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Passions Update Wednesday 11/10/04

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In Theresa’s hospital room, Whitney is ranting on about Theresa’s supposed plan to get Ethan back. Theresa tries to say something but Whitney won’t let her speak, saying that Theresa’s plots over the years have done nothing but hurt people and she wants her to stop doing it. Theresa finally breaks in and tells her this is not a plot, she is letting Fate have it’s way. Whitney asks what she means, and her friend tells her that while it is hard knowing she had to abort one baby, she still has another one insider her and when it’s born and they find out it’s her child with Ethan, he will come back to her. She says that’s Fate.

Ethan and Gwen are in the waiting room. He asks Gwen how they are going to get through the loss of their son. She tells him they will never forget him or the sacrifice he made so his sister can live, but they need to concentrate on the baby they will have, their daughter that Theresa is going to give them. Ethan remarks to himself that Theresa may not give the child to them, no matter who the mother is. At that moment Gwen’s phone rings, and as she answers it she utters “Oh, my God!”

In the hallway outside Eve’s office, Julian tells her that TC had come to give her divorce papers. She is shocked and hurt. TC and Liz come out of her office and TC tells her he needs to speak with her. She tells him her pager just went off and she has to go, but she will be back soon, then takes off down the hall with Julian behind. Liz sarcastically says she is running away again, with her lover in tow. TC reminds her that one of Eve’s patients could be very sick, but Liz doesn’t think so. She tells him that when Eve gets back, he needs to give her the divorce papers and get her out of his life.

As Eve hurries down the hall, Julian follows behind, asking her to wait. She stops and asks if he’s sure the papers in TC’s hand were divorce papers. He tells her that’s what Liz said they were. She is crushed, saying her head knew it would happen, but now her heart is smashed into a million pieces.

Martin says Pilar’s name, but she doesn’t want to believe he is really her long-lost husband. She asks how it could be, where he’s been, why he left, but still doesn’t want to believe it. He tells her it’s hard to explain, but before he can finish she touches his face, remarking on how it’s changed, wondering why. Luis tells his father to get away from her, but she protests, saying he’s his father, then apologizing over and over for slapping him. She still wants to know why he left. Luis tells him he will pay for what he did to them, and as Martin says he’s sorry, Luis slugs him. On the floor, Martin says he’s sorry again. Pilar tells Luis to leave him alone, saying he is his father, her husband, and that he has finally come back to her, then asks how. Luis says it doesn’t matter, that he’s a lowlife, dirt. She tries to tell him there has to be some explanation when she passes out and falls to the floor. Luis kneels and tries to help her, wake her up. (commercial)

Gwen, on the phone, says “Oh, no.” Ethan asks who it is and takes the phone, asking what they want and what they said to his wife.

Whitney can’t believe Theresa is still talking about Fate. She tells her that all it’s ever done is hurt everyone, but Theresa disagrees. She says she and Ethan are destined to be together. Whitney says she’s the only one who thinks so and it will never happen, people will just be hurt. She reminds her about when she first wormed her way into the Crane mansion to be close to Ethan, then stole Ethan from Gwen. Theresa agrees, but says she was saving Ethan from making the worst mistake of his life. Whitney goes on, talking now about when Theresa found out Ethan was actually Sam Bennett’s son, how instead of telling him the truth she hid it, and when it finally came out it destroyed his life. She reminds Theresa that when it all came out, he had hated her. Theresa says he just didn’t understand but now he does. Whitney disagrees, saying he still doesn’t understand and then reminds her about her trip to Bermuda. Theresa tells her she only wanted to talk Julian into taking Ethan back into the family, but Whitney tells her it blew up in her face because all she did was get drunk and get pregnant with Julian’s son. Theresa tells her that in no way is Little Ethan a mistake, and Whitney agrees, but says none of it would have happened if she didn’t keep pushing Fate. She tells her another word for Fate is Doom because all she does is ruin people’s lives because of it, especially her own. She wouldn’t be in the hospital right now if she hadn’t stolen Gwen’s eggs, then thought she’d miscarried so she tricked Ethan into sleeping with her and getting her pregnant. Theresa tells her not to remind her about losing one of the babies, but Whitney says she needs to be reminded , even though she knows it will do no good, then tells her she has to give up her dream of being with Ethan because no one is fated to be together. Theresa reminds her that at one time she had thought she and Chad were fated to be together and wonders if that’s why she’s so upset. Whitney tells her no, it’s just about Theresa and her obsession with Fate. She says Ethan will never be with her because he is married to Gwen. Theresa says she knows he’s married to Gwen, but he really loves her and wants to be married to her, that they would have been married if Gwen hadn’t ended up pregnant. Whitney says that may be true, but he is married to Gwen and he’s not going to leave her because he has integrity. Theresa will never be with Ethan, she tells her.

