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Passions Update Monday 10/18/04

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By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Sheridan' s cottage, Sam tells Martin and Luis that he has to re-arrest Mrs. Wheeler because Alistair bribed a corrupt judge, Judge Reilly.  Sheridan and Katherine enter the room.  Martin urges Katherine to run and hide somewhere, so that Alistair can't find her.  Sheridan thinks that maybe she can bribe the judge the other way.  Sam says as a police officer he can't go along with that, but as her friend he urges her to go for it.  She starts to phone him but then realizes that her assets are still frozen.  They wonder why Alistair is going after Mrs. Wheeler this way.  They discuss it at length.  Sheridan thinks it's too personal for someone he just met.  Suddenly, Sam realizes that Mrs. Wheeler is gone.  Martin says he doesn't know where she went.  They argue about it.  Sam and Luis worry that Alistair's goons might go after Mrs. Wheeler, so they go out to look for her on the Crane estate.  Meanwhile, Sheridan questions Martin about whether he or his wife knew Alistair previously.  He is evasive about it.  Sheridan theorizes that since both Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler had such a strong effect on all of them, perhaps Alistair also had that feeling that he knew them from somewhere.

Sam and Luis call all around outside, looking for Katherine.  They don't find her, so they go back to the cottage.  Sam says he will have to put an APB out on Mrs. Wheeler.  Martin protests again that she is a good woman and had good reason to shoot Alistair.  They wonder what that reason is.  Sam phones to put out the APB.  They suddenly realize that Sheridan is missing, too.

Alistair gets a visitor; he thinks that it is Father Lonigan so he blusters and threatens as usual.  Then a woman comes into the room, so he thinks it's a nurse.  He asks her to massage his feet and to make sure to do it really hard.  The woman grabs his feet and massages for a moment, then she twists his feet really hard.  Alistair cries out in pain as he sees that it is Katherine who has come to his room.  She twists his feet some more to punish him for what he's done to her and to her family.  Then she punches him in the chest, hard.  They call each other names.  She threatens that she will tell the world his secrets if he doesn't leave her, Martin, and their children alone.  He scoffs that she doesn't know any secrets.  She tells him that she wasn't as meek as she appeared to be and that she kept her eyes and ears open.  She knows where all of the bodies are buried.  He knows she won't do that because it would mean she would have to reveal her true identity to the world.  What would Luis and Sheridan think about the mother that abandoned them?  They argue about it.  She yanks away the cord with the button on it, so he can't call for help.  She twists it around her hands as if she might strangle him with it.  Then she puts it down and proposes their original deal: if he promises to stop trying to hurt or kill her and Martin's family, she will be his sex slave.  He tells her he's not interested any more.  He wanted someone who was docile, not someone who wanted to shoot him.  He says he can have any number of younger, more beautiful women.  They argue about it.  She picks up a nearby empty syringe and threatens to inject an air bubble into his IV to kill him.  He yells, "No!"  Sheridan walks in and looks at them, shocked.

Whitney tells Fox again that she's sorry that he got kicked out of his family for her.  He says it doesn't matter because he can't live his life without her.  They talk about where he might stay.  He suddenly gets an idea and asks her to come with him.  She wonders if she should leave Theresa, but he points out that she has her family there.  Also, he thinks they are getting on Chad's nerves.  As they leave, Julian tells Chad that Fox will pay for what he's done.  Chad tells Julian that won't make up for what Julian has done.  Inside a nearby room, Eve tells Ethan, Pilar, and Gwen that Theresa's twins are competing for air, food, etc. inside her tiny body so there is no way that Theresa will be able to carry both.  Just as Theresa walks in, Eve says that the babies will both die.  Theresa protests that they won't take her babies away.  She goes back to bed and they discuss it.  Gwen wants to know why they are just now hearing about this.  Eve says that she knew there was a possible risk but didn't want to bring it up until there were any problems, so that they wouldn't be upset.  Eve concludes that the situation is hopeless.  Outside, Chad and Julian hear this, too.  Chad knows that Whitney will be upset because she loves babies so much.  Eve tells them all that she will have the tests run again, just to make sure.  Theresa prays that her babies will be okay.  Later, Eve comes back and says there was no mistake and that the test results are the same.  Gwen faints, so Ethan takes her outside to a chair.  Julian gets her water.  Chad and Eve hover nearby as Gwen cries. She tells Ethan that she doesn't think she will be able to handle this.  She says that if the babies die, she may as well die, too.  Paloma leaves Theresa's bedside to get her a drink.  Theresa and Pilar pray for the babies.  Theresa says that maybe she was wrong to use the babies as leverage.  She hopes God punishes her and not the babies.  She tells Pilar that without Little Ethan, she has nothing. 

Eve and Julian feel bad for Gwen and Ethan.  Julian remarks that it's terrible to lose a child.  Eve adds that especially when it's not necessary.  She urges Julian to reconsider tossing Fox away and points out that he did it in  a cold, Alistair-like way.  Julian won't budge, saying that Fox betrayed his and Chad's trust.  He says that Fox has to learn that he can't just have anything he wants in life.

Eve tells Gwen that the babies won't last much longer.  Gwen and Theresa asks if there isn't anything that can be done.  Eve says there is one option but she hesitates to mention it.  She says there will be a difficult choice and the cost might be too high.

Fox and Whitney go to see Ivy at the Bennetts' house.  Ivy has been concerned because Fox hasn't been returning her messages.  He apologizes and says things have been crazy.  She knows about how difficult things have been, what with them all finding out about Chad.  She tells Whitney that she is particularly sorry and they hug.  Whitney tells Ivy that Fox has been a big help.  Ivy is pleasantly surprised to hear that.  Fox tells Ivy that he and Whitney are a couple now.  Again, Ivy is surprised and asks if this isn't a little sudden.  Fox explains that it's not.  Ivy congratulates them, still a little surprised.  Fox wonders if she is just being polite, but she reminds him that she wasn't polite when he was dating Theresa.  She didn't approve of him dating her and she let him know it.  He does remember that.  Ivy praises how well Whitney turned out and says that her parents did a good job raising her.  Fox agrees and Whitney can't argue with that.  Ivy also says that despite having her and Julian as parents, Fox has turned out to be a good man, too.  Fox is glad to hear that and says he wants her help.  He fills Ivy in on everything that has happened lately with Chad and Julian.  She is shocked to hear it.  She figures Julian must be feeling guilty about Chad.  She is disappointed in Julian because he promised to be a better father to Fox.  Ivy pledges to help him and threatens that she will emasculate Julian if he doesn't listen to her.  She gets very angry while talking about Julian.  Fox stares, surprised.  He didn't think she cared.  She knows that she has favored Ethan for many years, and Fox is surprised to know that she realizes that.  Whitney excuses herself to let them talk.  Fox asks why Ivy shipped him and his sisters off to boarding school and never visited them.  Ivy confesses that she hated Julian, so she punished his children.  She apologizes for failing her children.  Fox is happy to hear it but says that sorry is not really enough.  Ivy agrees and promises to talk to Julian on his behalf.  She wants to make it up to Fox.  He wonders if maybe it was a mistake to come there, but she assures him it wasn't.  She asks how she can help.  Fox says he needs a place to live, so she suggests that he live there with her, Sam, and Jessica.  He wonders if she shouldn't ask Sam first, but she assures him that Sam will be happy to have more people in the house.  Whitney brings tea in.  Ivy tells her the good news about Fox moving in and says that she is welcome there any time.  She thanks Whitney for making Fox happy and says she will work hard to do the same.  Ivy leaves to go see Julian, saying that if she can't talk him out of this, she knows how to fight down and dirty.

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