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Passions Update Friday 10/29/04

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Gwen asks Eve why she said Gwen would go crazy when she finds out….something. Eve says she hadn’t seen her there, and Rebecca chimed in, wondering what Therese is planning that will upset Gwen that much. Theresa remembers asking Eve to run a DNA test so she can make sure her baby is the one that is saved, if one of them is hers. Gwen interrupts her musing by asking what Eve and she had been talking about.

Katherine tells Martin she can’t abandon her children again. Martin said they have already agreed to leave Harmony before anyone figures out who they are. Alistair walks in saying it might already be too late, since Luis is already searching for their true identities, and if they find out, there will be hell to pay. At the police station, Luis sees the computer has found a match for Mrs. Wheeler’s picture. Sam walks in and asks what’s going on. Luis explains what they are doing and why. As they are waiting for the results, something happens that causes Sheridan to say “Oh, no!” (commercial)

The computer has found a match for Katherine’s picture, but it’s just another photo of her. Sheridan is upset, saying something seems to be blocking them from finding out who these people are. Sam wants to know what’s going on, so Luis tells him that Mr. Wheeler told him he had known his father, and Sheridan said Mrs. Wheeler has said she knew her mother. They told him each had said they were close to their missing parents , telling them stories of things they had said and done, and Luis told Sam that Mr. Wheeler was taking him to the gazebo to show him something buried there, but that it was totally gone when they arrived. Sam asked why it had been destroyed, and Luis said it was to hide a secret Alistair didn’t want Mr. Wheeler to show Luis. He said Alistair had told them he was doing some landscaping, but they knew that was a lie. Once that happened, Mr. Wheeler wouldn’t tell him anything more. Sheridan said it was the same with Mrs. Wheeler; that she had promised to tell her more about her mother but then she said there was nothing more to tell once she saw the gazebo was gone. They don’t know why, and they want to find out who these people are so they can figure out what they know. They believe Alistair got to them and is manipulating them.

Martin asks if Alistair had to come there to threaten their families, but Alistair reminds him it’s his home and he can be there any time he wants to. Katherine has hope that Luis will discover the truth about them, but Alistair told her they had found nothing, since their fingerprints aren’t on file with the FBI and they have no history to discover. Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler don’t exist. Katherine says she hopes they find out the truth, and Alistair replies that she really doesn’t because if they do, they will be hurt, and for the time being they are safe. Martin asks what that means and is told that they are going to leave town immediately and never come back or he will be forced to hurt them and the rest of the family, too.

Gwen and Rebecca still want to know what Theresa has dreamed up this time to “drive Gwen mad”. She tells them she and Eve were talking about how desperate Gwen was to have a baby and she was worried about how Gwen would take it if neither of the babies live. She asks Eve to back her up on the fact that it is possible both babies could die, which she grudgingly does. She says she is willing to take the risks but she thinks Gwen needs to know about them, also. She said Eve was afraid Gwen would go crazy if anything happened to both babies. Rebecca called her a liar, but only in her mind. She doesn’t believe anything Theresa says. Theresa goes on saying that they have to do whatever they can to save at least one baby, but that they have to be prepared for the chance that neither will make it. She knows how hard it will be for Gwen to lose either of the babies and she wants to make sure Gwen is ready for all possibilities. Rebecca doesn’t believe Theresa is worried about Gwen, and when Gwen says she believes her, Rebecca tells her she’s a fool. She hones in on Eve, knowing that as a doctor she has to tell the truth, asking what Theresa is up to. (commercial)

Eve tells Rebecca that she has nothing to add to Theresa’s explanation. Rebecca questions her answer, asking if it was two sluts sticking together, and Gwen tells her not to talk like that. She says Eve would never do anything to hurt her and she believes what they two women are saying. Rebecca reminds her that Eve is sleeping with her husband. Ethan steps in a tells her not to put her personal feelings about the two women in the middle of the situation. He asks if Theresa is still going through with the procedure, and when she says yes, he takes Gwen and Rebecca out. Pilar then begs Theresa not to do what she’s planning because they will kill her if they find out what she’s done. Rebecca sees them talking and comes back into the room, telling them that whispering in front of others is very rude.

