Passions Update Thursday 10/7/04

Passions Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Suzanne
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Gwen, Ethan, Rebecca, and Theresa are in the Crane mansion.  Ethan phones to check on Alistair, but there's been no change.  Theresa drinks milk and asks Gwen to get her a pillow so she can prop up her feet.  Gwen does it with a smile, but Rebecca is disgusted that her daughter is acting like a maid to the maid's daughter.  Pilar comes in, saying she couldn't sleep.  She tells Theresa that she thinks she's pushing it with Gwen.  She fears that Theresa will make her suspicious.  Gwen tells Rebecca and Ethan that she thinks Theresa is up to something.  Ethan leaves, saying he has to go pick up some papers for Theresa to sign, about medical expenses.  Rebecca tells Gwen she has an idea, so they go upstairs.  Gwen gives Theresa the phone and suggests that she call a servant if she needs anything else.  Theresa seems like she's about to make another demand, but she stops because of what Pilar said.  Theresa is bored, so she tells Pilar that she is going upstairs to bed.  They hug. 

Rebecca calls an old friend of hers, Benjamin Cahill, whom she calls "Binky".  It's clear they share a sexual past.  As Gwen listens, Rebecca asks him for a favor to get rid of Theresa, and he agrees.  He promises to have the papers drawn up and will bring them over tonight.

Martin arrives, so Theresa offers her sympathy about Mrs. Wheeler and the shooting.  She invites him for a drink, so he accepts.  Theresa notices that Pilar is staring at him.  Pilar mentions how much he reminds her of Martin.  Theresa says that if her father did come back, she would never forgive him.  She urges Pilar to move on and give up on the idea.  Martin hears her say all this and then she leaves.  Pilar notices that Martin's candle has gone out, so she relights it.  She talks to "Mr. Wheeler" about the past and how hard it was after Martin left her.  He is clearly affected by what she is saying.  They talk some about Paloma; she is so grateful that he and Mrs. Wheeler were there for Paloma all these years.  He says that Paloma was like the daughter they never had.  Paloma talks about missing Martin in her bed and gets embarrassed.  He notices that her love for her husband shines in her eyes when she speaks.  She admits that she still loves him and would forgive him if he came back.  He wonders why, so she explains that they took vows and she has never given up hope that he will return.  She says it's worse not knowing if he's dead or alive.  She wishes he were there to mourn Antonio with her; Martin gets sad when she says that.  Pilar tells him that her children would not be forgiving.  She tells him that Luis and Theresa are very resentful of Martin's leaving.  She says that he reminds her of her husband and that he is easy to talk to.  He wishes her the best, no matter what happens.

Julian and Chad keep arguing about whether Chad can forgive him or not.  Chad starts pushing Julian out of his office, so Julian yells that it's enough and he's sick of Chad's anger toward him.  He talks to Chad like he's a misbehaving child.  Julian insists that Chad listen to what he came to say.  He tells Chad that he's offering to be his father and for him to be part of the Crane family, with all the wealth and power that entails.  Julian reminds Chad that before they knew they were father and son, they had a pretty good relationship.  He suggests that Chad time as much time as he needs to consider his proposal.  Chad wonders what he should do.

Fox sees that Whitney is looking at a pregnancy site and wonders why.  He guesses she must be pregnant and is shocked.  She doesn't answer at first but then denies it.  He is very relieved when she explains that she's just doing some research for Theresa.  He asks her to imagine how horrible that would be, if she was pregnant with Chad's baby.  She quickly changes the subject and asks him about work.  He tells her about the plan he wrote up for helping out Crane Industries and how Julian just ignored it.  He rages about how he is taking a back seat to his bastard half-brother.  She gives him a massage to help him relax.  She says she can think of other ways for him to relax and feel better.  She starts kissing him.  Ethan comes in and interrupts their time together.  He wanted to ask about what was being done while Alistair is gone, so Fox asks her if she would mind letting them talk.  She says she doesn't mind and leaves, wondering how she is going to get him to sleep with her.  She gets the idea to go to see Theresa.

Whitney visits Theresa and fills her in on everything (except for being pregnant).  Theresa is delighted to hear that she's going after Fox, but she wonders why Whitney is in such a hurry.  She thinks that Whitney should be patient and take a few months to develop her relationship with Fox slowly.  Whitney blurts out that she doesn't have a few months.

Ethan wonders if Fox is jumping into a relationship with Whitney too quickly, but Fox tells him that it's none of his business.  They argue some more and Fox gets annoyed at Ethan, thinking he's trying to get Fox's job at Crane Industries.  Ethan reminds him kindly that he knows full well that he's not a Crane and has no way of doing that.  He reminds Fox of what Julian did to him when he found out he wasn't a Crane.  Fox apologizes and shows Ethan his plan.  Ethan thinks it's brilliant.  They discuss Chad and his situation a bit.  Julian comes in while they are going over some papers.  Fox gives Julian a copy of a speech he wrote for him to say to the media.  Julian is impressed with it but thinks Ethan helped.  Ethan insists he has nothing to do with it, but Julian smirks, so Fox knows that Julian thinks that Fox and Ethan are lying.  Fox tells Julian he has something else to show him, but Julian wants them to meet another person that will be working with Fox.  Fox wants to know what that means.  Julian buzzes the secretary so that the new Crane employee can come in.  Chad walks in, looking snazzy in a nice suit.  He smiles and says, "Hello, brother".

Luis awakens and wonders where Sheridan is.  He gets dressed, worries that Alistair might have ordered a hit on her from his deathbed.  Meanwhile, Katherine has found Sheridan wandering around in her sleep but she think she's awake.  Sheridan calls her "mother", so Katherine admits that she is her mother and begs her to forgive her.  They hug and tell each other, "I've missed you".  Sheridan moans, wondering why her mother left her, then she faints to the ground.  Katherine is alarmed and tries to wake her up.  Then Katherine notices a gravestone there for Katherine Crane; she gets up about finding her own grave.    Sheridan awakens and puts her hand on the stone, asking her mother to come back.  Luis arrives and tells Katherine that Sheridan has been sleepwalking; she does this when she gets stressed out.  Katherine feels so sorry for Sheridan, who is looking at her and calling her "mommy".  Luis asks her to play along with Sheridan until she falls into a deeper sleep.  Katherine hugs her and Sheridan cries.  Katherine keeps apologizing for leaving her; she didn't know Alistair was going to be so cruel to her.  Sheridan falls asleep normally, so Luis walks her back to their house after saying thank you to Mrs. Wheeler. 

Katherine goes back to the main house, upset.  She meets up with Martin and fills him in on what happened.  He agrees with her now that they can't tell everyone who they are.

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