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Passions Update Thursday 10/28/04

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Theresa pokes at her food, thinking about her plight. Pilar walks in and tells Theresa she’s glad Eve postponed the procedure until today. She hopes Theresa has reconsidered her decision. Pilar had been praying all night, hoping her daughter won’t go against the teachings of her church. She reminds Theresa that she doesn’t even know if one of the babies is hers. Theresa agrees, but when Pilar asked if she will let God make the choice of whether the babies live or not, the girl tells her she still wants to do it her way. Pilar tries to tell her there is no way God will forgive her for killing one of the babies, but to no avail. Theresa is determined to have the procedure done so one of the babies will have a chance to live, and that she wants to make sure her baby lives. She tells her mother that Gwen and Rebecca took her son from her so she doesn’t care whether Gwen gets a baby or not. She wants to repay them for all the harm they’ve done to the Lopez-Fitzgerald family.

Gwen asks Ethan what he said to Theresa to change her mind. He can’t give her an answer.

Katherine and Martin are talking about the fact their families would hate them for leaving them. They realize that since the evidence under the gazebo is gone now there would be no way to prove they left to save their lives, not so they could be together. Martin tells her they can only do one thing….leave Harmony as soon as possible.

Sheridan is rolling in her bed, having a nightmare, and calling Luis’ name. He is sitting at a table and wakes her. They talk about the fact the Wheelers were going to tell them about their parents but both backed out of it after Alistair showed up. Luis tells her he’s determined to find out who the Wheelers are, where they come from, what they have done, etc., if it takes his whole life to do it. (commercial)

Gwen asks Ethan again what he said to convince Theresa to have the procedure. He remembers her asking him to tell her he doesn’t love her, doesn’t want their baby to live, that he doesn’t want to be with her. He couldn’t tell her that, and she tells him to tell her he doesn’t have the same passion for Gwen as he does for her,. He tells her yes, he would be with her now if Gwen hadn’t gotten pregnant, they would be married and happy. Ethan comes back to the present and tells Gwen he doesn’t know what he said to make Theresa change her mind, but the important thing is she did change her mind. They are finally going to have a child of their own. Gwen says she would rather have both babies, but this way they will at least have one. Eve says she’s happy about that, too, then goes to check on Theresa. She says if all is well they can start the procedure as soon as possible. As Eve leaves, Rebecca comes in and tells them she wouldn’t count on having any child.

Pilar tells Theresa she is no better than Alistair Crane, choosing to kill someone because they don’t fit his plans. Theresa denies being like him, saying she doesn’t want to lose either of the babies but at least this way she will still be able to have one live. She is determined not to let Gwen have a family as revenge for all she and her mother did to Theresa’s family. Pilar is angry with her for sacrificing another woman’s child in order to get Ethan to come back to her. She continues telling her God won’t forgive her, but Theresa tells her that if Gwen were in her position, she’d be doing the same thing. Eve walks in and asks Theresa if she has any questions before they get started. She tells Pilar she knows it’s very difficult for her to allow her daughter to do this but it is necessary and Theresa is the one who can make that decision. She makes sure Theresa still wants to have it done. Theresa then asks her to run a DNA test so she’ll know which of the babies is hers.

Martin and Katherine are discussing leaving Harmony. Katherine doesn’t want to leave her kids again, but Martin says they have to. She remembers telling Sheridan stories about her mother and how happy she had been to hear them, but Martin says they still have to leave. Katherine believes Sheridan would forgive her but he isn’t sure. She worries that Alistair will go after her again, but Martin tells her he won’t. They continue to argue back and forth about it. Martin damns Alistair for forcing them to leave town for a second time.

Luis and Sheridan are talking about finding out who the Wheelers are. Luis says he can do it by using the fingerprints on glasses used by the Wheelers he can find out who they really are. He says all the clues are there, they just have to find them. He tells her what he knows so far; they both lived in Harmony, he used to work for Alistair, they were going to tell them about their parents but were stopped when Alistair came in. That means they were both connected to Alistair in some way and they want to find out how. Luis will take the glasses with fingerprints to police headquarters and find out who they are that way.

Rebecca is telling Gwen and Ethan that Theresa has to have a plan and a reason for doing what she is doing. She never does anything without a reason. Gwen tells her Theresa is going against her religious beliefs to have the procedure done. Rebecca isn’t impressed. Gwen tells her Ethan got Theresa to agree to it and Rebecca wonders what he promised her in exchange. Ethan tells her to let it go, she’s agreed to have the procedure. Gwen agrees, still thrilled about having her own child. Rebecca is sure Teresa is up to something and wonders what it is, since she never does anything unless there’s something in it for her.

Eve asks why Theresa wants to know which baby is hers, since they are both Gwen’s. Pilar lets her know it’s not that simple, and Eve asks what Theresa is up to now.

Martin tries to talk Katherine into leaving. He tells her if they stay the truth will come out and it will embarrass Alistair, making him even more dangerous. Martin tells her they must leave and not stay in any one place for long.

Sheridan asks if people have to be criminals to have their fingerprints on file with the FBI. Luis says no, and they should know who the Wheelers are by sunset. Sheridan still has doubts, but Luis convinces her it’s for the best. She goes to shower while Luis calls a friend at the police station to get someone to work on putting the prints on the glasses into the FBI computer and trace them to find out who these people are. Once it’s all set up, he wonders just who they really are. (commercial)

Martin says there’s no way to fix the mess they’re in now. If they stay, their families are in danger, but if they leave, Alistair will continue to hunt them down and try to kill them. They want to tell Luis and Sheridan who they are but feel that circumstances won’t let them, since everyone will assume they ran off to be together. Katherine hates the fact that Sheridan believes she is responsible for her mother’s death, and they decide that is the cruelest thing Alistair has done.

