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Passions Update Tuesday 10/19/04

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Whitney and Fox talk about how Julian has thrown him out of the company and his house.  She blames herself, but he tells her not to.  They look at the Bennett house.  She reminisces about her family's history with the Bennetts.  She grows sad when she talks about it.  Fox hugs her.  She says it's just so strange because it was completely different a year ago.  Fox muses that it's the same at the Crane mansion and he lists all of the people living there now.  He wonders if Chad will move in, too.  Whitney doesn't think he will because it's not his style.  Fox points out that moving in to Crane Industries wasn't his style, either.  Fox says that money changes everything.  She says that it doesn't change the past, and they hug again.  She comments that she is still not used to Chad being her half-brother, and he agrees that he's not, either.  Fox reminds her that if their parents marry, they will be step-siblings, but is quick to point out that they won't be related by blood.  He sympathizes with her about Chad and how he knows she's been really hurt.  He wants to be there for her and take care of her.  Tears flow out of her eyes as she listens to him being so sweet.  He knows that Ivy will succeed in changing Julian's mind, too.  They hug again.  Fox says that he'd like to have a house like this one, someday.  He mentions a yard for kids, so she asks him if he wants kids.  He says he would and that he would love any children that he shares with her.  She kisses him passionately.  She asks him if he would turn back time, if he could, but he's only interested in the future.  He wants to plan their future together.  They kiss again.

Sheridan walks in as Katherine is threatening to pump an air bubble into his IV.  He yells at Sheridan to go get help.  Finally, Sheridan pleads with Katherine not to kill Alistair.  She begs her, saying it's not worth it.  She asks "Mrs. Wheeler" not to sacrifice her life for his.  Katherine agrees that he's not worth it, but she wants to stop him from trying to kill anyone else.  Sheridan tells her to let the law take care of him, but Katherine knows that the law can't stop him.  Katherine says that Alistair is evil and must be stopped.  Sheridan wonders why her mother married him, since she was a saint, at least as far as Sheridan can remember her.  Alistair says that maybe her memories are wrong.  Katherine says that maybe Alistair lied to his wife and told her what she wanted to hear, and tricked her into marriage, when really he loved his wife's dead sister, Rachel, and made sure Katherine knew every day that she was his second choice.  She is clearly caught up in what she's saying.  Sheridan is shocked and wonders how Mrs. Wheeler could possibly know this.  Katherine realizes she has blabbed too much.  She explains it by saying she read articles and saw a detailed documentary about the Cranes.  Alistair says you can't believe everything you hear.  Katherine finally gives in and agrees not to sacrifice herself to kill Alistair.  Alistair gloats to her quietly as Sheridan puts the syringe away.  Sheridan says there is something that Mrs. Wheeler is not telling her and asks if she knew her mother.  Katherine denies it and just says that she knows how it is with poor woman like Katherine who are married to monsters like Alistair.  Alistair protests that she is the one who tried to kill him.  He orders Sheridan to phone the police, but she won't.  He does it himself.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sam, Martin and Luis wonder where Sheridan went.  Luis hopes that Alistair isn't behind her and Katherine's disappearances.  Sam suggests they go look again.  Martin wants to go, but Sam isn't so sure.  They argue until Luis points out that Mr. Wheeler saved their lives from the poisonous snake in the jungle.  Sam gives in and lets him go; he suggests they split up to look.  Martin goes to the gazebo and sees Katherine's grave nearby.  He has a flashback to when he built the gazebo.  Alistair arrives (looking younger in a black wig) and praises his work.  Martin feels guilty about what they have done.  Alistair tells him to grow up and get on with his insignificant life.  In the present, Luis and Sam show up.  Luis wonders why Mr. Wheeler came to the gazebo.   Martin lies that he just ended up there as he was calling around for his wife.  Luis tells him that his father built it.  Martin says that he did a fine job.  Luis agrees and says that it was like sacred ground to his father; he was always proud of the job he did there.  Alistair phones Sam to come arrest Mrs. Wheeler for trying to kill him again.  They all go to the hospital.  Sam asks what happened there.  Sheridan is silent, but Katherine admits that she was going to kill him.  Martin protests, and so does Sheridan, to no avail.  Sam says he will have to add those charges, too, as he handcuffs her.  As the rest leave, Martin stays behind in Alistair's room.  He tells Alistair that they have to have a chat.  He tells Alistair that he'd better get the charges dropped against Katherine, or else he will tell everyone about what's under the gazebo.  Alistair laughs, saying he would be insane to do that, since he will get in trouble, too.  Martin doesn't care.

Ivy finds Julian at the hospital and yells at him for kicking Fox out.  She says she believed that Julian had changed and calls him a hypocrite.  He counters that she was never much of a mother to Fox, either.  She explains that she's making up for lost time.  She demands that he reinstate Fox, now.  He replies, "No way".  He tells her that Fox stole Whitney from Chad.  She reminds him that Chad and Whitney are brother and sister, but that doesn't seem to matter to Julian.  He is trying to do the right thing and teach Fox a lesson.  She threatens Julian.  She reminds him that she didn't fight for anything in their divorce and that he didn't do anything when Theresa threw her out into the snow (in a wheelchair, no less).  He is not worried and reminds her that she signed an agreement not fight for anything when they divorced.  She tells him that she will go to the tabloids, the networks, or anyone else to tell them all about things that happened behind closed doors at the Crane mansion, including dirty deals with Alistair and sex games that Julian likes to play.  She also mentions that she will spill how he dumped his African-American mistress and let their son by raised in poverty.  He says she won't do that and that he is a better person now.  She says that Sam has made her a better person, too, but that they are the same fighters as they always were.  He thinks she is all talk, but she threatens him some more.  He smiles at her as if enjoying their battle.

Eve tells Gwen and Theresa that there is a procedure they can do to abort one of Theresa's twins and save the other one.  That way one of them will live.  Theresa absolutely refuses to do that.  Gwen asks her to please do it, but she won't be persuaded.  Gwen points out that they aren't even Theresa's babies biologically.  Theresa looks guilty but stays mum.  Ethan has a flashback to making love to Theresa when she was wearing a wig to look like Gwen.  Theresa says she won't do it because she's Catholic.  She says it is God's decision whether the babies will be born or not.  Gwen asks Ethan to persuade Theresa.  Pilar tells Theresa that she will pray for the babies and also she will pray for Theresa to stop treating Gwen and Ethan so cruelly.  Theresa swears that she will never give up her babies.  She would rather lose both of them than have Gwen raise one of them.  Gwen asks Eve if she's sure about this being the only way, and Eve replies that she is.  Ethan tries to talk to Theresa.  He says that God must have meant for them to use modern medicine to save the babies.  He reminds her that she will be condemning both children to die and asks her to think about it.  She asks him not to pressure her about it.  Gwen and Theresa are both in tears.  Gwen takes Theresa's hand and kneels by her bed.  She begs over and over for Theresa to have the procedure.  She says this is her only chance to have her own baby but that Theresa can have more.  She tells Theresa she will do anything. 

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