Passions Update Monday 10/11/04

Passions Update Monday 10/11/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sorry it's so short today!

Julian tells Fox that he has to accept working with Fox. Fox is angry and won't agree. Ethan gets Fox to leave with him. Chad and Julian talk briefly about what Chad will need for the job. Julian thinks Chad will be fine, since he has worked in the music industry. He offers whatever help Chad will need as he pats him on the shoulder and calls him, "Son". Chad gets annoyed at this and flinches away, yelling at Julian not to call him that. He took the job because it was a good opportunity, not to bond with his father. Julian thinks that Chad will eventually come around and tells him that he will always love him. Later, Chad looks at the picture on Fox's desk of the two of them, Theresa, and Whitney. He vows that since Fox stole Whitney from him, he will take away what Fox loves (his job).

Meanwhile, Ethan takes Fox home. Fox argues that Chad has no business experience and should not be working at Crane Industries. Ethan says that if Chad really is working there out of revenge, like Fox suggests, then he might have more Crane in him than meets the eye. Ethan suggests to Fox that he play fair and give Chad a chance. He also suggests that Fox blow off steam by going swimming or working out. Fox takes him up on it and goes to the gym to box.

Whitney sits on her mother's bed in her room and ponders the bottle of pills she has taken from Eve's bag. She wishes she didn't have to drug Fox to get him to sleep with her. Eve comes in, so Whitney hides the bottle and has to lie that she's there to talk with her mom. Eve is overjoyed that Whitney is there and goes on and on about how much she loves her and how she's glad she is talking to her, etc. Eve hugs her. Whitney excuses herself, saying it will take time. Outside Eve's room, she curses and blames Eve for her having to do all this. She runs into Ethan, who tells her what happened at Crane Industries. Whitney knows that Fox is upset. She asks Ethan to be a friend to Chad, since he has lost Fox as his friend, and Ethan agrees. He suggests to her that she gives it some time with Fox, but she tells him it's none of his business. Whitney goes to where Fox is boxing and puts the drug into his drink. While Fox is boxing, he envisions Julian having a press conference in the future, where he announces that his son Chad will be the new CEO of Crane Industries.

Kay, Simone and Tabitha continue to watch as Paloma dances on the pool table. She invites two good-looking guys to dance with her on the table. She flirts with them and kisses them. They help her down off the table later and she has them get her a soda. She flirts with them and kisses them more. Tabitha is hopeful that she will be able to use Paloma's anger and attitude to draw her to the dark side. Kay is frustrated that she can't Paloma alone so she can work on her, to try to get Miguel to come back. Chad comes into the bar at some point. Simone sees him and comments to Kay that she hopes Paloma doesn't try her stuff on him. Kay is disgusted as Simone notes that Chad is so hot, pointing out that he is her brother. She also points out that Simone should thank Whitney for going after Chad because otherwise Simone would be the one who had slept with her own brother. Simone agrees about that. The two men start to fight over Paloma's kisses. Nearby, Chad watches and agrees with them that all is fair in love and war as he has a flashback to seeing Fox and Whitney kiss.

Theresa keeps making outrageous demands on Gwen for food.  Gwen just smiles and does it, saying it's best for the babies.  Theresa wants tea, pizza, and cake for her cravings.  Rebecca and Gwen discuss how to deal with Theresa.  Rebecca suggests that they take her lawyer's papers (the ones that will make sure Theresa gives them the babies, as well as Ethan) and hide them in the financial papers that Ethan is having her sign.  That way she won't know what she's signing.  Gwen is reluctant to hide the truth from Ethan, but Gwen points out that he will never go along with it.  Gwen thinks that Theresa may be honest with them.  Rebecca finally convinces Gwen, after much pleading, by saying that they will only use the papers against Theresa if she double-crosses them.  Ethan comes in as they are discussing what to do and wonders what they are talking about.  They look guilty.

Pilar visits Theresa in her room.  She thinks that Theresa is taking advantage of the Cranes.  Theresa reminds Pilar how they treated their family all these years and all of the terrible things Gwen and Rebecca have done in particular.  Pilar worries about what Theresa has planned, but Theresa assures her that her plan will work and she will be able to keep both babies, as well as Little Ethan.

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