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Passions Update Tuesday 11/2/04

By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Gwen and Rebecca talk about Theresa’s decision. Gwen says she doesn’t want to lose her last chance to have her own child and she wishes Rebecca would stop creating doubts in her mind about what Theresa is going to do and why. She says it always makes her feel worse. Rebecca tells her she doesn’t want Gwen to let her guard down when she knows all the things Theresa has done and that she’ll do what it takes to have her own way again. Gwen repeats that she wishes Rebecca would stop saying things like that because she has to trust Theresa will keep her promise and deliver her a healthy child. Ethan comes out of Theresa’s room and tells Gwen nothing has happened yet, that they are doing some tests. Gwen asks why and Ethan tells her it’s just to find out which baby is more viable. Gwen just wishes they would hurry up so she could have her baby.

Eve tells Theresa that she has to get two DNA samples, one from each baby. She tells her she doesn’t approve of her doing this, but she has to do what Theresa wants. The girl reminds her that she is only aborting one of the babies because Gwen and Ethan forced her to, but Eve tells her she’s being disingenuous since Gwen has no idea that one of the babies could be Theresa’s with Ethan. Theresa tells her that’s not her concern, she just wants to have her baby with Ethan. Eve hopes both babies are Gwen’s so she won’t feel so much like she’d playing God with their lives. Theresa just hopes one is hers and Ethan’s.

Paloma tells Martin she’s worried about her mother because of the strange look on her face when she ran out of the house. It was like she saw a ghost, the girl says. Sheridan catches up with Pilar in the garden and asks why she said “No, it can’t be!” when she looked at Mr. Wheeler.

Luis thinks there is a mistake in the fingerprint analysis. Mr. Wheeler can’t be his father. He decides Alistair must have changed the files to make it look like that, and Sam agrees that is possible. He asks when he would have had the time to do it, though, and Luis says he doesn’t know, but Mr. Wheeler looks nothing like his father. He also said Pilar would have recognized him if it were true. Sam reminds Luis that Pilar had thought he was Martin when she first met him. Luis jumps up, knocking Hank’s laptop on the floor, and says he doesn’t care what the computer says, there’s no way Mr. Wheeler is his father. (commercial)

Sam, picking up the broken computer, tells Luis he can’t keep acting like this. Luis agrees, saying he owes Hank a new laptop. Sam says that flying off the handle like that is what got him kicked off the police force, and Luis agrees. He tells his friend that it’s just the idea that the man he met in Mexico, calling himself Mr. Wheeler, could actually be his father that is upsetting him. He says there’s no way it’s true. Sam asks him why the computer says he is. Luis says he would know him, but Sam reminds him that plastic surgery can change how people look. Luis was only a child when his father left, and there had been no word about him since then so everyone except Pilar thought he had died. Luis said he had thought that at times, too, but then when Mr. Wheeler told him he was still alive he thought differently. Sam asks Luis to consider that maybe Mr. Wheeler knows his father is alive because he himself is Martin Fitzgerald and asks what he would do in that case.

Sheridan tells Pilar she has cried on Pilar’s shoulder many times and now it’s time for her to confide in her. She wants to know why Pilar was so shocked by Mr. Wheeler. Pilar tells her that when she was talking about her husband, she felt he was right there, and when she saw his eyes, she knew Mr. Wheeler is actually her husband, Martin Fitzgerald. (commercial)

Gwen, in Ethan’s arms, tells him as hard as it is now, it will all be worth it in the end when they are able to hold their own baby in their arms. He stiffens, causing Gwen to ask if Theresa has changed her mind. Rebecca starts mouthing off about Theresa pulling a fast one but Ethan assures them there is no problem, Theresa is still going to do what she has to in order to save one of the babies. Gwen wishes again that it wasn’t up to Theresa but once it’s all over they will be able to cherish their baby for the rest of their lives. Ethan agrees, but Rebecca asks why he looks so down about it, then. He starts to go off on her, telling her he’s not happy about the choice that’s been forced on Theresa and the chance that neither baby might live, and he says if she had any sense of decency she might feel the same way. Gwen stops him, saying she’s sure they all feel the same way. Ethan hopes and prays they are doing the right thing. Gwen assures him they are, but he reminds her that they had been raised with the same beliefs Theresa had, that the church teaches that abortion is wrong, but Gwen shoots back that he shouldn’t be moralizing about it. They have to do this to assure they can have a baby. She reminds him that she never got to hold Sarah alive even once, but he tells her not to go there. She tells him she wants a baby so badly that her arms ache and asks if he feels the same way. He says of course, and he wants her to be happy. Gwen says she will be once she has her baby in her arms. Rebecca adds “God help Theresa if she’s up to her old tricks.”

