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Passions Update Tuesday 11/9/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

TC, waiting in Eve’s office, decides to leave her a note and go home. As he looks for a pen and notepad he stumbles across a DVD titled “TC’s Anniversary Present.” He takes it from the drawer, puts it in Eve’s computer, and hears their favorite song playing as pictures of their life together come and go on the screen. He figures it must have taken quite a while for her to put it together, and says it’s incredible, just like she used to be. He asks her picture what happened to them, how they got from the people in those pictures to where they are now.

Outside Eve’s office, and impatient Liz asks Julian where Eve went. He tells her Eve is a doctor and has to be where her patients need her. Liz tells him she needed her once, too, but it was all too easy for her to leave her to be abused by her father. Julian tells her he know, everyone does, and as badly as he feels for her, he is tired of hearing her talk about it. He suggests she go on Jane Pauley’s new talk show, counsel other abuse victims and give it a rest. He remarks that the trauma she felt by her father’s abuse certainly hadn’t kept her from jumping into TC’s bed the very night Eve had left. Liz replies that the trauma Eve felt at being tossed out of their bed by TC hadn’t stopped her from jumping into Julian’s bed that same night. He tells her that at least they care about each other while she cares only about hurting Eve. First she took away Eve’s life, now she’s trying to take away her husband. Liz promises to do it, too. She tells him TC is giving Eve the divorce papers and once he does and Liz becomes Mrs. Thornton Chandler Russell she will finally have her revenge. She walks away and Eve walks in. Julian asks if she’s alright and she says it’s just draining to deal with Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa under the circumstances. Julian remarks on how strange it is to think that Theresa is Gwen’s surrogate. Eve explains that she had to do it to get some leverage so she could get her own son back. Julian wonders about her going to such extremes, but Eve tells him that’s not the half of it. He asks what she means but she tells him she can only say that the procedure is over, nothing more. He asks if he can get her some coffee or something. She tells him no, that she has to go talk to TC. Julian tells her that Liz just went back in there with him and that she’s as determined to make trouble as ever. “Damn her”, Eve tells him. She says she had the impression before she went to be with Theresa that he had something important to tell her. Julian tells her that Liz had told him why TC was there and that she wouldn’t be very happy about it.

Pilar says “You have to tell me that again because I didn’t understand you.” Luis tells her that Mr. Wheeler is actually Martin Fitzgerald, her long-lost husband. “No, son, this can’t be. How can Mr. Wheeler be my…my..” but she can’t get the word out. Sheridan tells her she should sit down. Luis continues, saying he knows it’s a shock but it’s true, this is Papa. She tells him again it can’t be true, that this man isn’t her Martin. Luis tells her to look in his eyes and see for herself. (commercial)

Liz walks into Eve’s office and finds TC watching the dvd. She says she thought she’d keep him company while he waits for Eve, assuming he’s still going to give Eve the divorce papers. He says nothing, and she asks if he’s listening, then goes to see what he’s watching. She sarcastically says it’s moments of his life with Eve set to music, then asks what it is. He tells her it’s their favorite song on a dvd and he found it in Eve’s desk when he was looking for a piece of paper. She tells him she has paper in her purse and gets it out for him but he is so engrossed in watching the pictures he doesn’t notice. He talks about all the memories the pictures bring back, but Liz corrects him, saying he means lies. He agrees Eve did lie to him about her past but tells her they would still be together today if it weren’t for her coming to Harmony. Liz is stunned and asks if he’s blaming her for the breakup with Eve. He looks at her but says nothing. Outside the office, Eve tells Julian he sounds ominous and asks what he wanted to tell her about TC.

Whitney tells Theresa that she did what she thought was right. Theresa says that actually doing it might be wrong. Whitney asks what she means by wrong, what did she do, which baby did they save. Theresa says “Not now, ok?” Whitney tells her she’s had enough surprises for a lifetime and she wants her friend to tell her what happened so she can help her prepare for what will happen next. Theresa says she was under anesthesia. Whitney pushes her, saying they took a baby and asking which one it was, Gwen’s from the implant or hers from when she tricked Ethan into sleeping with her. Theresa tells her he knew it was her, even though he won’t admit it, and that he still loves her. That’s why she did what she did, she says. Whitney assumes she means that means she had her baby saved instead of Gwen’s.

A hospital clerk brings some papers to Ethan to be signed so the hospital can bill them for Theresa’s procedure. As Ethan opens the file, the woman sees the top sheet and tells him that isn’t supposed to be in there. Ethan has already looked at it and has a disturbed look on his face. Gwen asks what it is but the woman tells her it’s best if she doesn’t see it. Ethan is upset at what he read, and Gwen asks again what is on the paper that they aren’t supposed to know about.

