Passions Update Tuesday 10/5/04

Passions Update Tuesday 10/5/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Very funny lines today!

Tabitha is at home, talking to Endora about how Kay and Simone have made a mess of things for Chad and Whitney.  Kay comes in and says hello to them and to Maria.  They recap what has been happening with Whitney, Chad and Fox.  Kay asks what the bowl is showing today, so they look at that.  They watch Fox and Whitney making out on the beach.

Fox and Whitney roll around on the beach, kissing.  She tells him to make love to her.  He pulls back.

Kay gets disgusted that he did that and compares him to Miguel.  She gripes as Tabitha rolls her eyes; she is clearly used to Kay bitching about Miguel.  Simone comes in and wonders what they are looking at.  They tell her that it's a big bowl of soup.  She wants to see it, but Tabitha won't let her.  She says it's a secret family recipe.  To change the subject, Tabitha suggests that they take the two babies for a walk.  She goes back to the bowl and continues to watch Fox and Whitney.

Fox wonders to Whitney if this is really the way she wants to make love to him for the first time.  He suggests a romantic setting at some inn.  She tells him that this fine.  He tells her that in all of the dreams he's had of making love to her, she's never looked as beautiful as she does right now.  They start to make love.  Whitney thinks to herself that she hates using Fox this way, but she has to do it for her baby.

Tabitha watches them and talks about how passionate they are.

Julian, Sam, Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Martin and Katherine are in the Crane residence.  They all try to tell Sam that he shouldn't arrest "Mrs. Wheeler" for shooting Alistair because there are extenuating circumstances.  They explain how Alistair tried to kill her in Mexico and how he had Paloma kidnapped, etc.  Sam is astonished but says that he needs proof in order to pin it on Alistair.  Otherwise, he will have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler for murder if he dies.  Julian and Sheridan have a little chat about how it was strange to see Alistair looking vulnerable.  She talks about their history and how they always tried to get him to love them, but he never did.  They talk about how he might die.  They start thanking "Mrs. Wheeler" for shooting Alistair.  Sam wants to charge her.  Martin protests that it could have been an accident, or self-defense.

In the other room, Eve and the EMT's work on Alistair.  He is dying, so she shocks him.  It works.  They tell her that is blood pressure is very low, so she gives them some instructions to give him medicine for that.  She says he will need a massive transfusion after they take him to the hospital.  She tells the others that Alistair is barely alive as they take him away.  Luis says he has first dibs on killing him if he survives.  Eve goes in the ambulance with Alistair.  Julian and Sheridan follow behind in his car.  Martin and Katherine want to go, too, but Sam says they can't go anywhere because she is in custody.  Martin protests that he hasn't arrested her.  They all argue about it.  Sam says she's not arresting her yet, but she has to come down to the station.  Julian phones Fox to tell him what has happened.  He fills him in and asks Fox to meet him at the hospital.

Fox and Whitney are interrupted by Julian's phone call.  He tells her he has to go and explains why.  He asks her if she wants to come with him, but she declines and says they will catch up later.  She figures Eve will probably be there.  He kisses her and leaves.

They all go to the hospital.  Eve tells Julian that Alistair will need a transfusion.  Sheridan wonders again why Alistair is so evil.  Fox arrives and thanks Mrs. Wheeler when he finds out she shot Alistair (why they didn't go to the police station, I have no idea).  He wonders why she did it, so Luis and the others fill him in on what happened in Mexico.  Fox comments that people are lined up to shoot Alistair.  Luis yells that he is one of them.  Pilar chimes in, too, as they try to convince Sam that he shouldn't arrest Mrs. Wheeler.  Sam understands how they feel but reminds them again that he needs proof.  Sheridan says that Alistair always has someone else do his dirty work, so she asks Sam if maybe they can find one of those guys that work for Alistair and get them to talk.  Sam says that at the moment, the only way he won't be charging Mrs. Wheeler is if Alistair recovers and won't press charges.  Martin tells Katherine that they have to tell everyone who they are.  She objects to the idea.  He thinks they will understand the shooting better.  Legally, it will be better for her if she tells the truth because she was defending herself from more of Alistair's abuse.  Luis says to Sheridan that he still can't get over how Mrs. Wheeler shot Alistair; they both agree that there is something more to her story.  Sheridan still thinks she looks familiar and is determined to get to the truth.  Katherine worries that if they tell who they are, it will hurt Pilar more.  He wants to save Katherine because he loves her.  Eve tells them she is unsure about whether Alistair will live through the night or not.  Julian again marvels at how she could save Alistair.  She is amazed, herself.