Alistair tells Martin and Katherine to get their bags and leave - now! He doesn’t want them to leave forwarding addresses. Martin tells him they have already decided to leave but they want his assurance that if they do, he will leave their families alone. He gives them his word, but Martin says his word means nothing. Alistair tells him he is the one with all the power, and if they don’t leave now he will cause so much trouble even the devil will be afraid. Martin wants to jump him, but Katherine holds him back, telling him he has to be careful because Alistair can cause pain to their families. Martin reminds her that he has a lot to lose, too, since if word of their existence gets out, stock in Crane enterprises will fall and he will lose everything, including the power he wields over everyone else. He would also lose face with everyone if they find out his wife left him for Martin, a nobody. He tells her that Alistair wouldn’t want that to happen.

He says they have to go but this time they will have to keep moving and won’t be able to settle down anywhere. He remembers being near Paloma growing up, but now he will never see her or any of the others again, and she won’t ever see her kids again, either. They agree they have to leave Harmony forever. Paloma walks in and hears this and cries that it can’t be true.

Sheridan wants to help find out who the Wheelers are. She decides to go talk to Mrs. Wheeler and see if she can get her to tell her what she wanted to last night. Luis tells Sam he is stymied, not knowing how to find out who the Wheelers are, but Sam says he does know how to do it. (commercial)

“Theresa is up to something, Gwen, and Eve and Pilar are in it with her. It’s all over her scheming little face!” Rebecca tells Gwen. Gwen asks her mother not to make a bad situation worse. Rebecca says she’s just trying to help, so Gwen tells her to try praying that one of her babies lives. Ethan comforts Gwen by telling her it will all work out all right and leads her out of the room. Eve and Theresa tell Pilar to go home and rest, but she doesn’t want to. They talk her into it, but first she begs Theresa to do the right thing. Theresa tells her it will all work out and she needs to go home and get some rest. She thanks her for being there to support her. As Pilar leaves, Rebecca stops her and mocks her for “squatting” in her home. Gwen tells her to back off, then tells Pilar to ignore her because Pilar and her family will always be welcome in their home. Ethan suggests they all go home and let Theresa rest before the procedure. As Eve leaves Theresa’s room, Rebecca runs up to her and asks what’s taking so long. Eve says she has a few more tests to do, which piques Rebecca’s interest. She asks what the tests are for. At that moment a nurse walks up with a kit in her hand and tells Eve she has brought the test she had requested. Rebecca grabs them and gasps.

At the mansion, Paloma says the Wheelers can’t leave her alone. She needs to get used to all the different things and she needs them to be there to help her. She cries that they are more like her parents and she doesn’t want to be left alone with all the strangers who are supposed to be her family. She says she wants to go back to Mexico with them, but the tell her they aren’t going back. They don’t know where they are going, just traveling around the world, but they will never go back to Mexico and they will never see her again, either. They tell her it’s good-bye forever.

In Alistair’s office, he kisses his aide and tells her that once Martin and Katherine are gone, his secrets will be safe. Meanwhile, in the police station, Luis asks how Sam is going to find out who the Wheelers are when he himself had run all the tests they have to run and found nothing. Sam reminds him of the Crane Industries data base and that Alistair keeps all his worker’s fingerprints on file there. Luis remembers that’s true and starts to hack into their computer system. Sam stops him by saying hacking is illegal. Luis reminds him that he himself gave him the idea, and Sam tells him he’s not saying Luis can’t do it, he just can’t do it on the police computers. They decide to go use Hank’s computer, since he has everything. (commercial)

Rebecca looks at the test kit and says it’s an STD test kit, asking if Eve thinks Theresa has a sexually transmitted disease. The nurse says she must have grabbed the wrong packet and will go get the right one. Gwen becomes worried about Eve running more tests on the babies, but Theresa says she just wants to make sure one of the babies is capable of surviving to term. She wants the procedure to be successful since she’s going against the church. Theresa tells Gwen she wishes she could save both babies, and Gwen agrees but thanks her for allowing her to have at least one biological child, telling her she will be forever grateful. Rebecca doesn’t buy it, but Gwen tells her to butt out. They leave and Eve asks Theresa not to do what she has planned. Theresa says she is going to make sure her baby is the one that lives since she has to sacrifice one of the babies. As a mother, she says, Eve should understand where she’s coming from.