Pilar looks at Martin closely, then tells Luis he can’t be Martin, it simply isn’t possible. He tells her it is Papa, but she says her Martin would not have left them while he lived a life of leisure in Mexico, he simply couldn’t have. Luis assures her it is him and that’s what he did. He calls him the lying coward she had saved herself for all these years and tells her that’s why she had felt like she knew him, because he is her husband. She tells him no, this man is not his dad, he’s not her husband. She then tells Martin that he can’t be her husband. (commercial)

Gwen asks Ethan again what is in the file. Ethan tells her it’s best she not see and starts to hand it back to the clerk. Gwen grabs it from his hand and looks at the paper, then says “Oh, my God!”

Pilar tells Luis again that this man isn’t her Martin. Luis asks why she fainted the first time she saw him, why she felt such a connection to him from the first. She says it’s true, he does remind her of her husband, but it’s his strength , kindness, and the way he gives her hope just like Martin did that is familiar to her. Luis tells her he is his father, but she says no. His father is a fine and noble man who would never have left his family alone with no support, leaving her to send Paloma to live with her sister in Mexico. He couldn’t possibly have lived all those years in her sister’s inn with Paloma, knowing why she was there. His father couldn’t have been that cruel and uncaring. She said that even if Alistair had forced him from Harmony, her husband would have found a way to contact them, to send them help. Luis says that’s exactly what he did, but Pilar tells him he’s wrong. He says he wishes he was, but Mr. Wheeler is Papa, and he has irrefutable proof. (commercial)

Eve tells Julian she has to rush off again because some information about Theresa’s procedure has come out and she has to go do damage control. As she walks away, Julian quietly says that she will have worse to take care of when she gets back. In the office, TC tells Liz she’s not to blame for Eve lying to him all those years, pretending to be someone she wasn’t. She lied about her past with Julian, about their child, and he wonders what would have happened if Liz hadn’t come along. She is the reason all the secrets are no longer secret, and says that ignorance is bliss, and even now he and Eve would still be together. Liz tells him that secrets always come out somehow. She reminds him that her being there had nothing to do with Julian and Eve’s search for Chad. She says once they found him, then all of her past would have come out, reminding him of Eve’s past life and his own accident. He tells her he can’t forget all that, but these pictures make him remember all the good things about their life together. She asks if he’s saying that he has decided to give her lying, slut of a sister a second chance.

Whitney asks Theresa what she did. She reminds her it’s Gwen’s last chance to have her own child and asks if she saved Gwen’s child or her own. Theresa tells her she left it up to chance, but Whitney doesn’t trust her. Theresa says she has no idea which baby was saved, that no one knows.

Gwen tells Ethan that the baby they lost was a boy. Ethan is upset about losing his son, but wonders if it was his son with Gwen or with Theresa. Eve walks up and apologizes to them for the fact they saw the paper. She lets the clerk know she needs to make sure papers like that go in the medical folder and to be more careful in the future. The clerk apologizes, then leaves. Gwen says they have to grieve for the baby they lost . Ethan says “My son”. Gwen tells him she knows a father losing a son cuts especially deep, like a mother losing a daughter, but she assures him they are going to honor their lost son and his memory, and that thanks to him their other baby has a chance to survive and they need to hold on to that hope.

Pilar asks Luis what proof he has that Mr. Wheeler is Martin. He tells her that he got Mr. Wheeler’s fingerprints from a glass and ran them through the computer files of Crane Industries and found that they matched his father’s prints which were on file there. Pilar doesn’t believe it. Luis says he didn’t want to believe it, either, but it’s true. Pilar argues that this is Alistair’s doing, that he somehow made it look like the prints matched, but Luis told her he and Sam had already considered that and checked it out. It really is Martin sitting there. He tells her that Martin had admitted he is Martin Fitzgerald. Pilar looks at her husband, still not quite believing. (commercial)

Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan thinks he and Gwen are going to raise the baby no matter which child it is and it will be easier for Theresa if she doesn’t know who the mother really is. Whitney makes sure she heard correctly, that Theresa is still planning to keep the baby no matter who the mother is.

Pilar asks if it’s true, that Martin had admitted who he is. Luis says that once he couldn’t deny it any more, he did admit it. Pilar doesn’t want to believe it, but Luis says it’s true. Sheridan tells her that she was there and heard him admit that he’s Martin Fitzgerald. Pilar still thinks it’s impossible and starts getting hysterical. Luis assures her it’s true. Sheridan tells her she‘s so sorry, and Martin stands and tells Pilar that he, too, is sorry. Luis tries to get between his mother and father but Sheridan pulls him back so they can talk to each other. She asks if he’s really her husband, if he’s really Martin. She looks as if she will faint. Martin hesitates at the question and Luis pokes his arm, yelling at him to tell her that he’s the sainted husband that deserted his family to live the good life in Mexico. Martin tells him it’s not true, but Luis asks which part isn’t true. He says that every bad thing that ever happened to their family was because of him. (commercial)

