and Ethan’s babies. He asks if Theresa had a miscarriage, and he is happy at that, talking about how glad Ethan and Gwen were to be having twins, how they had bought two of everything. Ivy tells him that the problem was that they could only keep one twin so Theresa had to abort one of them. He is sad at that, but asks how everyone is doing. She says about like he’d expect, then says they have lost a grandbaby. He wants to call them, but she says he should wait, that they are being very brave, and Ethan was the one who had convinced Theresa to do what she had to do, but they really need time to work it out together. She says making the choice almost killed Ethan, and Sam remarks that it was a horrible situation. Ivy asks God to bless that little baby’s soul.

Theresa tells Whitney she knows what she’s doing. “Really”, says Whitney. Theresa says yes, that she’s been pregnant before and knows the bond that develops between the mother and baby and that there’s no way she will ever give the baby up. Whitney tells her it’s going to end badly. Theresa says instead of all the lecturing she could use a little support from her best friend, and Whitney says she should find a new friend. The nurse comes in and gives Theresa her instructions, telling her to rest as much as possible for the rest of her pregnancy, preferably in bed with her feet up. Whitney tells her she doesn’t know Theresa, and the nurse chuckles and tells her to do her best. She tells her what to look for that signals problems and says to call the doctor if any of those things happen. Theresa tells her she knows everything is going to be all right. The nurse tells her everything looks good with the baby and all the tests they did showed the baby is in perfect health. She tells Whitney that her mother is the best doctor in that hospital and everyone there thinks so. She repeats that the baby is just fine and Theresa tells her she already knows that.

Pilar tells the Wheelers that they both have brought heartache to her and her family and now Sheridan also. Katherine says she never meant to do that. Pilar calls her Mrs. Wheeler “or whatever your name is“, telling her she doubts she’s even given that a second thought, that all she’s done is cause Sheridan more pain after she’s already had so much pain in her life already. Outside, Luis has followed Sheridan and they sit on a bench. She says she had thought Mrs. Wheeler was a different woman than she is. She tells Luis she knows it’s not as shocking as Luis finding out Mr. Wheeler is his father, but she feels so betrayed and it’s very sad. Luis tells her she fooled all of them, and Sheridan says she trusted her, even opened up to her because she touched something deep inside her. She then says the woman turned out to be a fake and she hates her. Luis says he could throttle her for what she did to Sheridan, and she wonders why it hurts so much when she’s really a stranger to her. Luis tells her it’s because she trusted her. Paloma walks up and sees the two on the bench, asking what’s wrong. Luis whispers to Sheridan that he has to tell her about their father, which upsets the girl. She tells him to stop whispering about her and tell her what’s wrong. (commercial)

Whitney asks about the DNA testing they do on unborn babies. The nurse explains they can use them to find out if there are any genetic defects and explains what some of them are, telling her that if the mother and father are related, the chances of a baby having a genetic defect are greater and that’s why they don’t want relatives to marry. Theresa says she and Ethan aren’t related and says they need to leave now. Whitney agrees, laughing it off and saying she was just curious. The nurse continues, telling her that most times people don’t know they have genetic defects and that it’s a good thing to be tested before getting pregnant. She says it saves grief down the road. Gwen and Ethan walk in with a wheelchair and ask if Theresa’s ready to go. She says she’s all set, so Gwen gets her bag while Ethan helps Theresa into the wheelchair. She feels silly, but goes with it anyway. They ask if Whitney’s going with them and she says she’ll be there in a minute. After everyone leaves, she asks what kind of life she’s sentenced her baby too.

Pilar says the Wheelers must have laughed at what a fool she was, lighting a candle for him every night. Katherine tells her Martin thought about her and the children all the time as Martin tries to tell Pilar she was wrong. Pilar asks if that’s why he had called and written so often over the years and didn’t miss any of he kid’s birthdays. He says he kept track of them through Pilar’s sister Maria, but that angers her more and she tells him it’s despicable that he used her own sister to get information about them. She says he knows she had to send her baby away because she couldn’t afford to keep her, and asks if he knows how hard that was for her. She says that changing his face and moving into her sister’s house to be close to Paloma was betraying her as well. He says he only wanted to keep track of their children, and she asks if he didn’t care about the others as well. She tells him he’s missed so much but he deserved to miss it all because he isn’t the father they all deserved. She then tells him maybe it’s a good thing that Antonio died before finding out what a cheat and a liar his father is. She is also glad Miguel isn’t there because he would break his heart, too. She says he will be sorry when Theresa finds out what kind of man he is, too. He tells her he just wants to make up for all he’s done, but she tells him there is no excuse that can explain away the hurt he’s caused his family.

