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Passions Update Thursday 11/4/04

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TC still hasn’t given Eve the divorce papers Liz had drawn up for him. Liz, standing beside him, remembers telling him at his house that he needs to give the papers to her if he’s not going to go back with her so he can go on with his life. Back in the present, she again urges him to tell Eve why he came to her office.

Gwen, talking to Pilar, tells her that although Pilar doesn’t agree with what Theresa is going to do, she needs to remember that it is a really good thing and will finally give Gwen the baby she wants so badly. Pilar tells her she knows they will be good parents. Gwen says they have to do something so both babies don’t die, because she knows that’s not what God would want. Pilar reminds her that what God wants is for us to follow his commandments, and one of those is to not kill. Rebecca jumps in, saying she’s so sick of Pilar’s pious posturing, acting like she’s so much holier than the rest of them. What she really wants is to keep Gwen from having a baby and to keep suffering. Pilar tells her that’s not true, but she continues that she knows Pilar blames her and Gwen because the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s don’t have a home and don’t have jobs, and that’s why she wants to punish Gwen.

Theresa asks Ethan which he wants to save. He tells her he wants them both to live. She reminds him they can’t both live, that Eve had explained that if both babies are left in the womb, they will both die and the only hope is to abort one and hope the other makes it to birth. He says he knows that, but he can’t make that decision. She tells him he has to, or she will, and it will be her child that lives, as she had planned. She asks if that’s what he wants.

Sheridan, still at her mother’s gravesite, tells Mrs. Wheeler that she knows her mother didn’t have a choice of whether to leave her or not because she died, but her death left her alone and made it hard to grow up without her. Mrs. Wheeler tells her she’s sorry about what she went through. Sheridan tells her it’s hard to tell anyone how much her heart hurts, then walks a few feet away. Katherine says her heart hurts, too, but she can’t tell her that she’s really her mother, like Martin can’t tell his family he’s their father.

Luis, in the mansion with Mr. Wheeler, asks him again if he’s his father. Martin thinks to himself that he would give anything to be able to tell him he is his father, but Alistair would cause too much pain if he did. Instead, he asks Luis why he is asking him that question, but that only makes Luis more angry, and he demands an answer from him - is he his father? (commercial)

Eve asks TC again why he’s there and what he wants to give her. Her pager goes off and she has to go see who it is. She thinks it’s a doctor, but it turns out to be from the travel agent about the trip they had been planning to take. She asks if that’s why he came, to bring the tickets. He tells her he needs to speak to her in private. Eve asks Julian to leave, and he asks Liz to go with him. She says she thinks TC wants her to stay, but TC tells her to go, he wants to speak to Eve alone. Once they are gone, Eve asks if he is there about the second honeymoon trip.

Pilar asks Rebecca if she really believes she would deliberately hurt her daughter. Rebecca tells her she certainly does believe that. Pilar tells her she’s wrong, that she’s not like her. She says most people aren’t, either. Most people believe in right and wrong and have principals. Rebecca starts sputtering about cueing the old soap opera music and Gwen tells her to stop. Pilar tells Gwen she doesn’t want anyone hurt, she just wants her daughter to do the right thing. Rebecca laughs and says she’s a little late, most people teach that when the child is young. Pilar says she taught her daughter well, at which Rebecca says “Oh, so you’re the one who taught her to lie, cheat, and to steal other women’s husbands.” Gwen stops her again and tells her Pilar is just standing up for what she believes in. Rebecca says what she wants is for the babies to die. Gwen tells Pilar she hopes she understands that she doesn’t think the way her mother does. Pilar hopes not, and Gwen tells her this was the hardest decision she ever had to make, and letting one die so the other can live was not easy, but the baby will be loved very much and very well taken care of. The two women embrace, and Pilar thinks to herself that Gwen will never get to hold her baby if Theresa goes through with what she has planned.

Ethan tells Theresa she can’t choose to let her baby live and let Gwen’s die. “It’s our baby. OUR baby, Ethan”, she says. She tells him it’s not an easy choice. He tells her he knows, and she should just leave it up to nature, let the doctors decide which is most able to survive and save it. She asks if he really wants her to let the doctors decide the fate of their child. He says yes, it’s not up to her to decide whether her child lives or Gwen’s. She asks him if there were two children on a railroad track and a mother could save only one, would it be her child or the other one? She tells him it would be her own because that’s what mothers do. That’s what she is doing, saving their child together.

