Passions Update Friday 10/8/04

Passions Update Friday 10/8/04

By Suzanne
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Kay wonders why Tabitha is still looking into the bowl.  She only cares if it can show where Charity and Miguel are (which it can't, so far).  Tabitha tells her that it told her all about how Paloma has so much anger.  She thinks she can sow the seeds of evil in that.  Kay is skeptical and they discuss whether Paloma is like Pilar or not.  Simone and Paloma bring Maria back inside to Kay.  Simone says that Paloma wants to check out Harmony nightlife.  Kay asks Tabitha if they can find a babysitter, meaning Tabitha, but Tabby takes it to mean she is invited to go along with them out to a club, so she goes to find a sitter.  Simone and Paloma are annoyed that she is going along.  Kay suggests to Paloma that nightlife there might be different than what she's used to, being sort of condescending to Paloma.  Paloma tells her it won't be a problem and they agree to meet up.  Kay, Simone and Tabitha go to this bar.  Kay and Simone debate whether Paloma has led a sheltered life or not.  Kay assumes she has because she has been in a convent school.  They don't see Paloma walk in wearing a really slutty dress.  They wonder where she is.  Then they hear some men cheering and wonder what all the commotion is about.  Pushing past a large crowd of men, they are shocked to find Paloma dancing sexily on a pool table.

Gwen and Rebecca discuss the fact that Rebecca's lawyer friend Benjamin ("Binky" as she calls him) is bringing over some papers to deal with Theresa.  They wonder again what Theresa has planned.  Benjamin arrives with the papers she requested.  Rebecca keeps making sexual innuendos to him.  He is a little embarrassed and keeps looking over at Gwen when Rebecca says things.  Gwen looks over the papers while Ben and Rebecca reminisce about a sexy night they had.  Ben massages Rebecca's shoulders for a minute.  Gwen says the papers won't work because Theresa won't sign them.  She tells Ben that Theresa is not supposed to have any stress, so she's afraid the papers will endanger the babies.  She notes that Theresa is already very high-strung.  She refuses to have Theresa sign them.  Ben says that this is pretty standard, to put a verbal contract about surrogacy into writing.  They discuss it further, but Gwen is adamant.  Rebecca protests, but Ben says that he can't force a client to do something if she doesn't want it.  He gives Rebecca a quick kiss and they make plans to hook up later.  He leaves.  Gwen apologizes to her mother but says she will just have to trust Theresa.  Rebecca can't believe that Gwen would trust Theresa.

Whitney and Theresa continue to discuss Whitney's relationship with Fox.  Theresa points out that Chad is still in love with Whitney, and she him, so they both need time to get over those feelings.  When Whitney says she doesn't have time, Theresa wonders what's going on.  Whitney has another flashback to talking to the priest about being pregnant.  She makes an excuse to Theresa about how it sounds very calculated to wait for a few months rather than just letting things happen naturally with Fox.  Also, she says she doesn't want to risk losing him.  Theresa assures her that won't happen and suggests that Whitney not rub Chad's face in her relationship with Fox.  Whitney tells her that Chad already knows and details what happened at the Seascape.  Theresa is shocked.  Whitney says that Chad hates Fox now.  Theresa tells her about the talk she had with Chad about them both moving on and how he said that anyone Whitney dates would be his enemy.  Whitney is distressed to hear that and thinks that Chad needs to get over it.  Theresa assures her that everything will work out and reminds her how upset she was when she thought she had miscarried.  She talks about how she drugged Ethan to sleep with him.  Whitney suddenly excuses herself.  Outside, she plots to get the drug from Eve's medical bag so she can use it on Fox.  She goes to Eve's room and finds the bottle with the experimental drug.  Meanwhile, Theresa buzzes Gwen to get her to fluff her pillows.  She makes other demands, too.  Gwen grits her teeth and puts up with it.  Outside, Gwen vents to Rebecca about having to put up with Theresa.  Rebecca reminds her about all of the stuff that Theresa has put her through, rehashing history with Gwen.  She is getting Gwen more steamed up about Theresa, manipulating her as usual.  Rebecca tells her that she has a plan to take care of Theresa.

When Julian tells Fox that Chad will be working at Crane Industries as Fox's equal and taking over some of his work (as well as taking the big corner office), Fox is incensed.  They argue about it.  When Fox brings up the brilliant plan he made for helping out the company in Alistair's absence, Julian again thinks that Ethan helped out with it, even though both Ethan and Fox tell him that Fox did it all by himself.  Julian thanks Fox for helping him out by convincing Chad to join the company.  Fox has a flashback to how he told Chad he shouldn't join the company.  Chad steps up and tells Julian that Fox did not do what Julian asked; in fact, he did the opposite.  He really rats Fox out to Julian. Julian is livid that Fox disobeyed and betrayed him.  Fox says sarcastically that he learned from the best and that he was only looking out for number one, just like Julian taught him.  He tells them it was just business, nothing personal.  Ethan back Julian up on them all working together.  Fox gets very angry and says that only one of them will be taking over from Alistair, and it will be him.  He reminds Julian that Alistair has made it clear that Julian will not be succeeding him in the company, so he, Fox, will be the next Alistair.  Julian accuses him of putting his own interests ahead of the company, but Fox disagrees.  Julian tells him that he'd better get used to Chad working there with him and he expects them to get along.  He really puts his foot down.  Ethan suggests they call it a night, but Fox is very angry and argues more.  He says that Chad is not experienced and is only there to get back at him for dating Julian.  Then it is Chad's turn to tell Fox that it is only business, nothing personal.


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