Theresa asks Eve how long it will be before they get the test results back. Eve tells her not long since she put a rush order in. Theresa wishes Eve wasn’t so disappointed in her but Eve says she can’t feel any other way after the decision the girl has made. Theresa asks what she is supposed to do. Eve tells her it’s a horrible decision, but she hopes the DNA shows both babies are Gwens so they can decide which is most likely to survive. Theresa says Eve knows what she wants her to do if one is hers, but Eve doesn’t want to talk about it. Theresa reminds her she doesn’t believe in having an abortion, it’s not what she would have chosen , but she sees no choice now. She asks Eve to put herself in Theresa’s shoes, asking how she had felt when she was pregnant with Chad, if she had ever considered abortion. Eve tells her she never even thought of it, and Theresa tells her that she must understand how she feels, then. Eve says it’s totally different because Theresa tricked them into implanting Gwen’s embryo into her body, but Theresa shoots back that she only did that in an attempt to get her son back after Gwen had stolen him from her. At that moment, there is a knock on the door and an aid brings in the test results. Theresa asks whose babies she’s carrying. (commercial)

Paloma and the Wheelers walk outside and the girl wonders where her mother went. The Wheelers tell her she needn’t worry, but she says whatever happened it upset her mother very much and she needs to find her and make sure she’s ok. Martin worries that Pilar might tell her who he is, and Katherine asks if he’s sure she recognized him. He says the way she looked at him it seems like it. She looked into his soul as if asking why he left, how he could have stayed away all those years. Katherine thinks he’s imaging it, but he’s not sure. He says it would destroy Pilar to know for sure who he is and that he spent all those years away from her with Katherine.

Pilar says it’s not like her to let her imagination run wild. Sheridan tells her not to dismiss her instincts, that from the first she’s said he reminds her of Martin. Pilar tells her he doesn’t really look all that much like Martin, but there’s something about the way he looks at her. She gets flustered, saying it’s nonsense and trying to laugh it off. She says if Mr. Wheeler were her husband, he would have told her. Sheridan agrees, saying he’d either tell her or Luis. Pilar wonders if he might not have wanted to hurt her, but Sheridan tells her that wouldn’t be like the man she’s always heard them talk about, that he wouldn’t abandon his family for no good reason. Pilar agrees, but wonders how he knows so much about Martin. She says it’s just wishful thinking because she has missed her husband so much, and even though Luis tells her it’s a waste of time, she still hopes he will be coming home soon.

Luis says it’s not possible for Mr. Wheeler to be his father. Sam tells him he might be afraid to admit it because of what it would mean. Luis says it would just mean his dad is the world’s biggest deadbeat, not to mention a low-life two timer. He says there’s no way he is their father because the coward who abandoned them all those years ago would never have the nerve to show up after all that time. Sam suggests he might if he decided he wanted to see them again because he had missed them so much and just didn’t want to run any more. Luis wonders if he would have decided to bring his new wife with him. He doesn’t think he would do that, rub his nose in their faces by parading his new wife all over town. Sam tells him he doesn’t see how the computer could have made such a mistake. Luis hopes it is a mistake because if Mr. Wheeler turns out to be his dad, he will kill him himself for what he’s put his family through. (commercial)

Rebecca is still fuming about Theresa and the procedure she is having done. Gwen asks her to stop being negative, but she says she has the right to say what she wants. Ethan tells her she doesn’t have that right when it upsets her daughter, but Gwen steps in to calm them both down. She wonders why they have to do the DNA test, and Ethan slips by saying they have to make sure they save the right one. Gwen asks what he means, and he remembers getting upset at Theresa for wanting to save her own baby instead of Gwen’s. Rebecca asks again what he meant but he covers up by saying they have to decide which is most likely to survive to birth. Gwen says she doesn’t care as long as one is happy.

Theresa asks Eve about the results. She is told that one of the babies is hers while the other is Gwen’s. Theresa tells her the only reason she slept with Ethan was because she thought she had miscarried Gwen’s embryo. Eve says she should have come to see her when that happened, but Theresa says she’s glad she didn’t because if she had, she never would have slept with Ethan and wouldn’t be carrying his baby. She tells Eve there is a reason for everything that happens. Eve asks if she’s doing this to try to get Ethan back. Theresa says they had talked about having children before he and Gwen were married. Eve reminds her that he is a happily married man now. Theresa says she knows that. The baby she will have will be hers and Ethan’s and what happens after that is up to Ethan. Eve tells her she’s very disappointed in her and wonders where Pilar’s sweet little girl went to, what turned her into a scheming, devious woman who will do anything to get what she wants. “Life happened to me, Dr. Russell”, she said. She grew up, fell in love, and along came a pregnant Gwen and stole her life away from her. Theresa doesn’t understand why she is looked on as being evil when she just wants her life back. She tells Eve she would do the same thing if she were in her shoes, that if she was carrying Liz’s baby and her own, she wouldn’t choose to carry Liz and let her own die. Eve says she couldn’t make that decision. Theresa reminds her that it wasn’t her idea, that she had wanted to give birth to both babies but that Eve had told them both would die if she doesn’t kill one of them. Eve says she stands by her decision, and Theresa says that makes her choice simple. She has lost too much already, and won’t lose her own baby, too. Eve asks if she is going to go through the pregnancy and labor and then give the baby she knows is hers to Gwen. (commercial)

