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Passions Update Friday 10/22/04

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By Suzanne
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Ivy asks Whitney why she is rushing into a relationship with Fox.  She wonders if Whitney is hiding something.  Whitney has a daydream where Ivy guesses that she is pregnant.  Whitney admits she is pregnant.  Ivy asks her if she didn't learn anything from Kay and Theresa's illegitimate pregnancies.  Fox is overjoyed and ready to marry Whitney to start their family.  Ivy can't believe that Fox is so dense (and neither can I).  Whitney asks Fox if they can go check out his new room.  Ivy asks Fox if he slept with Whitney while she was with Chad.  He doesn't want to talk about it.  Ivy points out that the baby is not his.  Fox is stunned.  He can't believe Whitney has been using him.  He calls her a slut and a sneak.  He and Ivy are both outraged.  Whitney protests that she was just trying to protect her baby. Fox and Ivy order her out.  Back to reality, Whitney tells Ivy vehemently that she has nothing to hide and that definitely wants to be with Fox.

Tabitha (and Endora) watch Ivy, Fox and Whitney through her telescope, but it doesn't give her sound, so she switches to the bowl.  She chuckles and raps (yes, raps!) about Whitney's plight.  She sees Jessica selling Mark products to a nurse at the hospital.  She switches to watching Theresa and does more rapping.  Later, Tabitha tells Endora that she can't believe that mortals never learn from their history.  She points out how many times Theresa has messed up in her pursuit of Ethan.  She cackles that Gwen may lose her husband and compares Theresa's tenacity to Eva Peron (Evita).  She and Endora are very happy about the way things are turning out.

Ethan and Theresa still discuss her choice about whether to choose one of the babies to live or not.  Ethan reminds Theresa that she owes Gwen a child, since they helped her to lose her other one by kissing on TV.  She asks him which one would he choose to die, his baby with her, or his baby with Gwen?  He can't make the choice, of course, and they argue.   She won't play God.  Ethan just wants to be a father.  Theresa says that she can give him children and that he loves her, not Gwen.  Theresa is relentless in how she goes after Ethan and tries to drawn him in.  He protests that he fell in love with Gwen, but she says that he is only with her because of his guilt and feeling sorry for her.  She reminds him again about them sleeping together and demands that he be honest with her about how he feels.  He refuses to play her game and says that she is insane.  She grabs his hand and holds it to her stomach as she keeps asking him to tell her that he doesn't love her, want her, etc.  She kisses his hands.  He can't deny it and says that he would be with her now if he hadn't gotten Gwen pregnant.  She urges him to leave Gwen and be with her.

Gwen, in her hospital bed, asks Eve again about what chance the babies have to survive, and Eve tells her the same thing.  Eve gives her a sedative to help her sleep.  Gwen prays for her babies, then she sleeps, but she has nightmares.  She dreams about Theresa giving birth.  The first baby is born dead.  She yells at Theresa, saying this is all her fault.

In jail, Katherine tells Sheridan that she knew Alistair for years and hates him.  Sheridan is shocked.  Katherine explains that their families moved in the same circles.  Sheridan compares them to Julian and Ivy.    Katherine describes that Alistair was charming when she first met him, but she learned later that he was a monster.  He talks about his cruelty and says he should die.  Sheridan makes a comment about her father, but it is not a very good description of Alistair, so Katherine tells her vehemently again that he is a monster.  She says she would choke him with her bare hands if she could.  This shocks Sheridan further.  Katherine has a flashback to one of her many fights with Alistair.  She tells Sheridan that she knew her mother, which further shocks Sheridan.  Katherine says they were so much alike, almost like they were the same person.  She explains that Katherine told her all about the terrible things that Alistair did to her.  Sheridan begs Katherine to tell her everything she knows about her mother and what she was like.

Luis tells Martin that the reason he said "father" is that he is mad at his father still.  Martin tells Luis that he's been lying to him since he met him.  He compliments Luis, who is now full of questions.  He says that Harmony used to be his home and that he knew Alistair.  He explains that he worked for him at Crane Industries.  He can't believe that Alistair has gotten even worse over the years.  They chat about what Alistair did to them down in Mexico.  Martin says he knew he had to go back and destroy Alistair.  He talks about how badly Alistair treated him, threatening him all the time and keeping him from leaving the job.  Luis knows that he did the same thing to Pilar.  Martin mentions how terrible he was to his wife, Katherine, too.  Martin drops the last bomb, that Alistair took terrible advantage of Luis's father, and he knew him well.

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