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Passions Update Friday 11/12/04

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Kay and Simone are still trying to convince Paloma that she needs to give her mother a chance. Both girls tell her they miss having their families together, and especially they miss losing their mothers. They tell her that at least she can still talk to her mother, while they can’t. Kay’s mom is out of the country and Simone’s mom is just not around. Paloma thinks about it, then takes the dirty dishes they were using in to the kitchen. Kay asks Simone if she thinks Paloma will listen to them, and Simone tells her she has no idea. Kay tells her she would give anything to have her family back together, and Simone feels the same about hers but doubts it will ever happen.

Outside Liz’s office, Liz is crowing about TC giving Eve the divorce papers, that she knew he’d never take her back and now they are finished. Julian says it’s thanks to her, she caused Eve to lose everything. Liz says he had a part in it, too. In the office, Eve asks TC to forgive her, citing their vows to love each other for better or worse. He says he came close to forgiving her when he saw the DVD she made with all the wonderful pictures of happy times together, but then he thought about all the pictures she hadn’t put in there, like one of her when she was drunk, doing drugs, partying with Julian, and driving the car that took away his tennis career and his father. He says he will never forgive her for those things, and their marriage is over.

Pilar still can’t believe that Mrs. Wheeler is Martin’s wife. Luis asks if he forgot about his real wife, Pilar, and about the kids they had together and all the years they were together. Pilar asks how he could do it, they took vows in the eyes of God and they are still married. Martin again tells her he’s sorry. Luis says he will make him sorry. He says all this time he had never wanted to see him again, but now he’s glad he came back so Luis could make him pay for all the pain he caused them. He tells Martin he’s going to kill him. (commercial)

Eve asks TC if he’s really divorcing her. Liz walks in asking if everything is alright, but Julian tells her she doesn’t belong there. Liz says she does because she’s Eve’s sister. Eve looks at her and hisses that she is a lying bitch and this is all her fault, she’s to blame for all of this. Liz shoots back that she’s not the liar, drug addict or whore and it’s all Eve’s fault. TC backs Liz up, telling Eve that it’s not Liz’s fault, it’s hers because she lied. If she hadn’t they wouldn’t be in this mess now. He tells her she’s responsible for it just like she’s responsible for her past. Julian tells him to blame him, not Eve, and TC says he does blame him, too. Eve pleads for him to forgive her, but he says he doesn’t know if he can believe her or not. She continues telling him she is telling the truth, that she loves him and wants to save their marriage. He tells her she has to accept the consequences of what she did.

Tabitha and Endora are looking in her magic bowl and crowing over the way the Russell marriage is blowing up. She hears Paloma coming and waves the picture out of the bowl. She asks Paloma if she’s looking for something, but the girl just tells her she’s cleaning up. Tabitha compliments her on her good manners and tells her to sit and talk with her. Paloma tells Tabitha that she is a very nice lady for allowing Kay and Maria to live with her. Tabitha asks how she likes being in Harmony, and asks if she’s happy being back with her family. Tabitha twists words to give Paloma the impression that she had been banished from the family, only now to be called back after all these years. She makes a point of how much Endora misses her when she’s gone shopping, then says that Pilar loves Theresa most of all. She asks why Pilar sent her away in the first place. Paloma tells her she was sent away so she could have a better life. Tabitha asks if she did, then says all that matters is that Pilar thinks she did. She then started planting doubts in her head as to whether there was a reason to have sent her away or not, and telling her that Pilar doted on the other four kids so much that it was sickening.

Luis calls his dad names and says he makes him sick. Pilar tries to calm him, but he is too angry over the way his mother had been hurt by the man, having waited all these years for him to come home while he was in Mexico with his new wife. Martin tries to explain, but Pilar says there is no suitable explanation for leaving his family and taking another wife. He tells her that they weren’t married in the church, as if that will make it alright, but Pilar says it makes no difference. She tells him she had been a romantic fool she’d been and that she had believed him before when he said he’d left because he loved her and had to protect her and their children. She knows now it was all lies, that his heart wasn’t in it. She says he abandoned them for another woman. Katherine tells her she has it all wrong, and Pilar is so angry that she says “You whore!” and slaps her face. (commercial)

Kay tells Simone that at least she knows where her mother is while her mother is in Europe. Simone says she still can’t talk to her, and that besides, she also lost Chad. She says that at least before she knew he was her brother she could comfort herself with the belief that he would someday come back to her, but now he’s her brother and there’s no hope for them. Kay wonders who would have thought that their lives would be so mixed up. She says she may not be able to get her family back together but she can try to get Miguel to come home and be a family with her and Maria. She opens her laptop and says she will e-mail him and ask him to come home.

