Passions Update Wednesday 10/13/04

Passions Update Wednesday 10/13/04

By Suzanne
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Pilar and Theresa look at pictures of Little Ethan as Theresa puts more pictures into her album.  They rehash what has been happening lately with Gwen.  Paloma eavesdrops on them as she tries to sneak in late.  She has a flashback to Alistair telling her that her family doesn't care about her.  Pilar sees her and asks where she's been because it's so late.  Paloma hides behind a pillar so they can't see her dress.  Paloma lies that she was just going to the kitchen to get some milk.  Pilar asks her to join them in looking at pictures.  Paloma declines, saying she's going back to bed, but Pilar insists, so Paloma says she just has to go get her robe.  Paloma says to herself that she is not going to just smile and be a happy addition to the family.  Pilar worries more about Theresa's plan to keep the babies.  Theresa assures her that things will be fine.  Pilar asks her if she read the papers that Ethan had her sign.  Theresa reminds her that she didn't understand them, but she's sure that Ethan did them right.  She tells Pilar not to worry.  Pilar comes back.  Pilar kisses her and Theresa shows her the pictures.  She talks about how terrible it was when Gwen and Rebecca stole him from her.  Pilar remarks that no mother should be kept from their child, so Paloma rolls her eyes.  Pilar makes another comment like that, so Paloma explodes, confronting Pilar.  She demands to know why Pilar didn't care that much about her.  Pilar denies it and goes to hug Paloma, but Paloma pushes her away.  Theresa objects to the way Paloma is treating their mom and the things she is saying.  They argue.  Theresa tells Paloma to listen so she can set her straight.  Theresa tells her about how much Pilar missed her youngest daughter and how much she looked forward to Tia Maria's letters about her, since they couldn't afford to call very often.  Paloma looks around and says sarcastically that she can see how they were so poor.  Theresa tells her that they only live there right now because Pilar is sick and she has been carrying Ethan and Gwen's babies.  She tells Paloma that they have been struggling for years and have no home at all right now.  Paloma wants to know why they didn't bring her home sooner, so Theresa and Pilar tell her that they didn't want to take her away from her home and friends.  Paloma says those are excuses.  She knows that they only brought her there because Pilar was sick and that they will be sending her back to Mexico now that she is well.  They tell her that's not true, but Paloma goes on to say they have lied to her.  She spills that this man told her that they didn't love her and would send her back.  They are puzzled and wonder who she means.  She sees a picture of Alistair in the paper and says it was him.  They can see it is Alistair, so Pilar curses him.  Paloma is surprised that this is Alistair.  Theresa tells her that she shouldn't listen to Alistair because he is an evil man who has a vendetta against their family.  Pilar assures Paloma that she loves her, they all do.  Theresa agrees.  Suddenly, Theresa feels something in her stomach and says she has to go check on Little Ethan.  Outside, she doubles over in pain several times, hoping that nothing is wrong with the babies.

Ethan walks into his bedroom; Gwen is there wearing a short shirt and not much else (she is ready for bed).  He wonders why she's so happy lately.  She has a flashback to talking to Rebecca about the papers that they had Theresa sign.  She makes up an excuse and tells him that she trust Theresa now.  He is proud of her for giving up her hatred of Theresa and hugs her.  A little later, she is surprised to see Ethan wearing his tuxedo.  He has a maid bring in a romantic dinner for them, with candles and champagne.  Gwen is delighted that Ethan is surprising her this way.  He puts on romantic music and dims the lights, and they dance.  They talk about the future and Gwen tells him that she loves him.  They kiss.  She thinks about the paper that Theresa signed, which makes her happy.  Ethan feeds her strawberries or something and they share a romantic toast.  He toasts to their lives together and their future children and talks about how lucky he is.  They kiss more and head to bed.  Gwen thinks to herself that she is going to have everything she wants.

At home, Sheridan thanks Luis for their romantic getaway.  He agrees that it was a shame that it was spoiled by seeing the piece of Antonio's plane floating in the water.  They tell each other "I love you" and kiss.  She wonders if she should phone the hospital to check on her father, but he maintains that they would have called if there was any change.  They discuss Mrs. Wheeler some more and why she shot him.  He suggests that she take a hot bath to wind down.  She invites him to join her, but he says he has to go do something.  They kiss.  She is curious and a little put out that he would rather run some errand than be with her.  He reluctantly tells her that he is going to Beth's to see Martin.  She is sorry that he felt that he didn't want to tell her about that.  He just was worried about bringing up memories of the loss of their baby.  They hug.  She suggests going with him.  He is not sure that's a good idea for her, but she really wants to have a relationship with Martin, so he agrees.  He worries that she will think Martin is hers again, but she assures him that's not going to happen.

