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Passions Update Wednesday 10/27/04

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At his studio, Chad looks at pictures of himself, Whitney, and Fox, wondering aloud why things turned out like they did. He says they never did anything wrong, and blames his “back-stabbing brother Fox” for the fact Whitney moved on so quickly. He throws the picture and almost hits Paloma, who just entered. Seeing how upset he is, she asks if it’s because of Fox and Whitney. He replies that he can’t believe how Fox has messed up his whole life.

Whitney is sitting in a café when Jessica walks in and spots her. They chat for a while and seeing how upset Whitney is, Jessica reaches into her Mark bag and hands her a free facial. When she leaves, Whitney decides she has to tell Fox the truth about being pregnant. At that moment he comes back to the table with coffee for them both, then asks what the secret she wants to tell him is.

Theresa is sitting in her hospital bed and Pilar comes in, asking if she feels better. Theresa says she is and apologizes about getting so upset about her father before. Pilar says that doesn’t matter. She tells her that the important thing is the babies she’s carrying, and when Theresa tells her that she’s decided to abort one to save the other, Pilar is shocked and upset.

Sheridan is still in the jail cell with Katherine/Mrs. Wheeler. She wonders why Alistair decided to let her leave after he had pressed charges for attempted murder against her. Katherine agrees it’s strange but is happy he has. Sheridan then tells her she’s worried Alistair might do something to hurt Martin/Mr. Wheeler and that she just tried to call him and Luis at the cottage but there was no answer. Katherine is worried and tells Sheridan they have to go now to find them.

Luis and Alistair are talking about why Luis lost his job. Martin tells Luis they should leave the area where the gazebo used to stand, but Luis wants him to go ahead and tell him what he had started to when Alistair walked up. He asks Alistair about the fact that he had torn down the gazebo just as Mr. Wheeler was about to show him a secret buried there, but Alistair claims he’s just doing some landscaping. Luis knows better, and says that Mr. Wheeler knows the real reason, asking him what Alistair is hiding about it. (commercial)

Whitney is trying to tell Fox the truth. She says there are some things about her he doesn’t know, but he says he doesn’t care. He thinks getting to know the other person is one of the fun things about starting a relationship. He always heard that but thought it was dumb before he met Whitney, but now he only wants to spend the rest of his life getting to know her. He wants to take his time. She reminds him they’ve already made love and he says he wouldn’t trade that for anything but he wants to take his time with everything else. He tells her why he loves her and how great she is, that she is the woman he wants to be the mother of his children. Then he asks what her big secret is.

Paloma asks Chad if there’s anything new between him and Whitney. He says nothing but the fact he had found out the woman he was going to marry is his sister right in the middle of planning their wedding, and that he’s upset about Whitney moving on with Fox so quickly after the breakup. She tells him it wasn’t that quickly, but he says it felt like it. He was really hurt when he walked in on them making love. He reminds Paloma that he came to Harmony to find his parents but he never thought it would turn out to cause so much pain. Paloma understands, saying she felt the same way about her family since they say one thing but actually feel another. She feels they don’t really want her and there’s no place there for her.

Pilar asks why Theresa changed her mind, and reminds her of the Church’s position on it. Theresa tells her she is aware of that but that she has to do whatever it takes to save one of her babies. Pilar is very upset, urging her not to do it. Theresa wants her mother to be with her, but says she’ll do it alone if need be. She asks her to understand, telling her she hopes she’ll understand that if she doesn’t do it she’ll lose the babies and Ethan. She reminds her that Miguel is gone, Antonio’s dead, and her father is never coming back and she just can’t stand any more loss right now.

