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Passions Update Monday 11/8/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Whitney asks God what she’s going to do, then remembers Fox talking about how they will deal with anything that comes up, being honest with each other. She tells herself that she thought she could trick Fox into believing that her brother’s baby is really his, but she can’t. He deserves better. Fox comes up at that minute, telling her he’s been looking all over for her and wondering what had caused her to run from him. He tells her she can tell him anything.

Gwen asks Eve to explain the part about Theresa being able to continue carrying the baby that is more able to survive after the abortion. Eve says that is the way it works. Pilar, holding Theresa’s hand, tells her she is praying for her. Ethan is also praying, asking that if only one baby can survive he wants it to be Gwen’s because he knows how badly she wants her own child and this will be her only chance. Gwen walks over to him, saying she’s praying, too, having never gone through anything like this before. Ethan reminds her that neither have he and Theresa.

Sheridan tells Luis to calm down, stop fighting because it won’t solve anything. Luis says yes, it will. He wants to make his father understand how much he hurt them by leaving. Sam tells him he’s already done that, since Martin is lying motionless on the floor, but Luis says no, he wants to make Martin hurt as much as he made his family hurt all those years. Sheridan reminds him that Pilar wouldn’t want him to act that way, but he tells her it will kill his mother when she finds out that the man she loved so much ran off with another woman. Katherine yells that she can’t find a pulse in Martin, that Luis has killed his father. (commercial)

Fox asks Whitney what he had said that upset her. She tells him it’s just the way he talked about their future together, all the dreams he has for them. “They sound really perfect.” He tells her they are perfect, that’s the life he wants. She tells him she’s not the woman he needs, but he tells her she is exactly to one he wants, without her his dreams don’t make any sense to him. She tells him he doesn’t need her, but he swears she is the only one, his dream girl. She tells him she can’t be that, and he is confused, asking when she decided that. A nurse walks up and recognizes Whitney as Theresa’s friend, telling her the procedure is about to be done and she could probably use a good friend so she’d better hurry to her room. Whitney agrees and says she’s going right now, and Fox goes with her.

Theresa tells her mother about having the DNA test done so she could figure out which child is hers and save it. After talking to Ethan she decided to leave it to God. Pilar tells her the whole thing is God’s choice, not theirs. Theresa tells her that she’s still praying that the baby they save will be hers with Ethan.

Rebecca walks in to the lobby, asking if she’s missed anything. Gwen tells her that they are just about ready to take her in for the procedure and that she wants to go see her again before they do. After she leaves, Rebecca tells Ethan she can’t believe they are trusting the life of their baby in the hands of that lying, scheming little tramp. Ethan stands up to her for once and tells her she is wrong, letting slip that Theresa is sacrificing her child to save Gwen’s. Rebecca asks what he’s talking about, since both babies are Gwen’s.

A crying Katherine screams at Luis that he’s killed his own father, but Sheridan tries to comfort him by telling him it wasn’t his fault, he had just lost control. Sam runs in saying the ambulance is coming. He tries CPR on Martin, but Katherine says it’s too late, she’s lost him. Sam manages to get his heart beating, which makes Katherine happy. Sheridan says everything is ok now, but Luis says it isn’t and won’t be for a long time. Martin wants to get up and leave, but Sam tells him he has to wait for the ambulance, and so does Luis. Luis tells him he never even got hit, he doesn’t need a doctor to see him, but Sam insists, as he does with Martin. He and Katherine sit Martin in a chair, but he says he wants to talk to Luis. Katherine wants him to wait, but Luis starts to walk over to him. Sheridan tries to stop him, telling him it’s not the time, but Luis goes to him and tells him it’s not over by a long shot. (commercial)

Ethan covers his slip by saying that Theresa is the one carrying the children and she will feel the pain and loss as if it’s hers. Rebecca reminds him that Gwen feels the loss, too, and says she’s very disappointed in him that he isn’t putting Gwen first. He says he’s there for Gwen 110%.