Sheridan tells Katherine it was so hard getting over her mother’s death because it was so sudden. Katherine remembers when she left, telling the children that it was not easy to leave them but she had to, and that she hoped one day they would understand why. She then tells Sheridan she realizes how hard it was on her to lose her mother. Sheridan asks her to tell her something else about her mother, anything, but Katherine says all she can tell her is that wherever she is, she still loves Sheridan. The young woman says that’s what helps, and that at times she feels so close to her that she thinks she can reach out and touch her. She takes Katherine’s hands in hers at that moment.

Luis asks again if Mr. Wheeler is his father. Martin tells him he doesn’t have time for such questions, that he has to leave now before Alistair re-instates murder charges against his wife. Luis says that his wife is Luis’ mother and they don’t need a long discussion, just yes or no. Martin says it’s not the time because everyone is on edge due to Alistair. Luis says they are on edge because he won’t answer the question and he can see in his eyes that it’s the truth. He asks again that he tell him he’s his father. He says he has proof, and when Martin asks what it is, Luis yells at him to stop wasting time, just admit that he’s his father. Martin yells back that he doesn’t have time and he won’t admit to anything. Luis grabs him and tells him he’s not going anywhere until he gets the answer he needs. (commercial)

Theresa asks Ethan why he’s looking at her the way he is. She explains she is doing what any mother would do, but he says it’s wrong, it’s not something she should decide. She says he’s always wanted to have a child, and now she’s giving him one. He tells her that if she is thinking she will have his child and then he will leave Gwen for her, it won’t happen. She says he admitted he still loves her, he only married Gwen because she got pregnant. He tells her not to think that because he still loves her, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Gwen. He says he does, and that he wants to make her happy. He says having this baby and being a family will make her happier than anything. “A family, Ethan?” He says yes, and to remember that just because she is having the baby, that doesn’t mean she will get to have custody of it. She had signed papers saying she would give them the baby in exchange for Little Ethan and that he and Gwen will raise the child. He asks if it wouldn’t be easier for her to let the doctors decide so she won’t have to know which baby it is that he and Gwen are raising.

Sam comes out to the garden and finds Sheridan crying in Katherine’s arms. He asks if everything is alright and they assure him it is. They ask why he’s there and he tells them he went by the cottage and no one was there so he came out to see if they were there. Sheridan asks why he was looking for them, if Alistair had changed his mind about pressing charges against Mrs. Wheeler. He assures her that’s not the case. She asks if Luis came with him and he says he did and is talking to Mr. Wheeler. She says that’s good, he had wanted to talk to him, but he had sounded angry. She asks if he knows why he’d be angry and he tells her he does but she needs to let Luis tell her himself. She wonders why, whether something is wrong, and he says he hopes so. At the mansion, Luis is still trying to get Martin to admit who he is. He asks him why he ran out on the and calls him Papa, to which Martin says “Stop calling me that”. Luis tells him he has proof so he needs to stop lying and admit it. Martin tells him they can’t talk about it right now, but Luis tells him they are going to. Martin tells him he’s not his father, but Luis says he has proof and asks if he wants to see it. He then puts the disk in a laptop on the table and shows him the fingerprint match. Martin tells him it’s from Crane Industries and can’t be believed. Luis says he does believe it, especially because of the look on his face. “You are my father. Damn you. Damn you to hell!” (commercial)