Alistair urges Martin to tell all, saying he’d love to hear the answer himself. Martin remembers telling Alistair that even if he tears down the gazebo, he will still be able to tell what he knows, but Alistair reminds him he has no proof, and telling Luis who he is and why he left will destroy both their lives. Luis brings him back to reality by asking him to tell him about his father. At that moment, Sheridan and Katherine walk up and Sheridan is shocked to see the gazebo is gone. Martin is thrilled to see Katherine but wonders why she’s out of jail. She tells him that the charges were dropped for some reason. Martin questions Alistair’s motives, but the old man says he decided there was no need to press charges since he is just fine. Sheridan says that’s not like him, and he acts like it hurts his feelings. He says he does have a heart and wants to put all the unpleasantness behind them, for all their sakes. (commercial)

Still in the café, Whitney is trying to tell Fox the truth, saying it’s important and it affects them both. He tells her to go ahead but that anything she says will not change the fact he loves her. She tells him it’s about the way Ivy questioned her about her motives for being with him, and he explains it away by saying she is trying to make up for never being a mother by being over-protective now. Whitney agrees but says that Ivy is worried about the fact that after just finding out the man she was going to marry is her brother, she has now suddenly developed feelings for Fox, and that it makes sense. She understands why Ivy would be concerned. Fox says that could be, but he’d loved her since he met her and she had said she had feelings for him, too, so it wasn’t that strange. She protests but he tells her that there is nothing in the world that could make her lose him. When she says she wants to believe it, he tells her she has to believe it, nothing she ever says or does will make him stop loving her.

Paloma tells Chad that at least if she had stayed in Mexico she could have gone on believing that her family missed and loved her. He asks why she’s so sure they don’t, telling her he knows them all very well, but she still thinks they don’t care about her. She says after not seeing her for all that time they should be wanting to spend time with her, get to know her, but they don’t. Chad tells her it’s because there is so much going on right now, but she doesn’t buy it, saying there will always be something going on with them that they will put ahead of her. She tells him she came to see him to tell him good-bye because she’s leaving Harmony as soon as she can. (commercial)

Whitney still wants to tell Fox her secrets. He tells her he has secrets, too, and talks about how he used to be a playboy and mess-up, came home to try to be a Crane, and ended up in the unemployment line. He went from a have-it-all to a basic everyday nobody. Whitney says she doesn’t care about that, and he says that’s what he loves about her most. She says she loves him most for his ability to take risks and the way he opened himself up top her. He says she really loves him and she’s not on the rebound at all. She tells him to remember that she really loves him, no matter what happens, and he wonders why she’s afraid that something bad will happen to them.

Chad asks Paloma why she’s leaving when she just got there. She says she was there long enough to know what her life will be like if she stays there. He tells her she needs to give the place and her family a chance, but she says she’s been there long enough to see that her family doesn’t care about her and staying longer won’t change anything. She asks why he’s staying. He says he has a good job at Crane industries, but admits there’s really nothing to hold him there since Whitney is gone from his life. “Then why are you still here?”, she asks. She says if he’s not happy in Harmony, he can leave with her.

Pilar understands what Theresa has lost in her short life, but she can’t agree with the decision. Theresa tells her she is trying to save the life of another of her grandchildren. Pilar hopes God will see it that way, and Theresa tells her it’s not what she wants to do, but it’s all she can do. She can’t bear the loss of anyone else. Pilar tells her it won’t bring her father or brother back. Theresa says it will bring Ethan back, then tries to cover by saying she meant Little Ethan. Pilar doesn’t buy it and is upset that her daughter still thinks she can get Ethan to leave Gwen for her.

Katherine asks Martin why Alistair tore down the gazebo, and he tells her it’s because he found out Martin was going to tell Luis everything and show him what was buried there as proof. She says she was going to tell Sheridan the truth, too, but being released so quickly from jail stopped her. Sheridan is still wondering why Alistair would tear down one of her favorite places to do landscaping. Luis says it’s because Mr. Wheeler was going to tell him about his father. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler was telling her about her mother, also, and both are amazed that the older couple knew their parents. Sheridan tells Luis that Mrs. Wheeler backed up everything she had always thought about her mother. Luis says the fact they knew their parents must be why they felt such a close connection to them from the first. Sheridan wonders if the fact they knew Martin and Katherine is the reason Alistair dropped the charges against Mrs. Wheeler. When the older couple walks up, they both ask for more information about their parents, but Alistair walks up and sarcastically tells them to go ahead and tell them more, he’s interested himself. (commercial)

