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Passions Update Monday 10/25/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Juanita

In Theresa’s hospital room, she is trying to convince Ethan he needs to leave Gwen and be with her. He admitted he still loves her and she uses that, reminding him they would have been married now if Gwen hadn’t gotten pregnant with his child. She tells him the two of them should be together again, raising their babies and Little Ethan. She reminds him that Gwen can never give him children while she can, and that she has lost so much already, including Little Ethan. He reminds her the court took Little Ethan away from her and she replies that Gwen and Rebecca used the Crane influence to do that. She says they can have a wonderful life together, begging him to come back to her because if she loses him, too, she doesn’t know what she’ll do. Meanwhile, in another room, Gwen is sleeping, dreaming about Theresa refusing to abort one baby to save the other. She sees herself grieving because both babies died, causing her to physically attack the other woman.

In the Russell house, Ivy is still questioning Whitney about her reasons for switching affection to Fox so soon after learning Chad is her brother. She talks about how finding that out had to have been a shock, which Whitney agrees is true, and tells her that she’s just worried about her son, not wanting him to be hurt. Whitney understands perfectly and says so, to which Ivy replies she just doesn’t want Fox to be hurt because Whitney turns to him on the rebound. Fox defends Whitney, saying she would never do a thing like that because she’s too honest. Whitney says she understands Ivy’s concern but assures her she would never hurt Fox. She tells her that if it seems like she has jumped to Fox so quickly after losing Chad it’s only because she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. She tells Fox she wants to be with him every day from now on and doesn’t want any other girl to come along and snatch him up. Fox assures her no other girl will ever have his heart. Ivy smiles but still seems unsure. Meanwhile, in Tabitha’s kitchen, she is watching all in her magic water bowl and commends the girl for surviving Ivy’s questioning. She says that Whitney had better hurry up and snag Fox because she won’t be able to hide her “bun in the oven” much longer. She then gloats to Endora about how great it is to see all the pain in Harmony, and decides to check into what Sheridan and Luis are up to.

Luis asks Martin about his father and the older man agrees to tell him more, while Sheridan asks Katherine what Alistair did to her mother. Katherine agrees to tell her what happened. (commercial)

Sheridan asks about Alistair’s cruelty to her mother. She tells the older woman that she has dreams about how badly he treated her and asks why she didn’t stay and defend herself. Katherine says that the Crane influence reaches far and wide and if her mother had even suggested she was going to leave him he would have done far worse things to her. Sheridan feels badly for her mother’s dilemma. Katherine tells her there was no end to his cruelty, and he even seemed to take pleasure in tormenting the children to get back to her. She remembers a day when Sheridan was a child and she was packing to go on a business trip with Alistair. He walked in and found the girl begging her mother to stay with her and got upset that the woman wanted to miss his trip. He told Sheridan to stop whining and go back to her room so Katherine could finish packing and leave with him. When she didn’t do it, he grabbed the child and pulled her away from her mother, yelling at Katherine about wanting to “cat around” while he was gone and he would have none of that. He pulled the child to her room, warning her mother to finish packing and get ready to leave. Sheridan realizes how badly she feels about the way Alistair treated Katherine and the woman says she and her mother were very close and it was painful to think about.

Martin tells Luis his father was a very troubled man. When Luis asks by what, he tells him the man believed in goodness and God, always wanting to do the right thing, but he got caught up in the Crane web of evil. Luis said he had always suspected Alistair had something to do with his father’s disappearance and Martin confirmed his suspicions, saying Alistair had everything to do with it. (commercial)

Fox and Whitney kiss while Ivy watches, then tell her they are very happy. Fox tells her he’s loved Whitney for a while but never tried to move in on her. She says that doesn’t sound like the Fox she knows, but he reminds her she never really knew him at all and he’s nothing like his father. She then asks Whitney about her feelings for Fox while she was with Chad. Whitney tells her she never would have known how Fox felt about her if it wasn’t for Theresa, that she had feelings for him but suppressed them because she was engaged to Chad. Whitney remembers thinking about needing to make love to Fox soon so she can pass Chad’s child off as Fox’s. Fox talks about how hard it was seeing her with Chad and he started dating Theresa to try to get over his feelings for her but it didn’t work. Ivy secretly gives thanks that he didn’t end up with Theresa.

Theresa tells Ethan not to deny his feelings for her or the fact he’d rather be with her and their children. He tells her the babies are his with Gwen, and they will die unless she let’s Eve take one of them. She replies that she knows he feels an obligation to Gwen, but he can’t build a life on that because it’s not fair to either of them. He tells her he loved Gwen before he ever knew Theresa and that he’s married to her, but Theresa reminds him they would be married right now if Gwen hadn’t gotten pregnant. She says she knows he loves Gwen but since they met he’s only loved her, feeling things for her he never felt for Gwen. He talks about how she tricked him by pretending to be Gwen and making love to him. She says he knew who she was, that he loves her and needs to come back to her. She tells him to stop pretending he’s happy with Gwen, that she can make him happy, give him lot’s of children. She asks him to come back to her.

Gwen is still dreaming that she is beating up Theresa because the babies died and Ethan drags her away threatening to have her arrested for murdering her children. She wakes up believing the babies are going to die and heads toward Theresa’s room. (commercial)

Sheridan asks Katherine how her father could be so cruel to her mother, to his own children. The woman tells her he is hateful, that her mother was just someone to mistreat physically and emotionally, and Sheridan says it’s no wonder she left. Katherine tells her that her mother was beaten down, with no self-worth, and Sheridan says it breaks her heart. She remembers being told that her mother became sick after giving birth to her, meaning that her father continued to mistreat her even while she was sick. Katherine tells her she was sick at heart and powerless. She simply couldn’t fight Alistair. Sheridan wishes she could have done something to help, but Katherine reminds her she was just a child, but that her mother loved her with all her heart and wanted to protect her, but couldn’t because Alistair always won, no matter what.

