Passions Update Thursday 10/14/04

Passions Update Thursday 10/14/04

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Pool house at Julian’s:

Fox is upset that Julian, Eve, and Chad barged in on him and Whitney. Julian reminds him that it is his home and he doesn’t like that kind of behavior in his home. Fox doesn’t think that argument holds water since Julian almost turned the house into a brothel while he was married to Fox’s mother. Eve wraps a blanket around Whitney and expresses her displeasure at Whitney’s behavior. Whitney blasts her mother with memories of Eve practically having sex every night on stage when she was Whitney’s age and proclaims that Eve has no right to judge her. Chad chimes in that he does have a right to judge her and asks her what kind of a woman she is to already be having sex with Fox. Whitney tries to turn the argument around and brings up the wife that Chad didn’t tell her about. Chad quickly brings it back to the point that she is already hooking up with Fox. Fox tells them that it really wasn’t all the sudden, he has been in love with Whitney for a long time. Now that Whitney knows that Chad is her half brother, she has a right to move on with anyone she wants to. Julian tells Fox that Whitney can’t move on with him. Fox tells Julian that he has no right to tell him who he can be with. Julian thinks that Fox is deliberately trying to hurt his brother. Fox thinks it is the other way around. Chad even moved in and took his job at Crane Industries. Julian tells him that Chad has as much birthright at Crane Industries as Fox has. Eve asks Whitney how she could do this when she was so in love with Chad. Whitney tells Eve that she is her mother and is supposed to be on her side. Eve explains that she is also Chad’s mother and she doesn’t want to see either of them hurt. Julian forbids Fox to see Whitney again, he doesn’t want Fox taking advantage of her. Fox refuses to stop seeing Whitney and points out that he was a perfect gentleman when he was around Whitney before out of respect for her relationship with Chad. Chad accuses him of moving right in when he and Whitney broke up. Julian accuses Fox of manipulating Whitney. Whitney tells Julian that Fox isn’t manipulating her at all. Eve just doesn’t understand how Whitney could have moved on so quickly when she knows how much Whitney loved Chad. Fox tells Julian that manipulating isn’t his style, but it is Julian’s style. Julian is the one that flashed money, fancy cars, and jewelry in front of Eve, got her pregnant and then left her all those years ago. Julian is the one that caused all of this and still isn’t taking responsibility for his own actions. Julian’s temper reaches peak and he punches Fox in the mouth. Everyone in the room is shocked, but Eve quickly recovers and offers to look at his mouth since he is bleeding. Fox brushes her off and Whitney tells her to leave Fox alone. Fox tells Julian that if he wasn’t his father, he would kill him for hitting him. Julian demands that Fox will not talk to him like that and he will quit seeing Whitney. Fox refuses to stop seeing Whitney claiming that he is in love with her. Eve again asks Whitney how she could be moving on this quickly, prompting Whitney to remember back to the moment she decided to try to pass this baby off as Fox’s baby. She tells her mother how disgusted she feels when she realizes that she made love to her brother. She just wants to move on and forget all of that. Eve tries to explain to her that using Fox isn’t the right way to go about it. She is turning brother against brother and father against son. It isn’t fair to Fox. Fox jumps in to defend Whitney and announces that he and Whitney will keep seeing each other. Chad can’t believe that Chad pretended to be his best friend and just waited for a chance to swoop in on Whitney. Fox denies this, but still proclaims that he is in love with Whitney and will continue to see her. Julian tells him that he won’t keep seeing Whitney. Fox asks if Julian is going to hit him again. Julian just tells him to get out of his house. Eve, Whitney and Chad all object to Julian throwing Fox out, but Julian is adamant. Fox tells Chad to have fun being a Crane, and goes into a whole speech about how he was just as much an orphan growing up as Chad was. He got shipped away to boarding school and only saw his parents in the newspapers. Every day he was reminded that his parents would always choose any social gathering over being with him. It is obvious that Fox’s words hurt Julian. Whitney also has obvious doubts about what she is doing. Julian tells Fox again to get out of his house, and announces that Fox is not his son. Fox only says that he would not be surprised if that was really true.