Liz wonders what’s taking TC and Eve so long in her office. Julian, smiling, coyly remarks that she seems so worried about what’s going on in there. He asks if she’s scared TC might take Eve back. She says not at all, but he tells her he thinks she’s lying, that after all she did to tear them apart, she’s still worried that Eve might still be in TC’s heart and he might be willing to take her back. He says that by now she thought she would have TC safely ensconced in her bed but it hasn’t worked that way, and that she knows that Eve is more woman than she’ll ever be and TC still desires her more than he ever will Liz. She tells him he’s wrong, but he keeps on, telling her that she’s terrified that after all she did, he might still take her back and it would all have been for nothing. She tells him that TC has divorce papers and he’s here to give them to her, so their marriage is over. In the office, Eve asks TC what he is there for. She asks if he’s uncomfortable talking about their second honeymoon. She tells him that since he’s always loved fishing he should take the tickets and go have fun. He tells her no, she should take them, he doesn’t mind. She replies that he needs to get away and relax and the Pocono’s have always had such a good effect on him. She laughs and when he asks what’s funny, she reminds him of their fishing trip when she was reading a book while he fished on a boat, and when he asked for the net, she grabbed it with her nose still in the book and walked right off the boat. They laughed because he just kept right on fishing instead of helping her out of the water. He laughingly says he had a fish to catch, then stops short, not wanting to remember more. She says she has to many wonderful memories and he agrees but says they won’t be making any more. She says they could, if he would forgive her.

Pilar says she’s going to check on Theresa. Gwen tells her not to listen to her mother because she wants them all to get along. Pilar says she wants it all to be over so they can just be happy, and Gwen agrees. As Pilar leaves, she passes Rebecca and both women give each other harsh looks. Gwen asks her mother why she always has to stir up trouble, but Rebecca says to look south of the border to see who’s stirring up trouble. She says that one day Gwen will realize she’s right, Theresa is not to be trusted.

Ethan asks Theresa if it wouldn’t be easier for her to not know who the mother of the child he and Gwen are raising is. She says she is saving her baby. He tells her that no matter which baby lives, he and Gwen will raise it, not Theresa, and she will have Little Ethan. She says he is protecting himself from Gwen finding out they slept together. He says it’s not true and that he didn’t really know it was her. She tells him he did know. He also says had he known it was her, he would have stopped it and she would be carrying Gwen’s baby now instead of both hers and Gwen’s and they wouldn’t be having this discussion. He tells her he wants one of the baby’s to live as badly as she does, but he wants Nature to decide, not her. He wants her to let the doctors decide. She asks if he wants her to leave her babies life up to chance and he tells her yes, he does.

Luis wants Martin to admit he’s nothing but a bum who deserted his wife and family. Martin tells him to think about how Alistair is, the things he’s done, and realize he could have made all this up to cause trouble. He tells him to think about all the man has done to the family, and to Luis’ brother. Luis says he knows what Alistair did to his brother and he knows what Martin had done to all of them. He just left them in poverty and broke Pilar’s heart. He asks how he could have done it. Martin tells him not to do this, but Luis asks why not, what about what he did. He left and never contacted them or sent them money or anything. He tells his father he never loved them or Pilar. Martin slips up and says that’s not true, he did love them and their mother, then realizes what he said and stops. Luis looks at him and says he just admitted that he’s his father and that he deserted all of them. Martin says yes, he did and he is Luis’ father. (commercial)

Julian is stunned that TC brought divorce papers. Liz says that’s right, but Julian finds it odd that he personally brought the papers to her. She asks why, and he tells her because that’s not how it’s done. She says TC wanted to save time. Julian finds that odd, too, since that’s usually the time when people getting a divorce want to stay away from each other. He says he brought the papers because he wants to see Eve. Liz tells him he wants to see her face when he drops the bomb on her, but Julian figures out that he really just wants to be close to Eve again, and that it’s eating Liz up because her sister wins again. She replies that Eve will not win, she will lose everything. In the office, Eve asks TC if he thinks they can still make some happy memories She tells him she thinks they could, if he would forgive her for her past. She tells him she’s sorry for lying to him but she just didn’t want to lose him. He says he just doesn’t know….but Eve cuts him off before he finishes his statement, apologizing for pushing him like this. She tells him to take the tickets this year and maybe she can take it next year. He says she should take it this year but she says it just doesn’t mean the same to her as it does to him. He asks what she means, if she didn’t like the trips. She tells him yes, she liked them, but it was really more for him and she enjoyed seeing him happy. He seems to take offense at the idea the trips were more for him, then decides they don’t mean much anymore compared with what she’ll be doing with Julian now, that there will be no more staying in a dingy motel by the lake. She will be able to go all around the world, go anywhere she likes. Eve assures him that’s not what she meant. She tells him she’d rather stay in a tent with him than the fanciest hotel in the world because she still loves him.

