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Passions Update Thursday 10/21/04

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Ethan worries about Gwen, who has collapsed and is in a hospital bed.  Gwen awakens after awhile, and her only concern is for the babies.  Ethan promises that he will persuade Theresa to save one of them.

Luis and Theresa continue to tell Pilar that they don't want anything to do with their father, even if he were to come back.  Pilar tells them that they should be ashamed for speaking that way.  Theresa is unrepentant and calls her father a "no-good bum".  Pilar gets upset and leaves, telling Theresa to remember how the church says they should protect unborn children.  Luis says to Theresa that she has quite a decision to make.  She asks Luis to go after Pilar and make her feel better.  He doesn't want to leave her alone, but she tells him that she wants to be alone to think about her decision.  He agrees.  They hug and kiss, and he leaves.  She asks herself what she should do.  Ethan is at the door and says that she knows what she should do.  He tells her to let one of the babies go so that the other can live.  They argue about it.  He tells her that they are Gwen's biological children, so she reminds him that Gwen might not be the mother.  She asks him to tell her that he won't care if she kills their only child together and asks whether he can live with this.

Alistair keeps working on Martin to get him to leave Katherine for his family.  Martin again has a vision of what it would be like to have a happy reunion with his family.  Martin gets angry a few times when Alistair insults him.  Alistair maintains that Katherine never really loved either of him and that she is incapable of love.  Martin protests that isn't true, so Alistair laughs.  They argue a little.  Martin hesitates and then leaves without saying a word.  Alistair shouts after him that he'll be back.

Sheridan keeps asking Katherine why they share this connection, and Katherine keeps denying that there is anything between them other than friendship.  Katherine has a flashback to discussing with Martin whether she should tell her children or not.  Katherine tells Sheridan to prepare herself for a big shock, and she hopes that Sheridan can forgive her.  Katherine tells Sheridan that she's her mother, and they hug.  Sheridan is overjoyed to know that she is alive, and she doesn't get mad at all.  But of course, this is just Katherine's fantasy.  In real life, she tells Sheridan that events in her life have led her to have this connection.  Sheridan thinks she means that she lost her mother.  Katherine goes to sit down.  Sheridan knows that it's more than just that Katherine reminds her of her mother.  Sheridan demands to know why she shot Alistair.  They are interrupted by Sheridan's cell phone ringing.  It is Luis.  They catch up on what each has been up to.  He brings up Martin again and how he hates him for abandoning them.  Sheridan hates him, too.  Sheridan goes back to Katherine and gets angry at her for not answering her questions.  She demands to know and then begs her repeatedly.  Katherine says she's tired and asks if they can talk about it tomorrow.  Sheridan is afraid they won't get a chance because she knows that her mother was gone in one evening.  Things happen, she says (they sure do in Harmony!).  Katherine agrees that Sheridan deserves to know the truth.  She says, "I'm not who I say I am".

Ivy, Fox, and Whitney sit around at the Bennett house.  They rehash what has happened lately and how Ivy is trying to talk to Julian about getting Fox reinstated at Crane Industries.  Fox rants and raves about Chad stealing his place from him.  Fox says he will have to have a plan but suddenly insists that he and Whitney go out to dinner and forget about all of this for a while.  Ivy suggests that he call from the kitchen to make a reservation, so he does.  Ivy grills Whitney about what her feelings are for Fox and why they are suddenly so involved.  Whitney tells her that it is not so sudden.  She explains that Fox has loved her for a long time and she was drawn to him but didn't act on those feelings because of Chad.  Fox comes back in with the phone, annoyed that he is on hold.  He leaves again.  Whitney assures Ivy that she feels the same way about Fox as he does for her, but Ivy doesn't believe it.  She observes that Whitney seems to look guilty about something.  Whitney claims it's just her feelings about how she was involved with her brother.  The women both agree that they want Fox to be happy.  Ivy fears that Whitney is on the rebound from Chad and she doesn't want Fox hurt.  Whitney assures her that she's in for the long haul.  She also adds that she and Fox have to be together.  Ivy wonders what she means by that.  Fox returns, so Ivy tells him what Whitney said.  She still wants an answer.

Martin is on the roof when Pilar also goes up there.  He invites her to stay.  She tells him that she used to come up there a lot when she had a part-time job at the hospital, after her husband left.  She says it's a good place to come and think and to look at the stars.  She expresses sympathy to him about his wife and says that Alistair is a monster.  She mentions about how Alistair killed Antonio, which upsets both Martin and her.  She also blames Alistair for Martin's disappearance.  She talks about Martin a bit and how she never has given up hope that he might return.  She wishes he were there to help with Theresa's dilemma.  She talks about Luis, so Martin mentions that he's a fine young man.  She frets that Luis has always had to act like the father since Martin left.  She talks more about Martin and how they were soul mates.  She laments that she would give anything to have her husband back and to feel his strong arms around her.  Martin moves toward her but then draws back.  She goes to leave.  He asks her to send Luis up if she sees him.  She figures that he is going to give him some advice, so she thanks him and then hugs him.  After she leaves, he says to himself that it's time to tell Luis the truth.  He blames himself for failing everyone and goes on and on, getting upset.  Luis comes up behind him, so Martin asks how long he's been there and what he heard.  Luis says, "Father".

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