Paloma says she’s not a little girl and asks why they were whispering about her. Sheridan tells him to tell her, so he tries, telling her it may not be easy. She says she may be young but she doesn’t shock easily. She asks if someone has died and he says no, but it might be better if someone has. Luis asks if she remembers feeling angry because Pilar had sent her away, and she says she still feels that way. Sheridan asks her what changed. She says she talked to someone who knew her mother for many years and she had told her there were no money problems and that Pilar could have sent for her many times over the years had she wanted to. Luis tells her it isn’t true and asks who told her that. Paloma says it doesn’t matter, but he says it does since whoever it is told her lies. He said Pilar barely managed to care for the kids left at home, but Sheridan tells him he is getting off the subject. He agrees and starts to tell Paloma what’s going on when they hear Pilar inside the cottage yell “Don’t touch me, don’t ever touch me again!” Luis runs inside as Sheridan and Paloma stand outside looking toward the house. (commercial)

Luis walks into the cottage to find Martin holding Pilar’s arms and saying for Pilar not to judge him too harshly, that things are more complicated than what she thinks. Luis yells at him to get away from his mother now, and tells him he had better not have laid a finger on her. Martin tells him he was just trying to get through to her, that this is a difficult situation on all of them. Pilar tells him he doesn’t know the meaning of the word difficult, that she had to send baby Paloma away because she couldn’t afford to keep her, and Antonio left because he couldn’t take the pressure while Luis had to give up all his hopes and dreams to stay and help support the family. She tells Martin it wasn’t difficult, it was destructive, that his selfish, harmful behavior brought more harm down on his children and his real wife than she could ever tell him. Paloma walks in and asks what’s going on, why her mother is so angry with Mr. Wheeler. Martin says “Dear God, Paloma.”

Sam says he prays the baby that’s left is healthy, and Ivy agrees. She says losing Sarah had been really hard on Gwen, and losing the baby today wasn’t easy either, so all her hopes are pinned on this baby. Sam says Ethan must be out of his mind with worry, and she says he is like his father. He keeps everything inside but puts on a happy face for Gwen. Sam says he hopes this baby won’t get the gene for keeping everything inside, because it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Ivy says it’s an incredible thought that she and Sam are going to be grandparents. Sam agrees, and says it’s strange to think that Ethan will be a father. Ivy tells him she had almost given up hope that they would ever have times like this, with grandchildren to dote on, but this will make up a little for all the time they didn’t get to spend together while Ethan was growing up.

At the Crane mansion, Ethan rolls Theresa inside, then picks her up out of the wheelchair to carry her up to her room. Gwen moves the chair out of the way, then goes ahead of Ethan up the stairs to open the door. Rebecca tells Whitney not to let her friend get too comfortable there, then tells her she’d like a word alone with her. Whitney asks about what, and Rebecca asks if she’s trying to help her friend pull a fast one. Whitney says she has no idea what Rebecca’s talking about, and the older woman explains that she has nothing against Whitney although they all know how she feels about her mother and Theresa. Whitney again asks what she means, and Rebecca says she knows Theresa has her ear, and that while Gwen is sure Theresa will do the right thing in all this and just hand over the baby once it’s born, she herself knows Theresa better than that and asks what she’s told Whitney about the baby she’s carrying and what she’s really up to. (commercial)

Whitney tells Rebecca she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and that Theresa doesn’t tell her everything she’s thinking. Rebecca asks since when, and Whitney tells her since she started dating Fox, that Theresa really liked him a lot. Rebecca doesn’t believe her, telling her she’s a terrible liar, unlike her best friend. Whitney tells her that’s unnecessary, but Rebecca tells her to tell Theresa that if she does anything to hurt Gwen again, she will make her sorry she was ever born. Whitney asks why she would tell her that. Rebecca says because it’s not an idle threat, it’s fair warning, so if she cares at all about Theresa she will tell her if she does anything she will make sure Theresa never sees Little Ethan again. Upstairs, Gwen helps get Theresa into bed, she tells her she’ll be checking on her every couple of hours, but if she needs anything between times, she can call one of the servants. She repeats what the nurse told Theresa, then tells her she has a lot of magazines downstairs and that Ethan will bring them to her. She gives her the remote, then tells her again if she needs anything just call. Theresa tells her she’s just fine, then remembers about the massages. Gwen says she’ll call the masseuse first thing in the morning. Theresa says maybe not first thing and Gwen agrees she will probably want to sleep in. She asks if noon will be ok. Theresa realizes she doesn’t have her scarf, but says she had it when she left the hospital. Gwen goes to see if it’s in the car, and as she leaves, Ethan says he will go, too. Theresa asks if he will stay with her for a few minutes.