Liz tells TC to think about how much happier he will be once his horrible life with Eve is behind him. He tells her their life was not horrible, it was wonderful. Liz tells him it was built on lies, all lies, and asks if he’s changed his mind about ending his marriage which was based on deception.

Eve tells Julian she’s not surprised that TC has decided to divorce her, not after all she did to him and the girls. She says she had just had a secret dream that he would forgive her for all of it and they could get on with their lives. Julian tells her he’s there for her, whatever happens, and she says she can’t tell him how much that means to her. He tells her he just wants her to be happy.

Martin is worried about Pilar, calling to her as she lies on the floor. The doctor comes in, asking what happened, and Luis tells him she fainted. He asks why she’s bleeding so much, but the doctor just yells for a gurney to be brought quickly. Luis turns to Martin and tells him he did this to her, asking if he’s happy. (commercial)

Eve tells Julian she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her to listen to him, but to not get her hopes up. He says he thinks TC may not really want a divorce since he brought the papers to her himself instead of having his attorney do it. He may want to give Eve a chance to change his mind about it and give them a chance to reconcile. Eve is thrilled to think that might be the case, then realizes that her happiness is hurting Julian. He admits he wants her for himself, that she’s the reason he’s become a half-way decent person, but he just waited too long to tell her how he felt. She says he’s a good man, but he tells her not to make it harder on him, that his dream is that she will forget about TC, jump in his arms, and run away with him, to live happily ever after. He tells her dreams can be cruel, and suffering nobly isn’t really his forte. She says he’s doing a good job of it, and he says he just wants her to be happy, and if her dream is to be with TC, then that’s what he wants for her, too.

Luis asks what’s next, and Sheridan tells him Pilar will be ok. Martin agrees, saying he wouldn’t hurt Pilar for the world. Luis tells him it’s a little late for that, that his mother had worked herself sick and kept a candle burning for her husband as if he were a saint or something. He then says he wants to kill him and slugs him again. Katherine and Sheridan tell him to stop. (commercial)

Ethan, still on the phone, tells the person to cancel the delivery unless they hear from him. He says they may have to donate half of it, but he’s not sure now. He apologizes to Gwen for having to hear that. She says she doesn’t know what she was thinking, buying two of everything. There’s only one baby now. He says it’s ok, but she says she can’t believe they are going through this again. She had thought she would be able to handle it but now she’s realizing it’s not that easy. They lost Sarah and now they’ve lost their son.

Theresa tells Whitney Ethan will come back to her. She knows she’s made mistakes, and she’s paid for them. She says once she has this baby, he will come back to her. Whitney asks how she can be sure, that babies don’t always bring people together and sometimes they only make more problems. She reminds her that she doesn’t know if this baby is hers or Gwen’s, anyway, but Theresa tells her she knows in her heart that it’s hers. Whitney tells her she doesn’t, and anyway, Gwen will keep the baby, no matter who the mother is, and there’s nothing Theresa can do about it.

TC tells Liz that sometimes he thinks she wants to hurt Eve because she gets a kick out of it. She says no, she just doesn’t want him to be hurt again. She tells him that the Eve he married doesn’t exist, she’s just a character Eve made up so he wouldn’t see the real Eve. She says he was just the next good hearted guy in line, the next trick. She says Simone and Whitney saw through her, and after spending her life holding herself up as a roll model for them, they finally see how she really is and they hate her. TC tells her that Eve loves them, but Liz insinuates that she doesn’t really love them, she just acts like she does. He doesn’t want to hear it, but Liz keeps on, telling him a good woman doesn’t lie to the people she loves, that love is about love and respect. She asks how much respect Eve had shown him or their daughters by pretending to be someone she wasn’t. He tells her people make mistakes, but Liz says Eve didn’t make a mistake, she deliberately hurt him and his girls with her lies. She then reminds him of his father’s death.