Sheridan and Pilar arrive at the mansion to find Paloma crying. Pilar asks what’s wrong and her daughter tells her the Wheelers are leaving and never coming back. Sheridan asks if it’s because of her father, and Mrs. Wheeler agrees. Martin tells them their leaving Harmony is the best for everyone. Paloma cries it’s not best for her, but Pilar says she doesn’t blame them. Alistair is a monster, she says, and she still blames him for her husband’s disappearance and for all the bad things that have happened to her family. She tells them she will miss them, too, and that Mr. Wheeler is the only man she’s been able to open up to since her husband left her. Sheridan tells Mrs. Wheeler not to leave because she has so much to tell her about her mother and Mr. Wheeler has a lot to tell Luis, too. Katherine agrees, but says she can’t stay. Sheridan asks why they are doing this since they are more than friends, and while Martin agrees with that, he says they simply cannot stay. They continue begging the couple to stay but they say they can’t. They wish they could tell everything they know but they just can’t. They walk out and Sheridan says that Luis has to find out who they are quickly, before they leave Harmony forever.

Luis still has all the passwords from the disks he stole, and as he hacks into the Crane system he uses them to bypass security. He finally gets into the fingerprint data and starts running Martin’s fingerprints. Sam says he thinks they are going to find a match, and Luis thinks he might be able to find out where his father is and if he’s still alive. (commercial)

Katherine is sitting on a bench by the front door with Martin. She doesn’t want to go but he tells her they have to. Sheridan, Pilar, and Paloma come out and beg them to stay again. Paloma tells them not to abandon her. Sheridan tells them if they stay they will be able to protect them. She wants to know how their staying there will put them in danger. Martin says the only thing they can do is get as far away from Alistair as possible. Sheridan asks what they connection between the two families is, why they are so afraid of her father.

Alistair is happily getting a neck massage from his aide, gloating about having gotten rid of the Wheelers and protecting his secrets. She offers to do “something else” for him but he says not right then. As she’s leaving, he suddenly remembers his fingerprint database and asks her to erase it from his computer system. She sits down to do that while he gloats that once the database is all gone, there will be no more evidence of Martin Fitzgerald’s identity left in the whole world. Luis will never find anything.

Luis is growing impatient waiting for a match of the fingerprints. Sam tells him to give it time, and then the alarm goes off, signifying a match. “Now we’re going to find out who they really are” Luis says. (commercial)

Gwen is wondering if they made the right decision, and Ethan says they did. He says they need to pray that it all works well, and Rebecca chimes in that they had better pray since Theresa is probably doing something that will cause them problems. Ethan asks her to butt out and then tells Gwen to go lie down. Rebecca starts in again and Ethan asks her to keep her daughter calm. Rebecca tells him of course she will, she is her mother, after all. Ethan stays in the waiting area as Gwen and Rebecca go to Eve’s office so Gwen can lie down and relax.

Theresa asks Eve to be absolutely certain which baby stays with her. Eve says what she’s doing is wrong, but Theresa says she has the right to make the choice. Eve tells her it’s wrong to test the babies so they will know which is Gwen’s and which is hers so they can keep hers while killing off Gwen’s. Theresa is about to answer when she sees Ethan standing inside the door, listening to them. He looks at Theresa and says “Oh, God. How could you?”

Sheridan wants Mrs. Wheeler to tell her why they are so afraid of her father. Katherine tells her it is what it is and she can’t tell her any more. Sheridan says if they stay they can all face Alistair together, but Katherine tells her if they stay, he will hurt all of them, both the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s and Sheridan and Julian. She says they will all be targets for him and she could never live with herself if that happened. Martin says she’s right, and they have to go. Pilar then asks how the two families are connected, then seems to realize what the answer to that question is. She looks at both of them and says “Oh, my God, it cannot be!”

Luis is glad they got a hit on the Crane database, but Sam warns him he needs to download it before anything can happen to stop them. Luis agrees and starts the download. At the same time, Alistair’s aide is getting through the security codes and begins to access the files, but has trouble bringing them up. Alistair tells her to move and begins trying to find out what is happening. He realizes someone has tapped into his files and is downloading them at that very minute. He works to block them as Luis is downloading the information he hopes will tell him who the Wheelers really are.

Previews: Sam: “It’s a match. We have a match! One touch of this key and we’ll find out who

Mr. Wheeler really is.”

Ethan to Theresa: “You were picking one baby over the other.”

Theresa’s answer: “I’m going to make sure that my baby is the one that lives.”

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