Tabitha tells Paloma that Pilar missed her desperately, yet in the next breath she tells her that Pilar spoiled the other four, especially Theresa. She says whenever she saw Pilar, Theresa was with her, and that she had said that while she loved her boys, Theresita was special and she couldn’t be away from her for a single minute. Paloma sees red again, getting upset. Tabitha gloats over the fact that the girl’s blood is boiling and soon they’ll unleash all her rage on the town of Harmony.

Martin asks Katherine if she’s ok while she holds the cheek Pilar slapped. She says yes. Pilar tells him in Spanish that it doesn’t bother her he was in Mexico, but it’s another thing when it comes to this slut, looking at Katherine. Luis tries to calm her, but Pilar spits out that Katherine is a slut and a home wrecker. Sheridan tries to defend the woman, telling Pilar that she’s sure she had no idea about Martin’s past. Pilar asks Martin if he lied to Katherine, too. He says no, she doesn’t understand, but she cuts in saying she does understand that she meant nothing, their family meant nothing, and their vows before God meant nothing, either. He says he hated leaving her, that it tore his soul in half. Pilar spits out that he’s a liar, and Luis tells him it healed pretty quickly once he found his new wife. Pilar asks how he could have done it. She tells him that the belief that one day, in spite of whatever Alistair had done to him, he would come back to her, and that belief is what kept her going through all the hard times. She says she’ll never get over this. Luis tells her she will, that he will take care of her. As they walk away, Katherine tells Martin she hates to see Pilar and Luis suffering so much. She hopes that one day, when they can tell them the truth, they will understand and they will get over the pain they are feeling. Martin tells her they will never get over it, and she tells him she’s sorry for that. He says she’s not to blame, Alistair is, and damns him for all the pain he caused their families and for all the pain he continues to cause. Pilar continues to cry as Luis comforts her. (commercial)

Eve is bereft in her office, telling Julian her marriage, her life, everything is over. Julian tells her it’s not true, but she says it is, she’s a failure as a wife, a mother, and as a human. Julian tells her she made mistakes, as all humans do, but she’s not a failure. Liz walks over and disagrees with him, telling Eve she is a complete and utter failure, so she should just leave TC alone and leave Harmony all together. Julian tells her she’s a vile excuse for a human being, but Liz tells him that’s a strange excuse coming from him. He tells her she may think she’s won, but hurting Eve and dragging her down doesn’t make Liz a better woman. Liz says she didn’t drag Eve down, she did that all by herself, then walks over to TC and tells him they need to leave now. Eve begs him not to leave her, to take her back for the sake of the children.

Kay is waiting for Miguel to answer her e-mail. Simone reminds her she has no idea of where he is, but Kay tells her that makes no difference with the internet, that he has his laptop and can be reached wherever he might be. At that moment, the tone indicating an incoming e-mail rings and Kay is excited to see it’s from Miguel.

Paloma asks Tabitha if it’s true that Pilar couldn’t stand to be apart from Theresa for even a few minutes. Tabitha says it is, driving the dagger deeper into Paloma’s heart. She says Pilar always spoiled her rotten, always buying her the best clothes. Paloma tells her that all she got to wear was her school uniform, and Tabitha, feigning pity, says Pilar should have sent her some of Theresa’s hand-me-downs. She says Theresa got a new wardrobe twice a year. Paloma says everyone told her there was no money, and Tabitha tells her that’s right, but Pilar would sacrifice anything to make sure Theresa had the best clothes. Paloma is hurt that her mother spent so much money on her sister’s clothes instead of buying a plane ticket to bring her home.

