Passions Update Friday 10/15/04

Passions Update Friday 10/15/04

By Suzanne
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Outside somewhere, Luis and Sheridan talk about their visit to Beth's.  Sheridan apologizes for how she acted (not wanting to leave the baby).  She talks about the baby they lost and they discuss having another baby again.  She knows that Gwen, who also lost a baby, is much happier now that Theresa is carrying her new ones.

At the cottage, Martin tells Katherine that he's glad she got bail and didn't spend the night in jail.  They discuss again about whether they should tell their families who they really are.  When Luis and Sheridan return, Katherine can tell Sheridan is upset, so she asks what the matter is.  Luis tells them that they went to visit his baby at Beth's.  Sheridan spills about how she didn't want to leave and that she feels this tremendous bond for little Martin.  She speaks with Katherine about how they share this connection, and how Sheridan thought she was her mother when she first met her.  Martin observes to Luis that perhaps he's not as angry at his father as he said he was, considering he named his son "Martin".  Sheridan goes to bed, telling Luis that she would like some time alone.  Luis confides to "The Wheelers" that he is so worried about Sheridan.  He knows she will make a good mother, even though she didn't have much of a role model, with her mother dying when she was so young.  He wishes that Sheridan could have her mother back to help her out in this time of need.  Katherine says that she can help and that she can do this. Luis wonders what she means.  Katherine says she can fill in for Sheridan's mother and try to help her, since they share this connection.  She goes to the other room to talk to Sheridan.  Luis talks to Martin about how this might help "Mrs. Wheeler" with her estranged daughter, too.

Alistair is in his hospital room with a buxom blonde nurse.  They flirt as much as they can.  Sam visits, having been called in by Alistair.  Alistair demands to know why the woman who shot him isn't in jail.  Sam explains that she made bail.  They argue about this over and over.  Alistair threatens Sam's job and says that he will have Mrs. Wheeler back in jail tonight.  He has his nurse call Judge Reilly.  Sam knows that the judge is very corrupt.  Alistair tells Sam that he can expect a warrant from the judge to re-arrest Mrs. Wheeler and revoke her bail.  Later, the nurse gets on top of Alistair, but they are interrupted by another visitor, Father Lonigan.  Alistair wonders if he is there to administer last rites.  He assures the priest that he is doing fine.  Father Lonigan says that he has come to see how Alistair is feeling.  Alistair can't believe that the priest is that forgiving, especially considering that he is responsible for his blindness.  Father Lonigan says that he is.  Alistair tells the priest that he thrives on revenge and the pain of others.  The priest says that he will pray for Alistair's soul.  He says that he has a love for all humanity, even Alistair.  Alistair chuckles that after he is through with one plan, there won't be anything left of his shriveled little soul worth saving.

Sheridan is glad to see Katherine visit her in her room.  Sheridan says she doesn't have many memories of her mother, but she does remember when she comforted her at times.  They talk about her losing her baby.  Katherine wishes she could ease her pain.  They hug.  Meanwhile, Sam arrives and tells Luis and Martin that he is sorry he has to be there, but it's not his call.  He has to take Katherine to jail again.  Martin knows that Alistair is the one to blame.

Whitney reminds Chad yet again that he is her brother, so they can't be together.  She yells at Eve and Julian, blaming them for her and Chad's lives being ruined.  She yells at Julian in particular for firing Fox.  Julian says that he warned Fox many times to stay away from her.  Whitney asks why he should listen to him, since he and Eve have lost all of their respect.  Suddenly, they hear a scream from the Crane house and can tell it's Theresa.

Ethan, Gwen, Fox, Theresa, Pilar, and Paloma help Theresa, who is in pain.  They put her into bed as Ethan calls 911.  As Pilar helps Theresa, Paloma flashes back to a time when she was sick, when the Wheelers were there to help her.   Everyone worries about Theresa losing her babies, especially Gwen and Theresa.  Eve, Chad, Whitney, and Julian arrive.  Eve asks for her medical bag.  Fox offers to go get it, but Julian stops him, saying he knows where it is.  Eve tells Gwen and Ethan that it's possible that Theresa might be in premature labor.  They hear sirens as the ambulance arrives.

They all go to the hospital.  Eve and a nurse confer about Theresa's condition.  Eve says that Theresa's previous pregnancy was high risk.  The nurse tells Eve that Theresa's blood pressure is sky-rocketing.  Eve tells Theresa that they are taking more tests.  She is given a file and she looks grim.

Pilar and Paloma have a little chat.  Pilar is upset about her child being in pain, but not just Theresa.  She tells Paloma that she is upset that Alistair fed her all of those lies about her family not caring for her.  Pilar assures Paloma that she was very upset about not having her baby around and just wanted to do right by her.  Paloma still demands to know why she was the one chosen to live apart from the family.  She rushes off, upset.  Later, Pilar tries to speak with her again, but Paloma says they should just concentrate on Theresa right now.

Ethan tells Gwen how worried and upset she is.  She tells him what it felt like to lose Sarah and she doesn't know how she can survive that again.  She swears that if Theresa loses these babies, she will never forgive her.  Ethan admonishes Gwen for blaming Theresa and says that it's not her fault if she loses them.  Gwen admits he is right.

Father Lonigan runs into Whitney and wonders how she is doing.  She tells him she's fine.  He is glad that she made the right decision about keeping her baby.  She asks him to keep it down because she doesn't want everyone to know.  He wonders why she hasn't told everyone yet, so she tells him all about her plan to use Fox.  He reproves her for lying to everyone and making her sins worse.  She can only see that she is putting her baby first.  She asks for his blessing, but he can't give it.

Paloma consoles Chad, who is upset to see Whitney and Fox together.  He wants to forget them, but he can't.  Whitney apologizes to Fox for his losing his job and his home.  He doesn't mind so much because he has her.  She says she was wrong to push their relationship so fast, but he says it wasn't wrong.  They kiss.  He thinks he can accomplish anything with her at his side and it doesn't matter if he has a home, a job, or a trust fund.

Eve tells them all that Theresa and her babies are in grave danger.

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