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Passions Update Monday 11/1/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

As Fox lies sleeping in the bed next to Whitney, she begins to dream. She sees herself in a stark room, very pregnant, and seemingly about to have her baby. Ivy and Fox walk in and Ivy starts telling her she’s having Chad’s baby and trying to pass it off as Fox’s. Fox asks how she could do that to him when he had trusted her. She starts to explain but is cut off by Ivy telling her she knew Whitney was up to something when she rushed into a relationship with her baby boy as soon as she and Chad split up. Fox tells her he trusted her, actually thought she loved him like he loved her, but it was all lies. She tells him she may have lied about the baby but she really does love him. Ivy laughs derisively and tells Fox not to listen, she’s desperate to find any man to be the father of her child. Whitney apologizes, saying she never meant to hurt him, she loves him, and asks him to forgive her. He says it was the first time he had opened up his heart to love and she stuck a knife in it so he’ll never love again. Whitney has another pain and asks for help but Ivy tells her to call her brother or her mother. They leave, with one long, angry look back from Ivy, and when the door slams shut, Whitney awakens. She turns to Fox and asks him to forgive her and that she hopes he’ll never find out.

In Theresa’s hospital room, Ethan asks what’s wrong with her. He heard every word she had said about wanting to know which baby is hers so she could keep it and abort Gwen’s. He tells her she conned them into thinking she was making a big sacrifice but she was going to kill their baby instead of her own. He asks who made her God.

Luis and Sam are still looking for a match to the Wheeler’s fingerprints. The computer tells them it has found a preliminary match and Luis is thrilled that in a matter of minutes they will know who Mr. Wheeler really is. Meanwhile, in Alistair’s office, he is typing away at his computer trying to stop the download. He knows it’s Luis that’s doing it and is bound to keep him from finding anything out. He knows that if Luis finds out who the Wheeler’s really are, his life will be ruined. At the same time, Luis finally has the files downloading to Hank’s computer and he’s anxious to see what the match will tell him. (commercial)

Whitney wonders if she’s just another liar like her mother. Fox, rousing from sleep, asks her what she had said. She avoids the question and they discuss making love the night before. He wishes every day he could wake up like that. She tells him she really loves him and he says he feels the same and had never known what love was until she came along. He makes fun of himself for sounding like a romance novel . He talks about how love brings up other feelings along with it, like trust, and that he trusts her more than he’s ever trusted anyone. He wants to continue their lovemaking from the night before.

Ethan asks Theresa who she is, saying he doesn’t even know her any more. She tells him he doesn’t understand but he says he does. He understands she wants to murder Gwen’s baby and keep her own. He asks Eve how she can be a party to this, and Eve tells him she’s no more happy about it than he is but she has to go by Theresa’s wishes. She leaves them to talk it out in private. He asks what’s going on in Theresa’s brain, that she has done a lot of things before but this is just evil. She shoots back that it’s exactly what he and Gwen forced her to do. She says if he wants to blame it on someone, he needs to blame it on himself and Gwen because it’s what they asked her to do.

Luis is anxious to get the files downloaded so he can see who the Wheelers are. Sam tells him that if Alistair figures out what they are up to he will shut it down in a split second. Luis says it doesn’t matter because the file is downloading and will be done in a minute or so. Sam asks himself what he’s doing, breaking the law like that. He spent his whole life upholding it and now he’s breaking it himself at Luis’ urging. Luis tells him that he cares about the Wheelers but there is something wrong here. Sam agrees, saying the social security numbers bug him the most because there is no record of them anywhere. No birth certificates, no work record, nothing. Luis reminds him that they also know a lot of personal things about Martin and Katherine and he’s sure that once they figure out who these two are, they will find out a lot of secrets, maybe bust Alistair’s world wide open. Alistair is still working to stop the download, telling his aide that there’s no telling what could happen if it goes through. Luis is crowing about the download being close to finishing when it stopped. Luis is upset, realizing that Alistair has managed to interrupt the download. He starts working to override Alistair’s attempt, feeling that if he is faster than Alistair, he can get the download finished. (commercial)

Ivy is in Sam’s kitchen watching TV and folding clothes. She laughs about how crazy it is and figures that’s why she’s addicted to it. Fox comes in and tries to eat some of the Halloween candy sitting on the counter. She tells him she’s making lunch, causing him to ask if she means she’s ordered take out. She goes to the cupboard and shows him Campbell’s soup, saying it’s amazing that they can have hot soup so easily. Fox asks who she is. She assures him she is Ivy, his mother, and tells him that now that she is with Sam she has found that housework is fun. She says she really wants to be his mother. He tells her that’s fine as long as she doesn’t try to put him in Little League. She says she simply wants to do all the things a mother and son do together. He says that’s fine. She tells him she’s watching Martha Stewart reruns, telling him she’s learned a lot from them. She leaves the room and he turns to Whitney in shock at the change in his mother. Whitney tells him that’s what love will do to you. She then talks about how Grace used to love her kitchen and it seems strange to see Ivy in there now. She thought Sam and Grace would be together forever. She talks about all the couples who are now broken up, ending with her and Chad. Fox tells her not to worry because nothing will ever come between them.

