Passions Update Wednesday 10/6/04

Passions Update Wednesday 10/6/04

By Suzanne
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Fox's secretary, Sienna, tells him how great his report is.  He has been working on a plan to help keep the company going after the news of Alistair's shooting.  He thinks this will get him that corner office that he wants.  Julian visits Fox's office but he basically brushes Fox aside and won't read his proposal.  Fox is dejected.  All Julian seems to care about is Chad.  He asks Fox what Chad's reaction was when he talked to him about coming to work for Crane Industries.  Fox tells him that Chad is angry but doesn't say much else. He doesn't want to lie but he doesn't want to tell Julian what he said to Chad, either.  Julian plans to go talk to Chad and tells Fox just to keep things running and he will deal with it when he comes back.  He says Fox is not ready to handle anything this big yet.  Fox is annoyed that Julian wants to take Chad, who is totally inexperienced, and bring him aboard.  He knocks over the picture of him with Chad, Whitney, and Theresa.

Whitney keeps telling Chad not to tell her that he loves her.  They keep arguing.  He wants to know if they can be friends.  At first she refuses.  She almost tells him that she's pregnant, but she can't get it out, so she doesn't tell him that.  Later, she tells him they can try to be friends and see each other, as long as he doesn't talk about the two of them being together.  Later, Chad is looking at Whitney's picture and talking to her.  Julian arrives and tries to be understanding with Chad.  Chad rejects his sympathy and tells him that he doesn't want him around.  Julian presses the issue, saying he wants to help Chad and be his father.  Chad rejects him again and tells him to leave him alone forever.

Whitney brings food and coffee to Fox's office.  He is very distracted by work but he finally leaves his computer and goes over to talk to her on the other side of his desk.  He thanks her for not lumping him in with the rest of the Cranes.  They talk about how busy he is.  Sienna comes back in and asks Fox to look at some charts she set up in the other room, so he excuses himself.  He comes back in briefly to grab his sandwich and coffee, telling Whitney that he has a phone call in the other room.  She goes to his computer and finds a chart about how big a woman looks in each trimester.  She worries that she will start showing soon.  She exclaims to herself that she has to work hard to pass Chad's baby off as Fox's.  Fox comes in at the end of this and says, "Oh my God!" as if he heard what she said.

A the hospital, Martin keeps telling Katherine that he wants to tell everyone who they are, so that she won't get in so much trouble for shooting Alistair.  She wants to spare the children the pain of knowing they are still alive.  Luis and Sheridan are nearby.  The keep wondering if there is more to "Mrs. Wheeler"'s story.  Sam tells them that he has to arrest Mrs. Wheeler, so they all think Alistair must be dead.  Sam says he's not dead; he just has to arrest her since she admitted that she meant to shoot Alistair.  He says he has to take her jail, but he is sure she will make bail and not have to spend the night there.  Martin says that he is going to tell them all the truth.  Katherine stops him by claiming that Martin is just going to try to take the blame for the shooting, but they all know that he was not in the room. Luis and Sheridan reluctantly verify that he was with them when they heard the shots.  Martin can tell that Katherine really doesn't want to give up their secret, so he stops himself from telling the truth.  He asks to go with Katherine to the police station, so Sam agrees.  Sheridan offers to go with her, too, but Sam says that will bring too much publicity and cause problems.  She goes over to Katherine and holds her hand and offers her sympathy.  Sam says that Katherine needs to have a local address in order to get bail, so Sheridan says that she can use hers.

Martin and Katherine continue to argue about whether they will tell the truth or not, even after she is put in the jail cell.  Sam hears them talking and wonders what they mean by "the truth", so she covers by saying she just means she will be honest about saying that she did mean to shoot Alistair.  They thanks Sam for his help, but he is not comfortable with that since he might have to send her to prison if Alistair dies.  Katherine is released.  Sam advises them to go home to the Crane Estate.  They are not thrilled about returning there, but they don't have any choice.  They go back to the Crane estate and are walking around on the grounds.  After more arguing, she agrees to think about telling everyone the truth.  She wants to walk by herself, so he lets her.  They kiss and hug before she leaves on her own.  He worries that their children might figure out who they are without them telling the truth.

Luis and Sheridan go home and get ready for bed.  They discuss what has been going on. Luis reminds her that if Alistair dies, they won't have to find him anymore.  He says he won't go after the Cranes any more.  They talk about how much Julian has changed.  Luis still wants to find out what happened to his father and vows that if wasn't forced to abandon his family, then he will never forgive him.  Sheridan keeps worrying about Alistair and also about Mrs. Wheeler.  She still wonders why she seems so familiar.  Luis points out that she's obsessing about this a bit.  She goes to sleep, hoping her dreams will have the answers.  She dreams about wandering around in fog, calling out for her mother.  She starts sleepwalking and leaves her house, wandering around the grounds.  Katherine finds Sheridan standing there, staring off into space.  Sheridan says, "Mother", so Katherine thinks she has figured it out.  She gasps and confirms that yes, she is her mother.

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