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Passions Update Wednesday 11/3/04

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Gwen and Ethan are waiting in the lobby. Rebecca walks in, wondering what she’s done with her calculator. When Ethan asks why she needs it, she replies that she wants to figure the odds of Theresa ruining Gwen’s chances of becoming a mother. He tells her to stop, and she agrees she doesn’t need the calculator because they all know she will do something. She’ll change her mind and refuse to go through with the procedure, or she’ll do it and then try to keep the baby. Gwen tells her to stop causing trouble, and Rebecca shoots back that even she knows Theresa will do something. Ethan tells her if she’d really like to help Gwen she can go get her something to eat and drink. The older woman agrees, but reminds them that they are both aware Theresa will come up with something to hurt them. As she leaves, Ethan tells Gwen her mother is like a broken record, always coming up with something against Theresa. Gwen tells him she has a point. The odds are good that she will try something. She asks Ethan to go talk to Theresa, make sure she is still going through with it. He replies that he’s sure she will make sure one of the babies lives as he starts to leave, but wonders to himself which one it will be.

Eve asks Theresa if she’s still planning to save her baby instead of Gwens. Theresa tells her absolutely, that was the reason for the DNA test. If she has to save only one, it will be her child. Eve reminds her that Gwen is only asking her to do the procedure because she believes both babies are hers and Ethan’s and it’s the only way she can have a baby of her own. Theresa reminds the doctor that if Gwen were in her position, she would do the same thing, save her own baby. Eve says she shudders to think what Gwen would do if she ever finds out.

TC walks into his living room to find Liz moving things around. He tells her he was wondering what all the noise was about, and she tells him she’s rearranging the furniture, asking how he likes it. He is looking at an old prescription pad in his hands. He tells Liz that it’s Eve’s, that he had thought all her things were gone but he had found it upstairs. Liz tries to take it and throw it away but he won’t let her. He tells her that Eve used to say Love was the best medicine, so she’d play Dr. Mom, prescribe hugs and kisses for the girls and bed rest for him. Liz tells him that’s in the past and he needs to concentrate on the future. He tells her he’s trying but he’s not sure he can stop loving someone after having loved her for so long. There is a knock on the door and TC answers it to find a man who hands him an envelope from a local attorney’s office. He wonders why one of the best attorneys in town would be sending him legal papers. As he opens the letter he finds divorce papers and is shocked that Eve is divorcing him.

Martin tells Katherine it was hard saying good-bye to Paloma knowing they will never see her again. She remembers how hard it had been the first time they left Harmony to say good-bye to everyone without letting them know they would never be back. She hates leaving Sheridan again, but he reminds her they have to leave before anyone finds out their true identities. Sheridan hangs up the phone, looking puzzled. Pilar asks what’s wrong and she tells the woman that Luis seemed angry at the fact the Wheelers were leaving and had told her to keep the Wheelers there until he could get there. She wonders why.

Sam tells Luis to take it easy as he is headed out the door. He says he knows Luis is upset but that Martin must have had a really good reason to leave town. Luis tells his friend he doesn’t care what the reason was, and that he will kill his father before he lets him bail out on the family a second time. (commercial)

Rebecca returns from the hospital cafeteria acting squeamish about the food she had brought her, saying it’s no wonder everyone there is sick if that’s what passes as food for them. Gwen tells her she’s not hungry anyway, and Rebecca gets upset that she won’t eat what she brought after she had lowered herself going in to the café. Gwen tells her to get over it. Rebecca asks where Ethan is and Gwen tells her he’s talking to Theresa to make sure everything is ok. Rebecca is relieved to know Gwen is taking her fears seriously and making sure Theresa isn’t up to something. Gwen assures her she is just making sure everything is going ok and there are no problems with the baby. Rebecca reminds her that nothing ever goes right when Theresa is concerned.

Ethan walks into Theresa’s room and asks how the test went. She asks if he really wants to know and he says he has to. She tells him that one is Gwen’s and the other is theirs. He is shocked to learn he fathered one with Gwen and the other with Theresa. He tells her she tricked him into sleeping with him. She explains she did it because she thought she’d lost Gwen’s baby and needed to be pregnant so she could get her own son back. She says she needs to know what he wants her to do, that once she signs the consent form it will be on the condition they take Gwen’s baby to save hers. He tells her he can’t believe it’s come to this. She tells him it doesn’t have to, she can still cancel the procedure and leave it in God’s hands. She needs to know if he still wants her to have the procedure done. He says no, he doesn’t want her to lose either of the babies.