Julian makes fun of Liz, acting like he feels sorry for Poor Liz, always second best to her beautiful, talented sister. He says that’s why she has to make Eve’s life miserable, that because she can’t measure up to her sister’s level she has to try to bring Eve down to hers. He tells her that of course that’s not possible because even at her most low moment she is still a far, far better woman than Liz will ever be. Liz says that’s hardly an unbiased opinion, but Julian tells her it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. He reminds her that after Eve’s lowest point she picked herself up, went to medical school and became a doctor, married TC and had a wonderful life until she slithered back into town and, with her fangs bared through Aunt Irma, struck the lethal blow. Liz says her sister got what she deserved. He says that’s not true, that when she had found out what Liz’ father had done to her, she tried in every way to make up for it, had apologized over and over and tried to help Liz pick her life up but Liz only wanted revenge. Liz says she wants justice, but Julian says she is jealous of the fact that Eve suffered just as much as Liz had, but she didn’t give up. She fought back and rose from the ashes of her life like a Phoenix and she can’t forgive Eve for that. Liz tells him it’s about her sister’s lies and selfishness and she won’t let her win. She will make sure TC gives Eve the divorce papers tonight.

Gwen asks Ethan how much of the paper he had seen. He told her he hadn’t read past the part that said the baby they lost was a boy. Gwen tells him she read farther and saw something else, that the baby they saved is a girl. He is happy about that, and she tells him they are going to have a daughter, that Theresa is giving them a little girl all their own.

Theresa tells Whitney that she is going to keep the baby no matter who the mother is. Whitney asks about the agreement Theresa had signed, if that won’t keep her from doing that, but Theresa says when she was pregnant with just Gwen’s baby she had planned to keep it anyway, but now that she’s had the procedure, it will help her get Ethan, too. Whitney doesn’t understand how, so Theresa tells her that when she told him to choose which baby to keep, he couldn’t tell her to abort her child and keep Gwen’s, so that means he still loves her. He should have told her to keep Gwen’s baby because it is her last chance, but he didn’t because he still wants to have a life with Theresa. She tells her friend that it’s in Fate’s hands, and once Ethan finds out she’s keeping the baby he will want to be with her, too. Whitney reminds her that when she starts talking about love, Ethan, and Fate, it always ends up badly for her.

Luis tells Martin that even if Alistair had forced him to leave he still could have found just one time when he could have contacted them to let them know he was alive. He figures his dad was too busy getting a tan and messing around with his mistress. Pilar asks him to stop, but he tells her to just think, the man she’s loved all this time, the man she saved herself for, just went away. He came back with a new life, a new face, and a new piece at his side. Sheridan asks him to stop, but Katherine tells her not to defend her. Luis goes on, asking his dad if that’s not the way it was and he tells him he’ll never forgive him for it. Pilar looks at Martin, saying he sounds like her husband and his eyes are the same. He calls her name, but she goes on, asking him if it’s true that he’s her husband, Martin. (commercial)

Liz tells TC that Eve doesn’t deserve a second chance, she doesn’t deserve him or his love and he needs to give her the papers tonight.

Eve tells Julian that the consequences of what Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa have done tonight, good or bad, will be with them the rest of their lives and that she knows what that’s like. She says the fact she lied to TC about her prior life sealed her fate. Julian tells her not to beat herself up over it but she tells him she’s not, it’s just that she knows that had she been honest with TC from the start they wouldn’t be where they are now. They’d be a happy, married couple instead. She asks Julian what he had wanted to tell her earlier, and he says that TC had come there to give her divorce papers. At that minute, TC and Liz walk out of the office. He has the papers in his hand and tells Eve he needs to talk to her.

Gwen and Ethan are happy they are having a girl, but Ethan wonders if it’s really his daughter with Theresa. Gwen tells him she knows it’s bittersweet since they had to lose one child to save another, but they can’t forget the good part, that they are finally going to have a daughter, they’ll have everything they ever wanted.

Theresa tells Whitney that she will get her revenge on Gwen and Rebecca for all they’ve done to her and her family and she’ll get Ethan back at the same time. Whitney tells her it’s a train wreck waiting to happen, but Theresa says no, it isn’t. She says that when it’s finally revealed that this baby is hers and Ethan’s he will finally see that they are supposed to be together, it’s Fate.

Pilar asks Martin to answer her, is it really him. She says he looks so different, but her Luis is so sure. She asks if he’s her husband, the father of her children. He says her name, and she says that he looks so different, but the voice and everything is the same. Luis tells him to just admit to it. He finally does, and Pilar slaps him.

Preview: Whitney to Theresa: “He’s never going to leave Gwen. You’re never going to have Ethan back.”

Luis to Martin, as Pilar is passed out on the floor: “You did this to her! Are you happy now?”

Katherine to Martin: “I’m just terrified, terrified of what’s going to happen when Sheridan

learns I’m her mother.”

Sheridan, from behind Katherine: “What did you just say?”

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