Tabitha, still watching, says Alistair always wins because he is evil personified. He’s not a witch, exactly, but he’s definitely “one of us”, as she puts it. She tells Endora she knew Katherine when she was married to Alistair and that she was just a goody-goody, always trying to help people. Now, since living in Mexico all those years, she has come around to the dark side, telling lie after lie. She says Martin has changed, too, what with running off with another man’s wife and all, but maybe they deserve each other after all.

Luis tells Martin he always believed Alistair had caused his father to leave somehow. He thought Martin had abandoned his family, even tho he never wanted to believe it. Martin tells him that his father loved him and the others, including Pilar, very much, but he had to leave, he had no choice. Luis asks why, whether Alistair killed him or not. Martin says he hadn’t been killed and never wanted to leave his family, but he had no choice. This doesn’t make Luis feel better. He asks what happened to him, whether he is dead now, and Martin tells him he is very much alive. (commercial)

Ivy talks about how devastating it must have been finding out Chad was her brother. Whitney says it was, but she didn’t turn to Fox because of it. He says she must have been torn up by finding out his father and her mother had a child together and then that the child was Chad. Ivy says she never knew Julian and Eve had a child together. Fox says he knew she was heartbroken but was afraid to go to her. She apologizes for being mean, then explains she had been afraid Fox would be like Julian and she was afraid he would hurt her like Julian had hurt her mother. She knows now that he would never do that, and tells Ivy she’s raised a wonderful son. Ivy agrees he’s wonderful but says she can’t take credit for it, since he was raised in boarding schools while she and Julian jetted around the world having fun. She realizes how cruel that was, but hopes that she can make up for it now that he is living with her. She wants him to let her be the mother she never was and he agrees. She says she’s glad they are starting their life together off on the right foot by having no secrets, which causes Whitney a pang of guilt.

Theresa tells Ethan he doesn’t need to stay with Gwen out of a sense of duty, staying with a woman he doesn’t love. He says he does love her, trying to convince her of that, but she tells him to stop trying to be so noble. He says he has to do the right thing but she tells him he needs to think about what he wants for once, not what he feels is his duty. She says she needs him and her babies need him. He reminds her again that the babies will die if she doesn’t do the right thing and go through with the procedure. He begs her to let Gwen be a mother. She can have more babies but this is Gwen’s only chance. She tells him she doesn’t know how he could ask her to do that to her baby, to his baby. He tells her to think about the fact she can give birth to one beautiful baby or let both the babies die. If she saves one, she can watch it grow and have a meaningful life. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do, and he tells her to follow her conscience, do what’s best. Gwen walks in after overhearing that and attacks him for telling Theresa to do what she thinks is best. (commercial)

Sheridan and Katherine are hugging in Katherine’s cell. Sheridan asks her to tell her more about her mother because she was so young when she left. Katherine tells her she spent every moment she could with the two children, even making up stories at times. She remembers one story they made up about Princess Sheridan. She told the first part, then Julian told the next part with a scary ending, and then Little Sheridan made up the end. Sheridan remembers the same story and is thrilled to remember it. They laugh about how Julian was upset when the story ended happily ever after instead of having an ogre eat them all. Tabitha, still watching, preferred Julian’s story, also. She tells Endora that she was watching her own father when he was young. They then start watching Luis and Martin.

Martin tells Luis his father is still alive, and Luis is angry that he never contacted them or came home. He doesn’t understand why his father couldn’t come home. He says he could understand not coming back if his life was threatened but he doesn’t understand why he never at least contacted them. Luis recounts how his mother remembered her husband and lit candles for him every night. Martin says he never forgot her, either, and that in time they would understand what had happened. (commercial)

Ivy decides to go in the kitchen and get something to celebrate with. Whitney tells Fox she’s glad his mother is finally warming up to her, and he wonders why anyone wouldn’t like her since she’s perfect. She tells him she’s far from perfect and has something she needs to tell him.

Luis says if his father is still alive, it means he stayed away on purpose, so he can’t figure any way to explain that. Martin assures him he will understand some day, but Luis says there’s no way. His father was supposed to be a good, decent man, but a man with a conscience could never leave his family that way, with no means of support. Martin tries to assure him of his father’s love, but Luis wants to know the story in full. Martin tells him he needs to go with him to the Crane estate, that’s where he will learn the whole story.

Sheridan thanks Katherine for sharing her stories of her mother with her. Katherine tells her there is much more and Sheridan asks her to tell her now.

Gwen is still fighting Ethan. He tells her to calm down but she refuses. He takes her out of Theresa’s room to explain it to her. She asks if he has convinced her to save one baby, and he says no. She says of course not, Theresa wants to hurt her by killing both babies, leaving her with nothing. He swears he was begging Theresa to have the procedure done, but nothing he says will calm Gwen down. She says Theresa is incapable of thinking of anyone but herself. She tells him about her dream, how the babies both died because of Theresa, then says he is taking Theresa’s side once again, telling her to do what she wants to do. She is yelling that she hates him for not taking her side this time. Meanwhile, Theresa is on the phone to Eve, telling her she has made up her mind and knows exactly what she has to do.

Previews: Luis to Martin: “I don’t understand!”

Martin’s reply: “You will, I promise. Soon everything will

become clear.”

Gwen to Ethan: “Thanks so much for putting Theresa first


Eve to Theresa: “Have you come to some decision about the


Theresa’s reply: “Yeah, and there’s nothing anyone can say that’s

going to make me change my mind.”

Sam to Katherine: “I have some important news for you.”

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