Pilar thinks Luis is upset because he wants to say good-bye to the Wheelers before they leave. Sheridan says that could be. The Wheelers walk in and Katherine asks if everything is ok. She tells them Luis is adamant to see them before they leave and Martin says it won’t be a problem since their flight doesn’t leave for a while. Sheridan and Pilar walk away, leaving Martin wondering why Luis wants to see them. Katherine says it’s just because he doesn’t want to have them leave without being able to say good-bye. Martin says that must be it.

Sam tells Luis not to go to see the Wheelers while he’s so angry. He reminds him there’s a lot about the couple they don’t know. Luis tells him they know he’s the same rotten person who walked out on his family all those years ago. Sam says he may or may not be, and Luis yells at him, reminding him they saw the fingerprint match themselves showing Martin and Mr. Wheeler have the same fingerprints. Sam thinks maybe Alistair gave them false information to manipulate them. He doesn’t know how but it could be. He still thinks the man is Luis’s father but they need to consider that maybe Alistair has something against the man and wants Luis to think he’s Martin Fitzgerald so he will kill him. He tells Luis not to play into Alistair’s hands and the younger man agrees he needs to be cautious, not jump to conclusions. Luis says if Alistair is behind it, he will have two people to kill - Alistair and his own father. (commercial)

Eve walks in to her office to find Julian sitting there. She walks into his arms, saying she’s glad to see him. Noticing she’s upset, he asks what’s wrong and she explains she’s upset about Theresa having to get rid of one baby to save the other. He asks her if that isn’t the best thing to do so at least one baby will survive. She answers that’s what she had believed when she suggested it but now she’s not sure. She talks about how Gwen and Ethan want a baby of their own but their history with Theresa over Little Ethan makes her wonder if it is the best decision. Julian suggests they go get coffee, but Eve wants to stay in his arms, saying that’s what she needs most right now. He agrees. She tells him that it seems Theresa, Gwen, and Ethan are locked in a three way battle that will never end, similar to what Simone, Whitney and Chad went through before learning they are half-siblings. She says it is a real mess and that she wishes everyone could just be happy. He tells her that would be nice but it probably will never happen. Theresa will always be a thorn in Gwen’s side, always causing friction, just like Simone and Whitney will always be upset with each other and the same way Liz keeps trying to find ways to hurt Eve.

TC tells Liz he can’t believe Eve would send him divorce papers, but after looking closer he realizes they are not from Eve. They are drawn up on his part, but he never went to any lawyer. Liz tells him she is the one who had the papers drawn up, and when he asks why she tells him it’s because he is living in limbo, unable to move, and that filing for divorce from Eve would be a good first step in getting on with his life. He is stunned that he is asking for the house and car, everything they own, while Eve gets nothing, but Liz tells him that’s how it should be after what she did to him. He says no, he’s not that way. If they get a divorce, he wants it to be fair. He says she deserves half of everything they built up over the years, but Liz spits back that she doesn’t deserve a darn thing.

Pilar thanks the Wheelers for watching over her daughter all those years. She tells them they are very special people for doing that. Katherine tells her it’s their pleasure, that they are just happy the girl is back home with her family and that Pilar is recovering from her illness. Pilar wishes that her children will be well and happy and that her husband would come back to her finally, causing the Wheelers to feel guilty again. She pulls out a picture and tries to give it to them, asking them to keep an eye out for him on their travels around the world. She sees their reticence to take it and realizes it is a futile effort since they wouldn’t be able to do anything even if they did find him. They can’t make him come home, and he must have a good reason for staying away. Martin tells her he’s sure the man did have a good reason for leaving and for staying away. Pilar says if Alistair had something to do with him leaving, then maybe her husband can’t come home and he’s lost to her forever.

