Passions Update Tuesday 10/12/04

Passions Update Tuesday 10/12/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

The show was mostly very boring today.  Of the first 12 minutes of the show, most of it was a repeat of what happened at the end of yesterday's show (I'm not exaggerating!!).

After Rebecca convinces Gwen that they should slip their legal papers in with Ethan's, Ethan comes in and wonders what they are talking about. They look guilty, which he notices, and have a hard time at first coming up with an explanation.  Then Rebecca lies that she was telling Gwen that the two of them should go on a romantic getaway, since they won't have time for such things after the babies are born.  Ethan thinks it's a great idea.  Rebecca asks him if he picked up the papers from his office, and he says that he did.  Gwen wants to take a look at them.  He doesn't really understand why she would want to, but he lets her while he fixes a drink.  She and Rebecca slip their papers in.  Ethan mentions that his legal papers are standard papers for them to take care of the financial obligations to Theresa involving the birth of the twins.  Ethan goes to take them upstairs.  Gwen doesn't like lying to him and sneaking around.  She says she feels like she's acting like Theresa.  She and Rebecca bicker some more and then they follow Ethan upstairs so they can make sure things go all right.

Pilar keeps trying to convince Theresa that she shouldn't take advantage of Gwen and Ethan's generosity, since she intends to keep their babies.  Pilar doesn't think Theresa has really thought this through.  She points out that Gwen will be even more of an enemy if Theresa takes her babies.  She calls Theresa naive for thinking that is no big deal and reminds her that Gwen will use all of the wealth and power of the Cranes to go after Theresa.  Pilar points out that the babies could be Gwen's for all Theresa knows, not hers, and that there can be no happy resolution to this plot.  Pilar says to Theresa, "May God forgive you".  Ethan visits Theresa while Pilar is out of the room.  He notices the pizza and Theresa tells him that it's hers.  She notes that Gwen was very nice to bring it to her.  She also notes that Ethan is not that comfortable around her.  He doesn't want to talk about their sleeping together that one time.  Pilar returns.  Ethan gives Theresa the papers and she sits to look them over.  She asks to have the night to look at them in detail, but he says he would like to get them filed right away.  Outside, Gwen and Rebecca are anxious as they eavesdrop.  When Theresa says she doesn't understand something, they worry that she found their papers.  Theresa just tells Ethan that she can't understand any of it; it's like it's in a foreign language.  He says that is just legalese and what the courts require.  Ethan suggests she just look at the numbers to see if they are acceptable.  Theresa asks Pilar to look at them for her, but Pilar is sure that Ethan has done it properly.  Theresa agrees and signs the paper.  Later, Pilar tells Theresa that she should feel guilty for taking Ethan and Gwen's money when she intends to keep their babies.  Theresa feels that they owe her for all of the pain they have caused her.

Gwen and Rebecca go back downstairs.  Gwen worries about what will happen if Ethan sees the papers.  He comes in and tells them that Theresa signed them.  Rebecca notes that she hopes Theresa signed them in permanent ink and isn't trying to pull something.  Gwen asks to take a look at the papers again, to make her mother feel better.  Ethan lets her do it, although he is puzzled by their suspicions.  Gwen suggests that he go upstairs to get his laptop so they can figure out where they want to vacation.  After he leaves, they take their documents out of Ethan's.  Rebecca is touched that Gwen was able to lie so well to Ethan, just like her mom.

Julian can tell that Eve is happy for a change.  She tells him all about Whitney's visit to her room and what happened.  They hope that Simone and Chad will eventually forgive them, too.  Eve can't believe that only an hour ago Whitney was cursing at her in the restroom of the Seascape, but now she has come to see her.  They discuss it a little bit.  Eve wishes she could make up for all of the pain she has caused their children.  He worries that she is going to get her hopes up too high.  He tells her what happened with Chad.  She thinks it's great that he is working at Crane Industries with his father.  Julian also informs her that Chad made it clear that he doesn't want to bond with him.  Eve is confident that they will get their children back.  She says that she has hope for the first time.  Julian tells her that there's only one thing he wants more than to be a real father to Chad.  Eve tells him that she doesn't want to discuss them yet.  She changes the subject to Fox and he tells her about how Fox and Chad are at odds.  She is sad that they have ruined Fox and Chad's friendship on top of everything else.  Julian blames Fox for moving in on Whitney when he told him not to.  She sticks up for Fox a little.  Julian tells her that Fox had better listen to him when he said to stay away from Whitney.  Julian builds a fire as she says she almost forgot what it was like to have something to smile about.  He tells her that he wants to keep the light in her eyes.  He is glad to have a second chance with her.  They both tell each other, "I love you" and start to kiss, then they go to bed.

The two guys at the bar still keep fighting over Paloma.  She says she can dance with them both, and at first she does, but the end up fighting again.  Their fight gets worse and worse throughout these scenes in the bar.  Tabitha, Simone, and Kay are still there.   Simone and Kay seem a little disgusted, but also envious, of Paloma's behavior in the bar.  Tabitha admires her for it and says she is a spitfire.  She says to herself that Paloma just needs a mentor.  Chad, also in the bar, drinks to the Crane genes as he thinks about Fox.  Paloma goes over to chat with Chad, which Kay, Simone, and Tabitha notice.  Chad tells Paloma that he is not as good company as those other guys she was with.  They joke around a bit, even flirt.  She reminds him what they talked about on the docks, and he tells her about how he took the job at Crane.  She advises him not to let anyone know that he is hurt, so they can't use it against him.  Simone tells Kay that she hates Paloma because of the way she is talking to Chad.  Tabitha and Kay advise her not to be jealous, since he is her brother.  Tabitha brings up a story about how the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood fought over her.  Simone wonders what she's babbling about.  Chad can't believe Paloma is the shy girl that he's heard so much about.  He compliments her and she says that she likes him.  He smiles at her.  Kay wishes men would fight over her the way they do for Paloma.  Tabitha tells her that men fighting over you can get boring.  Chad points out to Paloma that she has caused this fight and suggests she learn more about American men.  She looks forward to getting to know them.  They hear sirens, so Chad takes Paloma out before she can get into trouble.  Tabitha, Kay, and Simone don't make it out.  The police handcuff and arrest them, along with everyone else.  Kay doesn't want to spend the night in jail, so she informs the cop that she is Sam's daughter.  The cop doesn't care.  Simone and Kay blame everything on Paloma.

Whitney goes into the pool at the Crane estate, right behind where Fox is boxing.  He is wearing his trunks, so after he sees her and says hi, he jumps in, too.  She offers him some lemonade and it sounds great to him after his workout.  She has a flashback to telling the priest about being pregnant, then gives Fox the lemonade.  She then knocks it out of his hands, pretending it was an accident.  They discuss what's going on with Chad and Julian.  She blames herself for how Chad is looking for revenge against Fox.  Fox admits he feels bad for Chad.  They rehash their history.  Fox says that Chad thinks he's playing him for a fool and doesn't realize he really cares for Whitney.  Fox mentions that Chad only cares about revenge right now.  Whitney asks to change the subject.  She reminds him that they were getting close before Alistair went into the hospital.  She moves toward him in the water and says they should pick up where they left off.  They kiss a lot and then move to the nearby couch/bed.

Chad walks Paloma back to her room at the Crane Mansion.  She thanks him for sneaking her out.  He advises her to take it easy next time on the guys, and she wishes him well.  After they part company, he walks by the Crane pool house and spies Fox and Whitney through the window.

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