At the Wallace house, Edna and Precious watch the video that Luis and Sheridan sent of their commitment ceremony.  Beth is irritated that they are looking at it and drinking martimmies.  Beth gripes that they better not give any drink to her baby, who is nearby in a crib.  Edna scoffs that she would do such a thing but tells Martin that the video has her real mommy.  Beth argues with her about that and they rehash what she did to steal the baby from Sheridan.  Beth protests that was all in the past and that Luis will come back to her.  Edna laughs at her and calls her loony.  Beth says that she and Luis share a bond because of their baby.  Edna tells her to wake up before she ends up in the nuthouse.  Edna tells Beth that Sheridan has a connection to that baby and that Alistair won't be able to protect Beth again because he's in the hospital.  Luis phones to tell Beth that he and Sheridan are headed over to see Martin.  Beth is glum that Sheridan will be there.  She puts Martin in bed so that they can't see him.  Later, Sheridan and Luis arrive.  Beth hugs them in a friendly way and welcomes them back from their trip.  Precious is happy to see Luis but screams angrily at Sheridan.  Beth sends Precious to get some tea but tells them that she had to put Martin to bed because he wasn't feeling well.  Luis asks if she's taken him to the doctor.  She says she has but then talks about how expensive the bills are for going to the doctor.  He tells her that he will pay for those bills.  Edna looks at the video and gets Luis and Sheridan to watch it with her on the couch.  She raves about how great it is as Beth frowns at her and tries to hide her feelings from Luis and Sheridan.  Precious brings tea as they watch the video and make comments. 

Precious has a fantasy about having a wedding in Mexico with Luis.  Luis tells them that he's disappointed not to see Martin.  Things are awkward with Beth; Luis tells her again to make sure to take Martin to the doctor.  They make noises about leaving, but Beth asks them not to go yet.  Luis says it's late.  Beth says that she understands why Sheridan would want to leave, so Sheridan wonders what she means.  Beth says she knows Sheridan must be emotionally drained because of what happened to Alistair; she asks whether he will live.  Sheridan says sadly that they're not sure yet.  Beth also reminds them about Antonio and says she misses him.  Edna whispers to Precious that she will see if Martin is awake so that Luis can see him.  She tells them all that she's ready for bed and says goodnight.  Beth warns her that she'd better not be up to something.  Still trying to stall them, Beth thanks Luis and Sheridan for the gifts they sent from Mexico.  Beth says that Luis can come back tomorrow to see Martin, when Sheridan is at the hospital.  He tells her pointedly that Sheridan wants to see Martin, too.  Edna brings Martin in, saying he's awake and not sick.  Luis is amazed at how much he's grown.  Beth gets nervous.  Luis is excited when Martin says, "Dada".  Edna gloats when the baby stands and looks at Sheridan.  She says to Beth that Sheridan knows.  Martin cries and heads to Sheridan.  They are amazed at that.  Edna stops Beth from grabbing Martin because it will make them suspicious.  Sheridan picks him up, a big smile on her face.

Eve and Julian are in bed after making love.  They say "I love you" to each other.  Julian still can't believe that they are together, although he wishes he could have prevented her family from being hurt.  They discuss Whitney and Chad again.  He tells her that Chad will figure out that things were not Eve's fault.  She blames herself anyway and talks about she is so concerned about Chad's problems with Whitney and Fox.  He suggests they go swimming.  She thinks it's a good idea but knows that he is trying to distract her from her worries.

At the poolhouse, Chad sees Fox and Whitney inside making love (well, almost, they are still partially clothed but going at it).  He has a fantasy about rushing in there and pulling Fox off Whitney  They argue and get into a fistfight while Whitney screams.  He pummels Fox until Whitney pulls him off. She yells that Chad has killed Fox.  Eve and Julian come up and wonder why Chad is standing there.  They see then what he is looking at.  Julian goes in to stop them.  He yells at them to stop.  Fox gets up and yells at Julian to get out.  They all argue.  Julian forbids Fox to ever see Whitney again.

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