Sam tells Luis to stop saying he’ll kill his father. He reminds him that Alistair could be behind this, wanting Luis to kill the man, go to jail, and be separated from Sheridan forever. He tells him to think about Sheridan and the fact that he would be in jail for the rest of his life, how that would affect her and his family. Luis asks if he means the way his father thought about his family when he left them. Sam tells him he has reason to be upset and Martin will have a lot of explaining to do if it is him. Luis says he’d better have the right answers or he’s finished. (commercial)

TC asks Liz why she still feels the need to attack Eve after all she’s lost. Liz asks if he’s forgotten all Eve did to him and his family, but he tells her that at some point the war has to stop. Liz asks if he’s forgiving Eve. He says Eve tried to tell him the truth about her past several times, but she was always afraid he might kill Julian. He says she was right, and that things might have turned out differently had he behaved differently toward her. Liz asks if he’s falling back in love with Eve. He tells her he’s only saying that this whole thing is an awful mess and it’s not all Eve’s fault, words Liz doesn’t want to hear. She picks up the phone and hands it to him, telling him that if he’s still in love with Eve he should call her right then and tell her to come home.

Julian tells Eve he knows he can’t ease her pain over losing TC and the girls, but he’s here for her none the less. She thanks him and says she doesn’t know what she’d do without his support. “And my love, all my love”, he says, and she agrees. He asks if she still misses TC, and she says she misses the life they had together, the family they were. He asks if she’d go back to TC, but she says it’s not her decision and with everything that’s happened she doubts he’d want her back. The phone rings, Eve answers and says “Oh, my God, it’s you!”

Theresa asks Ethan if he’s saying he doesn’t want her to have the procedure to save one of the babies at the expense of the other. He seems confused, telling her he doesn’t want either of his children to die.

Pilar tells the Wheelers that even if Martin is alive, she has to stop hoping he’s coming back and realize he’s out of her life forever. Martin tells her that’s probably the best thing. She thanks them again, telling them she has to go see Theresa. Martin says they’d go too but Luis was on his way. Martin tells her to give Theresa their love. As Pilar leaves, Martin tells Katherine he is going to wait for Luis. She decides to go out to the gardens to remember happy times with her children. Luis and Sam arrive, with Sam telling Luis to stay calm. They walk into the room with Martin, who greets them and asks why Luis had wanted to speak with him. Luis tells him it’s about his father, something he needs the older man to tell him. (commercial)

Pilar walks up to Gwen and asks about Theresa. Gwen tells her that Ethan went in to talk to her but hasn’t come out yet. Pilar asks if she’s still having the procedure done. Gwen tells her she understands how Pilar feels about it, that she hates having it happen this way too, but she would hate it even more if Theresa lost both babies. Pilar tells her she knows how much Gwen wants to be a mother, but having an abortion is just wrong. Gwen tells her she is very grateful to Theresa for carrying her child and doing what she has to so it will live, letting her be a mother again after losing Sarah.

Theresa tells Ethan she can’t believe he’s telling her not to have the procedure. He says he doesn’t want either of his children to not be born. She reminds him that if she doesn’t have the procedure to get rid of one, they will both die. He says he knows, he just doesn’t want two lives to be lost if he can save one, so she asks him which baby to save with the procedure - his and Gwen’s, or theirs.

Katherine is walking in the garden, happy for the memories she has of being with her children there. Looking around, she sees Sheridan at her mother’s grave, telling her how much she thought about her today and that losing Mrs. Wheeler feels like losing her all over again. Katherine walks up and Sheridan asks if she’s come to say good-bye to her mother.

Sam warns Luis to stay calm. He tells Sam he needs to do this alone, and Sam agrees. Luis walks in the room and closes the doors. Martin asks what’s going on, why he locked the door. Luis says he doesn’t want anyone to stop him from asking his questions. Martin asks if he wants to ask about his father, then asks what it is he wants to know. (commercial)

Eve hangs up the phone, saying she’s sorry it didn’t work out. She turns to Julian and explains it was the travel agent calling about the trip she took every year with TC and she told him to cancel it. She says they will probably never go again. Julian tells her he’s sorry, and that he’s sure there will be more sad reminders of her life with TC but that he will be there with her all the way. She thanks him and wonders what will happen next.

Liz tells TC if he isn’t still in love with Eve, give her the divorce papers and move on with his life. She asks what the point is of holding on to something that is broken. It is better to move on, close this chapter of his life. He isn’t sure, but she keeps telling him Eve left him and ran straight to Julian. She says they are probably together that minute, playing doctor. She tells him Eve isn’t coming back, but even if she did, Whitney and Simone wouldn’t stand for it. She tells him to think about his daughters, what’s best for them, and taking back their lying, drugged out mother wouldn’t be a good example to set for them. He gets up and says he’s going to the hospital, to which a smirking Liz replies “And I’m coming with you!”