Martin tells Katherine that none of this would have happened if they had just left town before they got there, and that he hates himself for the pain they are feeling. Katherine tells him to take his own advice and not blame himself for what has happened. He tells her they have to get out of town now, before Alistair has any more reasons to harm their families. He says above all they can’t let Sheridan know Katherine is her mother, that all the pain Luis and Pilar are feeling after finding out who he is will be what Sheridan feels if she finds out the truth now. She tells him that if she tells Sheridan who she is and why she had to leave, maybe she will understand and forgive her. He says they can’t give Alistair any more reasons to go after their families. He says Alistair told the world she had died after she left because he couldn’t stand to have people know she had deserted him, and he certainly wouldn’t like having them know it now. She says maybe if they tell everyone then Alistair won’t be able to do anything so publicly, but he reminds her that he has already killed Antonio and gotten away with it. He asks if she really wants to put her children or grandchildren in that kind of danger, and she says no, so they try to sneak out while Luis is busy helping Pilar. Pilar sees them leaving and alerts Luis, who stops them, telling his father that he’s not going anywhere until he answers their questions. (commercial)

Kay is thrilled Miguel is coming back and jumps up and starts dancing around. Simone looks at the message and tells her she needs to read further, because he says he will come back to Harmony as soon as he finds Charity and can talk her into coming back with him. Kay is crestfallen and wonders what it is with those two, why he can’t just forget about Charity. Simone says she thinks it’s called love. Kay says Charity keeps running away from him, but she is here, waiting for him, wanting him, and wonders why he can’t see that. Simone wonders if it might be all the times she lied to him, manipulated him, and tricked him into sleeping with her so she’d get pregnant. Kay tells her to stop, saying she would never have done those things if she didn’t love him with all her heart and soul, and that if Charity really loved him she wouldn’t be running from him. The e-mail notification sounds again and Kay thinks it’s Miguel telling her he’s changed his mind and is coming back home to them.

Tabitha is still working on Paloma’s jealousy and anger. She tells the girl about a piece she’d seen on the news about mother’s who couldn’t handle the stresses they were under so they abandoned their children. She tells her she can’t stand being away from her Endora for even a few minutes, so the thought of a mother sending her child thousands of miles away is something she just can’t understand. She acts as if she realizes what she just said and apologizes to Paloma, telling her that Pilar only abandoned her because of all the hardships she was going through.

Martin makes the mistake of calling Luis son, and the younger man blows up at him, telling him not to call him that since he had lost the right when he ran away years before. He won’t let him get away with it in front of his mistress now and asks what’s wrong with him. Pilar tells him she used to feel sorry for women who’s husbands wandered and how proud she was that her husband never wandered. She would brag to her friends about how loyal and faithful he was and figures maybe that was her sin, being prideful. Martin tells her he never meant to hurt her, but she tells him he’s no better than any other man who cheats on his wife, that he’s no better than Alistair Crane. She says Alistair is a bastard but he doesn’t try to act as if he’s anything else. She says Martin pretended to be an honorable man, but he’s nothing but a pig. Katherine tells her to stop, she doesn’t know the whole story, but Pilar says she knows enough, that he abandoned her and her children, used Katherine and lied to her about being married. Katherine says it’s not true, that he never lied to her and that she knew everything. (commercial)

Kay reads the new e-mail from Miguel, seeing that he is only asking if anyone in Harmony has seen or heard from Charity. She says she wouldn’t tell him if she had. She says that he’s not coming back to her. Simone tells her that at least he e-mailed her, and that means he’s thinking about her and Maria, that he is sending money to help them, and it shows she’s on his mind, which means something. Kay says she could be right, it could grow, especially if he doesn’t find Charity. And she says at least he contacted her, which is more than her mother has done, she doesn’t even know where Grace is except she’s in Europe with David. Simone remembers that her mother used to copy her day planner and hang it on the refrigerator so she and Whitney would always know how to get in touch with her. Now all Simone knows is she’s somewhere in Harmony, maybe at the Crane mansion or at the hospital, and that something horrible could be happening to her right now and Simone wouldn’t even know where to look.