Luis says he can’t believe he’s standing there talking to his own father. Martin asks his son to let him explain, but Luis asks what he wants to explain, how he abandoned them, leaving them to fend for themselves? “Please, son..” Luis yells at him that he isn’t to call him son because he doesn’t have the right to call him son. Martin tells him he hadn’t meant to hurt the family, he had good reason to leave, but Luis tells him he has no good reason for it. Martin says he needs to explain, but Luis doesn’t want to hear it. He tells his father he will pay for what he did, then hits him. As Sheridan, Katherine, and Sam arrive at the locked patio door, they hear the commotion of Luis hitting his father while the man asks to be allowed to explain. (commercial)

Liz tells Julian he’s wrong, that TC isn’t here to be near Eve but to make it totally clear that their marriage is over. She asks isn’t that what he wants too, for the marriage to be over so he can divorce Rebecca and marry Eve? He tells her what he wants is for Eve to be happy, whatever that may be. She tells him he’s lying, that he wants Eve any way he can get her and he’s dying for TC to give Eve those divorce papers. In the office, Eve is crying, saying she doesn’t want to sound so needy but when it comes to her family she has no pride, that she wants to try to be a family again and work out their differences. He sees something on her desk, gets up and goes over to look at it. He sees her and Julian’s picture in the paper with a story about them being Chad’s parents. He tells her he doesn’t think that’s going to happen any time soon, and she apologizes for acting that way. She tells him she will contact the ticket agent and tell him to send the tickets to TC so he can put hers in Liz’ name. He tells her to stop. She asks if there’s something else as the camera pans down to show the divorce papers in his pocket.

Theresa tells Ethan she’s not sure she can leave it up to the doctors. She asks how she can take a chance on her baby’s life when her instincts tell her to protect her child. He says he doesn’t know, but it’s the only thing that seems right. Pilar walks in and, seeing them, asks if everything is all right. Ethan says know, the choice they have to make is horrible so it can’t be all right. He leaves and Pilar goes to Theresa’s bed, asking what’s going on. She tells her she doesn’t know what to do.

At the mansion, Luis and Martin are fighting inside while Sam, Sheridan, and Katherine are trying to get into the locked room. They realize the two are fighting, and Sam finally breaks the window of the door, sticks his hand in and unlocks it. The three rush inside and separate the two men, asking what’s going on. (commercial)

Liz, still sure her plans have worked just as she wants, tells Julian not to deny he wants Eve. He tells her that’s not what he wants, he wants her happy, even if it means going back with TC and her family. Liz tells him being a martyr isn’t like him, and he tells her that unlike her, he doesn’t want to see a marriage destroyed because of what he wants. She agrees, saying she wants TC but even more, she wants to see Eve suffer and she won’t stop until she’s lost everything. Eve asks TC if there’s something else he wants to tell her, but then her pager goes off. She tells him she has to go because Theresa is ready for her surgery, and wishes she could stay longer to talk to him. She suggests maybe they can talk later, and he agrees.

Ethan goes back to where Gwen is waiting and she asks if Theresa is still having the procedure. Ethan tells her yes and she is happy that at least one of the babies has a chance to survive. Ethan wonders to himself which one.

Theresa explains the situation to her mother, telling her that now she has to decide which baby to keep. She tells her mother she has to have the procedure, and Pilar asks if she agrees with Ethan that nature should decide which one lives or is she going to decide.

At the mansion, Sheridan asks someone to tell them what’s going on. Luis says another secret why Alistair didn’t want the Wheelers to stay around and why he dropped the charges against Mrs. Wheeler. She asked why he attacked Mr. Wheeler, and he tells her the man is not Mr. Wheeler, he is Luis’ long lost father, she is looking at Martin Fitzgerald.

Previews: Eve to Theresa: “Well, Theresa, you’re going to have to decide and time is of the essence.”

Theresa’s reply: “I have to be sure I don’t make a mistake.”

Whitney to Fox: “We can’t get married, Fox. We can’t ever get married.”

Martin: “Yes, I admit it. I am Luis’ father. I’m Martin Fitzgerald.”

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