Eve tells Theresa it’s time to go, and as she is wheeled out, Whitney arrives. She stops the gurney and tells her friend she’s there for her, hugging and kissing her. Fox tells Ethan he’s there for him, too. Gwen thanks Theresa again for going through with it. As she is wheeled on by, she fixes her eyes on Ethan who looks at her, too.

In the emergency room the doctor says Martin is in good shape, only needing a couple of stitches. Katherine asks if he can leave right away, but the doctor says he wants to keep him for a while, just to make sure. Martin is anxious to go. The doctor asks if he wants to press charges against Luis and he says no, he deserved everything he got and more. In the lobby, Luis is complaining about needing to be seen by a doctor when there’s nothing wrong with him. He is still fuming over the fact Martin is his father, and Sheridan tells him to calm down, it’s over. He says it’s nowhere near being over, causing her to yell at him. He explains that he spent a lot of years forced to believe his mother’s explanation that his father had been forced to leave and now he found out the man had snuck off with another woman because he had tired of his wife and kids. He goes on about how he wishes he had killed him and still wanted to finish the job. Sheridan forces him to listen to her, then tells him that while he was pounding away on Martin at the house, his father never once hit him back, never once tried to fend off his blows. Luis says he is too much of a coward. She says no, that’s not it. He didn’t want to hit his son because he still loves him. (commercial)

Theresa tells Eve she’s scared, and the doctor reassures her it will all be ok. Another doctor comes in, Dr. Ames, and tells Theresa she has been put in a very difficult position. Theresa tells her that he wish is for both babies to live, and the doctor asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. Theresa says Dr. Russell told her both babies will die if she doesn’t do it so yes, she is sure. Dr. Ames says she’d the only one who can decide to go through with it or not and tells her she’s the one person who will have to live with this the rest of her life. She asks her to think about whether she will really be ok with the decision she’s made.

Sheridan tells Luis that despite everything he’s done to them, Martin still loves them. Luis says that’s not true, that he couldn’t have done what he did if he loved them. He says Martin left and never looked back, never called or wrote, and never cared how they were doing. She reminds him that he might have kept up with them through Tia Maria. He wonders if she knew who Mr. Wheeler really was, but Sheridan tells him that she introduced the man to them as Mr. Wheeler and didn’t seem to act as if he was anyone else. Then they realize he had lived there with Paloma all her life and she never even knew he was her real father. Sheridan tells him that has to account for something, like he cared. Luis is upset that she is defending the bum after all he did to them. He left them so he could spend time with Mrs. Wheeler in a tropical paradise. She tells him it’s more complicated than it seems, that he had told her how much he had loved his mother. Luis said he must have been wrong because any man who loved his wife wouldn’t do what his dad had done. She tries to tell him there must have been a good reason, he must have been forced to leave. Luis disagrees, saying he did it and he admitted it. She thinks he should listen to what the man has to say, but he tells her he can’t believe a word he says. She reminds him again that Martin never tried to fight back at the house, but he still thinks it’s because the man is a coward, not because he loved him. He worries about what Pilar will do when she finds out that Mr. Wheeler is her long lost husband, back in town with a brand new wife. Sheridan tells him she already suspected him, had almost put it together but talked herself out of it because it’s so outrageous. He says that’s what worries him, that the only way she could live with his father leaving them was by believing he had been forced to leave against his will, but now to find out he could have come back and he has a new wife will kill her.

Fox wishes he had learned a few prayers, but Whitney says she’s not sure prayers will save the day. He tells her Theresa will be ok, just like he’s sure whatever is going on between them will be ok once he finds out what it is. She says she wants to talk to about what’s going on but not right now. He says that’s ok but they will talk later so she can explain why she walked out and said she isn’t the woman he needs. She tells him it’s complicated. He says it’s because of her parents and what happened to them. She agrees, but says it’s about the Bennetts, too, and Theresa and Ethan. Fox tells her all those couples had problems because of secrets they hid from each other. She asks what that has to do with them and he says everything. He says he and she have no secrets so it can’t be that bad.