Paloma continues to urge Chad to get back at Julian, Eve, and Fox by taking the Crane money and power and using it against them.  She says he should get even and bury the Cranes.  She says that the rich live by their own rules so the only hope he has is if he becomes one of them.  He agrees but asks why she hates the Cranes.  She tells him that Alistair killed her brother Antonio and tried to kidnap her.  He muses that he has always wanted his own record label.  He says he will do it.  He rages still about Fox.  She vents about her own family's treatment of her.  He thanks her and leaves, saying he's going home to figure out what to do next.  She wonders how she can do the same thing to her own family.  She gets some hot chocolate but it starts moving around in her hands. 

Tabitha says to herself that Endora is up to her tricks.  Tabitha remarks that Paloma reminds her of Theresa, then she realizes who she is.  Kay, Simone, and the babies are nearby Paloma, so Kay whispers to Endora to cut it out or she will be burned at the stake like her mom.  Simone goes up to Paloma to find out what's up.  She uses her limited Spanish.  Paloma, thinking Simone is fluent, starts speaking quickly in Spanish until Simone asks her to speak English.  Kay comes up with a lame excuse about how vibrations from the foghorns probably caused the cup to jump around.  No one buys that theory.  Simone assures Paloma that weird things always happen in Harmony.  They introduce themselves.  Hearing that Paloma is a Lopez-Fitzgerald, Kay exclaims her name loudly and hugs her.  She introduces her to Maria, saying that she was Miguel's girlfriend.  Paloma recalls that Maria is Kay and Miguel's baby.  She meets Endora, too.  Endora gives out a loud, monstrous burp.  Paloma is charmed to meet Maria and looks forward to meeting Luis' baby Martin.  Kay tells her to make sure to take a banana when she visits.  They quiz her about how long she's staying and Kay mentions Miguel.  Paloma asks if she's heard from Miguel since he left to follow his "inamorata" Charity, but Kay admits she hasn't.  Kay invites Paloma to come home with them and spend some time with Maria, so Paloma agrees.  Kay remarks that perhaps Miguel will come back to Harmony to see his sister.  Simone says under her breath, "Subtle, Kay, real subtle!" as they leave the docks area.  They go to Tabitha's and Paloma meets her.  She is surprised that Tabitha is Endora's mother because she's so old, but she doesn't quite say that.  Tabitha calls Endora her "mini-me", saying she wasn't planning on having a baby at her age but wouldn't give her up for the world.  Paloma says something about how nice it was of her to take Kay in.  Tabitha asks Paloma where she is staying, so Paloma replies that she is staying at the Crane estate.  She admires Tabitha's house.  Simone inquires again about the "soup".  Kay invites them both for supper and ushers them into the other room to leave Tabitha to make dinner.  Tabitha remarks to Endora that Kay is using Paloma to bring Miguel back.  Tabitha asks the bowl if Paloma is as saintly as Pilar, but the bowl replies in an angry fashion.  Tabitha takes this to mean that Paloma is an angry little girl and that is information they can use.

At home, Chad looks at a picture of Whitney and talks to himself about his problems.  Whitney is there; she tells him that she came to get a few things but didn't think he was home.  They argue.  She says she shouldn't be alone with him and talks about how hard it is not to be with him.  He tells her that he'd like to be friends.  She agrees but says it's too soon.  She wants to move on with her life, and he knows that she is moving on with Fox (but he says it in an accusing tone).  She looks ashamed.  She gathers her things.  He asks her not to forget the great times they had together.  He asks if they can get counseling, but she is not interested.  She tells him again to stay away from her.

Paloma apologizes to Kay about how Miguel left her and Maria alone.  Kay thanks her and worries about Maria not having him around.  Kay chats to Simone, as Paloma plays with her niece, about using Paloma to lure Miguel back.  Paloma empathizes with Maria and feels bad that Theresa and Pilar live in luxury while she had to depend on the kindness of strangers.  She blames her family for how they treated both her and Maria.

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