Luis is working hard to get the download to start again. He and Sam are anxious to find out what his secrets are. Alistair crows about how he’s stopped the download, then starts working to delete them before Luis can get back in again. He says his secrets will be safe after that. Luis sees he’s deleting things and works harder to get them downloaded. Alistair notices and starts working harder, too. It is a race between Luis, who wants to download the files, and Alistair, who wants to stop him and delete all of them before he can get a hold of them. (commercial)

Whitney and Fox tell Ivy that her lunch was delicious. He tells her it’s better than anything he’s ever had at the country club. She thanks him and tells him about the first time she tried to cook. She tried to cook a roast, and although it looked done to her, when Sam cut into it he found out it was raw. She knows now to stick to what you know best and then try to learn more. Whitney leaves to change clothes, and Ivy asks if Fox really loves her. He says he does, that he has her now and he won’t lose her to anyone. He’s sorry about how it came about. He hopes Eve doesn’t have any more secrets, and Ivy agrees. She mentions that Whitney had spent the night, and he reminded her that she had told him Whitney could stay with him when she wants to. She agrees, then starts wanting to talk about the Facts of Life. He’s embarrassed, telling her he already knows it, but she just wants to make sure they are being safe so they don’t end up with a baby while they are so young. They need to get to know each other better, and he tells her he knows that and they are not going to have a baby any time soon.

Whitney thinks about Ivy saying they need to test and test again, so she decides to do another pregnancy test to make sure. This one has the same results.

Theresa calls Ethan a hypocrite for being upset that she doesn’t want to kill her own child. He and Gwen are the ones who insisted she abort one of them against her better judgment and the Church’s teachings. She tells him not to get so high and mighty with her now. He made the choice. He says not this way, that she’s picking one child over the other, and she says of course she is. If one of the babies is hers, she is going to make sure it lives, reminding him that the baby would be his, too.

Luis and Alistair are still working feverishly on the file download. Luis almost has all of it done when it stops again. Luis tries to get back in but finds that Alistair has deleted everything. (commercial)

Ethan wants Theresa to leave it in God’s hands, but she tells him he already took it out of God’s hands, and if she can only save one baby it will be hers. He tries to argue but she won’t budge. He tells her it’s wrong, and she wants him to tell her how. She asks if it’s ok to kill one of the babies, why isn’t it ok to choose which one to save. He’s the lawyer, she tells him, so where does it stop? She will have the DNA test done and if one of the babies is hers, it will be the one they save. There is no choice, and if she’s damned to hell, so be it. She asks if he’s afraid that if Gwen doesn’t have a baby that he will leave her and come back to Theresa? She reminds him the baby could be theirs. He says he won’t allow her to do it.

Luis is angry that Alistair has deleted all his files and now they will never know all the secrets. The phone rings, and it’s Alistair calling to gloat to Luis. He tells him he was a thief like his old man, but Luis tells him Martin never embezzled anything from Crane Industries. Alistair says he’s won, Luis will never be able to do anything to him because all the files are gone. He has beaten the younger man. Luis tells him they’re not finished with him yet. At the computer, Sam tells Luis to keep Alistair on the phone so he can’t get back on his computer because the files were downloaded, at least most of them were, and he thinks he can find the fingerprint info. Alistair continues gloating, telling Luis he’s swatted him down like a mosquito. Luis reminds him that mosquitoes can kill, too, and asks him to think about West Nile Virus. Alistair just laughs. (commercial)

In Sam’s kitchen, Ivy asks Fox if he has any dirty laundry. He is shocked and asks if she’s going to fix his car engine, too. She laughs, saying laundry is hard so she washes everything in cold water on delicate cycle. Whitney comes back and Fox tells her how surprised he is by Ivy’s homemaker attitude. He tells her that Ivy had talked to him about the birds and bees. He said he told her not to worry, they weren’t about to have a child anytime soon. Whitney is a little worried about it.

Ethan tells Theresa he can’t allow her to do this, and when Eve comes back in he asks her not to do it. She tells him it’s not her choice, it’s Theresa’s. He says he doesn’t want to know which baby is who’s, but Theresa says she needs to know if one is hers. She says if they are both Gwen’s, then he and Ethan will have the baby they want and she will have Little Ethan, but if one is hers, she will save it. He says he won’t allow it, he will stop the procedure. She asks him what he’s going to tell Gwen if he stops it.

Luis keeps talking to Alistair while Sam is trying to access the files they need on the computer. Luis tells him he will find out what he needs to know someday and then he won’t be able to dictate how everyone lives. Alistair says he has many years of life left, and during that time, Luis will see him living his life to the fullest while Luis still struggles. Sam checks Mrs. Wheeler’s prints, with not match, but when he checks Mr. Wheeler’s, there is a match. Meanwhile, Luis tells Alistair he will bring him down one day and make him pay for all the harm he’s done. Alistair laughs at that, telling him it will never happen. He says Luis should check the financial reports because his stock rose 30% the minute he walked out of the hospital and that Sheridan would be better off with a bum off the streets than with Luis. Luis hangs up as Sam realizes who’s fingerprints have matched Mr. Wheeler’s. (commercial)

Fox tells Whitney there is no way they could end up pregnant since they always use protection. She reminds him of the first time, but he says there’s no way they could get pregnant the first time.

Theresa reminds Ethan that if he stops the procedure he will have to tell Gwen his reasons and then she’d know one of the babies is hers and Ethan’s. She says either he will have to tell her or she will. She thinks both babies are hers, and if they are, she’ll never need to know about the possibility that one could be Ethan’s with Theresa. He relents and tells Eve to do the test. He hopes both babies are Gwen’s, but Theresa thinks to herself that one of them is hers, she knows it.

Sam is stunned at the identity of Mr. Wheeler, saying it’s impossible. Luis walks over to him and finds out Sam got the files. He tells him there is no match for Mrs. Wheeler, but when Luis wants to see about Mr. Wheeler’s, he tries to stop him. He is unsuccessful, though, and Luis finds out Mr. Wheeler is really his father.

Previews: Luis to Sam: “If it turns out Mr. Wheeler is my father, I will kill him with my own bare hands

for everything he’s done to me and the rest of my family.”

Rebecca: “God help Theresa if she’s up to her old tricks.”

Theresa to Eve: “Who’s babies am I carrying inside me?”

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