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Passions Update Wednesday 10/20/04

By Suzanne
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At the hospital, Martin tells Alistair that if he doesn't get Katherine out of jail, he will tell Sam all about what's under the gazebo.  Alistair doesn't believe him because then Martin would also get in trouble, but Martin says he doesn't care.  Alistair points out that Martin's family will hate him for it and his whole family will be shamed.  He also points out that Sheridan will never marry Luis if the truth came out.  Martin gets the phone and says he is going to call Sam now.  Alistair laughs at him.  He says that Martin won't call because he will be losing the one thing Alistair can give him: his family back.  Martin wonders what he means.  Alistair asks him to imagine what it would be like to have his family back.  Martin has a daydream about being back with his happy family.  He asks Alistair how he would make that happen.  Alistair says they will come up with something to explain Martin's disappearance and he can blame Alistair for it (but with no proof so Alistair doesn't go to jail).  In return, Alistair wants Martin to not only not tell about the gazebo but to sacrifice Katherine.  Martin says he won't let Katherine go to prison or the death chamber.  Alistair assures him that won't happen.  He asks if Martin really thinks he would let Mrs. Alistair Crane go to prison.  He hasn't decided yet what to do about Katherine but tells Martin that she is his wife and he will take care of her.  He keeps asking Martin to imagine what it would be like to have his family back.  Martin has another daydream about being back with his family at Thanksgiving.  They are all happy and he has his arm around Pilar, whom he kisses.

Sam escorts Katherine out of the hospital while Sheridan and Luis are there.  Sheridan wants to ask her all sorts of questions.  Sam tells them that there probably won't be any bail this time.  Luis and Sheridan again discuss the connection that Sheridan seems to have with Mrs. Wheeler.  Sheridan wants to go to the jail to visit her.  Luis worries that it might be dangerous there, but she assures him that she will be fine with Sam.  Also, she wants to have a woman-to-woman talk with Mrs. Wheeler.

Also at the hospital, Gwen continues to beg Theresa, with tears streaming down her face, to help her save one of the babies.  It is really intense and you can tell Theresa feels bad for her.  Pilar tells Gwen that the church won't allow them to kill one of the babies, even though they both might die.  Luis and Sheridan drop by, so Pilar explains to them what's going on. Luis and Theresa hug, as do Gwen and Sheridan.  Theresa decides that she needs to talk to her family about it.  Gwen doesn't want to leave and keeps begging Theresa, but Ethan ushers her out.  When Luis mentions to Theresa that the babies aren't her biological children, she has a flashback to Pilar saying that the babies might both be Gwen's.  Theresa says that she doesn't care; they are both Ethan's babies and they are in her stomach.  Theresa cries and Pilar tells her to pray for a miracle.  Theresa ponders her options.  Pilar tells her that there is only one option.  She cannot kill one of the babies and she must let God decide.  This only makes Theresa feel worse.  Theresa is grateful to Luis for always being there for her.  She worries that she is coming between him and Sheridan, but he tells her not to worry.  Theresa gets very upset and angry about the fact that Martin has never been there for them.  She and Luis both agree that even if he came back, they would not forgive him.  They both hate him.  This upsets Pilar, but they think she is in denial.

Sheridan takes Luis aside and tells him that she is going to the jail now to see Mrs. Wheeler, and she will leave him alone with his family.  They kiss and then hug.  He urges her to be careful.  She talks again about her connection to Mrs. Wheeler.  When she sees Luis and Pilar hug, she  has a flashback to hugging Mrs. Wheeler and wonders why.

Outside the room, Gwen is very upset still and rants and raves to Ethan about how she doesn't think she can take this.  She mentions again about how they are not Theresa's babies, so Ethan has a flashback to talking to Theresa about how he only married Gwen because she was pregnant.  Gwen gets more upset and blames Theresa for what is happening.  Ethan points out that Theresa couldn't have known what was going to happen.  Gwen gets more upset and then says she feels cold, then she collapses in Ethan's arms.

Sam puts Katherine in a cell with some other women prisoners (all are wearing orange jumpsuits).  They threaten her and make fun of her until one of them takes her aside and calls the others off.  She assures Katherine that no harm will come to her and she is not like the others there.  She suggests that Katherine have her friend Sam get her into a private cell.  She also tells her that they are waiting to be transported.  She is there to testify against her former cellmate.  She asks Katherine what she's there for, guessing it was something like shoplifting.  Katherine admits that she tried to kill Alistair Crane.  The woman is shocked that Katherine would try to kill the richest and most powerful man in the world.  When Katherine tells her that Alistair tried to hurt her daughter and the man she loves, the woman is empathetic because she is in there for killing her husband because he hurt her daughter.  Katherine is sympathetic and says the only thing she regrets is that she failed to kill Alistair.  The woman urges her not to lose her daughter, no matter what.  She reveals that her daughter has not spoken to her since she killed her father.  Sam comes back to take the woman out of the cell.  As she leaves, she tells Katherine to hold on to her daughter, no matter what.  Katherine thanks her.

Sheridan arrives, bringing Katherine some stuff she might need in the jail cell.  Sam returns and lets Sheridan into the cell.  Sheridan and Katherine hug.  Sam pleads with Katherine to tell him why she hates Alistair and what he did to her, but she refuses.  She says again that he did nothing to her and that she didn't know him from before.  He leaves, disappointed.  Sheridan demands to know why she feels this connection to Mrs. Wheeler.  Katherine turns away, telling her that she has an active imagination and there is no connection between them (although she does admit she likes Sheridan).  Sheridan can tell she's lying and says she won't leave until she finds out the truth.  Katherine remembers what the prisoner said about not losing her daughter.  She suddenly says to Sheridan, "I have so much to tell you".

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