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Passions Update Tuesday 10/26/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

Katherine is talking to Sheridan about her mother, and the younger woman asks her to tell her more. Katherine remembers Martin telling her she can’t tell her daughter who she is and she answering that she has to tell her, she wants her to know she’s still alive and still loves her. Sheridan again asks what more she has to tell.

Luis and Martin are still talking, also. Luis tells his father that knowing he didn’t leave of his own accord changes the way he’s felt all these years, and he wants to know more about what happened and why. Martin assures him he will tell him more, and that’s why they are going to the Crane mansion. Luis is very anxious to learn all there is to know about his father’s disappearance.

In the hospital, Gwen is still attacking Ethan because she heard him tell Theresa to use her own judgment in making her decision. She is very angry because she believes he is taking Theresa’s side over hers. He assures her that’s not correct, but she refuses to hear it. She rants on and on at Ethan, not accepting his explanation of what really happened. She tells him he always takes Theresa’s side, never considering how his own wife feels about things, and that she will never forgive him for giving Theresa permission to let both their babies die.

Eve enters Theresa’s hospital room and asks if she’s made the decision. Theresa tells her she has and that nothing anyone says will change her mind. (commercial)

Luis and Martin are on the Crane estate. Luis asks Martin to tell him why his father left, and Martin tells him he will, as soon as they get where he is taking them. He will explain it all there. Luis asks what he wants to show him. Martin remembers Alistair talking after the gazebo was built about what a stroke of genius it was to build it. It looks like a nice place to relax, but it really hides their secrets. It also will be a constant reminder to Martin that if he ever tells what they did, what is buried under that gazebo, that he will ruin his own life and the lives of those he loves most. Coming back to the present, Martin tells himself that he has to tell the secret. Luis wants to know where they are going and Martin tells him it isn’t much further now.

Sheridan urges Katherine to tell her more about her mother. She says that the woman has helped her remember things she had forgotten and she wants to hear more. At that moment Sam comes in. He tells Katherine that the charges have been dropped.

Gwen tells Ethan she is tired of playing second fiddle to Theresa in his life. He always takes Theresa’s side in any situation. He tries to tell her she’s mistaken but she won’t listen. She says not only has he put Theresa first over her, this time he put her welfare ahead of their babies. She won’t listen to anything he has to say. She tells him she hates him.

Eve tells Theresa that she understands perfectly what she’s going through, that having to decide whether to abort one child to save the other or to leave them both alone and risk losing them isn’t an easy task, and that she would never tell her what she should do. She is only there to give her the options, but Theresa is the one who has to decide what to do. Theresa tells her she knows that, and she has made her decision. (commercial)

Luis and Martin are getting close to the gazebo. Martin tells him he will understand all of it once they arrive there. He then remembers when he made the decision to leave Harmony years ago, realizing it was the only thing he could do to save his family, and that he hoped they would be able to forgive him. In the present, Martin tells himself he has to reveal the secret, it’s the only way to make them understand why he did what he did.

Ethan tries to explain to Gwen why he said what he did to Theresa. He asks her to put herself in Theresa’s shoes. Gwen thinks he should ask Theresa to put herself in Gwen’s shoes. He tells her this is a tremendous decision for Theresa to make, sense it goes completely against what her religion teaches. She is putting her very soul at risk by choosing to kill one of the babies. Gwen says she wasn’t worried about her religion when she went after another woman’s husband, or when she killed Gwen’s baby, or when she knocked their surrogate out and tied her up in a closet so she could be implanted with their babies. She says Theresa and her religion can go to hell. She wants her baby saved, nothing more. She says they should take a page from Theresa’s playbook and knock her out and just have it done anyway. Ethan tries to talk sense to her but she becomes more enraged, telling him he is putting Theresa above her and their babies, and it’s because he loves her. She says she’s through, she wants the marriage to end.

Eve asks Theresa what her decision is. She remembers Ethan telling her she can either keep both babies and lose them both or save one of them and give birth to one beautiful baby, watch it grow and flourish. She tells Eve she is going to let her do the procedure and save the life of one of her babies. (commercial)

Eve asks Theresa if she’s sure she wants to do the procedure. Theresa tells her she is, that she has to try to save one of the babies, even if it means she loses her immortal soul in the process. Eve asks again, just to be very sure, and Theresa tells her yes, and to please do it quickly so she doesn’t have to think about it again. Eve goes to get things ready.

Ethan tells Gwen she can’t mean what she said. She tells him she does mean it because she is tired of chasing Ethan chasing Theresa. She wants to be first in Ethan’s thoughts but she never will be. As she is walking away she hears Eve setting up the procedure. She asks the doctor if she heard right, and Eve assures her she did. Theresa is having the procedure. At that news, Gwen becomes very happy and seems to forget all about ending their marriage.

Sheridan asks Sam if he’s sure Alistair dropped the charges. She says it’s not like him, he never just forgives and forgets things like that. He goes after two eyes from anyone who takes one of his, and this just isn’t the way he works. Sam agrees, but tells the women it is very true, the paperwork is all done and he has dropped the charges.