Eve tells Julian she’s afraid to get her hopes up again. Julian tells her to just go for it, she has to try. She apologizes for hurting him, telling him that whenever she wrecks, he’s there to prop her up, that even though he loves her, he is willing to help her get back with TC. She says he should just leave her, forget about her, because all she does is cause him pain. He tells her that every moment with her is precious, even if it is painful, and that even though it will be painful for her to go back to TC, he will encourage her to do it, that he wants her to be happy and if that’s with TC, then so be it. The only way he would ever want her to stay with him is if she were totally free of her feelings for TC and could be happy with him. Eve thanks him, then worries about what she will say to him, wondering if he might really take her back.

Katherine tries to protect Martin, who is on the floor after Luis hit him. Luis is still trying to get to him, but Sheridan is holding him back. Luis asks how Martin can live with himself, if he ever thinks about the lives he’s ruined. He asks why he’s come back now with his new woman, whether it’s just so he can laugh in their faces. Martin says no. Luis continues, telling him his mother scrubbed toilets every day to put food on their table and asked where the hell he had been all that time. He suggests the man was in Mexico drinking Margaritas. He tries to go after his father again, but Sheridan holds him back as he doctor comes out asking what’s going on. He sees Martin on the floor and helps him up, noting he had just stitched his head up and now he was going back for more. He asks again if Martin wants to press charges against Luis but Martin says no. Luis asks how his mother is and the doctor says she’s fine, no concussion. Luis tells him he wants to see her, and the doctor says he should throw them out, but lets Luis see her for a short visit. Sheridan takes Luis into the room. Katherine worries over Martin’s head. He says he’s ok, doesn’t blame Luis because of what he did to his family. He is devastated by the look in Pilar’s eyes when she realized he was her husband. Katherine says they knew this day would happen, and Martin agrees but says he was always afraid of what Alistair would do to the family if they came home, but this is so much worse. He says it’s all falling apart, and the only good thing is that Sheridan doesn’t know who she is. Katherine tells him she’s terrified of what will happen when Sheridan learns she’s her mother. She tells Martin it’s all her fault. Sheridan asks what she just said. (commercial)

TC looks at a picture of him and Eve. Liz tells him to never forget Eve is the one who crashed into him while she was high on drugs and alcohol after partying with her lover, Julian, and that she is the one who ended TC’s tennis career by doing so. She reminds him that broke his father’s heart and he never got over it, finally dying because of it. TC says that’s true. Liz went on, saying all his father’s dreams were wrapped up in TC’s tennis career and once that was gone, all his hopes and his will to live were all lost, thanks to Eve. She asks if that’s someone he wants to spend his life with, the person he holds responsible for his father’s death.

Eve wonders what to say to him since it’s her last chance for a life with TC. Julian tells her she’ll be fine, but no matter what happens he will be thinking of her, that he will love her with all his heart forever, and if she ever needs him, he will come running. She apologizes for hurting him, but he tells her not to worry about it, to just go talk to TC and make her own happiness because that’s what will make him happy. She thanks him, then heads into her office as Julian prays she finds the happiness she deserves.

Pilar is awake and talking to Luis, wondering why Martin left her and didn’t come back. She begins to have trouble breathing and Luis calls the nurse. She grabs a paper bag, puts it over Pilar’s mouth and nose and tells her to breathe deeply. Luis says that as soon as she’s ok, he’s going to kill Martin.

Katherine wants to explain to Sheridan about what she heard. Sheridan tells her she heard her say that it’s all her fault and she just wants her to know it isn’t. Katherine is relieved that is all she heard. Sheridan goes on to say the fault is Martins, that he has lied to her all these years, too. She says the woman never knew he left his family and never tried to help them. He tells her he’s suffered every day, and she says that’s good but it’s nothing like what Pilar had to go through all these years, feeling betrayed. She tells him his sons are good men, explaining what both did in their father’s absence, saying she doesn’t understand how scum like Martin can have such good sons. She tells him she knows what it’s like to lose a parent, but her mother died, she didn’t deliberately leave her. Katherine tries to defend him, but Sheridan says there is no way she can. Katherine acts like she wants to tell her daughter the truth, and even though Martin says no, she tells her there is something she needs to know. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan she is still scared. He says the worst is over, but she says she’s not so sure. All she wants is to give him a child but something always goes wrong. She says when she first found out Theresa was pregnant with their twins she was thrilled, but then she started thinking something would go wrong. He tells her it will be fine, and she says she’s trying to believe that and not to think the worst, but it already did happen because they lost their son.