Sheridan asks Mrs. Wheeler again if she’s come to say good-bye to her mother. The woman said she was thinking of her. Sheridan asks her to tell her more about her before she leaves town. Katherine says she can’t, but she will tell her that her mother loved her and her brother more than anything . Sheridan says losing her mother was the worst thing that ever happened to her, and even all the love Luis gives her doesn’t fill the void in her heart. She says that’s why she feels so close to Pilar, since they have both loved someone close to them that they loved so much. Katherine says she’s sorry, but Sheridan tells her it’s ok, you move on, do the best you can do, but the void is always there, like a wound that never heals and never stops hurting.

Martin asks Luis what’s going on. Luis tells him that Mr. Wheeler leaving reminds him of when his father left. He says that even if Alistair had caused him to leave, he still doesn’t understand how a father could leave his family like that. Martin tells him he knows how hard it was on them and that listening to Pilar talk about how hurt she had been had caused him a lot of pain, too. Luis tells him he remembers it like it was just yesterday, how he had left the house a child but had come back to find he was expected to be the head of the house since both his father and older brother had left home. He went from being a kid worried about the big dance to being the one who worried about paying the mortgage and feeding the family because his mother needed lots of help. He says he did what he could but he always thought about where his father was, if he was ok, if he would be back or if he was dead. He talks about hearing Pilar crying each night because she missed his dad so much, and he would even find her crying at the stove while cooking. She blamed it on the onions, but he knew it was because she missed his dad so much. And she never stopped missing him, always keeping a candle lit, always hoping he’d be coming back to her. She always believed he had a good reason to leave, like Alistair. He believed it for a long time, too, but then he started to get angry because even if Alistair had forced his dad to leave, why didn’t he at least call, or send a letter. Martin asks what if he had wanted to come back, wanted to contact them, but Luis says there had to have been at least one time in all those years when he could have contacted them. He asks Mr. Wheeler to explain it because he sure as heck doesn’t know the answer. Martin tells him he really can’t say, and Luis agrees, saying he didn’t think he could. He does, however, have one question about his father. Martin asks what that question is, what he wants to know. (commercial)

Julian tells Eve not to assume things will get worse. They could get better. She agrees, saying at least they can’t get worse. There is a knock on the door and when Eve says “come in”, TC and Liz walk in. Eve asks what he’s doing there. He says he came to see her. Liz reminds him she had told him she would be with Julian, remarking on what a happy couple they are. Eve ignores Liz, asking TC what he needed to see her about. He says nothing, so Liz tells her he has something for her. She tells TC to give the papers to Eve, let her have it. He is holding the papers behind his back, but says nothing.

Pilar tells Gwen she is sorry for the pain Gwen feels but she believes saving one baby could bring more pain than letting God make the decision. Rebecca sidles up behind her, like a snake, and tells her she is such a downer that Gwen should have to take a tranquilizer just to talk to her. Pilar goes on , telling Gwen that no matter what happens, she is praying that the scars left by this situation don’t affect all of them for the rest of their lives. Gwen looks startled.

Theresa tells Ethan they have to choose which baby to save. Ethan says he can’t choose, can’t act like God. She asks him which baby to save. She had planned to have the procedure to save their baby, but now he has to choose which one to save. He says he can’t do that, but she says he has to. Once she signs the consent form the fate of both babies is sealed, so he has to tell her whether to save their baby or his baby with Gwen.

Sheridan tells Katherine that it seems Pilar has finally started to accept the fact that Martin won’t be coming back to her. Katherine agrees. Sheridan says it’s hard on the woman, wondering if her husband abandoned her and their children and whether he was still alive. Katherine agrees it must be very hard. Sheridan is just glad that she knows her mother didn’t abandon her and Julian, she died.

Mr. Wheeler asks Luis what it is he wants to know about his father. Luis asks if he’s his father. Martin asks “What?” “Are you my father, Martin Fitzgerald?”

Previews: Theresa to Ethan: “You want me to leave my baby’s life up to chance?”

Ethan’s reply: “That’s exactly what I want.”

Liz to Julian: “ My sister will not win, she’s going to lose everything!”

Luis to Martin: “Why don’t you just admit it. You’re nothing but a bum

of a father who abandoned his wife and family?”

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