Luis tells Martin he knows the gazebo very well. His father built it and he has been there a million times. He’s never seen anything there that seemed suspicious. Martin assures him he will see the truth once they are there. They come upon the spot where the gazebo stood only to find it is completely gone, and the earth is all dug up.

Gwen is thrilled now. Theresa has agreed to save one of the babies and all is forgotten. Eve tells her that there is no guarantee the baby will live, but Gwen says there’s at least a chance now. Ethan asks Eve if she’s sure Theresa is now willing to go through with it, and she says it’s true. Gwen now starts to apologize to Ethan, telling him she hadn’t realized he was practicing reverse psychology on Theresa. He says that’s not what he did, but Gwen still thinks it is. She says she didn’t mean any of the things she said, she was just upset, and asks him to forgive her.

Sheridan still thinks her father is up to something, and Katherine agrees. Sam decides he may just be trying to drive Mrs. Wheeler crazy, but Sheridan says that’s too subtle for him. Nevertheless, Sam says, the fact is Katherine is now free to go.

Luis and Martin wonder what happened to the gazebo. At that minute Alistair walks up, saying he thought he heard trespassers. They confront him, asking why he took out the gazebo, and he tells them he is doing some landscaping. Luis asks why so suddenly and why at night, to which Alistair replies he had an inspiration. Luis tells him he has no right to tear it down since Luis’ father built it, but Alistair lets him know he has every right to do anything he wants with his own property. He says the gazebo was very shabbily made and could have hurt someone. Luis says he’s lying and asks why he really did it. He says it had something to do with his father, and he wants to know what’s going on.

Gwen is still trying to explain her vicious outburst against Ethan and says it’s because Theresa always pushes her buttons. She asks again for forgiveness, and he gives it to her. He says he understands, but doesn’t seem to really believe himself. However, it satisfies Gwen, who goes to call her mother to tell her the good news.

Eve goes back into Theresa’s room and the young woman asks how long she will have to wait. Eve says they are getting everything ready right now, and asks again if she’s sure she wants to do it. Theresa says she is sure. Ethan walks in and asks to talk with Theresa. He asks why she changed her mind.

Luis asks Alistair why he tore the gazebo down. Alistair says he doesn’t have to answer to Luis, but the younger man tells him his father built it so he does have to answer. Alistair tells him he doesn’t have to ask the son of the Cuban who rolls his cigar if he can smoke it. Luis says he will find out what is going on. He knows it has something to do with his father and he will find out what it is. Alistair tells Martin he is easy to anticipate, that he knew he would bring Luis to the gazebo so he had it torn down and the evidence removed. Martin tells him the truth will still come out, but Alistair isn’t worried since all the proof is gone and if he tells anyone, he’s going to end up paying for it because he can’t prove Alistair had any part in it.

He tells Martin to tell Luis and his family who he is, why he left, whatever he wants, and that Alistair will be sitting back watching it all destroy both Martin’s and Luis’ lives. (commercial)

Ethan asks Theresa why she changed her mind, and she says he changed it for her. She thought about all he had said to her and realized she had to try to save at least one of the babies. He asked about her beliefs, whether she is ok with going against the church’s teachings. She says she has to, and if she asks forgiveness maybe God will forgive her. Besides, she says, God values life and saving the life of one of the babies has to be a good thing in his eyes. Ethan thanks her, saying it means a lot to him and to Gwen. She tells him he’s welcome, then wonders to herself if he will still feel the same way tomorrow.

Sheridan asks Sam if he’s sure Mrs. Wheeler is free, and he says yes, he has all the paperwork right there and she’s free to go. Sheridan goes to get the car. Sam warns Katherine to be on guard, that Alistair is capable of anything and could have anything up his sleeve. He tells her he knows Alistair killed Antonio and tried to kill Sheridan and Luis, but he has no proof. He says one thing he knows about Alistair is he never drops a grudge, and since she tried to kill him twice, he must have something planned to get back at her. He tells her to be on her guard against him and says he could punish her in ways the courts can’t. He says to be careful because Alistair will exact his revenge. Katherine tells him she’s aware of Alistair’s methods and says he may already have done it. Sam asks what she means.

Alistair is goading Martin, telling him to hurry up and tell Luis what he buried beneath the gazebo. Martin reminds him it’s what they both buried, but Alistair says he has no proof of that and he will end up paying for it himself. Luis comes back saying there is not a splinter, not a paint chip to show the gazebo was ever there. Alistair says maybe it never was. Luis tells him it was there and there had to be something very incriminating under there for him to get out of his hospital bed, come down there and have the gazebo destroyed in the middle of the night. Alistair says he had a lot of time to think, and people do make changes after a near-death experience. Luis tells him not landscaping changes. He then tells Martin to tell him what was under there.


Previews: Whitney to Fox: “What I have to tell you, it’s important and it affects both of us.”

Fox’s reply: “Nothing you can say or do will ever change my opinion of you.”

Paloma to Chad: “I’m leaving Harmony for good, as soon as I can.”

Pilar to Theresa: “Oh, God. What are you planning to do now?”

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