Eve is still begging TC not to leave, to think about Whitney and Simone. TC tells her to show some self-respect, but she says she has no need for it if she loses him. She says she’ll do anything to keep the family together. He tells her he doesn’t know what to say, but Liz pipes up and tells him he doesn’t have to say anything, they should just go. Eve says he can’t leave with Liz, that she had lied to him, too. She never told anyone she was her sister, she stayed in town, plotting against her, and looking for her opportunity to destroy Eve’s life. Liz says she didn’t destroy Eve’s life and she can’t put that on her. Julian tells her she is to blame, that she did everything to destroy her. She asks what about what Eve did to her by abandoning her to be abused by her father so she could run off and be Julian’s whore. Julian says Eve was never a whore. Liz then starts on TC, telling him all Eve has ever done is lie to him and manipulate him, warning him not to let her do that again. Eve reminds him she was a good wife, a good mother, and if he will just forgive her, they can be happier than ever. She says she knows she’s angry about the accident and that it’s all her fault, but she really hadn’t remembered she was driving and besides, it was all before she ever met him. She then begs him to forgive her, telling him that even God gives people a chance to redeem themselves. He tells her that God will have to forgive her, because he can’t. She begs him again not to do this, and he tells her to stop making a fool of herself. He walks out as Eve calls after him that she loves him, and Liz smirks behind her.

Tabitha tells Paloma that she’s sure Pilar thought she was doing the right thing , that she must have been in a terrible state and being so embarrassed by her husband running off with another woman. Paloma says he didn’t run off with another woman, and he didn’t embezzle money from the Cranes. Tabitha agrees that is the story Pilar told at the time, and maybe it’s true and the rest is gossip and lies. Paloma agrees it is, but Tabitha says she can’t help wondering about a husband that runs away from his family. She asks the girl what a woman could do to her husband that would be so horrible it would drive him away from his wife and children. Paloma says she doesn’t know, and a happy Tabitha tells Endora that she has done a great job this time, that Paloma is ready to be used by the dark side.

Sheridan asks if it’s true Mrs. Wheeler knew all along about Martin. Katherine says yes, she did, that she knew everything. Pilar asks what kind of tramp would be with a man knowing he had a wife and children. Katherine says to understand that, she would have to know the whole story. Pilar begs her to tell her the whole story, make her understand why her husband left her, why he abandoned his family, why he lived all those years next to his own daughter but never told her he was her father, and why he had never contacted them in all those years to let them know he was alive. “Please”, she begs, “One of you, make me understand! What kind of a man would do such a thing?” Martin tells Katherine they can’t do it, but she says the door is open and they have to tell them the truth now or it will be too cruel. Sheridan asks her when she found out about him, and Katherine says she always knew. Sheridan asks how, and who is she. (commercial)

Eve runs to Julian’s arms, crying and telling him it’s all over. A gloating Liz says that she told them she would see Eve lose everything, and now she has. Julian looks at her with an evil stare and says she may think she’s won but she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Liz walks out, and Eve asks what she’s going to do now.

Kay tells Simone to stop thinking about her mother and think about what they can do if Miguel keeps looking for Charity. Simone says there’s no guarantee he will ever find her, and if he does, there’s no way to know if she would even come back with him. Charity says that’s true, but she just wishes she could think of a way to get him back to Harmony now so they could be a family. Simone says they are all wishing for things; Kay is wishing Miguel would come back, she is wishing her family would get back together, and Paloma is wishing she was never sent away, but they have to live in reality no matter how awful it is. Kay just feels so alone, saying Paloma has her mom her to help her through stuff. Simone reminds her friend that Paloma hates her mother. Kay says maybe they got through to her and she’s starting to realize how much her mother and her whole family loves her. In the kitchen, Paloma tells Tabitha she has to leave and thanks her for her hospitality. Tabitha tells her to stay a while, but Paloma says she has a lot of thinking to do. Tabitha wishes her good-bye, then laughs and tells Endora they need top see what’s brewing in her bowl. They see Paloma sitting at a table outside, thinking, and then they see Pilar and Luis talking with the Wheelers. Tabitha says that when Paloma finds out the truth, the whole family will explode, and laughs her evil laugh. Outside, Paloma decides she needs to talk to her mother right now and she heads off to do that.

Sheridan asks Katherine who she is again, afraid to hear the answer. Martin tells Katherine not to do it, but she says they have to tell them the truth. She calls Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan and tells them it’s time they all knew the truth, that she’s going to answer all their questions but she will start by telling them exactly who she is.

Previews: Ivy, answering the phone: “Bennett residence.” Then, handing the phone to Sam, he asks what’s

wrong. “It’s Grace.”

Luis to Paloma: “ Mr. Wheeler is Martin Fitzgerald.” Paloma faints.

Whitney to Theresa: “You know what, if you go through with this, I wouldn’t blame Gwen if

she went crazy and tried to kill you.”

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