Theresa tells Whitney she is carrying her baby with Ethan and Gwen won’t want it. Whitney asks what if it isn’t hers, what if Fate makes it be Gwen’s baby, but Theresa tells her it is hers and Ethan will come back to her. Whitney asks how she can be sure Gwen won’t want the baby if it is hers since she’s already snatched Little Ethan from her. She tells her Gwen is so desperate to be a mother she won’t care who the real mother is. She goes on to tell her that she’s really worried about her friend this time, that she’s never gone this far before, and there is nothing ahead for her but tragedy.

Pilar is crying, wondering how Martin could have been alive all these years without letting them know. She asks if he wanted to desert his family, why did he stay so close to Paloma all that time, that it doesn’t make sense. She says she prayed every day for his return, but not like this. She says his face is so different and asks if it’s really him. Luis says he admitted it and they matched his fingerprints so it’s really him. She asks why he ran away from her. He tells her he doesn’t know, but he will find out for her. When she’s better he will make Martin tell him everything.

Martin stops Katherine from telling Sheridan she is her mother. He tells her not like this, she can’t tell her now, but Katherine says it’s not fair that he’s being blamed for all of it and Sheridan must know. Sheridan asks what she must know, and Katherine tells her not to blame Martin for all of it. Sheridan tells her not to stick up for the man, that she hadn’t known what he had done, hadn’t deserted her family. Katherine tries to tell her, but Sheridan tells her whatever it is, she doesn’t want to hear it now. Katherine feels that proves that Sheridan knows something is wrong about her, too, and she has to tell her the truth so she won’t just blame Martin. He says they all hate him and doesn’t know what Pilar must think of him, but they have bigger problems. She agrees but says they have to tell all of them the truth. Martin reminds her that Alistair told them he would destroy both their families if the truth came out so they have to leave right away. They walk toward the exit. (commercial)

Ethan tells Gwen not to give up hope. They will get through it just like they did when Sarah died. She says the only thing keeping her sane is knowing another baby is on the way, and if anything happens to it she doesn’t know what she’d do.

Theresa says Gwen will never get the baby, it’s hers. Whitney says she doesn’t have a leg to stand on, that Gwen will want the baby no matter who the mother is and she won’t give it up, nor will she let Ethan go. Theresa says she doesn’t care what Gwen wants, that Theresa wants her family together - Ethan, Little Ethan, the baby, and her, and she will do everything she can to make it happen. She’s sacrificed too much to lose Ethan or her children.

As Eve is about to walk into her office, she stops and tells Julian she doesn’t think she can do it. He tells her of course she can. He says that if TC really came there to give her the papers he would have done so already, that she just needs to go in there and remind him of their love, because that’s something a man could never forget. She asks him to say a prayer for her.

Liz is still working on TC, reminding him of his father’s death because of Eve’s selfish act, asking if he can ever really forgive her for that. Eve walks in, telling him she is off duty now and they can have that talk. He just looks at her.

Sheridan walks back into Pilar’s room and asks how she’s doing. Pilar says she’s alright, but Luis tells her she’ll be better than all right. He asks where Martin is and Sheridan tells him he’s out in the waiting room with Mrs. Wheeler. Pilar gets upset again, asking why he left her all those years ago and saying there must be a reason. Luis says it’s because he’s scum, but Pilar says if that’s true, why did he stay so close to Paloma. Luis tells her to stay calm, but she starts crying, asking who the woman is that he calls Mrs. Wheeler.

Katherine tells Martin they can’t leave them like this but he tells her they have to leave, if they stay their families will be in danger. Sheridan looks out at the waiting room and asks where they went. Luis asks who and she says Mr. and Mr. Wheeler. He gets upset and takes off after them, saying they are not going to get away. Pilar calls out Martin’s name.

Previews: Liz to Julian: “I want Eve to suffer, and I’m going to make sure she loses everything in her

life as she knows it!”

Tabitha to Endora: “When we unleash Paloma on Harmony, no one will be safe.”

Martin to Katherine: “We have to leave Harmony now.”

Luis to Martin: “You’re not going anywhere, Papa.”

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