Pilar tells Sheridan that she put up a good front for everyone after Martin left, but when she was alone at night, she never felt loneliness like that. Sheridan tells her she is such a beautiful woman, she should have moved on, found someone new. Pilar tells her there were a couple of men over the years who were sweet on her, mentioning one by name. Sheridan remembered him. Pilar said he had given up on her after she said no one to many times. She only loved Martin and wanted no one else because she always believed he would come back. Sheridan asks what had happened to him. Pilar answered that she had thought some external force, maybe even Sheridan’s dad, had forced him to leave and that one day he would come back and explain it all to her. That’s why she always lit the candle for him. Sheridan says if Mr. Wheeler is Martin…Pilar finishes the thought by saying it would mean everything she believed was a lie, that he had abandoned her and the children, taken up with another woman, and she would be the biggest fool in the world. Sheridan tells her that’s not true, but Pilar says is would be, that the love she thought was so strong had been nothing but a lie, and she couldn’t take knowing that. She says she doesn’t know what Luis would do if it turned out to be true. She fears he would kill him, and Sheridan agrees. Luis had taken over the job of helping Pilar raise the other children all those years, even missing college, and yet he still felt he had never done enough. Sheridan understands and says she would probably feel the same way if her mother came back. Pilar tells her Katherine is dead so she doesn’t need to worry about it. She decides her mind was playing tricks on her and that Mr. Wheeler is not Martin. Paloma walks up and tells her mother she had been worried about her, and they decide to go back to the mansion together.

Katherine tells Martin is isn’t as if he left Pilar because he didn’t love her. He agrees, but says he loves her too. She tells him she knows but it doesn’t make it any easier. Martin remembers dancing with Pilar, having her tell him how much she loved him and how she’d never want any other man, no matter what. She says if something took him away from her, she would never be able to be with another man and he assures her she has no need to worry and that he would always take good care of himself. Back in the present, Martin tells Katherine that Pilar can never find out who he really is so they must leave now and never come back.

Sam tells Luis it’s no wonder he doesn’t want to consider the possibility that Mr. Wheeler might be his father. Luis says he just can’t be. Sam tells him the match was confirmed, and reminds him of all the coincidences they have come across, listing them. He talks about the fact the man knows about his father, that he lived in Harmony in the past, that he lived with Paloma, and that the first time he met him he had a sixth sense that he was looking at his dad. He just hopes all they are is coincidences. Sam tells him he has to pursue it and Luis agrees, but only to eliminate the possibility. Luis tells Sam they can’t tell Pilar because it would kill her, and Sam agrees. Luis says he spent his life wishing his dad would come home, but if it turns out Wheeler is him, he wishes he’d never laid eyes on him. (commercial)

Rebecca starts in again about Gwen trusting Theresa with her baby. Gwen tells her again to stop being so negative, that she has to trust Theresa. Rebecca tells her to calm down and Gwen says she will once Theresa does what she’s supposed to do. Under her breath, Rebecca says Theresa had better do the right thing or she will answer to her.

Eve asks if Theresa is planning to have the baby and then turn it over to Gwen. Theresa doesn’t want to talk about that now, but Eve tells her if she goes ahead with her ill-conceived plan she will regret it the rest of her life, and if anyone finds out who the real parents of the baby are, there will be hell to pay.

Martin tells Katherine they have to leave right now before anyone realizes who they are. Katherine says they’ve had too many close calls. Paloma hollers that they’ve found her, and walks in with Pilar and Sheridan. The Wheelers say they are glad to see Pilar is ok, they had been worried about her. Then they tell them all that they have to leave, now. Pilar thanks them for taking good care of Paloma for all those years, and Katherine tells her it was their pleasure. Paloma runs and hugs them, telling them she will miss them. As they are hugging, Sheridan dials Luis and when he answers, tells him the Wheelers are leaving right away. He tells her not to let them leave before he gets there, but before she can answer, Luis has hung up. Sam asks who’s leaving, and Luis tells him the Wheelers are, and if he’s going to find out if Martin is really his father, it’s now or never.

Previews: Theresa to Ethan: “Gwen’s the mother of one. The other baby’s ours.”

Ethan’s response: “Oh, my God!”

TC: “Oh, my God, Eve’s filed for a divorce!”

Luis to Sam: “Look, I just want to know the truth. Is he my father or not?”

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