Crane Mansion:

In Ethan and Gwen’s bedroom, Gwen gushes about how happy she is now that Theresa will be giving them the twins before long. Ethan is happy that Gwen is happy.

Out in the hall, Theresa is having major pains and keeps trying to calm herself down. She tells herself that these are just Braxton-Hicks pains, and she will be alright. She is doubled over in pain and tries to make it to a chair. She finally makes it over to the chair and practices breathing. She doesn’t want anyone to know about these pains because she doesn’t want Gwen to make her go to the hospital. She finally feels that the pains are gone and gets up to head into Paloma’s room. She gets to the middle of the hall and falls to her knees in pain again.

In Paloma’s room, Pilar tries to tell Paloma that Alistair Crane is lying to her. Paloma thinks that Pilar might be the liar. She asks her mother why she sent her to live in Mexico. Pilar tries to explain that Alistair is trying to destroy their whole family. She only sent Paloma to live with her sister because she wanted Paloma to have a better life than Pilar could provide for her. Paloma obviously doesn’t believe Pilar. Pilar wonders how Paloma could believe Alistair’s lies when he almost killed her, Sheridan, Luis, and the Wheelers. Paloma tells her that she never saw Alistair in Mexico and she only knows what she has been told. Maybe it really wasn’t Alistair that tried to kill them all, maybe that is just what her family wants her to believe. Pilar is desperate for Paloma to believe her, but Paloma just doesn’t know what to believe. Pilar again tries to explain all that happened when Paloma was a baby. Paloma continues to challenge her mother and demands to know why Pilar never came to visit her in Mexico. Pilar tries to explain that she just couldn’t afford it. Not only the cost of the ticket, but taking off work, hiring someone to watch the rest of her children. She thought that Paloma would be the one that could adjust to life in Mexico the easiest since she was so young. Paloma still doesn’t believe any of it and just thinks that her family doesn’t love her at all.

In the hall, Theresa yells out from the pain, alerting everyone else. Gwen, Ethan, Pilar and Paloma rush to see what is wrong. Theresa stays doubled over for a little bit as they all huddle around her, but then she seems to be okay and stands up. They all go back into Paloma’s room and try to convince her to see a doctor and get checked out. Theresa swears that she is okay now, that it was all just false labor. She insists that she is okay. She asks Gwen to get her something to drink and refuses to sit down. She is sure that she is okay. Suddenly, she falls to the floor in pain again and realizes that she is bleeding.

The Wallace’s:

Sheridan is very happy that Martin called her mama. She tells Martin that she will never leave him again. Mrs. Wallace has fun rubbing this in Beth’s face. Luis apologizes to Beth and tells her that he really thought Sheridan was over this. Beth is worried that Sheridan will confuse Martin and tries to take him from her to put him to bed. Sheridan obviously doesn’t want to hand him over and Mrs. Wallace tells them that there is no harm in Sheridan holding Martin for a little longer. Luis is worried about Sheridan, but also understands that this must be upsetting to Beth. Beth pretends to be understanding and worried about Sheridan too. She tells Luis that maybe Sheridan does this only when she gets around Martin because Sheridan nursed Martin for her when she couldn’t. That must be the bond that Sheridan feels when she is around Martin. Luis is very grateful that Beth is so understanding. Mrs. Wallace comments to Sheridan that her and Martin look perfect together. Sheridan starts remembering when she had her baby and realizes that little Martin can’t be her baby because her baby is dead. She reluctantly gives Martin back to Beth and apologizes profusely. Luis and Sheridan decide to leave, but Luis sits next to Beth on the couch first and thanks her again for being so loving and understanding. After they leave, Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that the truth will come out sooner or later, and then Beth will be left with nothing.

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