Paloma asks Pilar again why she’s so angry with the Wheelers. Sheridan asks her to come back outside, but Paloma yells at her to stop treating her like a child. She then tells her mother she just met Mr. Wheeler and she thought Pilar liked him. Luis says that’s what he was trying to tell her outside, and she says he should just tell her now, in front of everyone. She doesn’t like her family yelling at her friends, who have been like father and mother to her. Martin tells her they love her, and she says she loves them, if it weren’t for them there would be more loneliness in her life than there was. She says if it wasn’t for them, she would have had to think more about how her family abandoned her, and she thanks God they are in her life. Luis says she might not feel the same after they tell her what they know. She asks what’s going on and tells Pilar to tell her the truth if Luis won’t. Pilar tells her she didn’t want it to come out like this, and Paloma asks what she means. Pilar tells her that she didn’t want to tell her that her father, Pilar’s husband, had abandoned them for another woman. Paloma is confused, saying that Pilar had always told her that he had left because of some threat. Pilar says she was wrong, that the man she had been married to, who had fathered all her children, was a bastard. Paloma asks why she’s talking about her father when she asked about Mr. Wheeler. Luis tells her that Mr. Wheeler is Pilar’s husband and their father. She is shocked , stepping away from the Wheelers. (commercial)

Ivy gives Sam a glass of champagne to celebrate the imminent arrival of their first grandchild. He says whatever floats her boat and calls her Granny, and she isn’t happy with that word. They laugh, then make a toast to Ethan’s first child, hoping he or she will be happy and healthy. Then she looks sad and Sam asks what’ wrong. She says they have a lot to look forward to and she never thought they’d be this happy again. He agrees, and she asks if he really is happy, since losing Grace was really hard on him. He says he is happy and he’s glad she was there to help pick up the pieces. They make another toast to each getting to know the other’s children better. As they drink, the phone rings, and Ivy answers. She looks shocked and hands the phone to Sam. He asks what’s the matter and she tells him it’s Grace and she wants to talk to him.

Whitney tells Rebecca that she’s sorry she’s so suspicious of Theresa, but she knows of no reason for it. Rebecca tells her if she really believes that she’s not as smart as she thought. Whitney tells her that’s the end of it and starts to leave. Gwen comes down the stairs that moment, asking if either of them saw Theresa’s scarf. She sees the tension between the two of them and asks Whitney if her mother is bugging her about Theresa. Whitney says no, she’s just talking about her mother, and that the scarf is in the wheelchair. Gwen asks if she thinks Theresa might like some warm milk and Whitney says that’s a great idea and that she will help her fix it. As they head to the kitchen, Rebecca says she knows Whitney is lying, that Theresa is up to something and she’s going to need a whole lot more than warm milk when she’s through with her.

Theresa asks Ethan to sit with her for a few minutes, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She says it’s been a harrowing day and he agrees, but tells her they need to concentrate on the good things that will come out of it. As he’s talking, she yelps in pain, and he asks if it’s the baby. She says no, it’s her back, asking if he will massage it. He agrees, then starts massaging her lower back as Gwen and Whitney walk in talking about how Theresa is doing Gwen a favor and the least she can do is make sure she‘s comfortable.

Paloma doesn’t believe Mr. Wheeler is her father. She says he is her godfather, that they helped raise her in Mexico. Sheridan tells her Luis is telling her the truth. Paloma says she doesn’t believe it, it doesn’t make sense. Luis says he has proof, that this is their father, that he didn’t want to have a wife any more or the responsibilities of raising his kids. She still doesn’t want to believe it, but Luis says as much as he hates saying it, Mr. Wheeler is their father. She again says he’s lying, but Pilar tells her it’s true, he is her father, her husband. Paloma turns to Martin and asks him to tell her they are lying, but he says nothing and she realizes it’s true, then faints in Luis’ arms.

Previews: Rebecca, in red wig, holding a shotgun: “You hand over that kid right now or I’m going to fill

you full of lead!”

Sam, on the phone, as Ivy glares at him: “Grace, are you all right?”

Paloma to Pilar: “Stop disrespecting my father!”

Pilar’s reply: “He abandoned me and our children to go live in sin with that woman !”

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