At police headquarters, Luis and Sheridan give the glasses with the fingerprints to Luis’ friend, then wait for the results. They talk as they wait about her mother and the Wheelers. They decide these are good people caught in a bad situation, and once they get the prints done, they will know who they really are and what they have done.

Ethan tells Rebecca to lay off Theresa, since she blames her for everything, even global warming. Rebecca tells him it’s just that Theresa never does anything out of the goodness of her heart. Ethan tells her it takes one to know one, and Gwen jumps in to stop them from arguing more. She says that Theresa is making a huge sacrifice by having the procedure done even though it is against what her church teaches. Rebecca says she’s wrong, that Theresa just needs a baby to trade for Little Ethan and she really isn’t trying to give Gwen a family. Gwen defends Theresa again, then says that actually she herself is in the wrong for forcing Theresa to have the procedure even though she knows the church will never forgive her for it. She wonders what kind of person she is.

Eve asks Theresa what she’s done now, and Pilar tells her to sit down. Theresa tells her about thinking she lost Gwen’s baby, but now she thinks she was only spotting. Eve says that has to be it since she is pregnant now. Theresa admits that when she thought the baby was lost, she tricked Ethan into sleeping with her and now she doesn’t know who’s babies she is carrying. Eve says Gwen will go crazy when she tells her this, and turns to run out. Theresa stops her and reminds her that as her doctor, she can’t tell anyone anything she has told her. (commercial)

Ethan asks if Rebecca is happy now, and she says “Love hurts. Especially when the cuffs are too tight.” Gwen wonders if she is forcing Theresa to risk eternal damnation just to get her son back. “Sounds good to me”, Rebecca says. Ethan is upset, but Rebecca continues, telling them she is sure Theresa has her eye on a much bigger prize, looking pointedly at Ethan.

Theresa reminds Eve of her doctor’s oath to keep all patient information private. Eve agrees she can’t tell Gwen anything, but she’s not happy with what she’s done. She wonders how Ethan could have betrayed Gwen by sleeping with Theresa, so Pilar told her what Theresa did. Theresa then told her why, and that she has no idea who the mother or mothers are so she needs a DNA test. Eve asks why, and Theresa tells her that when she has the procedure done, she wants to make sure they save her baby with Ethan, not Gwen’s.

Martin tells Katherine that her being dead is not what’s best for everyone. He tells her they would miss her, and she agrees, but says she has to do something. They both wish Luis would find out who they really are soon.

Sheridan is anxious to find out who the Wheelers are. Luis gives her something to do to keep her busy. He tells her to find pictures of the Wheelers and put them in an identification program that can recognize people even in disguise. He shows her how to do it and she gets started. Luis’ friend looks at his computer and says “I don’t believe this!” Luis and Sheridan go to see what it is and are both shocked by what they see. (commercial)

Ethan tells Rebecca to stop. Questioning Theresa’s motives is upsetting Gwen, and Gwen agrees. She reminds her mother that Theresa agonized over the decision so she can’t just be wanting to keep the baby to get Little Ethan back. Rebecca says she knows the girl is up to something, but agrees to be quiet. Gwen tells her to just let them be happy. As she walks off, her mother laments the hurt she Gwen will feel if everything blows up in her face.

Eve wants to be sure of what Theresa is saying. She realizes that Theresa is willing to get rid of Gwen’s baby to save her own, and asks her how cold hearted she can be. Theresa tells her she doesn’t want to lose either of the babies, but she has to save one of them, and with that choice, she wants to save her child. Her baby comes first. Pilar and Eve are both appalled at her reasoning. She tells Eve to run the test and if one of them is hers she wants Gwen’s baby must be sacrificed to save her own.

Luis’s friend tells them neither of the Wheelers have ever been fingerprinted and that’s very odd. He thinks they might have changed their fingerprints. Sheridan finds a picture of Mrs. Wheeler and it is transferred to the identification program to begin searching for a match. Sheridan looks for more information on her and finds her mother’s death notice. She talks about her mother’s funeral and wishes she were still here. The cop comes back and tells Luis the Social Security numbers are new and there are no records associated with them, which is very odd. Luis hopes there will be a match with Mrs. Wheeler’s picture so they can try to figure out who these people are. (commercial)

Eve tells Theresa that sacrificing Gwen’s baby is unacceptable, it’s simply not done, and when Gwen hears about it, she will go crazy. At that second, Gwen walks in and asks what she will go crazy about.

Martin doesn’t want their families to be hurt any more than they already have been, so they have to leave. Katherine doesn’t want to leave her children again, but Martin says they have to before Luis finds out the truth of who they are. At the police station, the photo identification machine working on Katherine’s picture beeps to signify a match has been made, and Luis and Sheridan wait anxiously for the match to come up.

Preview: Rebecca to Eve: “So spill it, Eve. What is Theresa up to this time?”

Luis to Sheridan: “Well, once again that sick man is manipulating all of our lives.”

Alistair to Martin and Katherine: “Now, you will leave Harmony or so help me, I

will rain down a firestorm that will frighten the Devil himself!”

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