Ethan asks Pilar how she’s holding up. She says as best she can, then asks about him. She tells him she doesn’t agree with what she is doing but she’s her daughter. He tells her it’s not Theresa’s fault, not to blame her, she’s just trying to do what’s best for everyone. It took a lot of courage for her to let the doctor make the decision. She agrees, but wishes it had all been left up to God because one babies life is no more important than the other. Ethan agrees, yet he is praying that the baby that is saved will be Gwen’s. He says it may be wrong, but it’s how he feels because it may be Gwen’s last chance to have a baby of her own. Pilar tells him that’s why it should all have been left in God’s hands. Ethan asks her to say a prayer for him. She wishes Martin were here since he was such a strong person with a strong moral code and made the best decision in all circumstances. Ethan says he knows it’s been hard on her, but she reminds him that bad things happen, and some events are just out of our control. She says that those who say Martin left them of his own free will are wrong since it’s not like him to leave them the way he did. Two nurses walk out talking about Mr. Wheeler. It catches Pilar’s attention and she asks what happened. They tell her he was in a fight . She decides to go check on him and asks Ethan to let her know if he hears anything about Theresa.

Katherine tells Martin she was afraid Luis had killed him. He assures her he’s fine, then wonders if he should have kept up his denials. Katherine tells him she doesn’t think Luis would have believed him anyway. He says it wouldn’t have mattered, that by the time Luis got to the house he had worked up a full head of steam. He had found the proof he needed in some old Crane computer files. He thinks he might have been too tired, but whatever, he just didn’t want to lie anymore. She tells him at least the truth is out, and he agrees, saying they had better get out of town quickly before Sheridan makes the connection and figures out who she is. She tells him Sheridan has come close a couple of times but she’s always been able to talk her out of it. He is afraid Sheridan might finally figure it out and might feel the same toward her and Luis does toward him. He doesn’t want her to go through what he is. Katherine agrees that Sheridan would hate her for what she did. Martin reminds her it was both of them. They agree they both had to leave to protect them from Alistair but things are worse for them now. He wished they all knew how much they love them. Katherine says that includes Pilar, and he says he’s never lied about that, he loved Pilar with all his heart and soul. She agrees, saying Luis will probably tell her who he is. He tells her he always hoped Pilar would have found a new man so she would be happy, but she hadn’t. Katherine says she had stayed true to her husband over all those years, and Martin tells her that he is afraid when she finds out he is back and has a new wife it could destroy her. (commercial)

Ethan is still waiting for Theresa to get out of surgery. Whitney walks up and starts to talk to him. She asks if he knows why Theresa changed her mind and decided to have the procedure. He tells her she had no choice. Whitney tells him that she knows everything and asks if the DNA test had revealed whose the babies were. He tells her one is Gwen’s and one is Theresa’s. She asks which one she will save. He tells her Theresa is leaving the decision up to the doctor. Whitney is shocked, thinking Theresa would have done anything to save her baby with Ethan. He tells her she was planning to until he talked to her and told her how much this baby meant to Gwen, and then she had changed her mind. Whitney, good friend that she is, proceeded to stab her in the back by telling him she doesn’t believe it for a minute. She says she’s known her for a long time, and while she talks a good game about letting fate decide something, she always takes any opportunity to help fate along, and she thinks there is no way she is going to risk losing her baby with Ethan.

Dr. Ames tells Theresa that she’s glad they had this talk. Eve walks in and asks if there’s anything wrong. Dr. Ames says no, she had just wanted to make sure Theresa had no reservations about what she was about to do and it seems there are none. The anesthetist tells Theresa to count backwards from 10. As she does so, she begins to dream, seeing a baby. Ethan picks the baby up, loving it, and she walks up to them. Ethan tells her it’s a beautiful baby, and Theresa tells him it’s perfect. He tells the baby he loves it, then says he loves them both. On the operating table, Theresa whispers “My baby, my baby.”