Pilar asks Theresa to tell her she’s not playing with her babies lives as a means of getting Ethan away from Gwen. Theresa says she didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Pilar is very upset, telling her that there is no way Ethan will ever leave Gwen for her. Theresa tells her that he had admitted he only married Gwen because she became pregnant with his child, but Pilar is unimpressed. She warns her nothing good can come from going down this road. Theresa tells her at least one of the babies is her child with Ethan and he will want to be with her when he finds that out. Pilar says one may be hers, but when she does this, it could be Gwen’s baby that lives so she needs to get that idea out of her head.

Alistair urges Katherine to tell all to Sheridan. The younger woman agrees, begging her to tell her more. Luis begs her, too. Alistair sidles around to Martin and whispers that he should go first, although he has no proof without the gazebo. Katherine, hearing this, tells Sheridan she knows nothing more, and Martin agrees that there is nothing more they can tell them about their long-lost parents. (commercial)

Fox asks Whitney why she’s so worried about him knowing all about her. She explains that she’s not sure she believes in unconditional love anymore after all that’s happened with her mother and Chad. Fox tells her she has every right to be scared after all that, but that he is not going anywhere. He will be with her through thick and thin, and he couldn’t love her more if he tried. She says she loves him, too, and he tells her she has nothing to worry about, she’ll never get rid of him, and they kiss. She hopes he means that.

Paloma urges Chad to leave with her, but he says he can’t, he has things to do. He needs to give the family business a crack and he might end up enjoying being a mogul. She laughs and says maybe he will. She still wants to leave, though. He tells her about how he used to run away, too, but now he knows better. He tells her to stay in Harmony, give her family a try, and then after a while, if she still wants to leave, at least she will know she really did try.

Pilar tells Theresa to promise she will stop fantasizing about being with Ethan. He is going to stay married to Gwen, especially after the baby is born. She tells her at least one of the babies is Gwen’s and they will fight her for custody. The baby will bond them together even tighter and she will never have Ethan. Pilar senses Theresa is plotting something else and asks her about it. Theresa tells her that she is not going to have the baby that is Gwen’s. (commercial)

Luis and Sheridan are both upset that the Wheelers won’t tell them more about their parents. Luis yells at Martin while Alistair gloats on the sidelines. Luis tells them they want to know the truth, no matter what it is, but Martin says he can’t help them, too many people will be hurt. Sheridan begs Mrs. Wheeler to tell her more because her mother is all she thinks about. Luis tells her to forget it, they won’t say more because they are cowards. The Wheelers are upset about not telling them the truth, but Alistair says they made the right decision because they would never believe them. They should have stayed dead forever.

Fox and Whitney walk into his room at the Russell’s. He’s not really impressed, but he is happy to have a roof over his head. He says it’s weird to be there, but he will get used to it. He says he will as long as she’s with him. He kisses her and tells her being able to kiss her when he wants to is like a dream come true. He has her remember the night on the beach when they were dancing and she got caught up in the moment, but she says she really was into it because she loved him then. Fox regrets not telling her how he felt so things wouldn’t have gone so far with Chad. She feels the same way. They kiss again and he carries her to the bed.

Chad again tells Paloma to give her family a chance. She agrees to stay, but only because the town could use a little excitement.

Pilar says that having the baby will definitely cement Ethan and Gwen’s relationship, but Theresa tells her that she is assuming their baby will come into this world. Pilar reminds her that she is carrying twins and it’s very likely that the one who lives will be Gwen’s. Theresa tells her that Gwen’s baby won’t live, hers will.

Preview: Luis to Sheridan as they sit at the computer: “With any luck we should know who the

Wheelers really are before sunset.”

Martin to Katherine: “Maybe our wish will come true. Maybe Luis will discover our

true identities.”

Theresa to Eve: “When I have the procedure done, I need you to save my baby with


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