Luis wonders how Martin could have disrespected Pilar so much that he could hook up with another woman after he left them. Sheridan tells him to ask his dad. He then wonders what kind of woman could hook up with a man she knew was married and had kids. Sheridan tries to tell him she might not have known he was married when they met, but he says after all those years it must have come out that he had five kids with another woman. She tells him again to ask Martin. He wonders if Mrs. Wheeler is a big phony like his father, but she tells him the lady is so nice, she doesn’t seem like the type who would deliberately hurt anyone. He tells her that a few hours ago he would have said the same of Mr. Wheeler. He doesn’t know how his mother will survive it all.

Pilar walks in to Martin’s room, telling him she came as soon as she heard. She asks if he’s ok. He says yes, and it’s kind of her to worry about him. She starts saying “After everything you’ve done for my family…”, then takes his hand and stops, looking at him. He asks what is wrong, and she tells him that once again she has the feeling he’s her husband. (commercial)

Ethan is still sitting on the waiting room sofa. Whitney sits and tells him that all she’s trying to say is she knows Theresa, knows how she feels about him, how she feels about children, and that she would move heaven and earth to protect any child she had with him, even if it meant losing Gwen’s. He tells her that was her first instinct, but he begged her to do this for him and Gwen. Whitney, sounding disbelieving, asks if he’s telling her that Theresa is just going to leave it up to God. He says that’s what she said. Gwen walks in and asks if there’s any news. He tells her no, then asks where her mother is. “She’s around.”, she tells him. She says it’s very hard to think about what’s going on right now, and he agrees, telling her they need to think about the baby that’s going to live. She says yes, their baby, and he pulls her into his arms as Whitney looks like she just sucked on a lemon.

Eve walks into the operating room and asks the doctor how it went. She says these things are never easy, but from a medical standpoint, everything went well and the baby looks good. Eve whispers “Whichever one it is.”

Pilar asks Martin if it’s true, if he’s her husband. He says her name, and she apologizes for confusing his kindness and warmth for those of her husband, that she knows he’s not Martin. She asks him for forgiveness, telling him her mind knows better but her heart won’t listen. She says it’s hard right now with everything that’s going on , she misses him most during times like these. She says she’s transferring her need for her husband on to him. He says he understands and she tells him that’s another thing that reminds her of her husband, he is so forgiving. But she knows he isn’t Martin, he’s married to Mrs. Wheeler, a very lucky woman, just as Pilar had been. She had felt she was the luckiest woman in the world to have her husband. He asks if she really felt that way and she assures him she did, that he was everything good a woman could want and that’s why she could never love another man. She says she knows that as loyal as he was, he would never be with another woman so she had to remain loyal to him. She is still holding on to his hand, and Luis walks in and sees it, telling him to take his hands off his mother. Pilar asks why he’s talking to Mr. Wheeler that way, and he chokes out “Mr. Wheeler”, then says he has something to tell her. (commercial)

Rebecca finds her way back to the waiting room, asking why there’s no word on Theresa. She starts mouthing off, then catches herself and walks away. Gwen asks Ethan what if something happened to both the babies. He tells her not to think like that. Theresa is wheeled out and they all run to her. Eve tells them everything is fine, it’s all over. Gwen puts her head down on Ethan’s shoulder. Theresa says “Oh my God”, then her hand finds Ethan’s, and she says “ The baby’s gone.”

Pilar asks why Luis is there and starts to tell him that Theresa is in another room. He says he’s not there for Theresa. Pilar figures out that the fight Mr. Wheeler was hurt in was with Luis and asks why he had hurt the man. He tells her he needs to talk to her, but she says if it’s about Mr. Wheeler, he can say it in the room. He tells her he can’t, but she says he can if it’s as important as he says. Sheridan asks her to please go with him, but she tells her she’s a grown woman and tells Luis to tell her whatever it is. Luis agrees and tells her that Mr. Wheeler is her husband, Martin Fitzgerald. She looks at him in shock.

Previews: Whitney to Theresa: “I’m right, aren’t I? You’re baby with Ethan, that’s the one who survived,

isn’t it?”

Liz to Julian: “Once I am Mrs. Thornton Chandler Russell, I will finally have my revenge!”

Luis to Pilar: “This man here is my father, your husband, Martin Fitzgerald.”

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